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March 13, 2015 11:31 am

World Powers Discuss Resolution to Lift UN Sanctions on Iran, Officials Say

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US Secretary of State John Kerry in talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The major world powers are in talks of ending the sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is made. Photo: Wikimedia

Reuters – Major world powers have begun talks about a United Nations Security Council resolution to lift UN sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck with Tehran, a step that could make it harder for the US Congress to undo a deal, Western officials said.

The talks between Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — the five permanent members of the Security Council — plus Germany and Iran, are taking place ahead of difficult negotiations that resume next week over constricting Iran’s nuclear ability.

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  • Louis Hayden

    Iran-Israeli elections-Purim-God about to act?

    One must seriously contemplate whether God has again shown his hidden hand behind the scenes this past Feast of Purim. – to warn All Jews worldwide that HE is still protecting them and about to interfere in the affairs of mankind in 2015. All indicators point to 2015 as the year of wide spread biblical prophecy fulfillment – and the end of civilization as we have known it!

    FIRST, As Moses warned the Israelites, so Mr. Netanyahu journeyed on the eve of Purim to America to warn not only the United States and its peoples but also all the nations of the earth. Netanyahu’s speech was a WARNING TO THE WORLD of nuclear judgment and destruction coming upon the world. Laugh but god is still in control and long suffering but HIS patience about to end.

    – Barak Hussein Obama plugged his ears and refused to listen to the speech – truly filled with a heart of stone and hatred for the Jewish peoples and Israel. While publicly saying he did not want to interfere in Israeli elections, Obama Hussein had the impudence to silently send a team of public relations peoples to help overthrow Mr. Netanyahu by getting elected those willing to give up Holy sacred land to terrorists who would continue to seek destruction of Israel after their Palestinian state would be born. The Nations heard, considered, and discarded – heeding not the warnings.

    SECOND, The visit by Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleiman <>, to Jordan for talks with Gen. Faisal Al-Shoulbaki [[director of General Intelligence and a close adviser to King Abdullah II]] may have had a far more sinister agenda than “coordinating attacks against ISIL/ISIS. One must consider the meeting took place on Purim. It is obvious Jordan is reconsidering her position of standing with America and Iran may be trying to get Jordan to switch sides.

    THIRD, It is also MOST interesting that Iranian supreme leader ayatollah Ali khomeini was hospitalized as the Jews were celebrating The Feast of Purim. – What a humiliating defeat that must have been for Khomeini, for surely knowing the story of Esther, Khomeini would gladly have gone to the hospital any other day of the year! -ANY DAY BUT PURIM!

    By sending Khomeini to the hospital on Purim, God has shown Himself again; to remind Israel and Jewish Peoples worldwide that HE, God is standing by “The apple of HIS eye” in the soon coming of prophecy fulfillment of Psalm 83, 82, AND 11.

    With Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reportedly dying and given a short time to live, The last two events may indicate Iran has decided to gather quickly, in case nuclear talks fail, a consolidated Islamic Army of all Israel’s neighbors to attack and destroy the Jewish nation. In his narcissistic, arrogant, self inflated mind, Ayatollah feels He will usher in the Mahdi and will rush to bring the event before his death – – –

    There is one thing that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity agree on: We are most definitely in the “End of Days.” Today Islamic prophecy dictates America and Israel be destroyed to bring in their One-world Islamic Caliphate. As world events rise rapidly in intensity like a crescendo in a finale of a symphony , most people totally unaware majority of humanity is about to be wiped off the face of the planet and those remaining will go into a tyrannical government; ruthlessly run by a handful of corporations.

    On the other hand the Jewish Psalmist in Psalm 82 asks GOD to arise and judge the nations because evil men live and walk in darkness; having changed the course of all the foundations of the earth. Truer words never spoken as today nations are run by greedy multi-national corporations with no longer any justice; much less care or have compassion for the poor, afflicted, and needy.

    The foundations of marriage shredded and destroyed. Educational foundations destroyed where right is taught as wrong and wrong as right. The foundation of Justice perverted to suit the rich and powerful. The foundations of financial dealings and banking destroyed to set up a neo-one world government run by satanic worshippers.

    Continuing in Psalm 83, a prayer against Israel’s enemies, all the countries surrounding Israel today are listed using the ancient biblical names. Psalmist never mentions any war taking place in Psalm 83; only revealing the “plot” of Israel’s enemies in Psalm 83 who are planning her annihilation as a nation.

