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April 2, 2015 6:09 pm

Israeli Officials Blast Framework Nuclear Agreement With Iran as ‘Historic Mistake’ and ‘Detached From Wretched Reality’

avatar by David Daoud

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Israeli officials heavily criticized the framework agreement between the P5+1 and Iran over its nuclear program. PHOTO: PM Netanyahu's Twitter.

Israeli officials have strongly criticized the framework nuclear agreement between the P5+1 and Iran, calling it a “bad framework agreement that will lead to a bad and dangerous deal,” hours after negotiators in Lausanne, Switzerland made their announcement on Thursday.

Israel’s Channel 2 reported that Israeli officials remain unconvinced by President Obama’s guarantees that this “historic” deal “would cut off every path” to Iran developing the bomb. The Israelis view the agreement as a Western capitulation to Iranian dictates, and said, in the end, “it will not lead to a peaceful nuclear program, instead to a military nuclear program.”

Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s Minister of Strategic affairs, said that “the smiles in Lausanne,” and the optimism over the deal was “detached from the wretched reality in which Iran refuses to make any concession on the nuclear issue and continues to threaten Israel and all other countries in the Middle East.”

In response to President Obama’s assertion that the agreement would make the world a safer place, the officials in Jerusalem noted that if a final deal “is reached on the basis of this framework, it would be a historic mistake that would make the world much more dangerous.”

The Israeli officials voiced their fears that the framework agreement “gives international legitimacy to Iran’s nuclear program, the main goal of which is simply and only to produce a nuclear weapon.” They added that the framework would leave Iran, “with an extensive nuclear capability. It will continue to enrich uranium, it will continue to research and develop centrifuges, and it will not shut down even one of its nuclear facilities, particularly its underground facility at Fordow.”

Another worry troubling officials in Jerusalem, “is that this deal guarantees to Iran the complete removal of the anti-nuclear sanctions, as part of a guarantee that Iran will be allowed to preserve its nuclear capability.” They emphasized that the deal would not “require [Iran] to stop its aggression in the region, its terrorism worldwide, and its threats to destroy Israel, something they [the Iranians] repeatedly emphasized even in the last few days.”

Israeli officials emphasized that they were not seeking war against Iran, saying that the “alternative to this bad deal is not a war, but another deal that would significantly set back Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and demand that they end their aggression in this region, and against the world.” Steinitz noted that Israel would “continue our efforts to explain and persuade the world in hopes of preventing a bad [final] agreement.”

Earlier on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Tweeted that, “Any deal must contain a guarantee of Iran returning to the situation it was in before they had nuclear development capabilities, and a situation where it ends its aggression and terrorism.”

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  • David Goshen

    This is Munich II.The same time table.It will only take Iran 12 months to carry out its promise to try and wipe Israel off the maqp as they have been telling Obama during all the negotiations.
    The sad truth is that Chamberlan knew he had failed and although he put up a brave face to the public waving the agreement as “peace in our time” but when he met his cabinet
    he told them the truth -Hitler is a raving lunatic and war will break out in a year!
    Sadly Obama does not understand what he
    has done.
    Israel will suffer several hundred thousand dead and injured fro the promised Iranian attack..
    Iran on the other hand will suffer huge losses but will benefit from the final removal of the present regime
    resulting in the return to freedom in Iran

    • Peter Diffenbacher

      Well said.

  • Jon R.

    Algemeiner reader: “If I repeat my mantra–Munich! Chamberlain! Haman! Amalek! Esau hates Jacob! Hateful goyim!–maybe I can stop the voices in my head and the heart palpitations!”

    What a bunch of nut jobs.

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    Israeli’s should be on guard because Obama is a puppet of evil and he dances with the devil. The American christan people support Israel but about 39% who support BO do not support Israel. May God protect Israel.

    • Neyoooo

      u correct, evil is on the rise

  • Shabbot Shalom Pesach !
    What a sad day, to have leaders of Goverments agree,condone, sanction a fundelmentlist regim,
    Supposedly these are educated people, yet can not see past their own respective hubris, if power
    corrupts, then it is true absolute power corrupts absolutely .
    This so called “Deal” between a terrorist country and a closet “Muslim President” is the beginning of a catastrophic era.
    How such naïveté can flourish like a melanoma, the tendrales from
    Which will now reach across the world. Do not think for a heartbreak my Jewish Brothers,Sisters,Sons,Daughters,Cousins,Nephews and Grandchildren. I as a Jew have realized that we as Jews are all one family, even if I do not know your name you are my brother, loved
    prayed for each day. Though separated by thousands of miles and a plethora of language, we are one Family !
    Israel is our singular homeland, we all must take action, email
    Every Represenative in every state, from Biden down to county state reprsenitives with one message.
    ” This is my Home, but Israel is my Heart”
    We must defeat this Shanda of a “Deal”! We have enemies enough, knowing where Onama stands, so we have one more, we will by G_ds help survive.
    Early today, it only takes 10 minutes to find your represenitives email addresses, put in your words, ” NO DEAL WITH IRAN ” and send.
    Deluge their offices with a million emails !
    Shalom Hashem

