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March 17, 2015 9:01 pm

With Ballots Counted, Netanyahu Scores Dramatic, Decisive Victory in Israeli Elections

avatar by David Daoud

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Actual results show that Likud has a strong lead over Herzog's Zionist Union. PHOTO: Ynet.

With almost all the ballots counted for Israel’s general election held today, the ruling Likud party of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has scored a dramatic and decisive victory over the rival Zionist Union party

99% of votes have been counted from a total of 4,223,057 and Likud is in first place with 23.29 percent. Zionist Union is trailing far behind in second place with 18.76 percent, almost 5 percentage points behind Likud.

The results give Netanyahu 30 seats in Israel’s Knesset, a full 6 more than the Zionist Union with 24. The tally significantly exceeds exit poll results which showed the two parties in a dead heat.

The United Arab List is in third place at 10.95 percent or 14 seats, followed by the centrist Yesh Atid with 8.78 percent or 11 seats and Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu with 7.42 percent or 10 seats. Bayit Yehudi now holds 6.40 percent or 8 seats, Shas has 5.82 percent or 7 seats, Yisrael Beiteinu has 5.17 percent or 6 seats, and United Torah Judaism has 5.18 percent.

Meretz looks like it has barely passed the threshold at 3.90 percent or 4 seats, but Eli Yishai’s Yachad only has 2.98 percent and does not pass the electoral threshold.

71.8% of those eligible to vote made their way to the election booths on Tuesday from all around Israel, and some Israelis even traveled from abroad to cast their vote. This is the highest voter turnout since the 1999 elections, and is 4% more than the elections in 2013.

This report  will be updated as more results come in.

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  • Jacobite

    Good victory, BB is a Statesmen, don’t have to sell of the silverware for peace, but by mutual respect and cooperation only.
    May G-D bless Israel and may peace soon come.

  • Michael Fox

    I think a thank you card from Bibi to Obama is in order. Israelis rejected Obama’s state department attempt to buy the election with US taxpayer money.

    It appears if there is some poop to step in, Obama and Kerry will go out of their way to find it.

  • Dramatic? Depends on your definition of ‘dramatic’. Decisive? not by a longshot. He still has to form a viable government — make deals and concessions. I’m not into Israeli politics, but I am into Israel. Ten “hitches” with Sar-El (Google it) and going back for more. Liked the country before my first, fell in love with it during that first three-week “cheap Mediterranean vacation” on an IDF base. I wish Mr. Netanyahu and the rest of the Israelis peace and safety.

  • Sofia

    Congratulations and God bless PM Netanyahu a victory for common sense and self-preservation of the State of Israel.

    We are behind you BIBI and now we can exhale, as one reader already put it.

    Live Long and Prosper!

  • Ness Pessah


  • Monty Pogoda

    Even with all the mud slinging and the leftist NGO’s and obama pouring money into Israel to overthrow the government,
    Bibi and the Likud party, still came out on top.HIP HIP HURRAH!!!

  • Ben Lopez

    I had no doubt Benjamin. Would succed because he is an honorable man and god said he will always look after isreial and its people thats why the americanpeoplelove isreial.

  • Yale

    This is a good outcome.

    My guess is that the new coalition will include Shas, UTJ, Bayit Yehudi, Israel Beiteinu, and Kulanu anyway.

    Netanyahu should offer Kahlon the Finance Ministry that is said to be the price for joining the coalition because that is a win-win situation for him: If Kahlon can do something about the cost of living, housing, social issues, etc., the credit will adhere to Netanyahu. If he fails, like Lapid did when it was his portfolio, it takes Kulanu out of the political line-up for the next election.

    If I were Netanyahu, I’d also try to get Yesh Atid into the coalition, because with them, he would have 78 seats and no one party, except Likud, could bring it down. That would also force the “Zionist Union” to make common cause with the Arab parties and further marginalize the Left.

