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March 24, 2015 7:40 am

Israel’s Supporters Shouldn’t Fear Obama’s Threats

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

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President Barack Obama was clearly devastated by Netanyahu's electoral victory. Photo: White House.

Why is the Obama Administration reportedly threatening to support a United Nations resolution calling on Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 armistice lines?

This would be President Obama’s way of punishing Israel’s voters for choosing a government that is not to Obama’s liking – and would be intended to intimidate Israel and its supporters to give in to Arab territorial demands.

The White House must think we have very short memories. Recall this headline from the New York Times from 2011: “Obama Sees ’67 Borders as Starting Point for Peace Deal.”

Obama already used the “I’ll-support-the-1967-lines” threat four years ago. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

On May 18, 2011, with Prime Minister Netanyahu scheduled to arrive in Washington the next day, Obama and his advisers decided launched a calculated effort to pressure and intimidate Israel’s leader. Obama delivered an address at the State Department, declaring that the 1967 lines should be the “basis” for any future Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

Israel strongly protested, and Prime Minister Netanyahu characterized the 1967 lines as “indefensible.”

Which, of course, they are. Among other things, the 1967 lines would mean that Israel would be reduced to just nine miles wide at its vulnerable mid-section, a distance that an Arab tank column could quickly and easily cover. The 1967 lines would mean handing the Golan Heights to Syria – that is, a Syria ruled by its current genocidal dictator or by the ISIS savages who are trying to take it over. The 1967 lines would mean putting Ben Gurion Airport within easy range of Palestinian rockets.

The 1967 lines would also mean surrendering the Old City section of Jerusalem, where Judaism’s holiest sites – the Temple Mount and the Western Wall – are situated. Other sections of Jerusalem that would be given to the Palestinian Authority would include the neighborhoods of Ramot, French Hilll, and Gilo, all of which are physically inseparable parts of the city.

So Obama blustered. But Israel resisted. And that was the end of it.

There’s an important lesson to be learned.

The Obama Administration is skilled at trying to scare Israel and its American Jewish supporters. But there are important, concrete political reasons why it will not be able to implement its threats.

The White House and State Department spent weeks issuing all kinds of warnings and threats, and pressure to convince members of Congress to boycott Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Yet in the end, nearly 90% of Congressional members attended the speech. The Obama boycott movement was a complete flop.


Because members of Congress have to run for re-election. And the vast majority of them know that their constituents overwhelmingly support Israel. Not just Jewish voters – but tens of millions of Christians as well.

Last year’s Gallup annual World Affairs survey found fully 72 percent of Americans have a “very favorable” or “mostly favorable” view of Israel. Compare that to the number who have a favorable view of the other countries in Israel’s neighborhood: Egypt – 45%; Saudi Arabia – 35%; Libya – 19%; Palestinian Authority – 19%; Iraq – 16%; Syria – 13%; Iran – 12%.

And this is despite decades of unfriendly news media coverage of Israel, and despite the Obama Administration’s frequent statements of sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs.

It’s not just members of Congress who have take these public opinion trends into consideration. It’s the Democratic Party as a whole. If the Democrats are perceived as a party that is turning against Israel, it could have serious consequences for the next Democratic presidential nominee. And the presidential campaign will be underway very soon.

So friends of Israel should not lose heart. Threats from a lame duck president should not intimidate us or diminish our active support for the Jewish State in this hour of need.

Moshe Phillips is president and Benyamin Korn is chairman of the Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia, and both are candidates on the Religious Zionist slate ( in the World Zionist Congress elections.

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  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    It seems that whatever Obama touches turns to MERDE. He wants peace (so he says) but his entire foreign policy is one designed to put American into a retreat. Now after losing Yemen, Obama’s ally Saudi Arabia is forced to take on the Houtis, an Iranian alter ego. Good Job Obama. Not peace but the spread of more war. He deals with Iran as if the Iranians are puttyin his hands. Imagine putty calling the I ranians putty. The President is ajoke, if he were not a great tragedy.

  • Otto Waldmann

    We can bank on a few inevitables:
    1. Obama shall be gone in a matter of months, less than 22.
    2. Disenchanted Democrat voter wont support the next Democrat candidate and if Ms Clinton makes it to the final Party selection , her chances are the poorest of any other contender.
    Ipso facto, the next President will be a Republican.
    3. The equation does not stop here. There are a few select Departments where respective technocrats may not be as passionate Zionists as we would like, mainly Deffence and there are bound to be a few and other National Security entities on the same page.
    4. Yet, Israel’s current MINOR woes will pass and a restoration of full cooperation devoid of any tensions will take place. To this extent, this article is to the point and also to the satisfaction of reason.
    Pity, Obama, at least in Israel’s eyes, could have been a top bloke, THE good guy. It follows that only a guy with an obese ego could aim at the White House, but in our case, Obama’s ego has been bigger than the House. Most importantly, so far, he has achieved bugger all on the ME front. Come to think of it, his greatest achievement has been Bibi’s re-election !!!

