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March 17, 2015 8:12 am

Producer Says New ’72 Munich Terror Attack Documentary Will Differ From Others

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An iconic image showing one of the hostage takers during the event known as the Munich Massacre, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Photo: AP.

The producer of a new documentary short on the infamous terror attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics says his team will attempt to bring a new dimension to the narrative.

In an interview with The Algemeiner Dr. Steven Ungerleider said the movie will differ from other films covering the 1972 Olympics in that it will attempt to offer reconciliation, and help people “move forward.”

The film is a creation of the Foundation for Global Sports Development and will be called “Munich 1972 & Beyond.”

Ungerleider and David Ulich of the Foundation are producing the documentary. The Foundation also announced that Emmy award-winning producer Michael Cascio, and director Stephen Crisman are working on the film. It is scheduled for release in Fall 2015.

The Foundation said that its documentary is an attempt to unravel “why and how the attack happened, its aftermath, and its importance in 2015 and beyond.”

A veteran of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Ungerleider said that the filmmakers have been working very closely with the Israeli victims of the terrorists. They want to tell the “story behind the story” by featuring the people who lost family members.

“The honoring of the Israelis needs to be addressed,” Ungerleider told The Algemeiner.

“Munich 1972 & Beyond” will compliment a new memorial underway in Germany commemorating the attack on the Israeli Olympic team. Ungerleider is pleased that the memorial is finally being built, and gives credit to IOC President Thomas Bach.

“We are very pleased, and very encouraged that IOC leadership under Dr. Thomas Bach has finally shifted the paradigm after 42 years of being in denial about the memorial,” Ungerleider said. “There is no place for terrorism in the world. We are encouraged by his leadership.”

He added that he thinks that the film and memorial will make a very strong statement that “terrorism is unacceptable.”

The Munich terror attack began on September 5, 1972 when members of the Palestinian group Black September invaded the Israeli Olympic compound. The terrorists demanded the release of hundreds of Palestinian convicts. The situation ended after tense negotiations, a failed rescue attempt, and an extended firefight. In the end, the terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes and coaches. A West German policeman was also killed during the terror attacks.

An estimated 900 million people in over 100 countries watched the Munich terrorism unfold on television. The makers of “Munich 1972 & Beyond” said it was the first act of modern terror.

“Forty-two years later, the Munich attack is merely a historical footnote,” said Ungerleider. “We need to come to terms with this horrific trauma before any healing can take place.”

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  • If you would like to see the film, the San Francisco premiere takes place on June 28, 2016.
    See link:

  • dante

    the story which needs to be more completely told is that of german perfidy, how, after the massacre, the germans contrived with the terrorists to produce a little drama that would allow the germans to release jailed terrorists.

  • ‘offer reconciliation’? ‘help people move forward’? Palestinian terrorists, however much they change their names, are still out to destroy Israel. The Hamas Charter calls for the annihilation of Israel and murder of all Jews world wide. How do you reconcile with people who want to destroy you? How do you move forward? As for ‘Global Sports Development’ the Arab world seems more interested in buying honours like the Soccer World Cup than in what the West knows as sportsmanship.

  • CSBG

    I don’t trust it. The IOC is historically anti-Semitic, whether during Hitler’s reign of
    devastation, or afterwards during the Israel’s participation.Are they going to tell the Germans insisted the israelis stand down and therefore the atheletes who made it to the plane were killed?
    More importantly, the producer, on this project who worked for MSNBC would mean his judgement and opinion is thoroughly anti-Israel and non-objective. The victims , I hope, will not be victimized , once again, in the editing process to fit his perspective.
    what strikes one immediately, is the unmitigating chutzpah to think anything would, or could, ‘ bring closer.’ What exactly, can ever bring closier to this monumental heinously, barbaric act- nor should it. To produce a documentary on the monument’s story
    ( and does Israel have a major role in it, and how, when, and where) along with the
    events of the Munich Terrorist attack, and possibly, the consequences to Israel’s Olympic Teams and the victims’ lives, is one thing. To even introduce the concept of ‘going forward’ and putting it behind us is a purely naive and egotistical exercise.
    who are they to think they can call the world to closier? What is wrong with them?
    THere is so very much anti-Semitism in the world right now, that for these two people to presume ‘ it is time to bring closier’ is beyond the Pale. How are they to twist the Parisian attacks? The recent Copenhagen attack? Those in Jerusalem, and those planned for New York and Washington, D.C.?
    Why don’t they do a documentary, instead, on the War Against the Chrisitians, or the the Islamists War on little Girls and Women?
    No one is covering those stories, or following them up, once reported.
    Has the Israeli government and Ministry accepted this project. Will it be screened for them prior to the documentary’s release?

    Besides, it wasn’t the first terrorist act in Modern Times.
    All it will do is cause tremendous upset.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Sounds like he’s going to blame it on the Jews.