    Perhaps most importantly, the results show Obama that Israelis, and not just Netanyahu, don’t trust him, so if he wants to restart the “peace” talks with the Palestinians, he will have to mend fences with Netanyahu first. Doing so requires Obama to admit he was a liability for Zionist Union — on whose behalf he had his operatives working even as he denounced the Netanyahu speeech to Conress as an election ploy — something Obama is psychologically incapable of doing. My advice to him on the Mideast then would be to let it go for the remainder of his term: his impact has been wholely negative, and further involvement is only likely to make things worse.

  • RobiMac

    Hallelujah!! Thank you, Jesus!


    • RobiMac

      Now, we wait and see if Jarrett makes good on her threat that if Bibi was reelected, Israel would pay a price.

      I want to see her attempt because I want to see Yahweh knock her back on her heinie as He just did to Obama.

  • Maurice Amar


  • DR Moses

    Likud. Party deserves the win
    Netanyahu should complete the straggle to pacify His nation.
    We continue to trust God for Isreal’s security

    • DR Moses: Trust God, sure. But save a little space for the IDF.

      “pacify His nation”? Give me a break! I’ve been to Israel ten times and have yet to hear anything from friends and strangers except a wish for peace and stability.

  • NCS


  • Linda Bee

    Americans are celebrating this victory for Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. He is an honorable leader, and a brave warrior!
    We also are disgusted with anyone here in America who would hope otherwise. The world is a dangerous place, and needs true leaders like PM Netanyahu, who actually has a combat background, unlike some others we won’t mention…

    • zorka

      Right on the mark, yes, he did it, cheers. May the universal forces embrace him and Israel. We are aware of the “some one, and evil actions.

  • Patricia

    Thank goodness for BIBI’s win. It’s a win for the world. I’m ashamed of Pres. Obama’s interference and will be glad when 2016 comes so we can rid ourselves of the Communist Muslim in the WH.

  • I’m so relieved. For one thing, Bibi knows the difference between modernity and medievalism. See

  • Bruce Richardson

    Israel has a strong, sensible leader. Congratulations.

  • John Kabanya

    The Almighty is the one who puts leaders in their positions and is the one who has seen Netanyahu win. Glory and Honor be to Him (Elohim).

    • Angela Amor

      I love you all Israelis for having voted again your most wonderfully strong PM Netanyahu! God’s roving eye upon the earth and Israel, the apple of His eye never fails. Congratulations to PM Bibi and Jerusalem, the beloved of God. Shema Adonai. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. God lifts up the righteous against the treacherous Obama who has shamed and berated the chosen leader of this world.

      Our country, the Philippines stand with Israel’s re-elected PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Wyn and Diane Harter


    “simply said”
    wyn harter

  • Reform School

    Unlike American Dumbocracy (where days are needed to tamper with outcomes) Jewish State ballot counts take only hours.

  • yussi

    The people have spoken!!! No two state solution. Build,build and build some more until all of the savages are out of Israel. Great,strong leader retains his position and is the best insurance for Israels survival.and for jewish people all over the world. Congrats to Bibi!

  • Moishe

    Israeli’s have spoken out that the left wing radicals are not in the best interest of Israel.

  • Abraham

    Against all odds and the attempt to unseat the Prime Minister of Israel by the Obama administration has failed.Thanksgiving should be given to the G-d of Israel who has done these great things. Blessed be His Name.

    • zorka

      prayers were answered, Obama did not get his way!!!

  • noellsq

    It is amazing thank G-D even with the POTUS trying to screw him he won

  • G_d has prevailed !
    Israel has spoken, Israel has chosen, Israel has a decisive Leader who fully understand.
    Never Again !
    Thank G_d today, do a Mitzvah for every Jew who you meet !
    Thank him, our Lord for guiding the voice of Israelis to elect Bibi !
    His tenure now will be longer than the Islamic apologist Obama !
    We as Jews should be proud of our Prime minister, our people and our Homeland !

    • marv

      “G-d has prevailed”

      G-d prevails regardless of who the mortals vote for.

      Netanyahu now has the hardest job alive and we pray that G-d gives him the proper insights so that he can make the right decisions.

