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March 25, 2015 11:46 am

Israel’s Second Declaration of Independence

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu casting his ballot. Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/POOL/Flash90.

Make no mistake about it, Israel’s election last Tuesday amounted to a second declaration of independence for the modern Jewish State.

To begin with, the election results were an anomaly. Netanyahu was right when he said upon winning that his party’s victory was “against all odds.”

As has come to light in recent days, the effort to oust Netanyahu extended far beyond Israel’s borders. According to the Prime Minister, this drive involved tens of millions of dollars in foreign funding directed towards groups working to promote his opponents. One Israeli official even alleged that the Obama Administration was directly involved in the effort to defeat the PM.

Additionally, throughout the election season there was an interesting imbalance between Netanyahu’s popularity and his electability. The latter figure consistently ranked significantly higher.

But most interesting was the impact that his testy relations with President Obama had on the elections. Historically, strained ties with the US have never benefited an Israeli PM’s reelection campaign.

But this time, the friction catapulted him to victory and in the process reminded Israelis of why the project of Zionism is one they are willing to make sacrifices for.

The modern Jewish state was founded on the principle that without self-determination the Jewish people would always be at risk of genocide and persecution, as their bloody and tragic experiences of the past two thousand years had shown. “The hope of two thousand years,” says Israel’s national anthem, was “To be a free nation in our land.”

But the closer that Netanyahu’s chief opponent Isaac Herzog aligned himself with the Obama Administration’s criticisms of Israel’s PM, the more it became apparent to the Israeli majority that with Herzog’s election, Israelis would remain in their land, at least for now, but would not be free. The very soul of the Zionist vision was in jeopardy. Herzog became an extension of Obama and therefore with his election, Israel would lose its raison d’être.

Polls taken after Netanyahu’s controversial speech to Congress on the Iranian nuclear threat two weeks before the election initially indicated that the gamble didn’t pay off for him electorally.

But I would venture that one point he made in the speech underlined why Israel was unprepared to let him go, despite the avalanche of opposition to his leadership.

“For the first time in 100 generations, we, the Jewish people, can defend ourselves,” Netanayhu thundered from the historic lectern. “This is why, as a prime minister of Israel, I can promise you one more thing: Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.”

And on Election Day, Israelis demanded the right to stand alone. Israel declared its independence a second time.

Now, with the election behind us, we have also seen just how determined President Obama is to undermine Israel’s independence of action and impose his will on the Jewish State. Obama has proceeded to punish the people for their democratic choice and has shown not a morsel of respect for the voice of the Israeli public, spoken with clarity in Netanyahu’s reelection.

His effective goal now seems to be the isolation of the Jewish state from its allies both internationally and within the US. If he allows Israel to be fed to the wolves at the United Nations, as he has implied he will, it will be a major setback for Israel’s ability to act as an independent sovereign nation.

Within the US, where Israel’s position is strongest due to overwhelming public support for the Jewish state, the White House has apparently set about on a campaign to undermine Israel’s standing.

The first sally was a Wall Street Journal article citing former and current US officials who alleged unprecedented spying on the US by Israel. Of course the American public will not look favorably on this reported act of disloyalty.

Faced with such trying circumstances, Israel must fight back. It must sharply challenge the accusations leveled against it, and vociferously continue to make its case on Iran and the Palestinian situation. It must look beyond the US, and work aggressively to diversify its diplomatic ties with nations around the world. And most importantly it must not shy away from taking the actions it deems necessary to secure its borders and Jewish sovereignty.

In the words of the Wall Street Journal‘s Bret Stephens, “The Israelis will need to chart their own path of resistance.”

After all, this is why modern Israel was founded and it is also why Netanyahu was reelected.

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  • Olojuopolo Elere

    I guest it is time for Israel to go back to God and forget an alliance with the World because its God that has the ability to control both the heart and affairs of men.
    May God of Israel continue to guide His people.
    Note: Obama and his proxies will all try and fail now and for ever. Read Jeremiah 32.
    Long live Israel

  • richard sherwin

    1. in order for the usa to know or pretend that israel is spying on the usa, they have to have been spying on israel even more thoroly and successfully. there is no way NSA can NOT spy on Israel. Or on any other country … ALL COUNTRIES SPY ON EACH OTHER, to get knowledge of both allies’ and enemies and neutrals capacities and intentions. NO ONE DARE TRUST ONE ANOTHER. And that’s in the best of times. In the worst of times….

    2. And given the present white house behavior, it’s to be hoped Israel is indeed spying successfullly on everything and everyone connected to the present administration, the problem of course is not that we dont know theyre behaving like theyre anti israel. we know that. the spying’s for the details we need to block their delegitimization behavior as best as possible.

    3. so perhaps we should stop this naivite, take spying for granted (i never did figure out why anyone was shocked at pollard except for his apparent inefficiency, given the very successful decades of US Navy spies for russia, no one makes any fuss any more about.

    4. Of course he’s sitting in jail still because he’s jewish and was trying clumsily to spy for israel. perhaps he’s there to remind us not to be so clumsy? or so jewish? especially when your closest ally is betraying you?