  • Some wise wag said: “Politics is the art of the possible”

    Some people have felt that the anti-deal camp has failed to spell out any form of credible alternative.

    What are the alternatives?

    Either: NO deal at all.

    Or: War.

    Is there anything CREDIBLE in between?

    There is still plenty of time for this deal to unravel. Enshrining it into a written agreement by the end of June may not be all that easy.

  • Paul

    Who was it that said “If you want peace, prepare for war ” ?
    The threat of Iranian nuclear weapons will instantly give Iran what it is struggling to gain anyway – control of the middle east, and thus the economy of the oil-dependent western world.
    And they are succeeding. (The threat against Israel is the fig-leaf they wave at the world, to hide their true intentions, which the world is pleased to accept. Its them pesky jews out there. Does everyone ignore the claim that Israel has 200 nukes? Why on earth would they really threaten Israel when they have so many others in the area, who have the world’s oil ?)

    Negotiations ? Why on earth should they shelf their most ambitious plans, based on fanatic religious dictates, when by duplicity and subterfuge employed against the fumbling cowardice of the west, they are succeeding more and more ?
    Negotiations are a ridiculous game chosen by the West and played along with by Iran, for “peace in our time”. Rather than face the reality of what is necessary. Read about this in the history of WWll – nothing has changed except the face and ideology of the aggressor – the defenders have remained the same.
    The only thing that MAY stop Iran is the prospect of their total demise. The Western sanctions were a non-violent path, against a totally violent body, that could perhaps work in the long run if done consistently, strongly, with determination – just as sieges have brought cities to their knees in the past. In the name of their religion, they have no qualms about sacrificing the well being or even the lives of their citizens, who they would regard as martyrs. But the Iranians seem to understand very well that the USA and the bleating Europeans will do ANYTHING to avoid war, so long as they think they an alternative. And knowing that, the Iranians will just continue their games with the west, while secretly pressing on. They talk, and the centrifuges spin. every few days we hear of other things the Iranians already have that were unknown and have had no part in the negotiations – a new secret underground facility, the hiding of materials and technologies in North Korea and syria – things that turn what was negotiated into a bad joke. They already have the ability to reach weapons whenever they decide it is expedient. So it is now just a matter of tactics.
    The only way to stop them would be by a total, absolute ultimatum that would make them really decide to stop: prove that they have totally abandoned their capabilities, or prepare for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against all relevant targets. (They cannot be stopped by conventional bombardments or by ground action).This should be said with the intention of carrying it out if necessary.
    But there is not yet anybody in the world who will adopt such a stance – and therefore the Iranian plan is continuing toward success. They are waging a religious war against the world, and are winning.
    Who was it that said, that the USA can be counted on to do the necessary thing, but only after trying all the futile unsuccessful possibilities first.
    The only thing that may possibly save the day, if it is not too late already to prevent, will be a terrible wake-up call attack on the USA, like 9/11. With nuclear capabilities (and even without them), things could be done in the name of Merciful Allah that could make 9/11 look like a girl scout picnic.
    Failing that – the Iranians will get their bombs and delivery missiles, and when the West finally wakes up to the need to fight for their lives, it will be much, much harder – go read the history of WWll – history is repeating itself.
    But maybe we should be encouraged by the recent announcement of a deal with Iran – yeah, peace in our time !



    • shloime

      who said military action doesn’t work? israel destroyed the nuclear programmes in egypt, iraq and syria quite successfully. this mantra of “there is no military solution” is an invention of the obama administration. and it is not necessarily true.

