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March 29, 2015 1:41 pm

Dozens of Israeli Arabs Beat Yeshiva Student in Northern Israel, Call Him ‘Dirty Jew’

avatar by David Daoud

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Israeli Arab students from Chadash high school attacked and beat a Yeshiva student. PHOTO: Facebook

Students from an Israeli Arab high school in Umm Al-Fahm attacked the tour guide of an 11th grade Bnei Akiva Yeshiva class visiting the area on their school’s annual field trip, Israel’s NRG reported on Sunday.

Last Wednesday, on the day of the trip, the group of eight yeshiva students began its tour through the Banias Nature Reserve, accompanied by their guide Avraham Snir and another guide. On the narrow path, the yeshiva students crossed paths with three Israeli Arab students from “Chadash” high school.

The Arab students then began to curse them, according to the report. Snir objected to their insults, to which the Arab students responded, “we are a thousand and one, and you are nothing. Wait, wait.”

Though Snir said he initially dismissed their threats, a few minutes later they once again encountered the tormentors around one of the curves in the nature trail. However, this time, they were accompanied by dozens of their friends.

The Bnei Akiva students say that approximately 40 or 50 of the Chadash students emerged, and were asking in Arabic, “Where is he? Where is he?” Snir realized they were looking for him, and when the original three Chadash students recognized him they said, “You think you’re a man? Now we’ll see what you’re worth.”

“Immediately, I realized that I was encircled by fifty agitated guys,” claims Snir, who then began beating and kicking him all over his body and striking his head. Snir says his assailants began cursing at him, saying, “we will kill you, you dog!” and calling him a “dirty Jew.” One of Snir’s students who came to his aid was thrown by one of the  Arab students into a wall.

After four minutes, the guide of the group from Umm Al-Fahm was able to intervene and bring the incident to an end. Snir said, “to his credit, he used his body to protect me, and even took quite a beating himself.” He was then taken away from the scene by reserve rangers who arrived shortly afterwards.

The incident was immediately reported to the police who arrived at the scene but did not carry out any arrests, because the assailants had already returned to their buses. Snir noted his disappointment, saying that he “felt as if the police were not making an effort to take care of the matter, and maybe were even trying to cover up the case.” Yet, he still expressed that he was “counting on the police to do all that is necessary to bring those who deserve it to justice.”

The Ministry of Education, which immediately ordered a halt to the Umm Al-Fahm students’ trip, noted that “we are taking this incident very seriously, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for racist comments and violence, regardless of who it comes from.”

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  • M.E. Simmons

    I should also say praise god for the man who gave himself to protect the guide of the group from Umm Al-Fahm and the other student who also tried to intervene.

  • M.E. Simmons

    The students should have been taken under arrest. Whipped with the cat of 8 tails and imprisoned for life. Their parents should be hung.

    there is absolutely NO excuse for that kind of behavior. It is the parents who are to blame when children act like that.

  • art frank

    Typical Jew hating arabs. A fifth column that should be expelled from Israel before they become a majority.

  • Al Talena

    1. Are the arabs of Israel loyal to the State or QUISLINGS?
    2. The Bnai Akiva students stood by and did nothing. Chilul Hashem.
    3. arabs no longer fear Israel
    4. Repeat of the 1921 pogrom as the police refuse to arrest arabs

  • deben de sacar a todos los arabes que odian israel,enemigos en casa doble peligro

  • Wm, J, Levy

    Israel better learn a teaching moment lesson from Arab attacks on Jews. These Arabs have shown their hatred of Jews and of Israel and sadly Yeshiva students are not the ones to deliver a stern warning to these haters, their families and the village eleders.

    According to recent polls 66% of the Israeli-Arab population would support the PLO. Throw them out. They are a time bomb waiting to happen as it did in the 1956 Gulf War when Arabs attacked Jews.

    How many lessons do Jews have to learn?

    By the way the biggest time bomb is the 60,000 illegal Africans now living in Israel and Israel is afraid to throw them out.

    Throw Them Out!!

  • murray silve

    i just wrote you something and your replay was i said it before. if i did i dont remember so i repeat what isaid because im right deport all the arabs before its to late

  • what are israels waiting for before they take over israel. they should be sent back right now. let them live in arab country. they come to israel because they know they can get away with anything.stop them now before they take israel over.

  • Virginia Apple

    Prove it by arresting these animals.

  • Wherever you are in the World it appears the corruption of Education persists. It does seem ironic that those proudest to be educated can so miss the point in Education. The lesson is to learn and if we can only learn of hatred, we refuse to appreciate the knowledge to be gained! Whatever Faith one holds, it belongs to those who profess that belief. It is not for anyone to deny any Belief system by the failure of their own Faith! Jews do not discriminate on the grounds of Religion, Ethnicity or Race. Islam needs to step up to the plate and demand the same credentials for its own Faith based belief System.

