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March 24, 2015 6:12 pm

Report: Switzerland Comes to Aid of Hamas, Will Pay Salaries to Gaza Operatives

avatar by David Daoud

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Switzerland will pay Hamas officials' salaries, according to a recent report. PHOTO: Princeton University.

Switzerland has put together a plan to reconstruct the Gaza Strip which includes paying the salaries of Hamas operatives, according to Palestinian officials interviewed by Israel’s NRG website. The plan would also reestablish the status of the Hamas terrorist organization as the only authority in the Gaza Strip.

In recent months, according to the report, Hamas has been faced with the danger of collapsing in Gaza, and turned to Swiss officials for help. Its relations with Egypt are at their worst ever, and funds intended to rehabilitate the coastal enclave after Israel’s Operation Protective Edge last summer have run out. Thousands of Hamas officials have not received their salaries for months, leading to weakening of Hamas’ legitimacy in Gaza, and raising the specter of protests against Hamas’ rule.

The Palestinian sources told NRG that the Swiss jumped into the fray and promised to pay the salaries of thousands of Hamas officials.

The issue of salary payments for Gaza based government employees has been the source of tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas for some time.

The terms of the new Swiss program also reportedly include a resolution to this long-standing crisis between Hamas and the PA. Just last Sunday, a Swiss delegation arrived in the Gaza Strip with the goal of reconciling the parties.

Switzerland’s relations with Hamas have been warming for a number of years. In 2009, the Swiss government initiated an Israeli-Palestinian conference, which was attended by former Israeli parliamentarian Yossi Beilin and members of Hamas, in order to discuss the possibility of renewing the peace process. That same year, Switzerland hosted a Hamas delegation lead by co-founder Mahmoud Al-Zahar on its own territory. Micheline Calmy-Rey, the Swiss Foreign Minister at the time, explained her country’s decision, saying “Hamas is an important player in the Middle East conflict, and cannot be ignored.”

Diplomatic sources have noted that Switzerland’s policy towards Hamas is very forgiving, unlike the much sterner policy of EU-member States which consider it a terrorist organization and are forbidden from maintaining contacts with Hamas.

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  • bruno

    Swiss………….neutral as always. So happy to have terminated all my contact with them

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    SURPRISE!!! Innocent little Switzerland is being true to itslef. Wherever Jews can be attacked, Switzerland is neutrally on the side of the oppressor. Anybody forget dear Switzerland holding the stolen gold for the Nazis? Yes deal little switzerland, home to Heidi, mountain goats and anti semites is working its fingers to the bone supporting evil in this world.

    • Peter Brown

      They are a democracy and allowed to make decisions you do not like. You may be surprised to hear there are many who criticise Israel’s occupation and antics. No doubt you regard all as antisemitic… thats the usual tactic.

      • Lill the Swiss

        And you would be surprised how many SWISS CITIZENS don’t support the appeasing policy of their government, nor the narrative of the left leaning media. Those objections are expressed on personal basis, not in front of the cameras, just to maintain the “political correct image”. But when it comes to voting the Swiss people know how to set boundaries, re: results of anti minarettes bill.

  • Batya

    The Swiss held Nazi money, & hid Nazi stolen art for the Nazis, and at times they returned Jews to Germany from their borders. They also didn’t want to return money to Jews after the war, and now they support Hamas. Nothing of not consistent, these Swiss. No neutral. Never Neutral But consistent.

  • Guess the Swiss realise they showed such indifference to the Jews of The Holocaust, not their stolen Wealth, and wish to prove sympathetic to beneficiaries of their worldly wisdom?

  • William

    Well, being a black and white kinda guy, I’d say that if the Swiss are going to fund, rebuild, and re-establish an entity that is at war with Israel, Israel should declare war on the Swiss at the first exploding of a rocket in Israel by Hamas. For the Israeli military, how hard could it be? I know the Swiss are supposed to have a great army, but pound for pound I’d say the Israeli army is the best in the world. Besides, once they conquer the Swiss, they can get back all the money stolen from Jews that the Swiss are sitting on. Eh?
    Europe has truly gone mad in many ways. Now even the “neutral” Swiss are aiding and abetting a terrorist organization openly. As far as I am concerned, that negates any neutrality claims they make in future.

    • Alex

      If even the ever neutral Swiss are choosing to aid Hamas, must say something about how terrible Israel really is.

    • David Reesor


    • Alison Weston

      Love your comment William – hope Alex, David Reesor and a few other commentators below read and inwardly digest – not sure what planet they are living on.

  • RobiMac

    All’s I can say is any peoples or nations who side with terrorists, deserves whatever terrorists choose to do to them. None will have any sympathy from me.