    • Paul

      Bernhard, none of this is working. Even the agreement being discussed now will allow them to achieve nuclear weapons in ten years time. They are masters of subterfuge, and have been found to conceal many things that western intelligence does not detect. You may count on it that there are many more things going on than have been detected by western intelligence.
      To say the world will not tolerate war sounds good – if there is another option. If faced by a moslem takeover, will the west still not try to defend itself ? If the world were to KNOW Iran will have nuclear weapons, that they will take over all the oil-producing countries in the middle east and will hold the world by its throat – will the world STILL not be prepared to tolerate war ? War can be avoided, but only if Iran were to KNOW that their continued actions WILL result in war. That is the meaning of the sentence, “if you want peace, prepare for war”. So long as the Iranians know the that the West will not tolerate war – they will not stop their stated religious quest to take over the world.
      There is a religious war in place between the fanatic moslems and the west. And the Westerm cultures have not begun to fight back, to fight for their survival.

    • Shalom my friend,
      When Iran does have nuclear ability, will you then cry,lament say Kaddish, when they test their bomb on Israel ?
      Shabbot Shalom.

  • David Polovin

    I cannot say more or better than the author of this report. It is beyond shocking that whilst Iran repeatedly says what it means to do, to wipe Israel out, and is obviously intent on developing the weapons and systems of delivery to do it and behaves aggressively throughout by arming, training and directing proxy armies, the shameful US President and the European quislings beg Iran for peace and make major compromises in order to appease it. It will all end in war and the US and its cowardly, greedy Euro friends will not escape it.

  • Obama voit la fin de son mandat arriver et il sait que pour lui c’est terminé -La vérité , c’est qu’il ne sait pas quoi faire dans la situation internationale actuelle – Ce n’est pas un vrai leader.Mais dans ce cas là,on n’engage pas l’avenir en signant n’importe quoi ! Heureusement qu’il n’y a pas que les USA au monde….Et pour l’Iran,ce n’est pas encore gagné …Car Istaél n’est pas le seul opposant ! !Mais il est vrai que le temps est compté et qu’il faut se préparer sérieusement a intervenir -Ce qui aurait dû être fait depuis longtemps déja ! !

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Iran is an Islamic country guide by the religious leader who are lies as their cult are allowing them for the purpose to impose to the world the cult of Islam. This nation like other perhaps: North Korea, Pakistan, India, Russia and USA with other like France and GB are dangerous with they nuclear arm to other. Israel that had always not use they nuclear capacity even under extreme dangerous attack by Islamic forced had to face the enemy treat in a few Km. If the one negotiating were so close I’m sure they were not so easily take by the nose!

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    God please keep this world safe from Barak Obama. I was thinking about hisotry and different kings were nown by a characteristic they had or a description of them such as John the wise or Edward the Confessor, or Hugo the Bold. Suppose Obama was king(thank God for small favors) I suggest that he would be called Barak the Dunce,

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Any deal in which Iran has the capacity to forge ahead and make nuclear material is a huge loss for the world. Iran is intent on making many atomic bombs without a doubt because it is the ostensibly most belligerent country in the Middle East. Without sanctions in place, without any way to monitor the entire country, with 6000 centrifuges still spinning, without any complete stoppage of the manufacturing of ICBMs’ with Iran’s continuation of extremely aggressive bellicose behaviour throughout the Middle East and its galaxy extending to South America–all of this is reason NOT to try any kind of agreement agreement with this rogue regime. I agree with my democratically elected leaders here in Israel–this is a horribly reckless deal!

    • shloime

      the mullahs are not iran and iran is not just the mullahs.

      the trick is how to remove the toxic ideology that is driving iran’s foreign exploits. removing the mullahs would be a step in the right direction.

      it’s called “regime change”, but unfortunately the anti-bush cannot allow himself to be seen to be in favour of yet another policy of his predecessor.

  • Obama’s speech is quite convincing to everybody who doesn’t
    know agreement’s details, including me personally. When will we know them? How often during period of one year will inspectors be allowed to check the facilities of the nuclear sites? Do Iran
    has unknown sites? Those are the questions.

  • The results of such talks might be horrible. The P5 +1, actually P4+1 (I cannot count Russia as being interested in preventing of development of Iranian atomic bomb,- just in contrary), don’t want to accept that Iran is not a civilized country with which the diplomacy works, and,-the main,- they don’t understand (or they do not want to)the role of Russia who teaches Iran how to react on world efforts to press. Iran will easily trick the West and especially Mr.Kerry saying it will support the world efforts and will limit its nuclear facilities. It seems than the talks are just for the talks, nothing else. And they will likely continue when Iran tests its first Atomic bomb. Iran now uses passenger airliners to transfer weapons. It reminds as at his time Yassir Arafat used Ambulances to transfer weapons and terrorists. The only goal of Iran (it was also sounded in speeches of the Russian leaders long before that “framework” is to get lifted the sanctions.

