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March 27, 2015 11:37 am

J-Street Speaker Calls for Destruction of Israel – to Applause (VIDEO)

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Here is Marcia Freedman, in a J-Street panel discussion on Liberal Zionism and sitting next to Peter Beinart, describing how she believes that the Jewish people should not have a state, and that instead they should live as a minority in an Arab Palestine as a “protected minority” – in other words, as dhimmis. I kept all the context (although I accidentally cut out the applause at the end:)

The entire session is here; her section begins at 1:02:45.

The moderator didn’t challenge her, and as far as I could tell neither did any other panelists.

Isn’t it interesting that at a conference that claims to be “pro-Israel, pro-peace” and that hammers away at how it wants a two state solution, there is no objection to this one-state solution where Jews are “protected” by people who want to kill them?

J-Street refuses to let Alan Dershowitz, an advocate of a two-state solution since the 1970s, speak. But this crazy lady who thinks that Israel treats Arab citizens worse than Arabs would treat Jews is given a platform, without a single dissenting voice that I could find, either at the session or on Twitter afterwards, from J-Street members or attendees.

In fact, J-Street U tweeted her remarks seemingly admiringly:

“Marcia Freedman believes that the idea that a jewish homeland requires a Jewish majority needs to be examined more closely.

I am reminded of a series of tweets a few days ago by a BDS supporter and anti-Zionist who said that J-Street was her “gateway drug” to hating Israel:

Tweets by Liza Behrendt. Photo: Screenshot.

J-Street has an open tent policy for people who want Israel to disappear, and spends most of its time attacking Jews who passionately love Israel.

Worse than that is that despite its avowed purpose, the organization cannot and does not defend Israel’s existence against its critics – instead, it gives its critics a platform where they can spout their hate unopposed.

My test for whether people are really “pro-Israel” stands, and J-Street has flunked.

This is not exactly pro-Israel, or pro-peace.

P.S. Freedman’s opinions are not anathema to J-Street, despite that organization’s press releases. She is a member of their advisory council!

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  • Algemental

    Marcia Freedman is an Israeli citizen who founded Israel’s first battered women’s shelter and was one of the founders of Brit Tzedek V’Shalom, an Middle East peace advocacy organization. The reason she is on J Street’s advisory council is because, as part of an agreement, all of Brit Tzedek’s leaders were given advisory positions when J Street absorbed that organization. J Street is one of the few organizations in the Jewish community committed to having difficult conversations about Israel, and which is willing to publicly debate amongst views from the Jewish center to the far left — unlike most right-wing Jewish organization, which are committed to silencing or delegitimizing everyone-and-anyone who holds views to their left. It’s unfortunate that, once again, the Algemeiner has sought to delegitimize J Street for refusing to be censorious and anti-intellectual.

    • Jimbo Williams

      Freedman is a left wing wacko who understands very little. Jews were a supposed “protected minority” throughout most of Christian Europe? How’d that work out Marcia?

      BTW, she is claiming that Israel is not a democracy, despite the fact that non-Jews have more rights and privileges BY FAR than non-Muslims do in any Arab state. How does Freedman explain this? Answer: She doesn’t and couldn’t care less. She just wants the state dismantled.

      Marcia Marcia Marcia!

  • Michael Burd

    American Jews are becoming a liability !

  • Richard Spira

    I couldn’t agree more with all of the comments I have read. Marcia Freedman is the epitome of the modern self-hating Jew. Her ranting is reminiscent of the 1930’s when German Jews believed that they were protected because they were Germans first and Jews second. Her notion of Jews in Israel being a”protected minority” regardless of the majority in power is both absurd and incredibly naive. Her ramblings are an affront to every Jew who has ever faced the evil tyranny of anti-Semitism (i.e. every Jew who has ever lived). To live in peaceful co-existence with a people, government and religion that aches for your destruction is impossible. Apparently Marcia Freedman was ok with 6 million of our people marching off to the gas chambers- I guess she thought the Germans would treat them as a protected minority also. If she wants to try out her plan, I suggest that she go live in Iran, or Syria, or even Marseille, France, or any of a thousand places on earth where anti-semitism is rampant and where Jews live in fear of being exterminated as a people. Israel is our homeland- the only place on earth where Jews can feel safe. For her to suggest that we share it (as a minority yet!) with rabid anti-Semites is so self-destructive that I can hardly hear it without vomiting. We did not “take” the land of Israel- yet another re-writing of history to accommodate the mis-guided liberal guilt borne by these J street jerks. Palestinians have been thrown out of every Arab state in the Middle East for the last 7 decades. Israel is actually the only nation anywhere that has incorporated them into their society. Israeli doctors have take care of Palestinian refugees- the government has built hospitals and cared for Palestinian citizens both inside of Israel and out. The world only sees what they refer to as the illegal “occupation”- they don’t care that Israel is the only nation in the history of the world that has been made to relinquish land they have won in war. And they have done it in the name of peace time and time again. Enough is enough. Stop idiots like Freedman from telling us to lie down in the path of our enemies.
    If she wants to do it, fine. Listen, you misguided foolish woman- tell us what you are going to do when your enemies take over their land (as you call it) and come knocking on your door to “take care” of you. You better pray you’re not there. My bet is that you will have left for the US by then.

  • Jef

    J-Street has a profound sickness, like a neurotic Jewish mother who shames her children in front of their enemies.

  • ceejay

    What a stupid beach. The land including the west bank and gaza is the ancestral homeland of the Jews. It’s the Arabs that are the invaders.

