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March 18, 2015 1:58 am

NPR Slanders Israel by Obscuring Key Facts in Story

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Judea and Samaria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

From NPR:

Palestinian investor Bashar Masri is building an entirely new city in the West Bank. It’s a huge investment, with 5,000 new homes for tens of thousands of families. And, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it’s also a political statement.

As we approached this new city of Rawabi, north of Ramallah, we saw a row of high-rise apartment buildings topped by construction cranes. Scaffolding surrounds the minaret of an incomplete mosque. Nobody has moved in yet.

Masri has had to battle for years, but says he finally has permission to hook up the water system, which is controlled by Israel. The military occupation of the West Bank often complicates Palestinian efforts to build, and this distinctive project was no exception.

Israel’s opposition to hooking up the water was in response to Palestinian Arab refusal to work with Israel on crucial water issues all over Judea and Samaria.

But if you bother to read way further down the article, you can see that the PA also put up roadblocks to Rawabi. Instead of paragraph 3, we can find it in paragraph 20:

The Palestinians do have their own government, the Palestinian Authority, but Masri was equally frustrated with those officials. He says the group didn’t keep a promise to build schools and roads for Rawabi.

“They signed the agreement and I think they should have delivered,” he says. “Whenever I talk to them they say, ‘Oh, Bashar, we need schools in other areas, we need roads in other areas.’ Well, I think we should have gotten at least our fair share, proportional to the expected community in the next five years.”

No roads and schools? Aren’t they pretty important too?

Finally, NPR focuses on Israelis who want to become settlers. Of course, they won’t call them that: When we met some of the buyers, we learned that several are not from the West Bank, but rather live inside Israel, and are Israeli citizens.

Sofian and Fahimeh Mowassi are Arab citizens of the Jewish state. About 20 percent of Israel’s population are Arab Israelis — or, as many call themselves, Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Fahimeh say they are buying a second home because Jewish Israelis are not comfortable living with Arabs. “We don’t feel they accept us,” she says, adding, “it’s nice to come here, among our people.”

They want to maintain their Israeli citizenship (this is only a second home) but they want to buy a house in the West Bank. Doesn’t that make them settlers?

Oh, sorry, Moving to the east of the Green Line is only “illegal” if you are Jewish.

What would happen if Jews tried to buy houses in Rawabi? Would Mr. El Masry (-“The Egyptian”) allow it? Would their neighbors?

These are questions that NPR doesn’t want to ask, because the answer shows that the heroes of their story are bigots and antisemites. And that’s not news.

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  • “We must be ready to sacrifice all for our country Israel. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We must continue to acquire proficiency in defense and display determination and stamina in purpose.” Never surrender – we are fighting for our survival and the alternative is extinction.
    Israel’s mission first and foremost is to take care of the Jewish people and insure their safety and security in Israel. Israel’s obligation is to its Jewish People and not to pacify the world at large. The historical facts are that for thousands of years the world at large has always persecuted the Jewish people and stood idle while millions of Jews are exterminated and persecuted.
    Right now we are in a badly separated, internally struggling, and bickering state both within Israel and also in the Diaspora. And our enemies are happily latching onto this internal fragmentation exploiting us against each other and leading successful campaigns against us on all fronts.
    No political wisdom, trickery; neither weapons and a mighty army can save Israel or Jews worldwide unless we rise above our differences, above our argumentative nature and form a single united Nation that is impenetrable.
    And that wouldn’t just save us but would blaze a trail of hope for others in this crazy world where there are no allies or friends any more only enemies waiting for the opportunity to destroy each other.
    We may not agree on everything, but we must respect each other and work together for our common goal which is survival in this hostile world which is on a spiraling deterioration.
    “A United Israel is a Strong Israel” Unity above all is our key to survival.
    YJ Draiman

  • The expulsion of over a million Jewish families from Arab countries and the confiscation of all their assets.
    There were about 600,000 Arabs 300,000 that left their homes in 1948, mostly of their own volition and the urging of the attacking Arab armies, more or less at the same time as the over 990,000 Jewish families refugees who were persecuted and expelled from Arab countries, who have lived in those Arab countries for over 2,200 years, of which the Arabs confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and Real Estate property 120,440 sq. km or 75,000 sq. miles (which is 5-6 times the size of Israel). valued in the trillions of dollars.
    We in Greater Israel resettled ours million Jewish refugees from Arab countries with limited land and resources — It is time for the Arabs to resettle yours (on the land and homes you confiscated from the Jewish people in the Arab countries. There is also Jordan which was taken from the Jews), the 21 Arab states have more land and resources. The Arab dis-information must be ignored and countered. Most of the Arab-Palestinians came from neighboring Arab countries.
    The million Jewish families expelled from Arab countries have multiplied by natural growth to over 7 million people.

  • Bibi promised he will not let the left-Labor join the government.
    The left is one of the main reason a new election was called.
    It is time to replace the Media with an objective people who care about Israel and its people. A police force that protects the people of Israel
    It is time to punish those who incite terror and violence. Prosecute those who betray Israel in words and action and treat traitors with full force of the law.
    Protect all Jewish institutions and houses of worship.
    It is time to elect a new Supreme Court Justices in Israel.
    It is time to Annex Judea and Samaria and adopt the Levy report.
    It is time for Israel to take serious action against terror and violence and restore the safety and security of its people without fear of violence, riots, stone throwing and intentional vehicular usage to kill and injure Israelis.
    Remind the Arabs that they expelled over a million Jews from their counties and confiscated all their assets including land 5 times the size of Israel. That the Arabs must balance the books and pay for the assets and the relocation of the Jews.
    Israel needs to build 100,000 housing units per year in Judea and Samaria for the next 10 years, It also needs to build 3 superhighway connecting Judea and Samaria to Israel.
    Construct military bases in Judea and Samaria to protect the people and the country.
    Israel also needs to build 50,000 housing units per year in greater Jerusalem and build additional roads and highway in and from Jerusalem.
    Israel must also build a minimum of 10,000 housing units in the Galil and 10,000 housing units in the Negev every year for the next ten years and expand the infrastructure, roads and highways. They have to expand industry and commerce to enhance the desire of people to live in the Galil and the Negev.
    Construct military bases in Judea and Samaria to protect the people and the country.

    YJ Draiman

    Do you want prevent nuclear terror? Do you care about you children and your family’s future? Vote for nuclear free Iran.
    A terrorist state must not be permitted to possess nuclear capability.
    Iran already controls; Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza, etc. how much more before we stop them from devouring the Middle East and more.
    When Israel takes defensive action for its survival. Israel would rather be condemned for its actions as a live Israel than eulogized as a dead Israel.

    YJ Draiman

    • Freddy

      YJ Draiman says: “…an objective people who care about Israel and its people…”

      Caring is kind of the opposite of being objective. Do you expect a mother to be objective about her children?

      If you want Zionists, say you want Zionists.

  • Herb Glatter

    NPR was labeled “National Palestinian Radio” by David Mamet as they pursue their agenda maligning the Jewish State

  • judithg

    I stopped listenng to NPR and stopped going to their site a couple of years ago because they had become so egregiously anti-semitic. when the results of the election in Israel looked like Netanyahu had won, their spokesperson was in a frenzy of Israel bashing, her twisted mouth attempting to spew as much venom as possible.
    the antidote to this Jew hating is to build and build and build non stop.