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April 1, 2015 11:56 pm

Following War Assessment, Israelis Fear Hezbollah Will Target Gas Tanks

avatar by David Daoud

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Israelis are concerned that in the next war with Hezbollah, the Lebanese group will target petrochemical tanks in the North.

Residents of Haifa, in northern Israel, have expressed their fears that Lebanese based terror group Hezbollah will target ammonia tanks in the city, which store more than 15 thousand tons of gas, and will cause the deaths of tens of thousands of the city’s residents.

The Israel Defense Forces yesterday published a new scenario assessment of a war in the north of Israel with Hezbollah, the first put out by the IDF since 2007. According to the IDF’s estimates, in the next conflict with Hezbollah, Israel is expected to absorb over a thousand rockets fired by the group every day, a large number of which will have GPS guidance systems providing them with more accuracy to hit targets within Israel.

A senior source in the IDF said that, “today it is possible to fire rockets at all parts of the country – from Dan to Eilat. And it is no secret that the northern areas are in more danger. Therefore, our deployments there will be wider. If you ask me, the Home Front is not secondary or second. It is the main front,” according to Israel’s NRG.

“Our enemy has developed, and it is no secret that they are building up their capabilities and strengthening themselves,” said the senior source, adding that, “we are not remaining silent [in the face of these developments], but are working diligently.”

According to the source, the IDF has undertaken a program aiming to improve the Home Front’s preparedness, since according to estimates, hundreds – and up to thousands – of rockets will be fired at a wide array of military and civilian targets, and Hezbollah can also carry out accurate targeting which could lead to extensive civilian casualties.

This bleak assessment, which envisions that the next conflict with Hezbollah will be far more difficult than the Second Lebanon War in 2006, was handed off to the mayors of cities in the North.

This information did not come as news to the residents of Haifa. For years, they have been running campaigns against chemical refineries operating in the Haifa region and the north of the country. Their requests have been focused on removing these ammonia tanks immediately in order to prevent a life-threatening situation from arising at a time of war, leading to mass casualties.

Ella Naveh, an environmental epidemiologist, said that this would be like “a real nuclear explosion” if the tanks are “set on fire because 1,500 rockets are fired in one day, and directed by GPS guidance to target the [ammonia] tanks.”

Naveh, and other environmental groups, have thus been highly critical of plans to expand the number of petrochemical plants in the area, saying that it will greatly increase the already existing risk to the area’s residents.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection responded to residents’ fears, saying that it was “working intensively” with the Israeli government “to reduce the risk from the ammonia tanks in the Haifa Bay area, through the implementation of a resolution approved by the government to establish [an alternative] plant for ammonia production in the Rotem Plain, obviating the need for containers in Haifa, and allowing their closure.”

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  • Arnie Vogelmann

    Hezbolah will target any city they can. It doesnt matter the number or accurancy of their missiles they will simply release they stockpiles of rockets in a steady flow. If those gas tanks get destroyed and thousands die it will be the Generals fault.

  • Emmett

    Perhaps the “Israelis” in Haifa & Tel Habib have good reason to fear. They put their trust in their erev rav govt, unlike Torah & Mitzvot abiding Jews. But, I believe we can negotiate with the Arabs for peace. We can give them Haifa & Tel Habib in exchange for peace. Although giving land for peace in the past has never worked, I’m willing to take the risk that once the Israeli govt uproots/expells and destroys all the homes and structures in today’s Sodom & Gemmorah, and relinquish that land to the Arab enemy, they will all of a sudden like Jews and want to be friends, living side by side in peace. What do we have to lose but a majority of Israel’s erev rav leftist Jew haters, who are the root of all Israel’s problems.

    • Ivan Gur-Arie

      To surrender land for peace is to live in a hope that will never be. From the very beginning the Arabs did not want Israel and fought many wars to prove their point. Gaza was given up and what did Israel get in return – peace? No it was attacked with rockets and bombs, with kidnappings and slaughter. If Israel is to be destroyed and I believe that the attempt will be made then to hell with the EU, America, and all the other so called friends. We saw Obama in action with his red line, we saw a weak, deceitful man who is not to be trusted. Imagine that man saying he wants to bring in nations to a nuclear ubrells. The man is a f—cking joke. If Israel is about to be eliminated then it should act like Samson who tore down the pillars on the cannanites feasting in their temple. Sounds horrid, but ass the Blacks say Jewish lives count/

  • The world and Israel are on the brink. A few acquaintances — journalists familiar with middle east politics feel the same way.

  • art frank

    If the savages do that, then it’s all out war and lebanon should be totally destroyed. Meanwhile, Israel should develop underground storage tanks.

  • jerry1800

    a Hisbullah attack on Israel would be the end of Lebanon, so my modest guess, no war!

  • Eric R.

    Let the Lebanese government know that if these tanks are hit, that Israel will use nuclear weapons to obliterate Lebanon and 2 million people will die. Given that the Maronites and Sunnis do not want to be exterminated due to the Islamo-Nazis of Hezbollah, that will give them plenty of incentive to take out these missile silos themselves.

  • ric b

    During Cuban missile crisis Pres.Kennedy promised any attack from Cuba would be returned to USSR that supplied missiles.When Khomeini was shooting Jewish businessmen ,it only stopped when Israel promised return action.If Iran’s clients target ammonia tanks they have to understand what direct revenge they face

    • que se termine los paños tibios con los enemigos que conozcan la furia de la venganza, nadie quiere morir, korea del norte se hace respetar por su arsenal nuclear, nadie quiere morir incinerado, Israel debed e hacerse respetar y temer es la respuesta

    • Jfox

      Exactly, massive air strikes against Iran for every day of rockets. Take the fight to the viper’s head. While there, waste their nuclear sites. Cavemen should live in the Stone Age. Any remaining ordinance, drop on the ISIS reptiles on the return flights.