      Netanyahu gave peace with the Arabs a chance. The Arabs are not ready for it – thanks in part to America encouraging their hostility and hoping that the American president would would push Netanyahu out of office so that the American-Arab alliance could push the next Israeli prime minister into a Chamberlin-Hitler peace treaty/folly.

      Let us all pray for Jewish unity and the minimum of pain as Netanyahu leads us through the minefields that are ahead.

  • Carol Mills

    Congratulations Israel. You certainly have more sense than we do here in America. Obama and his minions tried to interfere in you elections but did not get their way. Every day I am more and more embarrassed for the U.S. and its stance vis à vis your country and the rest of the Western World.

  • eugenia nayfeld


  • Michael Shain

    When it comes down to it. Who will live matters more than where you live.

  • Robert Weintraub

    A number of observations. The polls as those of US November elections were completely off raising speculation as to why they are used at all. Second, both left and right polled about the same as last time. However, it will be more difficult to form a cabinet because the several Likud offshoots will demand more than they could when they were united as Likud. Third, this is a huge defeat for Obama. The administration made it clear that it wanted Netanyahu defeated. Netanyahu’s victory will reduce further whatever credibility the president has left in the Middle among both friends and enemies. Fourth, the left is handicapped in Israel because it has alienated the religious parties. Opposing special privilege for the religious is one thing but showing contempt is something else.

  • Yipee! Hooray! Israel will now be saved.

  • Jeff

    This is how Israelis thank Obama for his support

  • Excellent!

  • Jim Briggs

    Seems Netanyahu has won. God help the Israeli people.

  • Bibi gets a hearty yasher koach. Stand firm.

  • Paddy Erasmus

    Well done Prime Minister Netanyahu

  • Let’s hope this sure victory gives statesman Netanyahu a continued voice of warning about the danger Iran poses to the free world. A grand design for good and strength from God should lead Israel on the right path to awaken the world. Pray for Bib I to lead with wisdom and continued strength !!

  • Grace

    while the west and its allies shun this gallant son of Israel and would love to see him fail and shame him, the God of Israel was there to stamp his signature because Israel is His land. We are full of Praise to God and we do sincerely thank all the Jews who closed their ears to all the outside talk to do what Hashem taught them to do.

    • Monty Pogoda

      A good comment.

  • Jim Briggs

    Other press reports are showing that no party has won out right. Netanyahu’s policies will bring more deaths to Israelis and Palestinians. He still has to deal with Obama, and the support he will expect may not be forthcoming. A sad day for Israel and the Middle Eats if he wins.

    • G_d showed that he is much more powerful than self-proclaimed Muslim Obama. Obama used U.S. tax dollars and his bully pulpit to try and squash Bibi’s chance as Prime Minister so that a leftist agenda could preside. The New Prime Minister will indeed emphasise security in Israel to protect it’s citizens from all of it’s enemies that surround it. G_d’s Word calls Jews His chosen people and has a purpose for Israel. As we approach the end times, G_d has promised to fulfill the covenant promises, yet fulfilled, to the Jews! Also, terroist nation and sponsor Iran…LOOK OUT!

  • Grace

    while the west and its allies this gallant son of Israel to fail and shame him, the God of Israel was there to stamp his signature because Israel is His land. We are full of Praise to God and we do sincerely thank all the Jews who closed their ears to all the outside talk to do what Hashem taught them to do.

  • Voting fraud is typical of US Demoncrats and so typical of the 0bama mafia!
    Sound like 0bama pulled out all the stop to unseat Bibi, but Bibi beat obama TWICE – once by speaking to US congress, and now again by defeating the 0bama mafia and remaining PM!
    Americans wish we had a president. We dont. We have a foreign govt.

  • Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama … – YouTube

    2 min – Dec 2, 2013 – Uploaded by Bernhard Rosenberg

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have Some Nerve. ISRAEL Will …

  • Florence

    You can thank POUSA for the win. His flagrant act of meddling in another country’s election (especially an ally) is despicable and disgusting. I think he shouldn’t finish his term but resign now and let someone who cares about us step in (certainly not Biden who is missing some screws in his brain). Obama has made enough messes already — enough.

