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March 30, 2015 8:43 am

Report: As Nuclear Deal Closes, Iranian Troops Headed to Israel’s Border

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An IDF patrol. Iranian forces are approaching Israel's northern border. Photo: Twitter.

The Times – Iran is close to putting its forces on Israel’s northeast border for the first time, as its allies crush rebel groups in the Golan Heights area of Syria.

The prospect of Iranian troops being posted on a frontier that has been calm for decades is causing alarm in Israel, and comes as international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear ambitions near a climax.

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  • Wake up! Everything is well planned after the 2WW from the killing of J.F. Kennedy, the fall of the Iranian Shah, Obama fader targeted by white women, making the white house form white to black, Michael Jackson from black to white, Vietnam and Korean wars, the Arab Spring, Yemen war, Ukraine conflict, Nobel Peace Prize to Obama and EU, Turkey conflict with Israel. Worldwide anti-Semitic chain, demonstrations in Hong Kong, Scotland votes out of England. The Iranian regime of to day does what is the agreement whit those who did help them to take down the Iranian Shah and into power, just as Obama does. Who are those organized shadowed people? Africans could be made into slavery; Jews could never be slaves but killed round the world and in the 2WW, it is all about coward shadowed white man Nazis to dominate the world, but unfortunately there is China, who was occupied by Nazi Japan, to save the world from destructive disaster is that Israel must deal with Iran in well behaved political method and be in guard, the fall of the shah of Iran was well planned to create conflict between Muslims which did spray into Africa. The method of taking down any country leader is very simple. First in a kindly cooperation as for example oil technology assistants, financial help round the world, many countries are depended of Tourism as North Africa, Turkey, Kenya, Latin America, in all those countries man is infiltrated under cover ups getting in touch with the general people masses naïve people as people who are unemployed, people who are not satisfied with their government, street children, all kind of people who are out of the county system, which did always exist no mater what kind of government is trough all times. Those people are targeted into becoming naively organized political activist. When governments start to found out about those organized political activist, they get scared and start to arrest them, torturing and even kill them, them the white man will say that Gaddifi of Libya or Venezuela did torture and kill people, actually those people who were targeted into becoming naively political activist are crated by infiltrated white man who did target naïve defenseless into becoming political activist under nice cover up means of social Justice which is actually a fake staged psychologist plot into attacking all governments minds into fear and aggression created by coward white man. This did happen for the planning of the Arab Spring, it did happen in Beijing in 1989 student demonstrations by students who were targeted by white man trough nice face under cover ups as English teachers in universities in Beijing, China was attacked from the first moment China did open her door to the west! China has been attacked before by white man and Japanese and knows how to deal with white man. The Iranians poor people who were recruited didn’t know severely about the white man before the fall of the Shah, the Libyan naïve people did not know that the white man is after their oil recourses just as the naïve people of Iran. Because of the white man interfering in other country intern affairs the world is driving in to total chaos which now a day we see what is happening round the world. The solution is that man must deal with political conflicts under full knowledge of the causes behind the created worldwide chaos! We can see clearly in the Iranian nuclear meeting with Obama administration people smiling and laughing in to meetings as everything is well planned and everyone knows what all is about. All the issue is a mind attacks not only against Israel but against the entire global civilization. It is about time to stand up! Israel should not take the Iranian nuclear games seriously; Israel should late the whole Iranian and Obama administration trap to the international community and be in guard in their country borders. Let the Iranian attack first in the north border and do not react militarily in first step! Let the international community deal with it, if it does not work out! Then is up to the Israeli government to decide on en historical event of war which will harm all of the Middle East! It is best to behave in peacefully political solution than been mentally worried. Stay cool! Wait and see what does happen in other countries.

  • Virginia Apple

    The blood of any and all Israelis killed by Iran will be on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama and his minions.