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March 23, 2015 7:51 am

To the World Media, Slavery, War, and Terror Pale in Comparison to Netanyahu

avatar by George Jochnowitz

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Israel-Syrian border near Quneitra Crossing point. Photo: Dave Bender.

Israel-Syrian border near Quneitra Crossing point. Photo: Dave Bender.

Mauretania has the highest incidence of slavery in the world, despite the fact that it abolished slavery in 1981. It was the last country on Earth to do so. In 2007, it finally passed a law making it possible to prosecute slaveholders. Nevertheless, Biram Dah Abeid, the founder of the country’s anti-slavery movement, was recently imprisoned. According to an article in The New Yorker, “During his time in prison, the authorities spread a rumor that he was an Israeli agent.”

There has been a bit of recent publicity about slavery in Mauretania. On October 23, 2014, CNN reported that a 15-year-old liberated slave, a young woman named Mbeirika Mint M’barack, was freed after being charged with having had extra-marital sex.

A bit of publicity is better than no publicity. Still, it’s surprising that an issue as dramatic as slavery has not made the headlines.

The war that is going on in Syria, on the other hand, has made the headlines. One aspect of the war, however, is getting little notice – the number of deaths and/or refugees. The number of refugees who have fled to neighboring countries is estimated at 3.9 million. This of course does not include the people who have left their homes for other areas within Syria, perhaps 7.6 million. As for the death toll, it was estimated to be 220,000.

Think of the reaction to the deaths in Syria as compared with the horror that the world expressed about deaths in the summer’s Gaza war, which were estimated at 844 civilians and 890 militants.

Every death is tragic, needless to say, but the condemnation of Israel has been loud and continuing. Yet neither Syria’s President al-Assad nor ISIS has been blamed as often for the shocking numbers of deaths and displacements occurring in Syria.

On the other hand, the bombings of mosques in Yemen did merit a single headline in the New York Times.

At least 130 people died in the suicide bombings of Shiite mosques carried out by ISIS. We might assume that a religious group like ISIS would consider blowing up a mosque a sacrilege. The New York Times thinks so, which is why these outrageous crimes merited a headline. Perhaps we should look upon these attacks as a warning. What might happen if East Jerusalem were part of a Palestinian state? Perhaps rival denominations of Islam would blow up al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock – preferably when there were lots of people there.

And what is the outrage that has drawn the most negative publicity recently? It has been Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, a violation of protocol, since he was invited by House Speaker Boehner and not by President Obama. After the speech, Netanyahu returned to Israel and made some unfortunate and upsetting statements, in campaign speeches, about not being willing to agree to a Palestinian state, and about Israeli Arabs being taken by bus to polling sites.

Netanyahu has since reversed himself a bit on these questions, and the statements were indeed unfortunate. But were they the equivalent of slavery, a bloody civil war, or bombing mosques? The world seems to believe that what Netanyahu did was so much worse than the tragedies of Mauretania, Syria or Yemen. Now that is an outrage.

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  • One of the high Russian Initiates who was a Professor of philosophy at the University of Moscow and predicted the in a book called the Philosophy of the Organic the 2nd World War also predicted Satan attacking Israel with all his armies and being swallowed up by an Earthquake on the borders of Israel in a book called the end of history a short narrative of the anti- Christ
    He died in 1900.

  • Rebecca Smith

    I bet the NYT article about the bombing used it as PROOF they weren’t real muslims wah wah or they wouldn’t bomb a mosque – but Sunni muslims do NOT consider Shiites as true muslims and in fact consider them to be PAGANS because they have ‘saints’ like catholics, that they pray to. You may or may not note that in Libya shiite mosques were being bulldozed while govt soldiers shot anyone who tried to intervene and dozens of Christians arrested. Obama doesn’t seem to mind. Syria – same thing, right after Libya. The difference is that syria had a huge segment of Christians and Shiites, not just a few. Obama said from day 1 we needed to attack ASSAD, gee I wonder why? Is american intelligence THAT STUPID is he really so incompetent or is he just in fact a Sunni muslims obeying the orders of his religious leaders? Of course the U.S. also invaded Iraq, a majority Shiite country & messed it up, but Bush was big buddies with Saudi so that was just ‘business’.

    When John Kerry said that religious tolerance must be built into the DNA of Indonesians, they were SO religiously tolerant, I almost vomited as I thought about all the church and house burnings of Christians, catholic orphanage and health clinic also burned, 3 teachers imprisoned for allowing a muslim child to attend another childs birthday at ‘Sunday school’ and the Christian pastors in New Guinea who have been killed & mutilated, I thought to myself that the propagandists have gotten really lazy and people have gotten really stupid in this world.

    I’m so sick of Palestine I could scream – the people, leftist liberal stinky hippie idiots out there screaming to protect people who would kill them in a minute !! TOO LAZY to do any real RESEARCH. If Israel is an ‘occupying force’ then so are the people in Pakistan and Bangladesh – they should give that land back to the Sunnis, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists iMMEDIATELY – those states were formed and partitioned at the exact same time by the same people.

    the only difference is the palestinian population has exploded (pun haha) in numbers while the sikh, hindu, christian and buddhist populations have been almost completely decimated om both those countries. AFTER partition and the ‘migration’ there was 20% Hindu and 20%Christian population in Pakistan, 40% of the population. Can’t find numbers on Sikhs, but Punjab was their homeland and most of it is in Pakistan (sick). TODAY the Christian population is 1.69% while the hindu population lies at just 0.76% less than 1%. this is all so insane.