  • Saying this is a mistake is an under statement. This guy does not like you
    Or the U. S. A.. I personally would back you all over Iran. They took our Embassy
    All you all did was almost sink one of our Elint ships. Your fight is with the Palestians
    You displaced. Iran does not have a Dog in that Fight. You already have at least one
    Maybe more. Nukes. They want one too. Ido not think some one that thinks he
    Will get 77 virgins in Valhalla if he whacks a bunch of infidels should have access
    To that kind of thing.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!

  • Larry A. Singleton

    I’m just finishing up the book on the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case; Until Proven Innocent. Our schools and academia as a whole is reflection of our decline. Liberals, with the help of Republicans of course, but mostly liberals have started this country off the precipice and into the abyss. And I think we’re close to the point of no return. In the case of our universities it’s like parents are in the back seat of the car and allowed their drunken teenagers to do the driving.

    Go to city and county meetings and see the empty council chambers and the attitudes of smug contempt “representatives” have for those few who do come to participate in the political process. As a country the majority of Americans are useful idiots who have no clue when it comes to the issues. None. And I’m talking local issues, let alone international issues. And the politicians act accordingly. Like the prosecutor in Durham North Carolina who tried to frame those college kids and that child predator Angela Corey in Florida who tried to frame George Zimmerman on behalf of this corrupt government’s “Justice” Department; they’re running amok.

    The arrogance and blatant corruption and chronic lying of Obamas administration and degenerates like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Eric Holder make me physically ill. They don’t even make a pretense anymore when it comes to their attitudes towards America.

  • What do you expect from a

  • Yale

    This “deal” is basically kicking the can down the road again. Iran has made clear that they have agreed to nothing until the final deal is reached, which now won’t be until at least June. What happens when they want another extension then?

    • shloime

      they will get it, so long as they can keep obama/kerry “talking”. obama’s greatest foreign policy insight is that he wants to “engage with” iran, instead of the “confrontational style” (sic) of his predecessors. (except that ronnie raygun supplied them with billions of dollars’ worth of arms on the sly, called the “iran-contra” scandal.)

  • Yosef

    I think the State of Israel should blame itself for this deal. For over a decade the State of Israel has tried to outsource stopping Iran saying it was the world’s problem. Stupid strategy that projected weakness, shirked responsibility, and allowed Iran time to develop nuclear weapons technology and delivery systems. Israel hoped President Bush would act but he didn’t. Did the stupid State of Israel really expect Baraq Hussein Obama to act decisively to stop Iran for the last 6 years?

    The stupid State of Israel used the IDF to expel Jews in the 2006 Disengagement, resulting in Hamas and its missiles and tunnels from Gaza, instead of using the IDF to take care of the strategic threat from Iran.

    If not now, when?

    • Fed up

      Stupid Jewish guilt and morality clouds our thinking.

  • Herve

    Take courage the God of Israel Elohim will protect and destroy Israel enemies. Do not rely on man (OSAMA>Obama bin laden to support ab=nd help Israel in any war. God Adonai will do your battle, put your trust in Him and His Son Yeshua.

    • shloime

      jesus is dead and doesn’t belong here.

    • Paul

      God helps those who help themselves

  • Bill

    Iran is attempting to acheive regional dominance in region created by the power vacuums created by the instability. An atomic bomb will give Iran the trump card. Kumeni and his follower wish the fall of the West and will stop at nothing. They wish to dance on Israels grave. They are delitghted that there is a rift between Israel and her allies. The more instabity the more they celibate. They believe that the U.S. is filled with rot and will cave. Afghanistan and Iraq are thie rexample of failure and naievty. They have no will to give thier aspersions and are sure the west will lose focus.

  • Michael Fox

    Obama has an agenda that is driven by his need for a legacy. Any deal is better than no deal is what Kerry and the clowns brought to the negotiations with Iran. Obama is a great packager. He wrapped this stink bomb with his usual slick snake oil presentation but stink is stink no matter how much perfume you disguise it with.
    So, unless congress pushes back, the money will flow into Iran as sanctions are lifted. This cash will buy lots of new and improved military equipment, including advanced guided missiles to be used against Israel by Iran’s Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. It will buy ICBM’s to one day deliver the nuclear warheads it will threaten Israel, Europe much of the ME with. The US will be powerless to stop them.
    A top Iranian general said yesterday, the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable. The US is referred to by Iran’s leading mullahs as The big Satan and Israel,the little Satan.
    The world may well pay a heavy price for Obama’s legacy moment but when the civilized world looks to America for leadership, what they find is an empty chair. Global complacency, seems to be the order of the day.