  • PeterG

    Would anyone like to surmise why Switzerland would ignore all established norms and proferr aid top a designated terorist orgainization? who has to gain from a such a manuever? Who would not want to be associated with such a manuever?

    • Al G

      This is terrible. The Swiss are still living up to their nasty, historic past in World War 2.

      • Peter Brown

        Mandella was called a terrorist too for opposing Israel’s pals in S. Africa. Hamas was elected and Gaza is an open prison as you well know. Israel uses disproportionate force and has obviously only pretended to negotiate with Palestinians while building more illegal settlements. People are not anti semitic but are just getting tired of Israel’s actions and the inordinate amount of power wielded by Jewish groups like AIPAC. We are also fed up with all and sundry being branded anti semitic for criticising Israel. It seems freedom of speech is not allowed to those who are not supporters of Israel. People are allowed to insult Islam apparently but not Israel… Why is that?

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      Well, they did it in WWII so why not now? I think any Swiss banker would be only too pleased to be involved.

  • Jerusalem Observer

    How strange! Was it not the wonderful, honest, neutral Swiss that sat on Holocaust survivors money for decades before being forced to disclose that they actually had these accounts.
    Looks as if the Swiss Goverment is full of holes like their cheese.

    It would not be surprising, given their policy of NEUTRALITY, that they were acting for another country in providing Hamas terrorists with working capital

    • Adrian Korsner

      Here is a turnup for the books.
      Switzerland helps the Jew Killers Hamas with money it stole from Jews murdered by the Nazis.
      It never ends. Murdered Jew’s money going to funding surviving Jew’s murder. Like seething a kid in its mother’s milk

      • Mr J Mooney

        The Swiss has all the “Jews” money. Don’t talk rubbish. The Jewish Rothchilds control £500 Trillion almost half the planets money.

        • Peter Brown

          Well said. Israel pretends to be a victim whatever happens…

  • James Bond

    This does not surprise me at all The being on the dark side of banking hiding illegal gains from the world by way of their banking system. so they wont find it hard to help hamas.

  • I wonder how many diehard terrorists are on the payroll. I hope Switzerland does some checking before they prepare the paychecks.

  • fred

    It’s pathetic we Swiss have nothing better to do than supporting terrorists!

  • Anglojew

    Paying in gold fillings no doubt

  • Switzerland aids Hamas and curses themselves! Genesis 12.3
    Hamas spends all funds on WAR – digging tunnels and making missiles to attack Israel.

  • The Swiss were once famous for their ‘cuckoo’ clocks. Now the Swiss Govt is just plain ‘cuckoo’ supporting Hamas terrorists and payng their bills to keep Hamas in power.
    The Swiss have tried to be neutral in the past, but this is straight support of Evil. Arafat allegedly stashed billions of dollars in French and Swiss banks. Is Switzerland returning some of the stolen billions?

  • Robby

    During the Holocaust, Switzerland prevented Jews from entering, and most of those turned away were slaughtered by the damned nazis. This Miss Roth, the virulently anti-Semitic student (Roth isn’t Jewish, despite her name) who recently manifested her vile bigotry and ignorance at a UCLA Student Judicial Council meeting is Swiss. Numerous Swiss joined Hitler’s military. TO HELL WITH SWITZERLAND!!!!

  • BMS

    How dumb can the Swiss be? Let’s see how forgiving they are when rockets start flying into Bern and terrorism is at their doorstep.

  • Alan Kennedy

    So much for Swiss neutrality …

  • They are using the money and assets they stole from the Jews who were exterminated by the German’s in WWII. And pay Hamas salaries.

  • dante

    the swiss! de facto allies of the nazis. denied refuge to Jews fleeing persecution. returned Jews to the nazi murderers. collaborators in the plunder of Jewish property. denied claims for the return of Jewish property and refused to pay insurance policies to the heirs of victims of the nazis.

    oh, yeah, the swiss banks grudgingly, belatedly (40 yrs later), under media scrutiny and judicial order, paid some accounts. by the time that that was done, however, most of the claimants who survived the war had died. chalk one up for the swiss. (rather than pay the heirs of Jewish account holders, one bank, one of the most famous, feverishly destroyed records, while denouncing the claimants for the audacity to seek the return of funds that belonged to murdered family members. look that one up.)

    but, now, the swiss are ready to swing into action to finance the jihadists who openly declare their genocidal plans against the Jews. even some cretin who was sympathetic to hamas would demand that jihadists use the funds that are presently being spent on aramaments, and attack tunnels, and command bunkers for the support of their civil infrastructure. but, the swiss are unwilling to do that.

    want to hurl missiles at Jewish civilians? no problem for the swiss.
    want to destroy Israel? no problem for the swiss.
    refuse to make peace with the Jews? no problem for the swiss. want to support violent jihad and genocide? no problem for the swiss. no problem, at all, for the swiss.