  • Atilla

    Israel must carpet bomb ALL areas suspected of harbouring Hezbollah missiles with fuel-air bombs, to hell with collateral damage.

    The time for ANY RoE is long gone.

  • DockyWocky

    I believe the solution to this threat would be to NOT store 15,000 tons of ammonia in one place, or to store it close proximity to Palestinian neighborhoods.

    • bruceps

      this is both a viable and relevant way to go.

  • Articles like this are totally counter productive, if Israel suspects attack such as this on chemical plants, protect the target !
    So since when did Hezzbolah get GPS capability ?
    Has Iran opened a “Bombs are Us” store?
    They fire one rocket, then is the time to use maximan force and strike back fully to destroy their ability to attack again, to do so with such complete destruction that they will be utterly decimated this will set an example, we have had enough no more, never ever again !
    Shabot Shalom Pesach !

  • Annihilate amalek first

    Secure the air and the ground and annihilate amalek first.

  • Marion

    My suggestion is even if there is a smidgeon of a suggestion that Hezbollah is going to attack Haifa & the ammonia tanks maiming, & killing thousands of Israelis; we “Bomb them to Hell” first.

    • Bill Channon

      Marion, my heart tells me that your suggestion is what to do -bomb the hell out of Hezbollah first but the rational side tells me that Israel must somehow demonstrate that it must absorb the first blow and then bury Hezbollah with everything they’ve got. Somehow, the world must at least see that Israel did not strike the first blow. But the return blow must be massive.

  • arne normann we only have the hope that this will not happen – or IDF one day could make the rockets Return to base With all the shit. Remins me of the nazi attacs on London during the 2.WW, and the V-1 rockets on route to England. The best the English Spitfire pilots could do, was to turn the monsters around and make them hit somewhere in Germany

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    The Oslo general Staff cadre is still in control of the IDF.
    As plainly as it can be we have seen a sequel of dismal so called military actions since the Second Lebanon War on wards. In not one case our military won outright.
    Israel needs urgently a full removal of the “rubber bullet” officers core and promotion of hard, determined fight to win officers.
    Hezbollah must be destroyed. Unable to rebuild itself.

  • Eric R.

    Israel will have no choice but to nuke Lebanon.

    Tell Hezbollah now that if they launch rockets like that, it is they, not Israel, who will be wiped off the map.

  • Howie Subnick

    I have all the faith in the world that the IDF can take care of Israel, but there is a lot that they cannot handle all at once. I am not a stratagist, but hoe to protect the tanks is beyond me. Air strikes NOW or very SOON MAY BE THE ONLY ANSWER. Then of course it will be the fault of the Jews….isn’t it all ways?! If Israel is going to be blamed for anything that goes on militarilly, what the hell, USE THE BOMB NOW!!! God Bless Our IDF In Israael. They are the heroes.

  • Leo Toystory

    If Israel delivers a steady stream of flux compression generator bombs at Southern Lebanon the humanoid type creatures of Hezbollah will have quite a time launching much of anything with a guidance system.

  • Max Cohen

    Since all is fair in love and war may I suggest an alternative plan to locating ammonia production in the Rotein Plain? Instead choose an area close to the Lebanese border, one where prevailing winds would carry ammonia fumes into Lebanon. Then, should Hezbollah attack Israel, Israeli rockets could blast a few tanks and send the fumes into Lebanon. Just a thought.

  • Dale Tenby

    This projected scenario is beyond horrific. I pray for an immediate plan of action culminating in resolution.

  • If Israel is threatened and in grave danger, it has the capability to wipe out Lebanon of the face of the earth. That applies to Iran and any other Entity that is taking action and posing a grave danger to Israel and its population. Israel has the duty and responsibility to protect its population at all costs.

    During the 1950’s and 1960’s The Christian Arabs were 60% of the population, they controlled the government and Lebanon was the Riviera of the Middle East. In the late 1960’s the Muslim radicals came in and over time killed many of the Christian Arabs and destroyed Lebanon. in 1983. An American Marine Barracks that was there to help the people was bombed and 241 Marines died, the Americans pulled out. After that Lebanon became a war zone and a free for all with various factions fighting for control and Lebanon became an unending war-zone. The Muslims took over and the terrorist organization Hezbollah supported by Iran took over.
    YJ Draiman.

    While Obama is the President of the United States, no American Ally can rely on the U.S.
    Obama, since taking office has failed to live up to agreements and treaties with U.S. Allies and their leaders.
    Obama has gone as far as stabbing American allies in the back and deserting them in time of crisis.
    Obama has caused immense damage to America’s credibility and prestige, to a point where some countries do not trust the U.S. at all.
    YJ Draiman.

    • Bill Channon

      All very true! Sadly.

  • jackson mushi

    it real Israel government should make all effort to protect its citizens from Hezbolah threat

  • A possible solution is the de-centralized production of Ammonia, i.e., not only in Haifa.

    Instead of producing for storage into gas-tanks, Ammonia must be produced on-line in quantities as required.

    Production costs will be very high but in case of a war damage costs would be much lower and much less casualties.

    • Reform School

      Like Y.J., Alex uses his head for things beside kippot. A gentle gentile physician friend suggests introducton of hazmat into its neighbors’ attack tunnels would serve to create a great-enough attitude adjustment to sour the milk of jihad.