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March 19, 2015 12:08 am

Hamas Involved in Pedophile and Child Abuse Scandal

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A Hamas fighter. Photo: Wikipedia.

According to Al Bawabh News, Hamas is trying to hush up a major sex scandal involving young boys in a Gaza mosque.

A prominent Hamas member is accused of engaging in sex acts with young boys after enticing them with promises of teaching them Jihad and the Quran.

According to the story, he pretended to be teaching the boys martial arts. He evaluated their “performance” and if he felt that they wouldn’t resist, he would make his move. He told them that the sex acts were allowed under Islamic law if it was consensual, and he characterized the children who fell under his influence as “Mujahadeen Heroes.”

The man told his victims that he would stay in touch with them through social media.

There are two complicating factors that are stopping Hamas from arresting him.

One is that the sex offender is a hero, a “symbol of symbols,” a 45-year old who was a prisoner in Israeli jails for 18 years and who was released under the Shalit deal.

The other is that the pedophile is not from Gaza, but from Hebron, and arresting him could cause sectarian problems between different tribes.

Sources say that Hamas is now trying to smuggle him out of Gaza so as not to deal with the issue.

From looking at the list of people who were released in the Shalit deal the most likely person seems to be Maedh Waal Taleb Abu Sharakh, sentenced to 19 life terms for the attack on bus No. 37 in Haifa in 2002 that killed 17. He is about 45 years old, from Hebron, a Hamas member, and clearly a ‘symbol of symbols’ and sent to Gaza as part of the deal. He had been in prison only about 9 years but he might have had other stints in jail.

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  • Steve Loeb
  • Emmett Pirkle

    Addressing the broader issues beyond the alleged behaviors in this news report, it should be noted scientific studies based on legitimate empirical evidence do not support the mass hysteria and moral panic that currently surrounds sexually expressed child/older person relationships, which are invariably cast as “child sex abuse/pedophilia.” Like masturbation and homosexuality were demonized in the past, these irrational emotional responses are based on ignorance and fear, and are promoted by agenda-driven “victimological” academics who argue that all such relationships are intrinsically pervasively harmful. But is this supposed harm intrinsic to the interaction, or does it instead result from the social hysteria that occurs when such a relationship is discovered? Also, there are no legitimate data supporting intrinsic harmfulness, and no credible pathway or mechanism for such harm has been demonstrated. For further discussion, see

    There are indeed some people who trick or force children into unwanted sexual interactions. But there are vast differences between consensual sexually expressed child/older person relationships and unilateral “child sexual abuse” by an older person. For a scientific journal discussion of these distinctions as they apply to boys, go to

  • Helena

    Find a way of getting this news into Gaza and the West Bank.

    • Easy Israel needs to broadcast live 24/7 in English like Aljezeera ….not rocket science….hasbera doesnt work sorry doesnt work Rebuttals dont work………..Broadcasting works very effectively for the Arab and Muslim world branding Isis so well that If I was a muslim teen I would want so Jihad more exciting than x-box

  • dina


  • Historian

    I am not surprised at anything that is unlawful ir mistreatment of their youth. They teach them hate and martyrdom and do upsetting activities with their population. To bad these children are under Hamas control. They have no chance to live a peaceful non hateful life like the children who live in Israel.
    Big difference in societies.

  • steven L

    What a surprise!

  • Gershon Baskin boasted a major role in trading many terrorists in Israel’s prison for Shalit. He also adamantly declared that those released caused no harm to Israel thereafter. How deluded is that? Baskin, by extension, is a child molester, nu?

  • spktruth200

    now this is laughable, how many Rabbis have been having sex with young boys. Sex scandals with children is in every government in the world…they are evil barbarians.