  • Henry Meisel

    Our own worst enemies………..shame on you

  • OjK

    From Wiki:
    “Marcia Freedman (Hebrew: מרשה פרידמן”Ž, born 17 May 1938) is an American-Israeli activist on behalf of peace, women’s rights, and gay rights. In the early 1970s she helped create and lead the feminist movement in Israel. Freedman was the founding president of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom and a past president of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.”

    Now, if what she is suggesting above would come to realization (Yeah, right), what doese she think would happen to “protected minority” women, gay`s and peace? Would`t it be “crapping” on her own life long work?
    I think this comes to show that at certain age, we as ppl become arrogant and small minded…Happens to all of us, I guess…

    • Ora

      “I think this comes to show that at certain age, we as ppl become arrogant and small minded…Happens to all of us, I guess…” I resent your ageist remark. No, it does not happen to all of us. I am a year older than the Freedman woman and I can still think clearly, thank you.

      As for Freedman, she became a member of Knesset so she would have had to give up her American citizenship, but that is beside the point. I guess her stay in Israel soured her on us. That’s her problem. I have lived in Israel for the last 55 years and I love the country, warts and all.

      Anyone who loves Israel knows what JStreet is and what it is not. It is not pro-Israel in any way shape or form. Marcia Freedman and James Baker among others, as featured and applauded speakers prove that point.

    • Artie

      When someone has such a disconnect with reality I would term them as being delusional.

      Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

  • Peni Elika

    bla bla bla…what a load of crap, marcia freedman, you are one stupid woman there is in this world.

  • Michelle Wayne

    It’s obvious this woman haven’t lost anybody in the Holocaust, so so easy for her to make this stupid comment, really, go back to Nursing home where you belong and long Live Israel just the way it is now !!!

  • the speaker has a very short memory; ie Israel exist and is Jewish in nature and it is not for her to destroy it in any way or means. As for the Palestinian issue, Jordan was created to absorb the issue. It is a tradition to wanting to destroy the jewish people by every one including Jews like this lady but God is Great and the Israel will continue to thrive beyond the days that are left in this person life. And also check your facts. We Jews are a minority but we are on top of every sphere of our society and we are definitely not a protected spicy the Holocaust proved that beyond a doubt

  • J st & freedman are on another planet along with noam chomsky.J stands for JERK st.Soon they’ll be supporting ISIS.Their warped minds are corrosive.They would like to be accepted by the gentiles.

  • Vadim

    For me it was enough to hear “…the Palestinians from whom we took the land…”, she said. She should push this grievance onto English and Abdullah, Sharif Hussein’s second son, and the Anglo-Transjordanian Agreement of 1928. The land Jews wanted was given to Arab tribesman, about 80% of Palestine. In return England got peace and oil. The Arabs that remained in the territory given to formation of Israel stole the name Palestinians for themselves. If she is talking about the biblical times, then we might as well talk about formations of world’s other territories and countries. Oh and philistines are not Palestinians, just saying that. Regarding current man in power, Netanyahu won in a land slide! That says it all about who people of Israel, including Arabs, think is good for maintaining security of the country. By the way according to Bassem Eid, founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, Israeli Arabs voted in great numbers for Netanyahu, as per Dennis Prager show aired on March 23.

  • Jim Young

    Theoretically she’s right. If you trust and believe that democracy won’t fail you and harm you as a minority, then you should trust a state under Palestinian rule not to harm Jews and let them live freely. But unfortunately that’s only a reality in her world, as a Jew living in the U.S., but not for the Jews living in Israel.

  • Gary Katz

    Considering how many Arab and Muslim countries there are, no Jew need ever apologize for Israel.

  • daniel

    well at least she’s old, and hopefully will die soon so we can get rid of much ignorance as possible from this world and from public panels in which brain-wash with stupidity poor and innocent people.

    ok so some basic fact to whom may be concern:

    -the tiny state of israel is a tiny spec on the map of the middle-east.
    -the entire middle east is arabs and different typs of muslims who are really enthusiastic about killing each other by the name of allah (syria, lebanon, yamen, gaza, iraq etc)
    – there is no such thing as a “palastinian”, there never was and hopfully never will be. the state of israel was named palastine by a greek warlord who banished most of the jews from israel approx 2000 years ago , thats how we were so scattered around the world before the holocust . the intentions of RODUS , the greek warlord was to erase history and recreate it with no jews in it.

    – Jordan is where most of the so-called “palastinians” came from. the rest arrived from syria/egypt/lebanon.
    -there are archiological findings proven to be more then 3000 years old which indicates that the jews were on that spec of land called israel (or “kaynan” in a biblical tense) , and so much more evidance and buerid truths to prove jews have a true and righteous claim over the land of israel.
    – the state of israel before established as the jewish nation ,was a swamp and a dump. it was refferd by many authors and military escapades as a deserted wilderness that is not woth a damn thing.
    -the israelies flurished the land , nurtured it , and became an economic super-power with no natural resources what-so-ever. no oil no gas no nothing. only innovation and technological enhancments and ground breaking development in agriculture and medicin.
    – British had a mandate over the land just before established as a state for the jews. the british offered all the work immegrants from the arab countries (aka “palestinians”) to share the land with the jewish nation ,and offered them a bigger portion of the land. they refused and started brutelizing and killing jews.
    – the state of israel was established and all the arab nations surounding israel began an overwhelming attack. they lost. again and again and again.
    – Jordan (5 times bigger then israel) offered a home and a “come back home”offering to all arabs. they knew how it’s to live under arab dictatorship ,therfore the last thing on thier minds was to go back to jordan. they decided to stay in israel , and even after being horribaly attacked numerous of times ,israel didn’t banished the arabs. but they let them be a minority in israel , and enjoy full democratic rights and social conditions.

