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March 24, 2015 5:46 pm

New Orleans Student Group Launches Petition to Divest From Palestinian Authority

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The University of New Orleans. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. A group of students at the University of New Orleans has launched an initiative to both combat the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement against Israel and call on the U.S. government to stop funding the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The “Allies of Israel” group, which calls itself a “grassroots college organization dedicated to the promotion of the Jewish state of Israel as a sovereign nation rooted in Jewish principles, and serving as a haven for Jews all over the globe,” issued a petition intended “to raise awareness about the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority against the Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank; to call for accountability in the foreign aid given to the Palestinian Authority and ensure it is not used to persecute Palestinians or Israelis.”

The campaign was organized by pro-Israel student activist Chloe Valdary, who told the Haym Salomon Center that “in order to give expression to the Jewish struggle for freedom, my organization ‘Allies of Israel’ has launched a campaign to symbolically divest from the Palestinian Authority.”

“Because we understand many Palestinians are employed by the PA, we do not wish to literally pull off the shelves products which are produced by the PA,” Valdary said. “However, we do seek to stand in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are imprisoned and persecuted by the PA. This includes Palestinian women, gays, religious minorities and political dissidents. In addition, we stand in solidarity with Jews in Israel and around the world and call upon the PA to cease sponsoring, financing, and/or encouraging the lynching of Jews and the segregation of Jews from areas that are currently off limits to Jews in Israel.”

Valdary told the Louisiana-based publication Hayride that the petition is “actually pro-Palestinian” because “we (the U.S.) send aid to the PA, and instead of using it to build infrastructure and a good community for their people, they pocket the money and actually persecute their own people.”

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  • Alison Weston

    At last some sense from a student body – very courageous given the misguided and vitriolic ravings from so many US universities at the moment. Are they absolutely ignorant about the Muslim threat to Israel – it makes one despair.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    A brilliant idea. Petitions should go around nationwide to call for the US Congress to stop funding PA. We could use the money for our own people and neds. This is hard earned taxpayer money extorted by the US governmant for the benefit of a birthspring of terrorism.

  • William E. Eubank II

    Praise God for the brave college students. Have you looked into “Christians United For Israel”? Please do, It’s great. God Bless all of you.

  • Temple of Solomon

    That’s a good start. Only Israel has the right to the Land from the Nile to Euphrates Rivers.

  • Joseph Winterstein

    Your grassroots efforts to defend the sovereignty of Israel by combating BDS are commendable. Bringing into public light and unmasking the pernicity of these anti-Israel performing artists, businesses, educational institutions, NGOs and charities which have declared economic war on Israel will facilitate a better informed public to withdraw their support.

    Educating students about the largely forgotten and ignored legal and political history which forms the foundations for the rights of Israel enshrined in international treaty law is another vital initiative, one which will provide the tools of empowerment against the growing tide of anti Jewish threats spreading across America univeristy campuses.
    Hopefully your efforts will boost awareness of the landmark decisions generated by San Remo conference, the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, and the Lodge Fish Resolution which remain legally bind for all signatory nations including the United States to this day, and ratify their duty to uphold the rights of Israeli ownership of Judea, Samamria, the Golan, Gaza and an undivided Jerusalem. Your work is timely and vital. Without it, Jewish students will face growing threats and isolation.

  • Frank Adam

    Very Lady Macbeth returning the latest irritation to its inventors! However I am in considerable doubt whether disinvestment makes any financial sense even if it does dispense a feel righteous feeling.
    The only time buying a share or stock makes financial yield or leverage is at the first sale. Thereafter they are second hand bits of paper tokens and selling them might relieve the owner of a guilty conscience but does not affect the capital goods bought with the funds resulting from the original sale.
    Please enlighten otherwise!

  • Teresa


  • Sounds like these got some conscience and guts. However, Eretz Israel has the operative word built in. True assistance to any people would take care of the whole, then the smallest would be bettered too.

  • This is unique! New Orleans doesnt want another Hurricane!
    Fascinating article – thanks algemeiner

  • There have been foreign aid problems for years. There were allegations that Arafat stashed billions of dollars of foreign aid in Swiss and French bank accounts. More recently there are questions about the $90million spent on terror tunnels. It’s estimated each tunnel required about $3million for materials and there were about 30 tunnels. How much of this was donor money meant for the people of Gaza?

  • tobi love

    Good for them. I wish them luck. I hope “Allies of Israel” spreads to all campuses.

  • Howard Laibson

    Way to go, Ms . Valdary! You and your fellow students are wise and courageous!

  • Ephraim

    So true. I wonder what will come of this?

  • Brilliant!

  • Virginia Apple

    We are giving money and support to the PA?

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    great news

  • Bill Channon

    I’m very pleased to read this. This is long overdue.

  • Bill Channon

    Very pleased to read this. It is long overdue.

  • Ms Valdary symbolizes exactly what Winston Churchill meant when he said:” Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others”.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Bravo!!! Thumbs up!!! Good luck!!!

  • Finally American students with brains, good heavens what a blessing. Clearly they think rather than follow the sheep blindly down a dark alley into Islamic mania. Well done kids for thinking.

  • Michael Palmer

    It’s about time someone came up with a REAL stategy for fighting BDS against Israel. BRAVO.

  • Mongoose

    I’ll join the boycott.
    Do they make anything but IED’s, and bomb vests, cause those are illegal here?

  • SuzyQue

    Good for them! It’s the right thing to do.

  • Divest from Supporters of Amalek