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March 26, 2015 9:52 pm

Officials: Relationship Between Obama Administration and Israeli Government is ‘Irreparable’

avatar by David Daoud

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President Barack Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s senior advisers have described the relationship between the Obama Administration and the Israeli government as “irreparable,” the UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported on Thursday.

Their dire evaluation comes on the heels of weeks of hostility from the White House and State Department towards Netanyahu, a situation which has intensified since Netanyahu’s Likud party won the largest amount of Knesset seats in Israel’s general election last week.

Less than 24 hours after polls closed in Israel, and Likud’s win became evident, the administration was already openly talking about a “reevaluation” of the relationship with Israel. The stance was later toned down by administration officials to reevaluating the United States’ approach to the peace process.

The United States has hinted that its “re-evaluation” of the peace process might entail the withdrawal of its veto on some anti-Israel resolutions tabled at the UN Security Council.

The hostility from the Obama Administration has been focused on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks regarding the feasibility of establishing a Palestinian State, and his remarks regarding Israel’s Arab citizens. However, officials in Jerusalem think this is a mask for the real reason behind the crisis: Iran.

The officials are convinced that President Obama is adamant on cementing a rapprochement with the Iranian regime, engaging them as a regional ally, according to the JC‘s report. Israel, which sees things differently, has been constantly pushing back on this reversal in the United States’ approach towards the Islamic Republic, leading to friction between the sides.

Sources close to Netanyahu say that the tensions with the White House are “artificial and contrived,” a manufactured crisis to suppress Israeli opposition to a possible Iranian deal, expected to be signed within the next few days.

“The Palestinian issue is a side show,” said one Netanyahu aide. “The Americans know as well as we do that there is little hope of going forward with the diplomatic process – not because of Israel but due to anarchy on the Palestinian side.” The aide added that if the Americans “don’t succeed in signing a deal with the Iranians, the crisis will quickly pass.” However, if a deal were to be signed, “then nothing will help.”

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  • Rick

    This administration is a threat to not only the security of the United States but to the entire world.

  • TheJokool

    So what?…Print something of importance and not this regurgitated non news.

  • Elaine Coker

    As far as obama changing his voting stance on Israel, why should anyone be surprised? Obama has stabbed Israel in the back since he first got in office. He is nothing but a liar and has done nothing but lie. He has lied about everything. Everything he said he would do before the 2008 election regarding standing with Israel he has back tracked on, just like he back tracked on what he told America about Obama Care. Remember, if you like your doctor you can keep him or her. You can keep the insurance you have and bla bla bla, nothing but lies. Why anyone, especially Bibi would believe anything this liar says is beyond me.

  • bill

    Its time for the state of Israel to release sensitive data on obongo and his minions in the white house, declassify what you have on him and where he came from, you must do this Bibi.

  • Virginia Apple

    The man in the White House sees himself as the great savior of the world. He sees himself in glowing terms, and wants to have his legacy go down in history as accomplishing what others have not done before him: settling the Israel/Palestine situation, turning Iran into an ally, soothing the raging storms, and walking on water. All the way back to the Camp David Accords, it has been fruitless but the first black, muslim, Israeli hating man in the Oval Office got it done!! WOW! I don’t think that, if the world survives this man…if… history will see his legacy quite the way he wishes.

  • PHilip

    Obama’s attitude is certainly not going to help Hillary’s bid for her bid for President. How unfortunate.

  • Laura Burkhart

    As Americans watch current events, specifically, those
    who are not anti-Semitic, pro-Israel, and those who support
    Israel wholeheartedly, we are greatly concerned, and yet hopeful! Why? Because every Biblical battle, reveals a God who cannot be defeated…and does not sleep or slumber…
    and who made an eternal Covenant with Abraham long ago, to bless those who bless you &; curse those who curse you. The moms difficult thing, for which we can only do tshuva, and repent, for actions we US citizens have allowed, without great outcry toward our Government. Though we are sad for things that will come our way, we rejoice in a God who can protect, will protect, historically has protected your people, to show Himself strong, and how weak all the enemies of Israel are, no matter the odds. Israel, return & rejoice, your Mashiach will return, to defeat all enemies!

    • Laura Burkhart


  • I sense that Obama is a cultural Moslem, and he was not looking for a deal with Iran, but I fact wanted Iran to have the nukes. After being educated in the madras as a youngster, sitting in Reverend White’church for twenty years, he is the Classic anti Semite. But I’m sure you all have had these same thoughts.