    – when a plan was offered to give the “palestinians” 99% of everything they desired , except ownership over jerusalem (cause it simply will never happen) , and to establish thier own country and own terms , the majority of israeli arabs refused immediatly , since they won’t allow themselves living a perfectly good and supporting democratic leadership , in order to go and live under the regular and curropted muslim dictatorship.

    – arabs don’t want to leave israel no matter what. they won’t downgrade thier livelyhood.
    – most arabs wants the jews dead and in the sea.
    -israel is the only state in the middle east allowing woman to walk alone in the street , drive, vote, work etc.
    -israel religious and bible specifically says to honor and keep safe life as a primary commamdment.
    -HAMAS ,elected leader in the gaza strip, moto is ” we love death like the jews love life”.

    ************** all the above are facts that can be looked up very easily. now the only question – why the state of israel , the ONLY state for the jews in the world , a spec of sand in the middle-east map , and a spec in comparisment to any type of map, why this state doesn’t have the right to exsist?!!? the state that was “given” to the jewish people according to any bible exsist. a stat in which we have a justified claim on , and that was established by the UN. why do we don’t have the right to exsist and the right for our own country?!??!

  • Michael Bialik

    I believe that Mrs. Freedman’s mental health must be examined more closely.

  • Michael Fisher

    Cutting out the applause kills the power of the video. Put the applause back.

  • Neil Kuchinsky

    Show me a Muslim state with a history of treating its religious minorities with equal rights. Please. Anywhere.

  • Kevin J. Ashley

    I attended the J Street conference and this plenary session in particular. I heard a wide range of views, some of which I agree with and some not. I encourage those of you who “know” what J Street members think or are or even what the speaker in question said to engage in an open discussion about the ideas and not stoop to name calling. Ms. Freedman simply stated that she believes an all inclusive Israel where all persons have equality and the right to vote can serve as a homeland for the Jews in times of need through constitutional means. You may be skeptical about this, but it is no way a stupid concept. And if Israel were to incorporate the West Bank and remain a democracy it would become a reality.

    • N. A.

      This women and her co-conspirators should mind their own business. They have no right to interfere in Israel’s domestic policies whatsoever. Israel is a pure democracy where anyone can form a political party. Israeli Arab Druse and Bedouins are loyal citizens who volunteer for army service–Christian Arabs are beginning to join them in larger numbers.

      Israel has Arab judges, policemen, doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers and other professionals. Those who educate themselves and wish for success face no prejudice or discrimination.

      The Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria vote in their own elections and are governed by their respective leaders–the fact that Hamas and the PA refuse to call elections is their problem.

      Israeli Arabs in the Triangle are firmly against becoming part of a Palestinian state. It’s really about time they showed where their loyalties really are. Those who embrace Israel are embraced by Israel.

      I really hope the members of JStreet don’t look on Israel as a place of refuge. The Law of Return needs to be amended to accept only those who are loyal to this country. Given the views of that group, all of their discussions, musings and ideas are totally irrelevant. They’re totally wasting their time and breath.

  • Temple of Solomon

    J street is a leech and it must be boycotted. No minim or traitors in Ha Shlema.

  • Clea Belcher

    Protected minority? Did Egypt protect its Jewish minority? What she is advocating is voluntarily going back into slavery. But I think it would really be voluntary extinction.

  • Fred

    I find JStreet to be the most despicable, Jew hating Organization–with the sole intent of destroying Israel and ultimately all Jews. Marcia Freedman is a sick, naive mental case. She is a self loathing, self destructive Jew who should be called out as such. Marcia Freedman is exactly the same type of Jew that thought Hitler was OK and supported him. Marcia Freedman–you and any other Jews who think like you are are the enemies of Israel and ALL Jews. You embolden our enemies with LIES and stupidity. Every word you say is false and antithetical to history, truth, reality and common sense. I only wish i could tell you in person what i really think of you.

    • N. A.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, Fred, and I wish I could tell her and her gang what I think of them too.

  • I call them self hating Jews, useful idiots, Dhimmis and “Bnei Tinnef”. Every one of them, regardless if he is a “rabbi” or else.

    I wonder why Israel permits them entry into the country, they act worse then our Islamic and Arabic enemies.

  • David

    If J Street is “calling for the destruction of Israel” why did the President of Israel agree to address the conference?
    As a reasonable person, he understands the need for open and honest discussions between people who disagree. In fact he said that he doesn’t necessarily support all of J Street’s policies but respects their right to promote them. Interesting that Algemeiner and Stand With Us chose to publish a marginal comment from one speaker over the comments of Israel’s president.

  • melvyn Lipitch

    Purely delusional to assert that the Jews took “Palestinian” land and is nonsense. No land in the West Bank was ever designated “Palestinian” land for two reasons since in 1948 the term “Palestinian” had not been invented and secondly the sovereignty of this land was vested as a homeland for world Jewry by the League Of Nations in 1920. De facto and de jure sovereignty of this land still resides with Israel.
    The term Palestinian was first heard around 1967 by Arafat who by his unwillingness to negotiate in good faith is one the main reasons for the Palestinians not having their own rightful state

    • cliff oswald

      Below is the address to a site with an 1895 map. You will note the area is referred to as Palestine.