    • zorka

      FLORENCE, WELL SAID, Celebration, he did it, and for Israel, God Bless All…

  • Herve

    The real winner in these elections is the people of Israel and Justice and righteousness. Thisis the land that God Adonai gave to Abraham and his descendants. Never never again. May God bless Mr Netanyahu and his new government and all the people of Israel Jews and Arabs.

    • The land of the State of Israel was given the Jewish people, not by God, but by the United Nation’s (which, at the time, had few Arab members) mandate. The people in most countries, including the USA, believe that they are the chosen (i.e.”exceptional,”) and that their god gave them the land that they occupy.

      Of course, the Arab countries, and specifically the Palestinians – or at least, their leaders – never have, do not now, and never will accept the statehood of Israel, so it is not likely that there could ever be a two-state solution, even if Netanyahu wanted it.

  • Hallelujah,

    The Saints came marching in, the Israelis finally woke up and Hashem saved the Jews from themselves once more, Baruch Hashem.

    Jerome S. Kaufman

  • manley kiefer

    Mazeltov, Mr. PM Netanyahu and Likud.

  • consultingdoc

    אני שמח מאד לשמוע את המסר שהקהל הישראלי שלח לראש הארגון האחים המוסלמים בבית הלבן במשרד הנשיא

    כל הכבוד לכלכם.

  • Moriah

    We had seen earlier on Fox News, that Netanyahu had accepted the victory. Yet, as we prepare for sleep we were discussing that we would check the news in the morning for further confirmation. But, since reading here in algemeiner that 99% of the vote has been counted, it would seem that we can sleep easier now.
    Our heartfelt congratulations to Bibi & Israel – we love you! – and [we Americans] are collectively breathing a sigh of relief as prayers have been answered! B”H He has intervened & evil has been thwarted.

  • Now Bibi it is time to live up to your promises.
    It is time for you to put together a government that protects the safety and security of Israel. No compromise with the Arabs who want and declare that they intend to destroy Israel.

    No Palestine State.

    No concessions or appeasement to the Arabs.

    Israel needs to build 100,000 housing units per year in Judea and Samaria for the next 10 years, It also needs to build 3 superhighway connecting Judea and Samaria to Israel.
    Construct military bases in Judea and Samaria to protect the people and the country.
    Israel also needs to build 50,000 housing units per year in greater Jerusalem and build additional roads and highway in and from Jerusalem.
    Israel must also build a minimum of 10,000 housing units in the Galil and 10,000 housing units in the Negev every year for the next ten years and expand the infrastructure, roads and highways. They have to expand industry and commerce to enhance the desire of people to live in the Galil and the Negev.
    Israel – In order to consider a new negotiations with the Arab-Palestinians
    First thing, let us see the Arab Palestinians stop teaching their children and the masses to commit terror and violence. Stop rewarding terrorists, stop funding terrorists families, stop naming streets after terrorists. Declare and practice that terror and violence is unacceptable. We need to see a change in attitude towards terror and a true and honest pursuit of peace and coexistence.

    There were about 600,000 Arabs, 300,000 that left their homes in 1948, mostly of their own volition, more or less at the same time as the over 990,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries – who have lived there for over 2,000 years, of which the Arabs confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land (which is 5-6 times the size of Israel – 120,000 sq. km.) valued in the trillions of dollars. We resettled ours with limited land and resources — resettle yours (on the land and homes you confiscated from the Jewish people), the 21 Arab states have more land and resources. The Arab dis-information must be ignored and countered.
    YJ Draiman

  • Steve Epstein

    I only get option to submit comments. I cannot read them

  • Steve Epstein

    Trying to read comments of others but they do not show up on my iPhone

  • Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman CBE AM

    Excellent summary and comments. Congratulations on the speed with which you deliver the news.-

  • Sharon Jacobson

    I am thrilled that Bibi won and even happier than Obama lost.

  • “United Arab List “

    “UNITED Arabs”? Only in Israel !