    Psalm 11 is clear GOD himself, will rain snares, fire and brimstone and a horrible tempest against the wicked. – Again because the foundations have been destroyed. The plot of Israel’s enemies in Psalm 83 which is being “planned” right now will NEVER HAPPEN! Israel WILL NEVER be destroyed as God is NOT going to allow her enemies to do so. IF God allowed this evil ISLAMIC plot to succeed, then it would destroy and make the prophets prophecies concerning Israel null and void, calling God’s plans a failure and make Lucifer jump with joy – -NEVER HAPPEN- GOD WILL PROTECT ISRAEL.
    One must seriously consider if God HIMSELF is going to rain down fire and brimstone, earthquake, storms and Tsunamis upon DAMASCUS, destroying it as clearly stated in Isaiah 17, verse 1?. Will Gaza be emptied with a tsunami from God or will Iran set off a nuclear bomb in Mediterranean to create the tsunami with intent to drown millions of Jews and instead drown all Palestinians leaving Gaza empty suitable only for grazing sheep and goats?

    Israeli elections followed in three days by a solar eclipse then a blood moon on Passover, April 4th are definitely warnings from God. The other blood moon tetrads saw Jews thrown out of Spain, Israel reborn as a nation, and Jerusalem returned to Jewish control. Ask yourself, IS God signaling the time has arrived to rebuild the Holy Temple after He destroys the surrounding enemies?. Solar eclipse historically a bad omen to nations and lunar eclipse bad omens to Israel – -After all, God in Genesis 1:14 said the stars, moon, and sun were to also be for signs of coming prophetic events. Biblical astronomy has borne that to be true. Sadly astrologers, seers, and mediums perverted it and called is today “astrology” followed by millions.

    Many followers of Jesus feel HE will come for his believers and take them to heaven, prior to or just as God destroys Israel’s enemies listed in Psalm 83. – Similar to event of Lot and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. – -that would be the beginning of 7-year tribulation. If that would happen THIS PASSOVER season, many expect a period of months of total chaos on earth till Satan’s miracle man made a temporary false peace with Israel and remaining Islamic countries in region. Thus, the fall feasts of God; Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Feast of tabernacles this year take on significantly more importance and could herald commencement of Temple rebuilding.

    NO One knows exactly how and in what order all these foretold events will play out or exactly when they start. Weather and the heavens are Gods weapons. Just two days ago the sun on March 11th released a X2.2 Solar flare. It was TEN times stronger than one that destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant on March 10, 2011.

    March 20, 2015 is just a short week away and the Total Solar Eclipse ( and its coming into alignment ) is already starting to have its effect on the magnetic properties between the Sun and the earth—this will be enhanced two weeks later by the alignment of the Sun and Earth and Moon in a Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse! America’s West Coast and the St. Louis Madrid fault are supposedly way overdue for major earthquake activity. If GOD SO CHOSES at this time to punish America with a 9.0 quake in California and Mississippi Valley from Chicago on south past St. Louis – who is going to stop HIM?. If America is paralyzed with disasters it is safe to assume the Psalm 83 confederacy would move into action and GOD can surely destroy them too with earthquakes, severe storms, and tsunamis.

    With election just days away, all voters must wonder: HOW DOES GOD WANT ME TO VOTE? If people voted in who want to divide the land, will God see that as same as rebellion and unbelief in God at time of Moses? – and punish accordingly?


    Apparently the sanctions will be removed before Iran is required to take any monitorable effective actions to actually limit its nuclear enrichment program.

    In addition this agreement does not require Iran Iran to stop or even limit any aspects of its ballistic missile programs (guidance, fusing, propulsion, warhead), it’s air defense improvement program or any theoretical and experimental work to improve the operational efficiency of its centrifuges.

  • shloime

    how terribly confusing! the author couldn’t decide between “containing” and “restricting” iran’s nuclear program, so he chose to say “constricting”, which, of course, this agreement will NOT do. (iran has bluffed any talk of reducing any of its bomb-making activities, right off the table.)

    and apparently the solution to iran’s violations of the security council resolutions forbidding its uranium enrichment and ballistic missile development, is to cancel those pesky resolutions! why? because the iranians want the sanctions lifted. and of course the purpose of these negotiations is to get an agreement, at any cost, so washington can take the credit for “normalizing” (sic) relations with the mullahs.

    suddenly the islamists in tehran have gone from a virulently anti-american rogue regime, to being stalwart bastions of american middle east policy.

    very confusing.