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March 22, 2015 10:47 pm

Former Envoys Say Obama’s ‘Childish’ Attacks on Israel ‘Cause Significant Strategic Harm’

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Michael Oren said that Obama's recent criticisms posed a strategic threat to Israel's international standing. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Two former Israeli ambassadors to the United States, Michael Oren and Danny Ayalon, have responded to the criticism directed by the Obama Administration against Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, calling the comments a strategic threat to Israel, and intentionally intended to deepen the rift with the Jewish state.

Immediately after the results of Israel’s elections were announced on Tuesday revealing that Netanyahu’s Likud had won 30 seats and looked set to form the next government, the Obama Administration began harshly criticizing the Prime Minister and Israel. White House and State Department spokesmen said that Netanyahu’s alleged “reversal on a two-state solution,” would be followed by a re-evaluation of the US-Israel relationship, and the United States’ defense of Israel at the United Nations. The Administration also harshly criticized comments that Netanyahu had made about Israeli Arabs “coming out in droves” to vote for his opponents.

Oren, the immediate past Israeli Ambassador to Washington and the current No. 4 on Israel’s Kulanu party’s list, said the White House’s harsh statements against Netanyahu pose a serious strategic threat to Israel’s international standing.

Oren said that “the shared democratic values between us and the United States are the pillars of the relationship between our two countries, and because of that, Obama’s words cause significant strategic harm” to Israel, referring to the Obama Administration’s accusation that Prime Minister Netanyahu engaged in “race baiting” on the eve of elections to win more votes for his Likud Party.

Ayalon, who served from 2002-2006 was harsher in his criticism, saying that the American president was “looking to dramatically deepen the rift with Israel.” Ayalon added that while Netanyahu had “purposefully extended [Obama] his hand after the elections,” and reiterated his support for a two-state solution, in order to repair relations with the United States, Obama was not responding in kind, Israel’s NRG reported.

Ayalon said, “what is Obama doing? Instead of acting in a measured way and understanding that at stake is a mutual interest in maintaining good relations, he slapped Netanyahu in the face. This is inappropriate behavior and unprecedented in international relations.”

Ayalon added that the American president’s actions will lead to a great crisis with Israel, and that “Obama is behaving childishly, and not like the leader of a great power ought to behave.” He alleged that Obama’s actions were motivated by “a personal desire to get back at Netanyahu for his speech to Congress and over the tensions that have arisen between him and the Prime Minister.”

Oren, who took a softer tack, also proposed an alternative to the American President’s hostile approach, saying that, “instead of making harsh comments, the US and Israel must once again concentrate on rebuilding the relationship.” He added that the “new Israeli government to be established must, without delay, work actively to repair the relationship with the United States, strengthen military, intelligence and diplomatic cooperation, in order to ensure the continuation of this strategic friendship that is so vital to Israel.”

Ayalon, however, was less optimistic, saying that, “unfortunately, there is not much that can be done because Israel does not have much leverage over Obama. He is nearing the end of his term, and he doesn’t owe anyone a single thing. So, he acts the way he wants.”

Oren emphasized that repairing US-Israel ties was mutually beneficial to both countries, not just Israel. He said that, “just as the United States is a strategic asset to Israel, Israel is also vital to the United States, and it has no alternative to its important friendship in the Middle East.”

Israel’s importance to America is a result of it being, “the only stable democracy in the Middle East, [and] one of the very few countries in the world that has not known a single day of non-democratic rule,” Oren added, noting that Israel “is the only State in the Middle East whose citizens are all entitled to vote without compulsion, even for parties that do not recognize the right of the State to exist,” he said, alluding to the Joint Arab List which is comprised of openly anti-Zionist parties.

Oren added that his own party, Kulanu, “will be the agent that will continue to fight for Israel’s democratic values, and not just because of the President’s statements, but because this is the what should be done.”