    • Roundabout

      The Jews were known as Palestinians under the British Mandate of Palestine. It’s correct Arafat created a Palestinian culture for the Arabs in the 1960s.

    • Jimmy Zimmerman

      Actually Palestinian was used pre-independence as anyone from any background from any religion that was from the mandate! In the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s there’s no lack of people calling themselves Palestinians that were Jewish! The beginning and end of the phrase was the mandate period until it was resurrected as an identity by Arafat.

  • b sherman

    Who went into Ramala by mistake a few years back and was lynched to death
    I don’t who this Jstreet people are but I suggest they come and live here and see how Jews and Arabs live together. In the line at the bank at the post office at the emergency room. What is not democracy is for people not living the daily struggles coming around and forcing their warped opinions on people who dedicate their lives to the real Jewish democratic state .
    Let them clean up their own backyards and let us do ours
    enough brainwashing,

  • Frank Adam

    We know what happened to the historical Jewish minorities of Spain, Germany, Russia and the present Arab World – and what is so peculiar about the Palestine Arabs that they have to have a state and the Jews not so? If one is entitled to a nation state so is the other. The whole point of Zionism which bought its lands till the Arab states preferred war, is to have a refuge when majorities break their tolerance of minorities. Since 1948 we have not lost a Jewish community and it is time for the ignorant – the deliberately ignorant – to remember that half the Jews of Israel are in families that are from the Arab and Moslem World.

  • Abba Richman

    A lunatic fringe madwomen totally but totally removed from any sort of reality as to what goes on is Israel regarding the Arab Minority. The only state in the world where arabs have complete demographic freedom, to pray, work, study, vote, women’s rights, gay Arab rights are free from any harassment, Israeli Hospitals are full of Arab doctors, there are hundreds of Arab lawyers. Arabs have complete freedom of movement, enjoy all the social and economic benefits as Jews. Stay in America you ignorant pathetic self hating Jew

  • Karen Tenzer

    This is so wrong on so many levels, historically first of all. Palestine was under the Turks and then the British. The Palestinians were not autonomous.

    The naive approach that we ‘stole’ the land from them is inaccurate therefore. It was not ‘their’ land to have stolen. There were ‘given’ their portion and rejected it.

    Also naive is the theory that if the Palestinians ‘ruled’ instead of the Israelis then Jewish life would be protected- They would slaughter Jews as they do their own people in the huge countries surrounding the only western democracy in the area – their own blood brothers care nothing for them – it amazes me that Jews have to be more concerned about other people’s welfare than their own people. Of course there is good and bad in Israel an in EVERY country – I find it disturbing that Jews like this person are obsessed with Israel whilst more or less ignoring far worse injustices in other countries – most of them neighboring Israel. As the saying goes with friends like you …….oy

  • daniel s.

    On Marcia Freedman’s J Street panel discussion.
    Finally I understand the definition of a MORON.

    • Corrine schlessel

      Don’t insult morons

  • So I have several comments. First, the Algemeiner’s lede paragraph is a made-up tendentious and false summary of her speech, not something she said.

    Second, she’s presenting a thought-experiment, not “calling” for anything, much less the destruction of Israel. Look at her language: “I suspect.. is one that we really need to start thinking about.” “That is what we need to be thinking about.” “I think we can begin to imagine.”

    Are extremist right-wing Zionists so insecure that when someone simply asks creative questions they have to pull out a sledgehammer and accuse her of “calling for Israel’s destruction?” And given the way things are in the Middle East, the phrase “Israel’s destruction” makes people think of what Hamas means when they want Israel’s destruction, not this gentle woman’s reverie about what it might mean if Israel was still a homeland for the Jewish people even if they are not in the majority.

    Finally – guess what? It is completely possible that at some point Jews WILL be a minority in Eretz Yisrael. Should we be swatting down a woman who is opening a conversation about creative ways that Jewish people can be protected if that ever happens? Note that she uses the phrase “governing rights of minorities,” by which she means that Jews will still have some self-rule in what will still be a Jewish homeland, even if the government is not majority-run by Jews.

    I don’t agree with her. I don’t support J-Street. But the over-the-top reactions (and these are common on the far right regarding Zionism) only undermine the support and sympathy Israel needs, because of the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome. It is not good for anyone to exaggerate or, in this case, outright lie about those we disagree with on Israel.

    • Dlane001

      Thank you, David Benkof. I appreciate the details and perspective. The media is about clicks and viewers. Whatever headline gets more viewers will be printed. And look at the results in this comment thread. We can not agree with Ms. Freedman, but let us do so rationally and after careful examination of her argument, not because Fox News (or Algemeiner) prints an inflammatory headline.

    • David Levine

      The path to hell can be paved by soft spoken gentle ladies who are willfully ignorant and in denial of reality. Apparently she (and you) are deaf to the daily hatred spewing from the arab world directed at Israel and blind to the unceasing murders and wars launched against Israel. And don’t tell me all this was caused by the creation of Israel because it started with the murder of all the Jews of Hebron in 1922. The Jews lived as a minority in the Arab world as long as they kept their place as Dhimmi. There were plenty of massacres of Jews in the Arab world over the centuries which were exceeded only by the torments perpetrated by Christians. At any rate- the world has changed and Arabs are now dominated by Nazi/Islamofascists. The destruction of Israel will not happen and people like this kind gentle lady will have to answer for their disconnect from Torah and the Jewish people.

    • N. A.