  • Since Nobel Laureate President Obama wasn’t able to resolve the Arab-Israeli Conflict, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry is using his renowned foreign policy acumen to persuade Iran to “come clean” with its nuclear weapons program. If only the Obama Administration received a healthy dose of reality, dayenu!

  • susan staehs

    How Despicable Is This Deal
    With Iran. Even A Child Would Know
    This Is A Political Deal!!
    It Is The Devils Plan..
    Now The Devil Is Meeting With Key
    Middle Eastern Countries In CAMP DAVID.

    There Should Be Riots In Our Country
    To Protest This Flawed Deal Between OBAMA
    AND IRAN !!!!!

  • Julian Clovelley

    This article suffers from the same problem suffered by so many articles on this subject, and by the entire realm of extreme Zionist rant against the Obama Administration. In all of this raving not once has an actual course of action been suggested. It all seems to come down to a belief that if we shout louder it will somehow magically change the sItuation

    Here it is again “Israeli officials emphasized that they were not seeking war against Iran, saying that the “alternative to this bad deal is not a war, but another deal that would significantly set back Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and demand that they end their aggression in this region, and against the world.”

    What deal are you offering? – Is it for example an offer to end the Occupation, close all the settlements and remove the blockade on Gaza, returning Israel within the earlier borders and offering discussions over Jerusalem in ten years time? Iran is not listening to “demanding” and it never will. It just makes the leadership even crosser. Shout at someone for long enough and they will either succumb – or more likely they will say “I don’t have to take that crap” and tell you to go to blazes.

    The word “deal” means offering something in exchange for what you want – what in this case Israel quite reasonably seeks. What’s the deal? What are you offering? – free cheese cake?

    Israel might claim that its own intransigence is based on Iranian intransigence. But I am sure that Iran would claim the problem is Israeli intransigence – so that line gets us nowhere.

    My impression is that none of this really has anything to do with Iran. No American Administration would be in any better position to negotiate so long as Israel refuses to shift its position. and offer a real deal. What we really have is an attempt by the Right in America to take power, and by the Right in Israel to retain it. The real issue is lost until Israel unilaterally shifts the Goal Posts – but there is no way the Right will do that, or that Ultraconservatism in America will abandon what it sees as a potent weapon of propaganda to seize de facto control of the Jewish community and Jewish Corporate political donations. The Right is posturing and that posturing makes the situation vastly worse. Iran undoubtedly sees itself as having to make a stand against the possibility of a Right Wing Republican Government coming to power in America on the backs of an extremist ultra conservative Christian Fundamentalism hell bent on starting a Crusade.

    It is the obvious real dynamics of the situation – Small wonder that Iran is angry at being used as pawns in an internal American political game. The Jewish community should be equally offended

    Might even get somewhere then… Raising the temperature won’t

    • shloime

      israel will surrender land captured in defensive wars, when america gives back texas and california to it rightful owners, and dismantles its settlements there. and allows mexico to station troops and missiles 50 miles from new york and washington.

      your excessively long tirade says very little about israel, but lots about your prejudices.

    • GC Rivera

      Be careful – your comments are sane!

    • zadimel

      I find your statements to be hell bent on the destruction of the Jewish State,which has on numerous occasions offered to withdraw from portions of the original British Mandate during negotiations with their Palestinian Arab opponents. For over 100 years efforts to create an independent Jewish homeland in its ancient,but foreign occupied ancestral land of over 4000 years have been thwarted by many, including Assyrians, Babylonians,Greeks,Egyptians ,Romans,Byzantines,Muslims,Crusaders,and Britains. But the Jews have outlasted them all.

      • zadimel

        Despite these invasions and occupations, the Jews never left. As a consequence of the Bar Kochba revolt in 135 CE, many of Judea’s Jews were driven away by Rome,but many remained. And so it was when Muslim invaders in the 7th century came storming out of the Arabian Peninsula to conquer Judea, and every invasion since then. The Jews were, indeed, the native population, and the Arabs were the occupiers! But what does this history have to do with the potential agreement between the USA and Iran? Iran, along with most of the Arab Muslim world, has declared its opposition to the Jewish State, and has repeatedly called for its destruction. At the present time Israel has the capability of removing Iran from the map with its 200-400 nuclear devices. And the leadership of Iran has accepted the possibility of 50 million Iranian deaths as a sacrifice to the ultimate destruction of the Jewish State. I do not want either to happen.