  • Paul

    You paint what has happened in the glowing, warm descriptive words of ignorance.
    The dangers of the Obama administration pale besides the dangers of Bibi’s administration.
    Two really significant things occurred during these elections.
    the first was, that the Labor Party went from 10 to 24 mandates. THIS is perhaps the real indication of the second independance of Israel, of the possible resurgence of the values on which Israel was established, and which was hijacked many years ago, when Begin initiated the Nationalist custome of utilizing division and hatred for political gain.
    The second thing that happened was, that bibi succeeded very well to manipulate his of electorate by using subterfuge, decepetion and outright manipulation that woulde disgustthe sensibilities of any wise person. Just prior to the vote, he announced that he will never allow a 2-state solution – a complete and terribly problematic turnabout from his Bar Ilan speech in which he stated we go along with the only plan that promises a future for Israel – and the day after elections he has been trying desperately to deny and backtrack. If he was honest, he would tell his voters “sorry, I needed some more votes so I had to lie to you – but only on election day”. When was he lying – when he made this statement which was in effect for 2 days, or was he lying before and after those two days ?And what kind of people are prepared to be lied to this way by their leader ? At a time when so many in the world are against us, it is not yet clear what price Israel is going to pay for this tricky dicky stunt. It may backfire very badly for Israel. The second trick was ON election day, when he went on the air saying “The leftwing institutions, using millions of dollars of foreign money, are organising busses to drive the arabs to the polls in their masses.” This horrible lie by the politiian most supported by foreign money (Seldon) was another typical backfire, since it aroused such anger in Arab circles that Bibi’s speech drove the Arabs to the poll in increased voting turnout.
    He drives his voters like sheep, to vote against their own best interest. It is achieved using hatred in rabble-rousing tactics. Honesty and decency are thrown to the winds. Bibi is our punishment.He may be leading us to our destruction.

  • MO

    I am so pleased that Mr. Netanyahu was re-elected; and my congratulations go to him and to the Israeli people. I am so ashamed of and disturbed by President Obama and his administration and his (now glaring) anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, barring a movement to impeach, we all have two more years of it to witness daily in the papers. The end to his administration can’t come soon enough. The day after the Israeli election I wrote to him stating that (obviously) things did not go his way, but he only had himself to blame because of his “smug condescension and lack of grace and common good manners”. Of course, that is putting his machinations mildly. I am throwing my support behind every US Senator and Congressman/woman who will speak out for Israel…hopefully to hold back the tide of whatever he may be thinking to do next. We are living in historic times. Stand still and know…

  • E lipke

    Very good David

  • There is an old proverb: “If it is going to be, it is up to me”.
    Obama like McCain and several other senators stated, Obama needs to grow up, face the reality and do what is really right for the US and Israel. Iran and the PA two thorn for Israel, will never be what Israel is, a real and true Allie to the US. And right now Obama is treating Netanyahu and Israel just like: “if you have friends like Obama who needs enemies?”

  • howiej

    Obama is working hard to make Carter look pro-Israel. I can’t wait for his book on Israel once he is out of office.



  • Annette Fox

    As a Jewish American-Israeli living in Judea, I say Kol HaKavod…for the excellent article, meaning, offering my respect…for your great writing!

  • Herb Glatter

    You make excellent points, thanks David. Am Yisrael Chai now and forever

  • Yale

    A quick way to address the allegation of spying is to point out that the information allagedly collected was provided to the US Congress. That that was necessary says a great deal about Obama and the deal he is negotiating with the mullahs, and for which he has no plans to submit to the Congress for approval, despite a clear requirement in the Constitution.

    The unavoidable implication is that Israeli spying is necessary to defend the Constitution from the machinations of Barack Obama. That should send a chill up American spines: we have a president who is a danger to the Constitution.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Rabbu Dovid, I dare say that your analysis is right on the button. Thank you for your insights. Israel must be ready to take on its own challenges and be victorious. This moment is a sort of second Israeli declaration of independence in that Israel has always been the home for the Jews of the world and at this juncture, it must be stalwart in the actualisation of its destiny.

  • steven L

    The victory of BiBi was no surprise.
    The mass media tried desperately to influence the vote. They are on the left, so what do you expect?
    Israelis are NOT STUPID. Yes the economy is very important and cost of leaving must decrease. But with no security, no state and who cares about the economy when there is no more state?
    Hamas leadership needs to be eliminate once for all and Hezbollahs must realized that Lebanon will become by their own choice a FAILED state.

  • I much appreciate your words; very true, to the point, accurate conclusions necessarily expressed. Well done, Dovid.

  • William Cannon

    Please be advised that all of us , who’s hope lies in the the L-RD G-D of Israel….will never leave you nor forsake you, The body of the L-rd G-d Yeshua is steadfast in it’s stance with you, our brethren. I thank The Word of God for the holy scriptures as it is the Truth and it will be performed to the last tittle. All Grace, Love and Peace be unto you all, Bill Cannon…Washington, DC

  • Stan

    “We have none on whom to rely except our Father in Heaven.” This is the formula prescribed for us by the prophets and the sages two millenia ago, as the point in time presaging the coming of the Messiah.

  • Emmett

    Due to the US & EU interference(along with the leftist media) with Israeli elections, the people had to give up their choice of electing who’s best to run the country in order to vote against Ovomit & company. Now Israel is stuck again with that same corrupt leftist Jew hater masquerading as a Jewish Nationalist. Try comparing what he says & what he actually does. Arafat would be proud of the BB’s accomplishments for the Arabs, and his oppression of Jew’s basic human rights, the destruction of Jewish property, and his desecration of the Torah & Land of Israel.

  • Jane

    The spying leak was another tool in the CIA’s tool-belt, it was released to conservative WSJ, to add credibility.

    Just like all the planted “Jews” who hate Israel. Pew research is deeply connected to Georse Soros do the research. They will do what they can get away with, when it comes to the “Jews” that they control.