      Excuse me, David Benkof, but why are you jumping to conclusions about people being extremist right-wing Zionists? It seems anyone outside the Loony Left club is branded with that label.

      We are realists and pragmatists. We live through years of failed negotiations, terror attacks and the full knowledge that the Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria seek our destruction on a daily basis.

      Perhaps this lady should confine her thinking experiments to her own living room where she’ll do far less damage. She is not Israeli and should butt out of our lives.

  • I have transcribed the parts that relate to what the Algemeiner claims she said:

    “I think that we make the assumption that if Israel is to be a ‘Jewish state’ then it has to separate from the Palestinians and/or it has to dominate the Palestinians.

    “If we think about Zionism as an attempt to create a homeland for the Jewish people rather than a Jewish state, then we have a lot of state in which to think about Zionism and to think about what this country of Israel ought to look like in particular with respect to the Palestinians.

    “I suspect that the concept that somehow or other a Jewish homeland cannot create a secure refuge and center for the Jewish people unless we are the majority in that state is one that we really need to start thinking about.

    “Let’s not talk about separation, let’s talk about cooperation. Let’s not talk about keeping control; let’s talk about losing control and integrating and becoming a state of all of its peoples; that is what we need to be thinking about. And there is no internal contradiction between that and between having a state that is a secure refuge and homeland for the Jewish people.

    “What is required for that to happen, however, is that Israel must become exactly what it is not today; it must become a true democracy in all respects… that guarantee(s) and fiercely protect(s) the rights of minorities, including the governing rights of minorities, then I think we can begin to imagine a homeland for the Jewish people in which we are a minority, because we are a protected minority, and our mission of having a homeland and a refuge for the Jews in case of need is secured by the state no matter who is in power.”

    • N. A.

      “Israel must become exactly what it is not today; it must become a true democracy in all respects…”

      What exactly does that comment insinuate?

    • Ben Gruder

      “I suspect that the concept that somehow or other a Jewish homeland cannot create a secure refuge and center for the Jewish people unless we are the majority in that state is one that we really need to start thinking about.”

      Why should the Jews be the only religion where they are not in a majority someplace? By definition, a homeland must be a place where one is in the majority. Otherwise one is not home, but a guest. Without a Jewish majority homeland, no Jew is truly safe. That’s the lesson of history.

  • Is “destruction of Israel” really the right phrase for the headline? Destruction?

    • David,

      I read your comments and others. No one seems to agree with you. The women is an idiot and delusional. Does she actually believe Israel will walk away from what they have achieved?

    • Paul Winter

      “Mind games” are a prelude to the act. Imagining a world without Jews led to the Wansee Conference. Freedman is an anti-Semite and no amount of excuses will alter that fact.

      Remember the Russian saying: no matter which way the monkey turns, he can’t hide his balls.

  • richard sherwin

    boker tov, eliyahu.

  • Ivana Talya Tufakov

    An idiotic talking head who proves there is no fool like an old fool.

    Sure Israel is willingly going to secede its right to self-determination as a free people in THEIR OWN free land and agree to become a minority in another “Arab democracy”.

    Of course protecting the rights of minorities in such a democracy is something that would never be subject to change under an Arab democratic system because the people in the majority could never / would never change their minds and vote for such a change.

    If this old grey-haired grandma would like to live out her life as a dhimmi dummy, go for it, granny. Clearly, you’re off your rocker.

    • N. A.

      Where’s the “Like” button?

  • Sofia

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you got the Streets all wrong, J-Street, its a Dead-End Street and you are there.

    Take up knitting!

  • Ephraim

    What can one say against such stupidity, that I am dumbfounded by it ? ” J Street ” appears to be a disguised anti-Semitic organization in business for Jewish appeal, perhaps endorsed and sponsored by sycophants connected with Tehran or the Muslim Brotherhood, and hellbent on the destruction of the Jewish state no less than it’s apparent sister organizations Hamas and Hezbollah.

  • Israel Pickholtz

    J-Street was not saying things like this when they opened their doors. They were left and non-Zionist but not outrageous.

    Now they are beyond outrageous but we have never heard anyone quit and say “This is not what I signed up for.”

    So were all the people “in the know” from the beginning or what?

    • Corrine schlessel

      I totally agree with you

  • Raoul Gaston

    Isn’t it time to change her diaper?

  • Berel Dov Lerner

    A true idiot. Why in the world does she think that a country with a Jewish minority would faithfully protect the Jewish People?

  • Ernie Lofthouse


  • Hatred from within America’s borders is totally un-American and to deny Israel a homeland is blasphemy!!!
    How can we deny Israel the right to defend it’s rights to excess as a free nation per the UN mandate? NO MORE HOLOCAUSTS and we will fight for our true rights to excess! No to Nazism and radicalism again! We have served our 400 years in bondage!!! Wake up America to the truth that we are under a true dictator who will sale America down the drain! Since the 1950’s our education system is our Achilles Heel that has eroded our true philosophy set by our founding fathers!

  • Esther Edell

    J-Street’s membership comprises self-hating Jews who long to see Israel’s destruction. This organization purports to be pro-Israel and is really pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. It should be forced to stop this misrepresentation of itself and its mission.



    • Oded

      Totally agree.
      She speak like a person that never step a foot at the middle east.

      Muslims live very well in Israel, and yes it is tough,
      like any other other minority in the world.

      And they live much better than any other country bordering with Israel.

    • N. A.


  • Anschel

    J Street is treasonous to the Jewish people and, because a strong and viable Israel is a vital American interest, J Street is essentially treasonous to the U.S. as well.

