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March 18, 2015 9:22 pm

After Netanyahu’s Electoral Victory, Haaretz Columnist Says the Israeli People Must be Replaced

avatar by David Daoud

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Haaretz Columnist Gideon Levy: Replace the Israeli People. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Are the Israeli people sick? According to Haaretz Columnist Gideon Levy, who was unsurprisingly not pleased with the results of Tuesday’s elections in Israel, the answer is “yes.” In an opinion column he published shortly after the results were announced, Levy called for the replacement of the Israeli people for re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu.

Levy wrote that, “the first conclusion that comes to my mind two minutes after the release of the election results is particularly depressing:  We have to replace the people. [What’s necessary] is not more elections to change the leadership of the State, but rather a general election to elect a new people of Israel – and to improvise,” said Levy. He added that, “the country urgently needs this. It will be difficult for it to continue under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, who it looks like will be forming the next government.”

Levy’s disappointment with Israelis resulted from their overwhelming choice of Netanyahu over his chief rival Isaac Herzog to lead the next government. Levy noted that, “if, after six years of nothing; six years of disseminating fear and anxiety, hatred and despair – and just that – this is the people’s choice, then the people is very sick.”

Levy was unrelenting in his scathing criticism of the Israeli people, saying “if after all that has been revealed in the last months, if after all that has been written and said, if after all this, this phoenix – this Israeli phoenix – was able to once again rise from the ashes and be re-elected; if after all of this the Israeli people elected him for another four years, then something is seriously broken in the people, something that may be beyond repair.”

In his opinion, “Netanyahu suits the Israeli people, and the people of Israel are suited to Netanyahu. The lot had not yet been cast yesterday, but it foreshadowed a direction, and that direction is that a significant portion of the Israeli people has completely disconnected from reality.”

According to Levy, the Israeli people re-elected Netanyahu as a result of “years of indoctrination and incitement,” leading them to “say yes to those who say no to a Palestinian state – and what is this? And what the hell, yes, dear Likud voters?” He opined that this was a vote for “another 50 years of occupation and ostracism. Do you really believe in that?”

Levy did not stop there. He claimed Israel was on its way to becoming an apartheid state under Netanyahu’s leadership, as a result of these elections, and that it was now only a matter of time before the IDF launched its next “savage attack against Gaza.”

Levy ended his op-ed by saying that, “an election like this must be viewed seriously, and with an election like this, it is very difficult to hope for the best. All that’s left is the loser’s hope: that with one more term for Netanyahu, at least the world will be awakened to act.”

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  • Grandestgrandma

    Mr. Gedion Levy
    I wonder what you would be able to say when a
    G_D forbid Israel would be run by Muslims ih wow they would chop your finger off for being so hateful rowards their government instead if being thankful to the democracy you live with you have the audacity to talk and write such disgusting things about the country that gives you your freedom all I can say is shame on you

  • Patty Donovan

    I’m laughing here reading this wack job ! LMFAO! I’m an American and I watched very closely to Benjamin Netanyahu election and these crazy liberals slandered , defamed and outright harassed both Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife daily for 3 mmonths! Everything from accusing him of stealing bottled water to lawn furniture.. Outragous harassment ! I saw more jew hating and grotesque posts made on both Benjamin Netanyahu Facebook and Twitter that literally brought me to tears ! I had never encountered such evil hate !

    I researched Benjamin Netanyahu history and was astonished by his absolute love and total dedication to his country. The lies and distortion of the truth concerning the Palenstines snd Hamas terrorist is incredible.

    Being someone totally blind to the situation but eager to learn I spend hours per day researching, watching videos of interviews with Palenstines , former hamas , Benjamin Netanyahu and others directly related to conflicts there. The history of the estabishment of Isreal and the long journey and i can not believe how ignorant and arrogant people are
    like the idiot in the above story. Benjamin Netanyahu is amazing ! Im not saying he’s psrfect but I’m saying he is a man of courage , dedication and for him to have been slandered , defamed and harasssed made me sick ! The people of israel are Brilliant! God bless them for having the wisdom
    and intelligence to vote Benjamin Netanyahu!

  • David Mark Greaves

    I recently heard former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee describe Israel’s political system as much more complicated than what exists in America. America relies on a two party system, Republicans versus Democrats, where minor parties have marginal influence. However, Israel has according to Governor Huckabee, eleven political parties, which requires the party with the most seats in the Knesset to secure a governing coalition of members who will caucus with that party because no one party represents even a sizable percentage of Israeli voters.


  • LDR

    Replacing the Jews? That’s been tried, sunshine.

  • Jana

    All delusional people usually think that somebody else is mentally ill, but not them! So….. lefties movement is a desease on its own.