    • Peter Brown

      Just a tad one sided me thinks… racist against the Swiss- most of whom were not born during WW2.

  • AZ

    We make a living by what we get out from life,but we make a life by what we give.

  • yeah.. Hamas rockets didn’t reach so far Switzerland.
    Which money is it supposed to give to Hamas? Maybe the money that was deposited by Nazis stolen from murdered Jews in Holocaust? Part of this money is still in Switzerland. Shame on Switzerland, the country of UNHCR and otherf international HR institutions and considering itself democratic.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I thought the Swiss were a thrifty people.

    It seems, however, that they can throw away their money with the worst of spendthrifts.
    Why don’t they do something good for their own country like, for instance, build a navy.

    • They all bank at the same club

      I think you mean they are a ‘filthy people’ covering themselves in a facade of “squeaky clean” imagery like our enemies the Norwegians, Quakers, Left wing Protestants, and of course the “Religion of Peace”…

      The only solution is to support proxy secessionist movements in swisserland, norway, arabia, iran, and suchlike countries while building Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates and reinstalling the Kingdom of Zion in Jerusalem.

  • steven L

    Perhaps ISIS needs to put itself on the waiting list to get assistance from Switzerland too!

  • Francois

    Support for Hamas means Switzerland has abandoned its stance as the great international neutral. Bailing Hamas out now is a stab in the back to the peace process.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    Switzerland will pay Hamas terrorists with the money stealed from Jewish escaping from nazies

  • Arthur Hausman

    Switzerland has once again shown that they capitulate against freedom for Hamas. To me, your either part of the problem or part of the solution. In this case we know part of the problem……

  • art

    the swiss will have yet more blood on their hands. They don’t even try to put conditions on their aid. Simple things like stopping terror attacks, and basically behaving like a legit gov. The money will be used to pay for arms. tunnels and war against Israel.. The swiss are by proixy at war with Isrtael

  • I can not understand the Swiss reasons for doing that.Knowingly that they are terrorists? Let´s boycott “Swiss chocolates”. Lets hit them where they hurt.

  • nelson marans

    Not unexpected. When I was in Switzerland on business, initial relations were cordial until they found out that I was Jewish, then the result was a cold reception. Switzerland during World War II refused to accept refugees fleeing from the Holocaust, laundered gold for Nazi Germany and after the war confiscated moneys deposited by Jews in their banks and refused to honor life insurance policies designated for the heirs of those murdered.

  • Brenda Franks

    In theory this is simply brilliant!

    However, will the Swiss government ensure that NOT ONE EURO is used to build tunnels (which are being built at present into Israel for the next time Hamas attacks there)or to rearm Hamas but will they make CERTAIN that the people of Gaza so long abused by Hamas will finally, really get the homes, schools and hospitals that they deserve.


  • carol

    Disgusting. Switzerland should be really made to pay for this.

  • Michael Palmer

    History has a way for repeating itself. Switzerland was complicit in helping Nazi Germany during WWII. Now they are assisting Hamas. What’s next Hezbollah?

  • How much more stupid can the EU become? Of course most terrorist aid goes straight into Swiss bank accounts rather than to assist rebuilding programs! After all Arafat kept all his aid millions in Switzerland didn’t he? Hamas Hizbolah and Fatha are all terrorist organizations, what do these groups have on Europe that Europe just doesn’t have the guts to deal with them?

  • Robert W

    You can always count on the Swiss to act as the Global bankers for the Rich and Shameless.
    The Swiss bankers will always act for any Global Terrorist it how they do business. Once that amateur in the White House is gone I would like to see the new American Goverment go after the Swiss Bankers for the funding of Global Terror.


  • E Pluribus Wombat

    …anything to kill some Jews. Standard Swiss policy.

  • richard

    Seems that the swiss need only invite all the Gazans to settle in switzerland. That would solve any shortcomings. They can then offer citizenship and offer all the amenities.

    • Joseph

      Soon the Swiss will recall that terrorists are respecter of nobody when it comes to violence.

  • 10


  • Swiss go Home

    Swiss Neutrality with Banking Transparency

    Who appointed the Swiss to be diplomats and who does it benefit, the Vatican, 3rd reich, and Muslim dictators?

    • bruno

      Anyone who would trust the Swiss are moronic. Best day was when I terminated all contact with those bankers