  • Philip

    These deluded idiots living in western Liberal bubbles protected by an OCEAN and the US military, deserve to be put in a padded cell for life… I’d love to drop them into Hamasland or ISISland and see how they fare…

    Together with their fellow travellers in Isrtael… who are worse because they are protected by the Armed Forcesa abnd the serving young israelis who are protecting them (the Gideon Levys of this world) while they call forbthe destruction of the same state whose military is protecting them.

    Why shjould the Islamists bother when J Street is trying to destroy Israel all by itself…?

  • Carol

    Using the term “liberal” in reference to Marcia Freedman or anyone else in J-Street is completely absurd, a total oxymoron! Liberal means open-minded, protective of individual freedom, free of prejudice — J Street NOT!
    These people need some massive deprogramming to relieve them of their PTSD-induced mentality of self-hatred, enslavement, shame, and fear of Jewish self-realization.

  • Lee

    Jews will be “a protected minority”? Yeah, right.

  • This woman is an apologist of the usual kind. We are sickened at everything she says. Her audience are a disgrace.

  • Davies Samuel

    These f….idiots have no idea what life is for a Jew living in a Moslem country. I was born in one and I know what am talking about. These f….ignorant liberals should move in one of these countries and let’s get rid of them once and for all. They will probably end beheaded, good riddance.

  • Ilya Lavrenti

    Sick! Sick! Sick! J-Street is the latest version of the Judenrat. If Hitler played tennis they’d have loved him.

  • There are people who are not aware of life as it truly exists.They live in a make believe world of Liberalism.Out there in the streets,where one makes a living,hatred & jealousy ,dog eat dog,exists.Religion is used as a weapon.Each time the Jews were singled out.You do not follow Christ,we will kill you & destroy you.You do not follow Mohammed we will kill you & destroy you.You are a pest to Europe we will kill you & destroy.You are a pest to the Middle East we must kill you & destroy you.Jstreet is full of suicidal maniacs who wish to destroy Judaism from within,
    Jstreet members & supporters are nothing but nut cases.

  • Paul

    What planet does this soft-speaking soft-minded woman live on?
    She thinks the Jews should live as a protected minority in a truly democratic country ?
    What a WONDERFUL idea. The jews in fact have given this idea its chance for two thousand years, living in other peoples countries. The result is the Jewish history that is a continuous tale of pogrom and discrimination. In recent history, the Jews lived as a protected minority in a democratic state that then sent 6 million of its members to the gas chambers as the final solution to the Jewish problem. Remember? Do you remember that there IS a Jewish problem, and that Israel is its solution ? And that THAT is why the UN gave the Jews their own country ? That the US and the West refused to save Jewish lives by allowing them entry after they had been put in concentration camps ? And that for years AFTER WWII the jews were not allowed to return to their homes but were kept in the camps ? THAT is why Israel must exist – to be a shelter for the Jews. and if we can also be democratic, that will be very nice, but not more important than being a refuge for Jews against the world’s hatred for Jews. Are the Jews better loved today ? LOOK AROUND, lady (and look in the mirror too) Antisemitism is on the rise again. And the soft-speaking lady may be part of it.
    The reason Israel exists is to enable the Jews to defend against this hatred, and it has not ended. There is NO state today that is properly protecting the very few Jews they have when the Jihad decides to attack them. Yet this lady talks of some country that will shelter 6 million Israeli jews ? Is this on earth ?
    While it is true that the Arab minority in Israel suffers from problems and discrimination, you should note the fact that not a single one of them is prepared to move to any neighbouring state other than Israel – where their democratic rights far exceed those of citizens in any arab country. There is no LEGAL discrimination, the discrimination is the result of the personal sentiments of citizens who feel they do not identify with them and who feel threatened by them because there are many terrorists amongst them. If you were an Israeli, would you feel good letting a young arab work in your garden knowing he shoots in the air while waving a Palestinian flag now and then? If Israeli Arab leadership would stop placing their Palestinian aspirations at the front of their image, it is possible that the Israeli public would be less threatened and more accepting of them. Their leaders have called Hamas freedom fighters and IDF soldiers terrorists. I do not know of any democracy that gives the same consideration to any citizens of its own who demonstrate against their own country under the flag of a foreign country who is in a state of enmity. The Israeli Arabs are perceived here as people who openly state they have a political and national agenda that opposes that of the country they live in. They identify with their Palestinian relatives, not with the Jewish citizens.

    Perhaps the nice old lady would like to point out who are the truly democratic people who she thinks would harbor the jews as a protected minority ? I believe the Palestinian authority leader has made selling property to jews punishable by death, and has announced that no jews can live in Palestine. Is there ANY democracy in the region except Israel ?
    How blind and stupid can you be ?

  • David Levy

    J-Street is a irrelevant sideshow of self-hating fools and Marcia Freedman is one of the chief idiots. There is no way that the Israelis will agree to the destruction of themselves or their country, so these calls are simply nonsense. One can only wonder what demons drive such people to utter such rubbish

  • J Street is 1000% anti-Israel but in some circles taken seriously as expressing a Jewish opinion.
    Although, in my opinion they are wrong. they do not represent my feelings and I’m sure hundreds of thousands others are on my side. Once again, how do you have a dialogue with organizations that have stated over and over again “Death to the Jews and Israel”??
    I support Israel although not perfect its still a Jewish State.