  • Tom Porter

    Many of us, myself included, are so caught up in the immediate we fail to see the big picture — from the Lord’s prospective. Did not the Prophets of old predict that “All” nations would turn on Israel in the End Times? And, did not the Prophets predict, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that Israel would miraculously destroy “All” the nations which come against her? (with a little help from the Lord, of course.) Well folks, these ARE the End Times.

  • william

    GOOD! Because Israel has been the ENEMY WITHIN for too long.
    Idiot PSEUDO-christians cannot grasp subtleties.
    E. Michael Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Effect on History. It is striking to read his account of Jewish violence against non-Jews in the ancient world, particularly the persecution of Christians whenever Jews had the power to do so. Long before Christians had any influence on Roman policy, Christians’ complaints about Jews were not stereotypes based on historical memory but resulted from direct experience with Jews: “Origen understood that Jewish calumny helped to cause Christian persecution, and that Jewish hatred was a fact of life for the Christians, continuing unabated after the repeated defeats of Messianic politics” (i.e., the defeats of Jewish rebels at the hands of the Romans in 70 and 135 ad) (p. 69).
    JUDAS ISCARIOT is alive and preaching from the pulpit of many American Churches.
    Any “teacher” who diverts Christians into bowing to the Jewish Temple Priests is a JudasGoat “kissing the cheek” of Christ through HIS Flock, for pieces of silver or foul reasons.
    He who blesses Israel Crucifies Christ.
    CHRISTians should welcome any Jew that comes to Jesus.
    CHRISTians cannot support or aid Israel or the Jewish Nation that DENIES the Lamb of God.
    OLD testament / NEW testament
    WAR god / PEACE god
    OLD covenant / NEW covenant
    The ESSENCE of Judaism is VENGEANCE
    ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words (anticline); used freely in combination with elements of any origin (antibody; antifreeze; antiknock;;;; ANTICHRIST).
    How can one say “judeo-christian” or “christian-zionism” when Judeo refuses to even ACKNOWLEDGE CHRIST?! Judeo refuses to acknowledge Jesus except to INSULT him and HIS teachings in the NEW Testament. They claim Jesus was the bastard child of a Roman soldier and Mary was a Harlot ……. and “christian” preachers CONDONE this?!?
    The LAMB of GOD was the FINAL sacrifice. Rebuilding the Jewish Temple and resuming bloody animal sacrifices repudiates the Crucifixion, SACRIFICE of Jesus.

