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April 1, 2015 4:05 pm

Israeli Envoy to Sweden Celebrates Assyrian Christian New Year

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Israeli Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman celebrated the Assyrian Christian New Year. Photo: Embassy of Israel. – Israeli Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman celebrated the Assyrian Christian New Year with the Scandinavian country’s large Assyrian diaspora community amid the ongoing persecution the community faces in Iraq and Syria.

“Assyrian brothers and sisters, it is a tremendous honor for me as a representative of the Jewish state of Israel to be able to address you all on this great day—the ancient and glorious Assyrian new year celebration of Akitu,” said Bachman.

“Indeed the Assyrians and Jewish people are no strangers to one another. For almost 3,000 years, the sons of Ashur and Israel lived side by side in Assyria, the land of two rivers,” Bachman said, in reference to the Assyrian homeland in modern Iraq, which was also home one to a large and historic Jewish community until their expulsion in the mid-20th century by the Iraqi government.

Like the exiled Iraqi Jewish community before them, Assyrian Christians have come under an intense assault. Islamic State terrorists have expelled hundreds of thousands of Assyrians and other minority groups from their homes in northern Iraq and Syria amid a campaign to wipe the minority groups off the map.

Assyrian Christian groups recently spearheaded an effort asking that UN missions from various countries call on the UN Security Council to issue a resolution against Islamic State’s persecution of minorities and to take tangible steps to save those vulnerable groups.

The Assyrian people consider themselves to be direct descendants of the numerous ancient Mesopotamian civilizations such as the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians. Today, the Assyrians are based in northern Iraq’s Nineveh plains regions and in areas in northern Syria and Turkey, where they have fought to preserve the customs, culture, and languages of the area’s past, despite facing numerous waves of persecution, mass killings, and expulsions since the invasion of Islam in the 7th century CE.

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  • Ashur

    Thanks dear Benjamin,
    Assurian Blessings be with the State of Israel.
    In our New Year, I wish Israel a wonderful year ahead both politically and economically. Say hi to your respective Nation on behalf of Assyrian nation especially during current blessed days of Pesach.

    Best regards,

  • Jack Tucker

    The Anti-Zionists and Anti-Zionists always turn their eyes from the acts of terrorists, not realizing that once the process begins against the hated Israel and the despised Jews, it will never stop there. The Jews were thrown out of Baghdad and Aleppo, and no one cared. Now the ancient Christain communities are being destroyed. The world look the other way when the Jews on board the Achille Lauro were separated by the PLO from the other passengers, and Leon Klinghoffer was thrown overboard, and yesterday almost 150 Christians were separated from their Muslim comerades and then systematically murdered at Garissa University in Kenya. When indifference to the hatred of Jews rears up, it never ends there. The infection just continues to destroy everyone.

    • George

      Actually that infestation of hate ideology and xenophobia has been around for 40 years! It is the Wahabism of Saudi Arabia, and other desert nations. As the US sent its soldiers to fight for Kuwait, a Wahabi cult desert nation from a secular dictator (Saddam), the Saudis asked Bush to tell our soldiers not to bring bibles or to ware a cross around their necks. The soldiers were stupid to obey such a command, and Bush was a trator to accept such demand. Since that point the US was the junior partner in the Saudi-American relationship. The Saudis then used their petrodollars to build thousands of Wahabi mosques all over the world (as they disallowed any church or synagogue in their country)! The Wahabi hate infestation partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood to fuel terrorism on this planet as our politicians acted dumb cashing in their election contributions. After 40 years of such absurd foreign policies, only ignorant Americans do not know the full story.

  • Romena Jonas

    Thank you for Attending.

    Romena Jonas, an Assyrian Woman
    We are brothers and sisters.

  • Leopold Damast

    I saw the video from that speech. It was a great speech. Ambassador Isaac Bachman has shown to be an very Active and excellent representative for jews and the jewish state i Sweden.

  • Benjamin Moushi Benjamin

    When will the Jewish government recognize the massacre of Assyrian that was carried out by the Ottoman Turks and the Kurdish tribes in 1915?