  • Can you imagine – in your wildest dreams – Jews living as a “protected minority” in any Arab state, let alone “Palestine” whose inhabitants have been fed antisemitic propaganda with their mother’s milk? How are minorities treated in the Arab world, have you seen that? As the Arab extremists throughout the world get more and more aggressive and vicious, the antisemitic Jews get crazier and crazier. I doubt any of them have ever met an Arab, either in their own country or elsewhere. I know a lot of Israeli and West Bank Arabs and have no illusions – or delusions. Let the J-Street Jews go join ISIS, they obviously want to.

  • Fred

    Then why is this so “wise” Marcia Freedman not take along holiday and live in her Arabic dreamland. Why do these Judas goats J Street call themselves Jews the y should convert to “Piece-full Islam.

  • VictorMc

    Sick moron living a cuckooland of her own. Desperately needs medical help.

  • tobi love

    I suggest that JStreet members go live in Gaza, or any other Arab state. Liza, Zionism is very simple to understand. It is about the indigenous people of Israel, the people who have had a continued presence there for over 3,000 years, living in their homeland. It is about one Jewish state amid 23 Muslim states. It is about one place in the Middle East that is a democracy, with equal rights for all, including women. It is not about Sharia Law , hanging gays, stoning women, lashing those we don’t agree with you, or beheading people. It is not about teaching children to hate. If you don’t want to be Jewish then don’t be Jewish (unlike Sharia Law you will not be killed for this). But don’t become a Jew hater.

  • Eve Pearl

    Too Late, they HAVE A STATE. This is what all that crazy bs talk gets you (Israe’s “RIGHT” to exist” need ever be recognized by it’s enemies. Who doesn’t have a “right” to exist!?!?!?!?!!! Stop lowering yourself and victimizing yourself with the use of your enemies purposefully orchestrated LANGUAGE. Language has meaning and impact and creates reality among people that is the purpose of language. When it comes to the Jews and Israel…language has always been perverted as an attempt to destroy by their enemies.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    Jews leaving as a “protected minority” in a land reuled by hamasfatah. Why don’t Marcia Freedman experiments this: she can freely chosse beetwen a chador and a niqab

  • yaad

    Marcia Freedman is nothing but another delusional j street fool who has no understanding what so ever about the nature of the Arab israel in my view j street is a terrorist organization much more harmful to israel the Hamas. saying that the Palestinian issue is about human rights or a land conflict shows nothing but ignorance. the Arab israeli conflict is over a 100 years old and is an ethnic religious conflict that has nothing to do with land or human rights..

  • Historian

    Marsha Freedman is obviously a Alzheimer patient who comes and goes Worst antisemites are Jewish unfortunately. Her reasoning is so wrong There is NO environment that exist for any negotiations. PM Natanyahu is correct on every level.

  • steven L

    Or she must suffer from a selective case of AD.

  • steven L

    MF belongs to a mental institution.

  • Historian

    These people are racist Antisemitic heroics who have n idea about the Terrorist organization called Palestinians for sure the French people have always been Nazi sympathizers..

  • William Cannon

    The Almighty God has spoken,in Whom there is not a shadow of turning….I will bless those who bless Israel, and I will curse those who curse Israel. Woe unto the ones who despises the Living Word of God and brings cursing upon themselves. ….Bless thee O Israel…

  • James Bond

    How can you be pro- Israel and still call for its destruction,what do these people smoke,how can anybody in their right mind take take them seriously,they should be sent packing.

  • MO

    I suggest that Marcia Freedman should go live in Gaza…put her boots on the ground there to help the “Palestinians” and let’s see how they treat her!?

  • terryl delaney

    I am a Christian who first learned of the Holocaust as a young college student in the early 1960’s. I was deeply saddened that so many Jewish people had no means by which to escape Hitler’s final solution. As I read comments by people like Marcia Freedman today and the JStreet crowd I suspect that they are naive enough to actually believe they could safely exist as a minority among Muslims who have vowed to drive the Jewish people of Israel into the sea and drown them. It is neither intelligent or honorable to hear the openly made threats of Muslims and say, “They don’t really mean it.” May G-d watch over and protect Israel from those who have vowed to destroy her.

  • The Conservative Movement witch I am a member and synagogue supporter regrettably is now heavy with J Street members.

    • Robin

      This is typical of the Reform and the Conservative movements, where Judaism and love of Israel is so diluted that it’s unrecognizable.

  • I find this very disturbing. I find J Street very disturbed. Israel has enough problems. To have people of their limited ethnicity against them; for them not to have their eyes wide open is reprehensible on their part. While I may be able to understand what bothers them (j street ), their position is unacceptable and irrelevant to the bigger picture. Bottom line….J Street is Israels’ Judas.

  • Ben Gruder

    For someone of advanced years, she is incredibly naive. And apologetic for things that no speaker for any other people in a similar situation would be apologetic for.

  • nelson marans

    J Street pro-Arab, pro-Obama and pro-Israel destruction. Its mission is obvious. And is head, Jeremy Ben Ami, makes over $200,000 per year plus innumerable perks

  • Eve Laing



  • This J Street crowd are worse than the Nazis were in the elimination of the Jewish People and the State of Israel. All Jews need to come together and disband this anti semitic group if we are to survive as a people.

  • Wow! Can this utterly foolish and ignorant woman tell me just how safe and secure Jews are or ever have been in any Muslim country where Islam is enforced? Is she not aware of the tenets of Islam that are age old, ever since Muhammad in the 7th century, as recorded in the Muslim’s own “holy books”? They defy the very existence of Jews and vow to exterminate every last one of them by religious dictate, not because the Jews took their land or because Jews have offended them in times past but because Allah told them to wipe them out. How do you solve that problem for Jews in a country where they are a minority?