    • Kwame Darko

      Dear William,
      Have you considered these, brother?
      ALL the apostles of Yahshua ha-Mashiach (the “Christ”) were Jews.
      The first “Christian” converts on the day of Pentecost, 3000 of them, were Jews.
      For almost 20 years, all believers had been Jews.
      The first recorded Gentile convert, the Roman Cornelius, had been a partial proselyte (“ger toshav”…”Proselyte of the Gate”)
      Shaul (nicknamed “Paulus”/Paul, meaning “small”), the foremost apostle/teacher to the gentiles, was a Jew. He confessed to persecuting and murdering Nazerene believers out of ignorance and unbelief, until his encounter with Yahshua on the road to Damascus to pursue his exterminatory enterprise. [Acts ch 9, 22 & 26; Galatians 1:13 & 1 Timothy 1:12-16 etc.].
      Suppose Yahshua had exterminated him instead of converting him?
      The Jews attempted to exterminate the early believers who were all Jews, simply believing that they were purging themselves of a cancer within their own nation, and NOT as an exercise against gentiles!
      Failing to rid them, and perhaps with the influence of men like Rabbi Gamliel, they subsequently started to regard the Nazerenes as a “Sect” within Judaism, and thus a “Jewish” problem rather than a gentile one (Act 24).
      [Your dichotomy between “old” and “new” testaments is unfortunate. The Greek word for “New” (‘kainos’) denotes a “refurbishment”, “renewal”, “reinvigoration”etc., rather than”replacement” with something “new” (‘neos’]!
      If, as a Christian, you believe that Yahshua is the “ancient of days,” who was with the children of Israel as they crossed the Sea of Reeds to become a nation, (the “Ecclessia in the Wilderness”, as Stephen the first martyr calls them) then you are calling Him the “War God”, “Never forgive God” etc.. Again, if you believe that Yahshua was ORDAINED to be slain BEFORE THE FOUNDATION of the world, and that Yahshua died for the whole world, (John 4:42, and 6:51), then a God who loved you this way before the foundation, cannot be this “avenging God” you portray.
      Shaul was inspired to teach that ALL scriptures are inspired of God for our instruction. That was BEFORE the New Testament had been compiled!!
      He taught further his gentile converts to follow him as he “follows Yahshua” (1 Cor 11:1; Php 4:9 etc.).
      Shaul also says in Acts 23 that “I AM a Pharisee” (not I WAS a Pharisee), believing all things in the Torah and the Prophets (Acts 24: 14-16). In all these, he was simply doing what Yahshua had taught him to teach (Galatians 1:12).
      The “Old testament” teaches us to love one’s neighbour as one’s self, to not hate or bear a grudge, (Leviticus 19: 11-18) to help safeguard even an ENEMY’S animals (Exodus 23:4) among other doctrines of LOVE!
      The Old testament teaches Israel to “love the stranger.” I know lots of Jews do!
      Sure they keep to themselves….but then, considering how they have been treated historically, one could understand!
      Some Christians hang on to the admonition “an eye for an eye” to say that the “old testament ” teaches vengeance, not properly seeing the context. Surely, saying that in Israel, a person who willfully (and against adequate warning) neglects his responsibilities and consequently causes harm to another shall be liable to penalties of equivalent gravity to what is caused, is meant to protect the community against criminal negligence and injury, doesn’t it?
      Have we not all seen the fruit of the “wisdom” of Western thinking, in which nowadays the criminal often has more rights than the victim?
      Shaul kept all the “Old testament” commandments; he is recorded in Acts 21 to have even taken the Nazerite vow (Numbers ch 6) voluntarily, and done the rituals for its conclusion, in the temple! And talking of the (rebuilt) temple, have you not read that Yahshua will protect it at His second coming?
      Following conversion, Shaul did not for instance undo his circumcision, as some Hellenic Jews had been doing in his day, even for CULTURAL reasons. Surely, he could have made a strong point doing so for the RELIGIOUS. If becoming a christian meant abandoning Torah rules, Shaul would not have continued in them.
      I believe the most insulting thing that Gentiles do, as Christians, is attempting to convert Jews to Yahshua by teaching them to observe the pagan Sunday, eat pork and other animals labelled “abomination” in the Torah (Deut 14:3 and ff ), citing Act 10:13, despite Peter’s clear interpretation of the vision in Act 10:28, and the affirmation of his own practice of not eating these things, long after Yeshua’s ascension. If Yahshua had taught otherwise, then Peter was a disobedient apostle for many years….
      The fact is, gentiles are supposed to be “grafted in”, in which case we are to become part of the tree, and as Shaul says, we are to grow as grafts “contrary to nature”, becoming entirely as the Olive tree, not maintaining our previous identity.
      One reason the Jews continue to reject the gospel (to the ire of some Christians), is that nothing we present to them “provokes them to Jealousy”; some Christian attitudes tend to repel them, what with ignorance of Torah, presumption, hostility and CONDESCENSION. Please understand, William, that these unappetizing attitudes will not endear the Jew to Yahshua the Christ.
      He commanded as to “love your enemies.”, just as the Heavenly father requires of His children (Matt 5:44-46), and to present His word “in Meekness” (1 Pet 3:15).
      Therefore, even if the Jews have ACTUALLY committed evil, only love and respect will change them; hostility will only aggravate them!
      But the evidence is that it is some Christians who have been guilty of offense. They have given the Jews a bad name in order to have “just cause” to hang them: e.g.,the “Christ-killers” label. ( And remember the notorious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” document? )
      Shall christians destroy Jews because they refuse to accept Yahshua? What kind of “Ambassadors” would they be then?
      As for the accusation that the Jews are vengeful: how many examples have you seen, of Jews killing/bombing the Germans, Eastern Europeans or Russians etc. for the Pogroms or the Holocaust?
      Shaul taught us that “all (Jew and Gentile) have sinned and come short of the glory of God….” So we all need the salvation promised in the Mashiach.
      Shaul answers the question “what profit is there in being a Jew?” with “much every way”, saying that unto them were entrusted the Oracles of God.
      Christians should show gratitude, for without them, YOU for instance wouldn’t be a Christian at all, for who would have brought to you this message that made you one? I think loving them is fulfilling the will of Yahshua, not betraying Him.
      Finally, let all Christians heed the apostle of the gentiles: “Do not be arrogant, for you do not bear the olive tree, but the olive tree bears you” (Romans ch 11).
      Please study the Torah and the Prophets more, and then will you be able to make better sense of the “new testament”.
      In case you you are wondering: I am not a Jew. I am a Nazarene (Acts 24: 1-5), and West African, thus obviously originally VERY gentile, but now I call Abraham my father, because of what Yahshua has procured for me, coming as a Jew.
      And please remember that the LAMB Himself continues to CALL, not crucify them !!
      May the Grace of Yahshua be with you, as with Israel. AMEIN!