  • Those Arab students who attacked Israeli students, must be punished severely, ot this will escalate and become a consistent issue and threat.
    YJ Draiman

  • Moishe

    Israel’s enemy within, which is over 20% of the population, is a cancer spreading.

  • Desiree Siefkas

    please bring the people to justice whom beat this Israeli young man.prayers for all of the Israeli’s.

  • Dante

    The attackers should be expatriated and sent to the very desert.

  • noanoa

    Another typical example of arab primitiveness.

    Maybe Israel needs to speak their language, and beat them up as well.

  • It comes from only one scores and that is from the upbringing of the kids by their Parents who brain wash them from the day they are born.

  • Daren J. Bayldon

    Very sad to hear such filth. I’m not Jewish – But this type of behaviour must be stamped out. That means, all around the world. I pray and hope he will recover, and that his family will be with him during this sad time.

  • Cynthia Melenson

    If the police don’t follow up and take action, what good is having our own country with a government that is supposed to protect us?
    We cannot allow Arab youths to put our populace in fear and, moreover, to be encouraged to do so, knowing they can do so with impunity.

  • Remember Jewish blood is not cheap…never again RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  • Pinchas Baram

    why didn’t the 8 jews threaten that they would beat the crap out of the 3 arabs in the beginning of the incident? it’s called gaining the upper hand. if you’re weak in the moslem world, you’re a dead duck.

    sad to say, even among sephardi jews, especially loud, pushy moroccans, if you are nice, you end up being bulldozed or pushed aside. in general, and even among religious jews, manners and derech eretz are foreign in the middle east.

    the arabs, being more hot headed and aggressive than jews,especially nice bnai akiba ashkenazi kids who don’t know krav from maga, take this bulldozing middle east mentality one step further– hence this incident in the Banias area.

  • dina


  • Trish

    Police work in Israel sucks. My husband was assaulted there on two different occasions and reported it–the police treated him as if he had done something wrong and never filed the charges.

  • This wasn’t an “incident,” it was a brutal attack. Why weren’t there any arrests?

  • shloime

    and since when are organized tour groups not accompanied by armed guards? it would not be a good idea to shoot high school students, but warning shots and a few bruises might have stopped the swarming before it got started.

    the police and the ministry’s reaction is typical, and typically wrong, to cover up the incident, and to curtail tours – this is no way to solve a very real problem.

  • Joseph Ozer

    The Israeli army should have a very serious talk with the leaders of the Arab villages in that area.

  • JIm

    You complain about the lack of action by European police and governments when this sort of thing happens there. What is the Israeli excuse for not taking action, on their own doorstep. We are led to believe that there is no problems with the between Israelis and Israeli Arabs.

  • William E. Eubank II

    Fifty to one odds, typical cowardly Arabs.

  • hank Scheinberg

    Jews cannot take this crap from anyone. Get a bunch of guys to confront those anti semitic bastards and make them pay for their bullying.Never again

  • People who revere the sociopath Muhammad who personally decapitated 600-900 unarmed Jews will always attack Jews…it is in their DNA. As Winston Churchill wisely said: Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”.

  • yehudi

    the Jews should have had a soldier with them.

  • yehudi

    we hope for his refuah shalema and that he will be well.
    and that attackers will be found and brought to justice.

  • yehudi

    IF the yeshiva student had a .22 or some kind of firearm,
    he would have been in a better position. i know it disgruntles some people but the world we live in today, in israel, it really may behoove one to carry a weapon, especially out on a trail.

  • Alana

    If this happens now in Israel, imagine if Palestine gets statehood. Terrible.

  • Dale

    “we will kill you, you dog!” and calling him a “dirty Jew.”

    Passed down for generations, instilled from birth.

  • J

    Deport them all.

  • I left a comment about 2 hours ago, however I am not able to locate it. I “shared” it on Facebook page and it is not there either. Can you please sent the comment to me so that I can publish it? I neglected to make a copy.

    Thank you.

    Michael Kaplan

  • I am caught between extreme rage and unspeakable sadness. What crime did this guide commit other than being Jewish? And these boys attend a mixed school? What are they being taught? Where was the bus driver? School authorities? Other students? Surely someone could have helped before this man was beaten to a pulp!

    The leader said ” Are you a man? We will see what your worth!!” I would like to ask this boy: “A real man fights another man would not enlist the help of 40 of his friends but would fight alone.” Those who take part in gang violence are TRUE COWARDS! even the toughest warrior cannot compete with a gang of thugs: outnumbered 50 to 1!!

    Every student involved in this melee should be expelled from this school or tried as adults for assault and battery, and commuting a hate crime.

    This is Israel not France! What should our response as Jews be? Out Holy Book tells us that G-d is our avenger. We must pray for these Arab youth who haven fallen prey to an ideology pervasive in the Muslim world that Jews ( and Christians) are infidels, sub-human and a scourge to humanity. May HaShem have mercy on their uneducated souls.

  • Arabs Transfer

    The time for transfer of the arabs is now. Let Ha Shlema begin without negativity in our land.