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  • American

    Israel is America’s real enemy. 🙂

  • Jossef Perl

    Obama had a plan on Israel when he ran for President (that came out of his association with certain types of Israel haters like Jeramaih Wright and others) and as soon as he entered the WH, told the leaders of American Jewry that there would be a “daylight” from then on between the US and Israel. However, unlike previous US President who were not friends of Israel (e.g. Carter or George H.W. Bush) who handled their differences with Israel in a mature, presidential way, Obama has handled it based on his personal feelings toward Netanyahu and the anti-Israel agenda he brought with him. Like many Americans, I voted for Obama because we were desperate to show the world that America was ready for a black President. It is clear now that, more anything else, Obama’s inability to separate his personal feelings from his presidential responsibilities, proves that he was never qualified to be president. Obama was a junior State Senator and a first time US Senator; he had absolutely no work experience other than being a “community organizer.” Obama met Netanyahu and saw in him the leader he could never be; someone who had the courage to stand up to enemies, courage Obama never had. Obama’s deep sense of inadequacy caused him to try to humiliate Netanyahu and even had someone in the WH call Netanyahu (who served in the IDF most elite force) “chicken shit.” Obama has shown himself not only unprepared for the Presidency, put an immature, petulant and vindictive. His behavior toward Israel as a result of his uncontrolled antipathy toward Netanyahu is an embarrassment to the American people and the office of the President.

  • The Orwellian Obama Presidency

    Under Mr. Obama, friends are enemies, denial is wisdom, capitulation is victory.

    Bret Stephens:” Here is my advice to the Israeli government, along with every other country being treated disdainfully by this crass administration: Repay contempt with contempt. Mr. Obama plays to classic bully type. He is abusive and surly only toward those he feels are either too weak, or too polite, to hit back.”

  • Lightning Jack

    Israel must clearly understand that irregardless of how much land it cedes, or what political concessions it makes, it will never live in peaceful coexistence with a Palestinian Fatah-Hamas coalition nation state.

    That for all practical purposes, Israel is dealing with the de facto equivalent of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe (the Man of Lawlessness) in the White House, and his cultural Marxist ZANU-PF party ideologues in congress, the progressive media, academe, and key US bureaucratic agencies and posts.

  • sal

    What an upside down world we live in since Obama was installed by the Democrats. He personally attacks the leader of israel and financially backed his opposition in the election. And he is getting a bit too chummy with the iranians as they chant death to America…Amazing. Surreal times we do live in….

  • noellsq

    It seems some of the Arab nations trust Israel more than Obama

  • larry Stempler

    I applaud the words of the two past Israeli Ambassadors to US. Israel must remain to enjoy bipartisan support. I am an active Democrat continue to support the two state solution agree that unfortunately under current climate such talks are not ripe but want our governments to continue to aspire to ultimate goal wherein Israel can enjoy peace as a secure Jewish State with firm borders taking into account its security and giving Palestine people its own homeland. I reject Obama’s approach and will work tirelessly to regain bipartisan SUPPORT.

  • DACON9


    Is this a warning to America that HASHEM IS IN CONTROL?
    Is this the begininig of the LAST WAR?

  • Max Cohen

    As I have commented in previous posts, Obama is a street fighter without constraints. He is gloating over complaints about his tactics by Michael Oren. With less than two years of power left him, he will not relent unless the harsh rhetoric of Danny Ayalon is echoed by columnists and commentators often enough to get under Obama’s hide and pique his ego. His ego is his Achilles heel.

  • 10


  • Angela Amor

    Wow…so Pres. Obama nearing the end of his term doesn’t give a hoot the kind of legacy he will leave as long as he can get back at PM Bibi…which attitude is like that of a petulant irresponsible child.

  • Obama is simply unworthy and inept to be the leader of the sole remaining superpower. He has disappointed the American Electorate on many other issues as well. Most of his campaign promises remain unfulfilled – His “signature achievement” the affordable Health care Act has left the insurance company in the driver’s seat and therefore has not stemmed the rise of health Care costs – NOT the action that was needed. Guantanamo remains as it was under Bush. The “change you can believe in” never materialized. The Iraw exit delayed, not complete and rather disastrous –
    A total failure, probably worst president we ever had. Not surprising he is envious of Bibi.

  • Hill

    Perhaps Obama the muslim brother would rather bow down to the “king” of Saudi Arabia and show his true colours rather than make peace with Jews.