  • Corneliu

    Yes, I agree with him to change the people among he lives.
    I can offer him a very simple solution: instead of moving 8 million people, better to move himself among another people, a better one.
    Eventually, to Gaza.

  • David Hersch

    Gideon Levy is an appalling journalist. In fact he shouldn’t be called a journalist as his writing is putrid, not to mention how his mind works.

  • montlasky

    Replace the Israeli people..presumably because they voted for Bibi. Thank G-D they were sensible. They have only Netenyahu to protect the State of Israel. Left wing bleeding hearts are the ones that were defeated here.
    The Gideon Levi’s ,Peter Beinarts, Gilad Atzmon and others are the people who should be exchanged for more supportive citizens meaning that Gideon Levi and his fellow travellers should be deported for sedition including his editor and newspaper and become writers for Algezeera requiring them to live in Doha where they would be most welcome.I think! Gideon Levi is the Trojan horse of the Israeli media.
    As they say in Brooklyn ” Throw da bum out!

  • Austen Lennon

    Many, around the world, are stunned that this election was as close as it was. The enemies lined up against Israel have all publicly stated that they want the destruction of Israel and they have rejected every peace attempt over the decades but still thousands voted for a man who would facilitate Israel’s destruction by his naive liberal ideology. Israel people do not need to be replaced, that was Hitler’s dream, but very many of them need to realise that their destructions is all that their enemies want. Their enemies want a ‘final solution’ not land, not a two state solution and most definitely not peace.

  • Icky Albert

    The Israeli people are just fine and very wise. certain journalists should be replaced

  • ca5per

    Prove that lefties are all same. Selfdrunked of theirs own “morality” with theirs “only true”, and with deadwish for all other, who are so stupid, that dont understand them …. One could say, that history should be source of education and knowledge, but why… when you are so beautiful mind with lot of ideas how to make world better (of course paid from other poeples money). Shame, that those stupid poeple around you are all doing it wrong, right ?

  • If he went for a dope test he would probably pass !!!

  • In my opinion if he went for a dope test he would pass!!!

  • Frank Adam

    A lot of remarks in this thread cut both ways. Just because we are the sovereign people on our patch does not make us so elsewhere and as in the past different states are not equal and it makes sense to be cautious and not to rub the wrong way powerful other states – especially if one depends on them.

  • Lenny

    Let him go live with Peled.. or maybe better Gaza ?

  • Moshe

    Gideon Levy is a true patriot, who isn’t afraid to say tough things that others are afraid of.
    The occupation will be Israel’s undoing – and Gideon knows this.
    God bless him.

  • noanoa

    Idiots come in all colors, etc.
    Levy is one such an IDIOT.
    We in the US have a much larger IDIOT known as Obama.

    When some one acts stupid, we call him “Hey you Obama”

    • Jaclyn

      Gideon Levy is a complete moron to think that we here,in Israel would.Have be Been better off with Herzog and Livni yea they would have divided Jerusalem ,driven the residents of Judea,Samaria (West Bank). Out and handed over to the Arabs with the rest of Israel or as they,call it Palestine.Which was what Israel was called under British rule only,to embarrass us.Also by Muslim Obama,Kerry and Abbas Israel is supposed to go back to the,pre 1967 boarders.Israel won that land it belongs to her Abbas has already said that,there will be.No Jews in his Palestine only one problem it is Israel so it’s the,land that G-d.Gave to Abraham,Issac and Jacob so if there is any blood shed it will be due,to Abbas and the so called Palestinians (Arabs).Just like Gaza Hamas used men,women,children even babies as shields are IDF tried to warn,these people to.Get out but they did not so it’s not Israel’s fault but of coarse American tv. also Israel,plays to the poor.Palestinians that’s why these murders get so much support from inside and out.
      As for Mr. Levy let him go live with the Arabs give up his Israeli citizenship and his job at Haaretz,see how much.He likes living with them they want a state they can go to.Jordan or any of the many other Arab states surrounding Israel,but they do not.Because they know how good it is here jobs,being in the Knesset and even with all of this,they still are.Against Israel those against us especially Arabs need tseo lose,all they have.Those who stand with us should be get high praise and not be taken,advantage of.Others if they as of already said come against us should,lose all,rights in Israel.Like Mr.Levy who says the people here are sick because they reelected Netanahyu I guess that he,would rather have,lived under Herzog and Livni.

  • Corey Multer

    Clearly a traitor to his country and his people. Fortunately for him, Israel is a democracy that permits his subversive opinions to be expressed.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Goebbels would be proud of him.

