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March 29, 2015 12:00 pm

Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon Says Iran Nuclear Deal a ‘Tragedy for the Whole World’

avatar by David Daoud

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Iran negotiators. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon on Sunday blasted the nuclear talks occurring in Lausanne, Switzerland saying that, “Iran becoming a virtual nuclear power will be a tragedy for the entire world.” His comments came as reports indicated that Iran and the P5+1 powers are on the verge of signing a nuclear agreement.

Ya’alon said, “In Switzerland, a very bad deal is expected to be signed with Iran, a country with an extremist and ruthless regime, which has succeeded in fooling the West.”

He added that, “Iran is sponsoring murderous and subversive terrorism, and has been negatively involved in every conflict in the Middle East,” noting that, “even today, Iran is involved – of course, for the bad – in the fighting in Yemen and was responsible for bringing down a Pro-Western government.”

Yaalon said that, “instead of punishing Iran,” for its destabilization of Yemen, “it is getting a prize. Instead of giving the Tehran regime an ultimatum to stop supporting terrorism…the West is welcoming Iran with open arms into the family of nations.”

Yaalon was not the only Israeli politician to express his misgivings on the expected deal. Prime Minister Netanyahu denounced the deal to his cabinet meeting on Sunday as “dangerous,” and that it “confirms our concerns and even worse.” He added that it was “dangerous for all of humanity and must be stopped.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi HaNegbi told public radio that Israel, “will not be bound by an accord concluded by others and will know how to defend itself.”

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz also criticized the deal, saying it was a “bad deal and full of loopholes,” adding that “very serious doubts also exist in the United States, Europe, France and Britain.”

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  • Andre Duran

    Hey guess what everybody? All of a sudden out, of nowhere the Army calls me after denying me a felony waiver 4 months ago saying they are now waiving felonies. The recruiter said he got the call 10 minutes before he called me that the Army is now passing waivers nationwide. I went in to talk and ask why. They said things just change.
    Ironically the March 31st deadline for the nuclear deal with Iran is tomorrow. Now the Army is waiving felonies? I stated to the room full of Army recruiters that I cannot and will not join the Army if the Commander-in-chief plans to attack Israel in defense of Iran. I hope and pray that all the servicemen of the US will drop their guns if that order was ever given. We as Americans shall never treat our closest ally as an enemy. We stand with Israel. The God of Israel is our God. I will never fight in defense of a tyrannical Islamic republic. I stand for freedom.

  • Do you want prevent nuclear terror? Do you care about you children and your family’s future? Vote for nuclear free Iran.
    A terrorist state must not be permitted to possess nuclear capability.
    Iran already controls; Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza, etc. how much more before we stop them from devouring the Middle East and more.
    When Israel takes defensive action for its survival. Israel would rather be condemned for its actions as a live Israel than eulogized as a dead Israel.

    YJ Draiman

  • Tzvi

    First of all I am truly happy that Israel re-elected Mr Netanyahu. I strongly believe,in my heart, he is the right choice for Israel, the Middle East and the World.
    Second is you can’t make deals with these people, you just can’t. A piece of paper and and hand shake is not going to cut it. The Iranian regime will do what ever they want if a deal is made in the favor of a nuclear Iran. Damn people look what they are doing to themselves over in the region. Just think what they will do to the western civilization, if given the chance. And Iran WILL use the bomb against the United States and Israel.
    Third point is when the Jews were given the land now called Israel there was nobody there. No civilization lived in these lands. When the Jews started growing fruits and vegetables in the DESERT boy they wanted part of that. Actually at one point Churchill stopped the immigration of Jews and allowed Arabs to the land. When I read this it confused me. But I suppose if you look at history it is confusing.

  • The only person that really pushes it is Obama through his puppet Kerry. I just hope that the Senate will vote against it.

  • Arnest Mekvan PhD

    US-Iran nuclear deal is full of pot holes must be understood by the US administration. US just look to its strategic interest but forgetting the security of a Little tiny nation of Israelis. Shiites are the greatest Satan on the earth is capable to drag the entire world into a great third world war. Obama administration must put the deal in open to understand the essence of the deal and invite the intellectuals for healthy discussion and also keep the worries of the Israel at the centre.

  • Arthur Cohn

    How could America get a Sec. of State as dumb as Kerry, and a President so ego-maniacal as Obama? They think that they can spin this to be for their credit. But while their poodles in the media can spin this for while, sooner or later this awful pact will bust, and their reputations will become mud!

  • Yale

    How does one sign a verbal non-binding agreement? By lip-synching? Rubbing noses?

  • Michael Palmer

    The ghost of Neville Chamberlain is a alive and well, living in the White House. He has openned the way for mass Nucleur Proliferation in the most unstable part of the world. Saudia Arabia, Turkey and Egypt will follow suit once they realize the GIFT that was presented to Iran.

  • You are mistaken. You write: “which [Iran]has succeeded in fooling the West.” It is not Iran, it is Russia, who has succeeded in all conflicts, in all visible and invisible wars all over the world. But Russia is a member of the 6 and somebody believes that it is useful in the talks (e.g. journalist Laura Rosen, who praised Russian delegate on one of the talks Mr. Ryabkov). Russia stands behind Iran and its main goal is to harm the USA, because it considers the USA its #1 enemy. Not Iran will destroy the West, but Russia. Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic countries and further to Germany and the other European countries. It proclaims: “EuroRus -from Gibraltar to Vladivostok”. It is maniacally goal of Putin and of Putin’s Russia, now.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    Pres HERR obama=collaborator with those who want to annihilate the JEWISH people and render ISRAEL JEWLESS.
    He is the most ANTI SEMITIC US Pres in history.

  • Sam Hager

    Can you trust OBama. He lies, he,cheats he must be a Muslim, as he favors them. He seems to do everything in his power to destroy Israel. Where did the Arabs ever determine that East Jerusalem was theirs? They never had a governing body, no currency, no laws. They never constructed housing for those unfortunate persons living there. So why do they now want their own governming body? They were instructed to leave Palestine when the 1948 war was fought. Israel told them to remain and be part of the new Israel. They wwere informed once you leave, you will have no claim to return

  • Ron Grant

    The true tragedy is the ongoing suffering and displacement of the Palestinian People and the failure of Zionist Israel to acknowledge their role and culpability in the Palestinian Nakba.

  • Obama is acting like the Germanwings co-pilot. By appeasing Iran Obama is driving the world into a fatal descent towards nuclear war. Congress is knocking on the cockpit door, but to no avail. Congress should break down the cockpit door while there is still time.

    President Barack Lubitz at the controls