  • Netanyahu is a matured gentlemen and strong leader of an equally great Nation demostrating integrity and character and caring deeply for his Nation in a responsible manner. Obama is a conceited Narcissist who demostrates tendacies of addictive like bahavior much like the behavior of a two year child. Nothing positive can came from these opposite cultures

  • Historian

    Attention Jewish Voters!!
    This is all on Pres Obama who has increasingly showed his obstinate stance and his demands to the State of Israel to do what he says. He has shown himself to be no friend to the Jewish State for several years. So many Jews have been blindly contributed to him which I recommend that the “donations be taken back rescinded and the checks written be canceled immediately. He has shown himself to be a racist and in so many actions antisemetic, (Terrible to say about the President of the United states but upon examination no other conclusion can be made.

  • Joel

    We’re not surprised that the Obama regime has thrown Israel and PM Nethanyahu under the bus that he is driving when he said after winning the 2008 election that “change to America has come”. Not only is the US relationship to Israel irreparably damaged, but also with our Middle East allies.Meanwhile the regime is unafraid of any action by our Congress that refuse to use their constitutional power to check our astonishing decline.

    Our allies in the EU, who while slavishly obedient to American power and leadership for now, see the handwriting and once the $US no longer commands respect, they will seek and find an alternative. From what we’re hearing from the Fed, that may be as early as summer.

  • Ronald Travis






  • Wm. J. Levy

    With friends like Obama Israel doesn’t need enemies.

    He is the most anti-Israel, anti-Jew president since Jimmy Carter and if Israel is destroyed he would not care one bit.

    Israel should concentrate on destroying Iranian’s infrastructure when all the Ayatollah’s are in attendance, not bothering with the nuclear facilities or both if they can.

    Thank God Wolf Blitzer is still feeding Israel classified information about the Iranians. Good for you Wolf!

  • Obama reveres the sociopath Muhammad who personally decapitated 600-900 unarmed Jews. This is the core of his antisemitism..
    Just like anyone who reveres the sociopath.

  • Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar and all the rest of the countries siding with Saudi Arabia, wake up before it is too late. Launch a campaign asking Obama not to sign any deal with Iran as if you do not, before you know Iran will do the same to your country as they have done in the region, by promoting terrorism and supporting them.

  • Nam Marine

    Obama is a Muslim. That explains the entire issue.

  • Jose Duran

    This Iranian deal is a shameful deal indeed.
    All of it, because Obama wants to have a win in his weak performance in foreign policy. Here we have a president that sold out the masses to favour his rich masters. Militarily he did better than moron Bush. In international relations he has been an useless bum. Iran, is a danger to the region, a violent, militant illogical regime, now with nuclear weapons like North Korea, and Pakistan.