    “United Arabs”? Only against Israel – and even then……….

  • Dwarakanathan Rajagopalachari

    Thank God.

  • George

    Could not be happier. As well as defeating his opponents he
    scored a decisive victory the islamic communist running the US.

  • aall55

    Now I can exhale .

    We love you Bibi .

    God bless Israel.

  • Congratulations to Beni as he is THE MAN for the job. He is so right that countries cannot negotiate with terrorists. The USA has this policy too but they ignore it with Iran and negotiate us all into nuclear standoffs. Iran makes all sorts of noises that sound progressive but they have a knife behind their backs and openly promise to use it!! Almost every US President wants to go down in history as the man who solved the Middle East problem and all of them have failed as you cannot negotiate with killers and madmen. Ben is fighting for Israel whereas Obama is fighting for Obama and even perhaps Islam. The problem in the world is Islam and the Quran.

  • PM Benjamin should concentrate on economy too. He should purchase lands Uganda etc and concentrate on agriculture, engineering etc. Then in the next election the vote for likud party will increase considerably

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Well, I thing that the result is encouraging in a clime of genocide happening just on the door step. Mr Bibi is certainly more capable and trusted and I hope blessed by God in his difficult job.

  • Mayven

    And so shall the voters put their trust in real leadership In a most critical moment.
    The magnificent country Israel will be challenged every day.
    NETANYAHU at the helm is more assuring.

    Kol Hakavod

  • SOOOooo thankful to Hashem for guiding this election. I hope this course continues growing till the end results. Israel needs a Leader of courage and strength. A Leader who knows deeply every trial and tribulation Israel has endured during the past few years of violence and attack. That Leader is the Prime Minister Netanyahu, a Leader who cares so much for his country and its people.

  • Caleb

    Praise YAH

  • Mazeltov Israelis!! You have saved your wonderful country from well-intentioned but naive or delusional wouls-be leaders who still – after all the evidence to the contrary is in – seem to believe that “peace” can be achieved through talking to the Palestinians. But P.M. Netanyahu knows that
    1.)you do not negotiate with terrorists and Jihadists – why?
    2.) because they have publicly announced more times than I care to remember that they WILL PUSH THE JEWS INTO THE SEA, that they will DESTROY THE “ZIONIST ENTITY.”
    3.) They are not interested in a country of their own, they already HAD one in Jordan, until Arafat took his PLO there and forced the King to deprive them of their citizenship which every Palestinian had had, until then,by law. But the PLO tried to undermine his kingdom, so the king had them thrown out.
    Then they went into Lebanon where the same thing happened:
    they sowed unrest and violence, until the Lebanese government threw them out and only Tunis accepted them on pleading of – you guessed it – the U.S.
    The first thing about true leadership: you have to have the ability to assess reality correctly; then you have to have the courage to carry through what that reality informs you to do; third you have to have the guts to say “NO” to your only powerful “friend” the U.S.
    I congratulate you that in your wisdom you evidently understood that the man of the hour is Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Russell Mollot

    The Likud had quite a scare this time, but, fortunately, came out ahead. One might ponder the outcome of that ultimate election night when the Arab List secures enough seats to be “king maker” and strikes a bargain with a willing coalition partner, to — democratically, mind you — eliminate the Law of Jewish Return, to add a crescent to the star of David on the flag, and to generally “de-Judaize” the state. Ah, but for now, it seems, we are safe.

  • Jerry Minja

    Yes, Netanyahu again. Congratulations!

    I hope peace with Palestinians shall be your top priority.

    With true and honest political will, and our Prayers, it is possible.

  • Carl E. Hanks

    Congratulations, Bibi. America loves Israel!

  • Richard

    I am glad Mr Netanyahu won. I hope our President Mr. Obama takes note. God bless Israel and it’s people.

  • John G Morphis

    Sad, sad news for the Middle East and the US.

  • martin kessler

    I don’t know why the big surprise. I said earlier guns will always trump butter in the Middle East.

  • Jose Duran

    A victoria, but a whimper not a strong endorsement

  • Congratulations Israel!