    Never mind Muslim states! Where in the world has it been proven reasonably safe for Jews long term for the past 2000 years? Spain? Poland? Hungary? Germany? Russia? Ukraine? France? Italy? Portugal? Sweden? England? Tell us!

    What a foolish woman that is! She is really set on Jewish suicide; either that or if she presumes to be safe from Muslim hatred because she advocates their cause, then genocide of the Jewish race. Does she think that she, as “a daughter of apes and pigs” will escape? What a useful idiot she is!

    And you, Lisa Behrendt, have you done any study of Jewish history? Are you at all familiar with Islam and its dictates and agenda? Now ignorant and naive you are! Are you Jewish? If you get your proposed way, it won’t be for long.

  • Charles Feinstein

    I will contribute to her moving to an apartment in Ramallah.
    When her new neighbors come by to greet her, she is not to call on any Zionists in the Army or Police to save her.
    As for all those who applaud all of the stupid self-hating nonsense that came out of her mouth, they should also live in the same building with her!

  • Hinda

    I am disgusted by these self haters who would have voted for Hitler in my opinion.

    May they become Muslim soon.

  • Jacob Corman

    when you look-up Alzheimers in the dictionary the picture of Marcia Freedman should be there in BOLD Letters. calling her stupid is an insult to stupid people. why do they hang wallpaper and let her and her cohorts live?

    • Jacob Corman

      moderation is NOT necessary.

  • aall55

    Wikipedia :”J Street is a nonprofit liberal advocacy group based in the United States whose stated aim is to promote American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Israel-Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically. It was founded in April 2008.”

    Obama is that leader.

    That ‘s all we need to know .


    jstreet is is all out anti israeli organization
    It should disclose who are its donors ,and then everybody will
    know its duplicious agenda
    They are undermining AIPAC efforts to defend Israel

  • marty kuper

    is this paper owned by Sheldon adelstein who advocates a non democratic Israel .. you guys are worse than fox news

  • Julian Clovelley

    Quite agree that the suggestion is ridiculous. However it does point to a reality that neither side seems ready to grasp and that is that the core of the problem is – and always has been – the delusion that there is a difference between one group and another where in fact no such difference exists.

    There is no such genuine difference, not in ancestry not in nature. The division is entirely cultural, and at the core of the cultural problem lie two religious delusions, themselves ultimately sourced in the same archaic and hopelessly incorrect religious fount, and with origins long preceding Judaism that date back to the birth of writing in the ancient Empires

    There will be no lasting peace until both groups get over that, and until the entire religious delusion is thrown on the scrapheap of redundant spiritual backwardness and distorted historical understanding.

    Division and difference are not congruent any more than ancient religions are congruent with an understanding of transcendence

    Unless human consciousness grows up a lot quicker I guess we’ll laugh about this in another few hundred years.

    The waste – that is the real horror of it all – the waste. We aren’t worshipping divinities at all – we are worshipping the act of writing – and writings unfortunately, by their very nature, aren’t consistent with each other.

  • bissel essen

    If this is true J street makes me barf. Let that old lady and those JEWS WHO AGREE WITH HER GO live in Gaza or with those loving Palestinians who ‘love’ the Jews so much they could just hug em to death or murder them any way they can.
    She says that while here in the U.S. Palestinian Kids are persecuting their fellow Jewish students at Colleges and Universities all across the U.S.

  • It is one thing for a Jew to want to decline the option, FOR HERSELF, of patriation to the only nation-state on the planet that is unconditionally motivated to guarantee HER right to exist/survive; It is yet ANOTHER for that same Jew to work affirmatively towards obliteration of that nation-state, against a backdrop in which the simple fact of being Jewish is now regularly putting Jews in the crosshairs of all manner of weapons being wielded not only in the Middle East, but now also in Europe. If I thought that Freedman would awaken and become sensible through exposure to the genocidal anti-Semitic propaganda regularly disseminated by the Palestinian Authority to its population, I would recommend such exposure; but clearly Freedman is impermeable to fact or reality.

  • Wolff Bachner

    Kapo Jews consigning us to slavery, dhimmitude and death. No thanks, I would rather die fighting for a Jewish stae of Israel.

  • Sumner

    J Street is jihad street. And these jinos are going to create a new class of of expelled Jews.


  • KMan

    Hey, start by establishing a protected community of J-Streeters, in Gaza or Nablus, see how this goes and then reevaluate… As an IDF S&R vet: Please do not bother phone us to come help you OUT… 😉

  • Barry

    An pseudo intellectual like Freedman, who oozes ignorance like pus from a pimple is enough to make me heave my lunch!

    What planet does she thing we live on when she says Jews could have a homeland of their own as a minority in an Arab country? And I’m tired of idiots like her saying we took this land. We, like several Arab nations, asked for a piece of land after the Ottoman Empire was destroyed in WW1. We, like several Arab countries, were given a piece of land by those Principal Allied Powers who had the right to do so. To state that today we should change what was perfectly acceptable law in 1920 to suit the likes of Freedman is wrong.

    But most of all the woman is a fool which is why she is part of J-Street. Case closed.


  • You J Street participants. I won’t call you Jews. I can barely call you people. The word that comes to mind is “morons”. The world has NO need for YOU. Go live in Palestine, and see how that feels. I’m ashamed of all of you, truly, I am.