  • Ekkehard Stegemann

    Gideon Levy should perhaps remember Heine:
    Das Volk, der große Lümmel. The people, the big lout.
    Maybe he, Gideon, resembles Bibi, in terms of claims to absoluteness.

  • Gideon Levy is a flat Earth proponent in the times of Google Earth.

    Israelis have shown that in contrast to everyone else they take the Iranian threat seriously, and they should. Herzog’s biggest mistake in my opinion was that Herzog’s policy on Iran was to trust Obama on Iran . Israelis realized that we just cannot place our lives in the hands of an American president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood and appeases Iran.

  • Hasn’t he heard of democracy?

  • Really?

    This is a joke, right? Leftists are insane.

  • Vittore

    Can’t we put a cherem on him? He will be in Canada next week giving anti-Israel speeches.


    As a Christian, I hear Haaretz Columnist Gideon Levy’s appeal to the international community to annihilate Israel. His call for genocide is loud and clear

    J St. and Thomas Friedman and other Jews have given Pres. Obama the cover that he seeks. 1st he places Robert Malley a Israelihater in charge of the Middle East at the national Security Council. Then he takes a Hezbollah and Iran off of the US terrorist list

    .NSA Removes Iran and Hezbollah From Terror Threat List

  • Jeff

    The people are not sick. Gideon Levy is sick, delusional, and while entitled to
    his opinions, is a dangerous man that should be closely monitored for sedition and actions designed to undermine a legitimately elected government.

    • Jaclyn

      Jeff,I agree with you one hundred percent,Gideon Levy.Is extremely mentally sick by printing this he could start,a up rising against.A government that was rightfully elected.
      He should be considered a terrorist for the other side,and lose.His job as already said and Israeli Citizenship,let him go live.With the Arabs in one of there many states see how much,he likes it.No freedom to talk against the government your get killed.

  • Patricia

    Is Mr. Levy offering to leave? It occurs to me that the Israeli people, after a long series of unsuccessful negotiations and continued conflicts with the radical and unreconstructed Islamist element, and having had the experience of working with the rational and peaceful Arab and Druse element, are ready to grasp the nettle and claim Judea and Samaria, offer citizenship to those who will swear loyalty to Israel, and allow all the peaceful citizens of those areas start again to develop those areas rather than have them be a resource and security sink. A full-fledged treaty of alliance with Egypt against the terrorists in Sinai and Gaza, and perhaps one with Jordan vis a vis Hezbolla, might follow.

  • mackykam

    Replace them with arabs, he means.

  • shloime

    what a delusional rant! blaming israel for the next gaza war, while advocating for a withdrawal from judea and samaria? the very definition of mental illness is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results – why shouldn’t fatah start shooting rockets, the same way hamas has?

    it’s the left who are living in their delusions, completely divorced from reality.

  • All the leftist who do not believe in the Jewish State of Israel and who are willing to sacrifice Jewish lives for the sake of a delusional peace with the Arab-Palestinians. The same Arab-Palestinians who are teaching their children hate and violence against the Israelis. The same Arab-Palestinians who have in their Charter stating that they will not recognize Israel and they want all of Israel without Jews. The Same Arab-Palestinians who commit terror and suicide bombing against innocent Israelis – Men, Women and babies. The same Arab-Palestinians who danced in the streets when 15,000 rockets were launched against Israel’s population centers. The same Arab-Palestinians who use cars to run over and kill Israelis. The Same Arab-Palestinians who celebrate Jews being killed by their terrorists and pay salaries to terrorists and name streets after terrorists. The Same Arab-Palestinians who kidnapped 3 Israeli teens and brutally killed them. Any delusional Israelis can live the country.
    It is time for a population transfer. Any Arab who is not happy with Israel cam move to the 120,000 sq. km of land the Arab countries confiscated from the million Jews they expelled from their countries.
    YJ Draiman

  • Jonathan Ottenstein

    Disgusting man

  • David Levy

    What a total brain-dead idiot this guy is. Replace the people? Yeah, right. Replace Gideon Levy and close down Haartez, more like.

  • It is very upsetting to read that there are people like Gideon Levy. I am surprised he was not in Gaza helping Hamas shoot missiles at Israel.

  • Moshe Barber

    The Left is for diversity and inclusion as long it excludes those that disagree with it. Baruch HaShem the Israeli people selected leadership that clearly states the existential problem and the solutions. “Hope” is not a plan or solution. Neither is accommodating those whose see the two state “solution” as a stepping stone to our annihilation, Heaven forbid–just listen and read what they have said from the beginning. The reason the other side can never accept whatever is offered at the more than four decades of repetitive negations is that they want to deny and recognition of our existence.

    The left is delusional.

    The strength of Israel are its people!