    • RobiMac

      # 1 is precisely where you are dead wrong. Obama has been and still is building a dictatorship empire. There’s noway he’s turning it over to anyone else to run.

      Watch! Before November 2016 elections, he will have created a crisis to justify his declaration of marshal law. Besides, there’s still the matter of the missing nuke. I’ll leave the math to you.

    • DocReality

      Significant damage can be accomplished well within 22 months, and you’re in serious denial if you do not think so.

      Current “MINOR” woes? You describe Iran’s call for Israel’s annihilation as a “MINOR” woe?

      Goodness, Otto, had you been alive in 1940s, I guess a shower and disinfection would have been a minor woe to you as well.


    obama is an anti-american presidentand he should be impeached !

    • RobiMac

      You can’t impeach someone who was never elected.Obama was shoe horned in by Communist Party USA via voter fraud.

      America is completely snowed by believing their votes actually count. That’s the misconception/deception.

  • There is ” No Palestine State”, We Jews have occupied this Land for at least since 1250 BCE !
    Gaza is Israeli territory, has been and always will be !
    There is no World Leader who can sanctify Arab occupation of Gaza or the terrorist “Government” of Hamas !
    Palestinians are nothing more the squatters on Israeli soil !
    Hopefully the U.S. Senate and Congress can see this clearly, just read Historical truth, Torah, or the Christian Bible and this is concrete substantiated .
    But with a petty President who surrounds himself with “Muslim Advisors” what other vile actions can Obama think.
    If ever a truth came out I am quite sure he leaves his office to go to the Presidential quarters to pray 5 times a day !
    So we have 14 months left of this petty small little man in office, Bibi will still be the voice and defense of the Israeli people, when Obama is out ! And Forgotten.

    • There is a Palestinian State, called Jordan!!All Palestinians used to have automatic citizenship in Jordan until Arafat brought his terrorists there in the 1970s, tried to undermine the monarchy, so that King Hussein had no choice but to throw them out – they went to Lebanon and did the same thing there- sow discord and mayhem,so the Lebanese threw them out. It was only by intervention of the U.S. government, pressuring Tunisia to let them in. But the Israelis ought to let them have a SECOND Palestinian state on sovereign Israeli soil? They are a bunch of perverts in that State Department! These Palestinians are the only people to my knowledge who demand TWO STATES, Jordan and Judea and Samaria. Thanks to Netanyahu, they will not get it, I hope!

    • RobiMac

      You have said nothing that I don’t already know. I will tell you this. I believe Obama to be Elohim’s judgment on the US. And, every action taken against Israel by any US president, there is ALWAYS a counter action by G-d. History has shown this time and again.

      Ex: In 2005, when Israeli’s vacated Gaza at jackass Bush’s urging, within 48 hours Hurricane Katrina smacked the Gulf Coast of the US. This is a trend that will continue to get worse particularly in light of Obama’s expressed hatred of Israel and PM Netanyahu. G-d has already knocked Obama on his heinie when Netanyahu was reelected and clearly Obama want’s to be smacked down again. G-d will oblige him!

      But, in the end when it’s all said and done. The rest of the world will be in ruins and Israel will still be standing. For, Israel is the apple of G-d’s eye and His patience is wearing thin. He’s getting tired of being poked there, I asure you.

  • Angela Amor

    Praise the Lord that there are lots of Jewish american citizens who are pro-Israel. Political candidates must not only think about the votes they would get from the Jewish voters but must always remember how these people helped much for America to become an independent New World in a bid for its freedom that it enjoying now. Yes, America must not forget the star of David specially now when its President is pro-Muslim racist.

  • Golum

    It’s already too late for obama & the Democrats…while Obama fiddled the Democrats did nothing…who stood up to him and said stop??? Nancy Pelosi? are you kidding??? Hillary with her silence has already lost the Jews…the Democrats only hope is a totally lox of a Republican candidate!!! Every Democratic Jew we know including our family is switching over the Israel issue!!!

  • Arthur Cohn

    I don’t think that Obama’s petulance against Israel has anything, in reality, to do with the election voting. Obama is trying desperately to get his nuclear weapons pact approved. Netanyahu is against the pact and trying hard to so influence Congress. Obama wants to lower Netanyahu’s influence.

  • Elisheva

    Unfortunately what has happened during the Obama years in office is a deep split in the American Jewish Community.

  • JIm

    Are you forgetting there has to be an election before your pie in the sky wishes can come to fruition. You wrongly assume the war mongering Republicans will win.