  • Jews have lived in the countries now occupied by Arabs since the destruction of the first Temple in 586 B.C.E. Yet, the descendants of these original inhabitants of so many Middle Eastern lands were driven out of their ancestral homes by the religious bigotry and racial animosity of the Arab invaders.
    In 1945 there were more than 995,000 Jews living in Arabic speaking countries. Today, there are less than 6,000. Some Arab states like Libya are completely Judenrein, i.e., cleansed of Jews, as the Arabs’ best friend, Hitler, liked to say.
    About 650,000 of these Jews were absorbed by Israel. Another 350,000 went to Europe, America or Australia. Evidently, then, the refugee problem in the Middle East consists of the failure of the Arab states to compensate these 995,000 for the property and assets they were forced to leave behind and confiscated by the Arab countries.
    Examples are Iraq, which once had a Jewish population of 97,000 and now only has less than one hundred Jews left. A good number of Jews left Egypt in 1948. Egypt is the country where Yasser Arafat was born (Arafat is an Egyptian. His real name is Husseinei). There were 81,000 Jews in Egypt in 1948. Yet, in connection with the Egyptian aggression of 1957, more than 27,300 Jews were forced to leave Egypt. Today, the Jewish community in Egypt amounts to only 180. These Jews left assets of $505 billion, for which they should now be compensated.
    There are no Jews in Algeria today. That country is also Judenrein. In 1948 there were 160,000 Jews in Algeria. In Morocco, which was the home of 298,000 Jews before 1948, there are today only 5,700 Jews. Similar decimation occurred in Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab states. The governments of the these countries forcibly expelled all Jews, who then increased the Israeli population. From the Arab point of view that was indeed as stupid a policy as the Arab incitement of the Russian population against the Jews in that country. That anti-Jewish campaign by the Arab agitators led to the arrival in Israel of over a million Russian Jews. Many of the Jews were engineers and scientists of the first order. This helped Israel a great deal. Now the Arabs are making life miserable for the Jews of France and Belgium. There are over 750,000 Jews in France. If the Arabs keep up their attacks on these European Jews then Israel will again absorb a large contingent of Jews forced to flee France (and Belgium).
    The Jewish forced exodus from the Arab lands was dramatic. Many Jews fled on foot while others were rescued by “Operation Magic Carpet.” This consisted of bringing 58,000 Yemeni Jews to Israel by plane.
    It is evident, therefore, that the “refugee problem” in Israel consists of the failure of the Arabs to pay compensation to the over one million Jews who were driven out of their homelands by the Arab hate mongers.
    And There were riots prior to Israel existing starting in the 1600. Simply wounding or killing Jews, and after WWI because there was a chance that Israel would exist, since the British were a trustee for the Jews to create the Jewish State.
    Go on . Tell me that Jewish Real estate 5-6 Times the land of Israel taken from Jews and personal assets, businesses, homes and Jewish-owned real-estate forced to leave behind in Arab lands has been estimated at 120,000 square kilometers or 46,000 square miles (5-6 times the size of the State of Israel). Valued today in the trillions of dollars isn’t “Abusing “ them . Its just your regular old nationalizing right? No racial hatred at all I am sure. Not to mention they were productive citizens who had no interest in moving to Palestine-Israel or they would have already done so (and wouldn’t have been so bloody rich)
    “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” – George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) The Arabs who stayed in Israel are Israeli citizens, they number over 1.5 million, they are members in the Israeli Parliament, they have a Supreme court Justice and their standard of living and Democratic freedom is the best in the Middle East. Can you show me any Arab country that has the same to Jews in their countries, The Jews in all the Arab counties have decreased from over a million people to a few thousands and restricted living and freedoms.
    Text of Law drafted by Political Committee of Arab League
    1. Beginning with November 28, 1947, all Jewish citizens of (Name of Arab Country) will be considered as members of the Jewish minority State of Palestine and will have to register with the authorities of the region wherein they reside, giving their names, the exact number of members in their families, their addresses, the names of their banks and the amounts of their deposits in these banks. This formality is to be accomplished within seven days.
    2. Beginning with (November 28, 1947), bank accounts of Jews will be frozen. These funds will be utilized in part or in full to finance the movement of resistance to Zionist ambitions in Palestine.
    3. Beginning with (November 28, 1947), only Jews who are subjects of foreign countries will be considered as “neutrals”. These will be compelled either to return to their countries, with a minimum of delay, or be considered as Arabs and obliged to accept active service with the Arab army.
    4. Jews who accept active service in Arab armies or place themselves at the disposal of those armies, will be considered as “Arabs”.
    5. Every Jew whose activities reveal that he is an active Zionist will be considered as a political prisoner and will be interned in places specifically designated for that purpose by police authorities or by the Government. His financial resources, instead of being frozen, will be confiscated.
    6. Any Jew who will be able to prove that his activities are anti-Zionist will be free to act as he likes, provided that he declares his readiness to join the Arab armies.
    7. The foregoing (para.6) does not mean that those Jews will not be submitted to paragraphs 1 and 2 of this law.
    YJ Draiman