    • Paul

      Your intelectualizing hides your prejudice,as does Iran by playing with the negotiations while winning their struggle toward becoming a nuclear power.
      If you read the Hamas charter you will find they hate jews and Israelis because of the Koran, not because anything Israel does in regard to the Palestinians (Just as you appear to simply hate Israel, and use rationalization to support this prejudice).
      Iran is struggling for world power. Do you really think they are going to the tremendous expense and effort of developing nuclear weapons just to fight Israel ? Instead of immediately taking over the middle east (as they are trying to do by conventional means already). They know Israel has nuclear weapons, and if Irasn were to nuke Israel they would be nuked out of existence. Do you think they subject teir own population to the hardship of the sanctions just to fight fior the Palestinians ? Ar ethey so interested in nuclear civil ability to help their own people, when they are subjecting those same people toterribble suffering in order to continue their nuclear program ?
      Wake up !! start REALLY thinking, rather than useing your intellect to only rationalize your prejudices.

  • Fred Zariczny

    It amazes me that those with the power to continue to put limitations on Iran’s capabilities of developing nuclear weapons continue to act like ostriches with their heads in the sand, either not realizing – or worse yet -realizing the consequences of their actions. We will continue to pray for the nation of Israel…

  • Louis Stanford

    If only the US Congress could impeach Obama for reckless endangerment of the US and global community.

  • “Obama´s historic deal” reminds me of British Prime Minister Chamberlain upon his return from Germany agter Hitler signed an “agreement” that was later used as bathroom paper. – Same thing will happen with the Iranians, since they only agreed to said agreement only “to gain time”. Wait and see. – Did the agreement ionclude to “stop importing Uranium from Venezuela”?

  • The framework shows how pitiful the US team led by a rank amateur, John Kerry is. He just mimics Obama who doesn’t have a clue and never did.
    IF Congress and the people don’t object, this country is going down the tubes.

  • Jon R.

    Oh dear, the Saudi/Israeli invasion of Yemen didn’t prevent a nuclear deal with Iran. Woe is me!

    Good work, negotiators! Now its time to expand our strategic relationship with Iran and get beyond the disastrous Israel-inspired policies that have hung about our neck for over a decade.

    Happy late Nowruz to all!!

  • One can only agree with this report. The outcome of these so called P5+1 is as expected. Iran has one objective to head up a third caliphate and exterminate Israel. Let us all hope Sunni and Shia currently in conflict in Yemen and elsewhere focus on their own war and leave the rest of us out of it. Neither Saudi nor Iran can be trusted to give up the desire for world domination by imposing Islam on us all.

  • a deal has been made .. it is obvious Israel you know what to do.. the angel of death is near……..U.S. omits Iran and Hizballah from terror threat list

  • dante

    if the agreement is concluded on the terms outlined, it will prove to be an enormous and costly mistake AND the smiling fools will have earned a place next to chamberlain, baldwin, hoare, inskip, et al.

    as criminally gullible as chamberlain was, it can at least be said of him that he had no clear instructional example from which to learn. THE SAME CANNOT BE SAID OF THE SMILING FOOLS OF THE p5+1. they have had the example of all the insane and disabling compromises made by the britain, france, etc.

    the p5+1 made many promises, many representations of what an acceptable agreement would include. but, faced with iranian opposition, they have, as expected in tehran, capitulated to iranian terms. (yes, yes, the iranians calculated that they could, in a display of feigned reluctance, throw a sop to obama and accept terms that they knew would not impede their nuclear programme.) and, most guilty of all the guilty men, are obama and kerry. all “high fives,” smiles, backslapping, self-congratualtion, “we really pulled it off”; “they said that we couldn’t do it, but we did,” etc., etc. and, all that these fools have managed was a betrayal of themselves, their traditions, what they claim to be their values, and, in that, a betrayal of their children.

  • .

    Everyone do not get excited. Tomorrow is Passover. Israel knows what it must do now and it will. We have dealt with Haman , Pharoah and Hitler AND WE ARE STILL HERE. NEVER AGAIN….

    • shloime

      a slogan, even a very good one like “never again”, is worthless unless it is backed up by ACTIONS. not only has obama demonstrated that he will not act, but he has actively subverted israel at every turn, including this week’s declassification of a report on israel’s nuclear capability.

      a better slogan, in this case, might be: “lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way!”

      hag sameah.