    • DocReality

      Obama is a war-mongerer as well. But his war-antics are carried out via the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Moshe Phillips and Benjamin Korn are entirely correct to tell us to walk tall and resist. But they are dead wrong to compare today with 2011.

    2011 was in the run up to President Obama’s reelection bid, when he was still doing a certain amount of pretending and some walking on eggs. But now, Barack Obama is energetically going for broke on several fronts, because he knows that there is hardly any chance he could get to stay in the White House beyond mid-January 2017. “Michelle for President” is still just an improbable long-shot scenario that he secretly discusses with Valerie Jarrett.

    So, at this stage, Barack Obama is ruthless and willing to thrust the Mideast into further chaos if he does not get his way. And for sure, there would also be more chaos and bloodshed if he does get his way.

    Sad to say — from the optic of Judaism, Jews, the Jewish People and Israel — Barack Obama is a thoroughly bad man who believes in the utility of chaos and human suffering.

    So, I agree with Phillips and Korn. Right now, there is no practical option except for walking tall and resisting President Obama with every conceivable resource!

    Allons enfants de la Patrie
    Le jour de gloire est arrivé
    Contre nous de la tyrannie…

    Aux armes citoyens! Formez vos bataillons!
    Marchons, marchons…

  • Julian Tepper

    Israel’s supporters and American conservatives need to understand the same lesson, to wit: the American public is with them both, Obama, Jarrett, the media, Switzerland et al., notwithstanding.

    If they just do what feels right, they’ll both be okay.

    Julian Tepper
    Brooklyn, NY

  • art

    Not so easy Obama, by withdrawing US support now has EU working to harm Israel and the left in Israel is better organized and funded better than ever. Hopefully, Israelis will get smart and US Jews get some brains and stand for Israel

  • Lance

    Obama is creating the groundwork for an American military strike against Israel. The purpose of this strike is to foment progroms in America so that race relations will explode and enable him to put the military into the streets to “restore order”. Part of “restoring order” will be cancellation of the 2016 election, so Obama can remain president for life. All of this is being done in service of a terribly damaged psyche.

    If he hadn’t made a point of surrounding himself with people he regards as his inferiors, we would now be hearing about possible invocation of the 25th Amendment which enables the cabinet to depose a president who is incapable of fulfilling his duties. The notion when this was passed was that the incapacity would come from something physical, but there is no reason why psychological illness should be excluded.

  • steven L

    Had he put as much energy to the benefit of black Americans as he spent against the Jews, black America might be better.

  • steven L

    However it is clear that this administration much more prefers a JUDENREIN Palestinian/Islamic state to a Jewish state with an Arab minority.

  • Richard

    Mr.Obama will be gone soon, hopefully his folly will do little damage to Israel or America. How he can even continue ate giving terrorist states what they want just to get his treaty. What gives him g he right to demand Israel give up its security and protection of its people to satisfy his Muslim friends.

  • unfortunely our president is acting more like a spoiled child then presidential . does any of his advisers have common sense? iran is the largest supporter of terrorists on our planet i am thankful congress understands EVIL AND STAND UP 4 OUR DEMOCRACY


  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    That scumbag Obama will not succeed!!!

  • judorebbe

    Obama has nothing to fear from the voters or Congress. He has an open field to the end-zone.
    Team Obama (including George Soros, John Kerry, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and above all, Valerie Jarrett) can and will do everything they can to destroy Israel … including, quite probably, under-the-table cooperation with Iran and its terrorist proxies.

  • Blasater

    Dont be so sure! Obama has been waiting for this moment for years! He has it out for Israel and WILL do anything and everything to achieve his long held goals.

  • David Hersch

    Obama is increasingly frustrated as he has achieved nothing. He desperately want to assist Iran and the Islamists and being a lame duck with threats from Congress is beyond his ability to cope with. Thus the infantile, threatening, petulant behaviour. He will slink away from the Presidency a broken man and deservedly so.

    Let me add, the wonderful thing as far as we are all concerned is yet to come. When he no longer has power and sycophants around him to protect him and more of his incompetency and failure is revealed, historians will have a field day and being still young, he will have to live with the exposure for the rest of his miserable life.

    He may make millions on the talk circuit, but he will be attacked from every direction and shown up to be the aberration he is whilst a new President and Congress will start taking whatever he did apart and trashing it. From his part it will be painful. From our it will be a joy to behold.

    • David, you are being very optimistic of Obama’s future.

    • Ueberdoofus

      Unfortunately, it appears that another representative of the left shall occupy the WH. Billary will be impossible to stop since all the media and institutions support her. It’s bad times for all true Americans. Many a decade shall pass before The Constitution shall be reconstituted in its original form.

    • art

      Unfortunately Obama will be on hot demand on the talk circuit, he will also do as his friend mentor Carter did and set up an arab funded center. He will damage the US have blood on his hands and enjoy life