  • gene gilbert

    well what does one expect of this traitorous,evil man. who occupies the current POTUS?? One,whose first words upon assumption of POTUS was ” Saalam-Al Laachem” (forgive any misspellings);THAT should have been a warning of things to come…but the Spirit said we would not only be living in deceptive times but SELF-DECEPTIVE times too…this muslim be it w’ahabbi,shiite,or any other clan will Not take proactive action against another islamic state…even to our ruin..May God help us tho’ we don’t deserve it now…or we are damned for betraying our friends;imperfect they are too…obama spit on Netanyahu,who lost his brother freeing Jews from Idi Amin. What has obama done worthy of his title as POTUS? an aghast american

  • Obama & his team are always making contrived crises. This is nothing new. He has made it abundantly clear he is against Israel & he has been rude, deceitful & childish in his behavior towards Israel. He is arrogant. He is changing our friends into the enemy & our enemies ino our friends. He has never been my president. He is doing exactly what he said he would do “Fundamentally change” the country. One day Americans will wake up to discover they are no longer free. By the time that happens it will be too late to do anything about it. G-d help us all. Israel s the light on the hill. Ours is fading away.

  • America could have stopped the nuclear talks with Iran for supporting the Houthis. They want them to fight the isis. Already Pakistan too does have the sunni bombs. So they find a lame excuse in Mr Benjamin and prop up the Palestine issue. First of all let them control gaza. They cannot. As Houthis are supported they are supported by Iran. So now Iran does have Palestine Gaza, Yemen,South Lebanon etc. Even if east Jerusalem is given to Mr Abbas, iran is going to take it by force. Then why do they need Palestine? It is safe to be with Israel for the sunni worshippers to worship freely

  • dante

    obama is a perfect fool: arrogant, ignorant, complacent, stubborn, nasty and vindictive. to hear him tell it, he’s been a great success. and, one has to hand it to him, his self-assurance is persuasive…until one actually returns to reality, the reality, for example, of unrelieved failures in foreign policy: russia (reset, remember? “tell vladimir that i’ll have more flexibility after the election), ukraine, syria, libya, yemen, iraq, lebanon, china, egypt (obama yearns for the muslim brotherhood), etc., etc. quite a record…actually, unsurpassed.

    in a decent person, such a catalog of catastrophes would induce some humility and some restraint. obama, however, just blunders on with greater determination, serving some undisclosed agenda or ideology.

  • Andries Juchter van Bergen Quast

    Anymore hilarious nonsense to start the day with?

  • All the talk from Israel about the problems with the US and Israeli relationship is putting the blame on Obama. Well the unfortunate truth is that this situation is a three (3) way street. Bibi, Republican Party and Obama. Bibi was used to disgrace Obama by the invitation to speak to Congress WITHOUT the protocol of asking the White House in advance of the invitation. To make the matters worse Bibi refused to cancel the invitation and make his speech to the AIPAC conference he would be speaking at the day before he was to speak before Congress. Bibi knew the relationship with Obama would get worse. It seems he is putting his trust in the Republican Party instead of the President who is in charge of the USA foreign policy. I do not believe Bibi is acting wisely. He could be the cause of damage to Israel.

  • Leo Toystory

    Next Obama will turn over to Iran control of Los Alamos.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    So Barokeydoke screwed the pooch again,huh?…and why is anybody surprised by this?

  • Ron Grant

    The Palestinian issue cannot so readily be dismissed or denied,and the Obama Administration has recognized that a change is due in (1)acknowledging their suffering and (2)the need to do something that will demonstrate to the Arab and Islamic world that America recognizes their role and moral obligation to bring about change.

  • DACON9

    maybe you appeasers and liberals and pagans didnt notice
    ISRAEL has been hedging its bet with china and india, making transactions in the multi billions.

    G-D said he will never leave ‘HIS’ nation ISRAEL like a mother may leave her child,,which we all read has happened….

    and MAYBE the is a warning
    MAYBE last chance to catch onto

    ONe the mashiach arrives , its to late to repent and/or accept the”one alone”YES TO LATE ONCE MASHIACH ARRIVES..

  • Presently, there is no relationship between the Obama Administration and Israel. After President Obama retires, the current diplomatic crisis will pass. And the U.S. might succeed in signing a foolish deal with Iran, which will destabilize the Middle East.

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