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April 3, 2015 11:39 am

Criticism by US Lawmakers Mounts on Iran Deal as Obama Faces Potential Senate Showdown

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U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he is "confident" in a strong vote on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Photo: U.S. Senate. Criticism by US lawmakers of the Iran nuclear framework deal announced on Thursday is mounting as President Barack Obama faces a possible showdown with Congress over its role reviewing the agreement when it returns from recess on April 14.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) ripped apart the nuclear deal with Iran, arguing that President Obama’s negotiation team was worse than Great Britain’s pre-war Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s attempts to appease Nazi Germany in 1938.

“Neville Chamberlain got a lot of more out of Hitler than Wendy Sherman got out of Iran,” Kirk said in reference to Obama’s top State Department negotiator on the Iran deal, Politico reported.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement that a we “must remain clear-eyed” regarding Iran’s intentions and “long history of covert nuclear weapons programs, support of terrorism, destabilizing the Middle East.”

Corker, who is a co-sponsor of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 requiring any final agreement to be submitted to Congress for a 60-day review period before U.S. sanctions on Iran could be waived or lifted, said that he is “confident of a strong vote on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee takes it up on April 14.”

While Senate Republicans support the Iran review bill, Democrats have been under intense pressure from the White House not to support it. Republicans would need at least a two-thirds majority if they seek to override a potential Obama veto.

The top Democrat on the foreign relations committee, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said that while Congress has the right to review the agreement, he didn’t want to undermine the president.

“I want it to strengthen the president, not weaken the president, I don’t want it to undermine negotiations,” Cardin said on Thursday, Politico reported.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio), who is leading a congressional delegation to Israel this week, said that the parameters of the deal are an “alarming departure from the White House’s initial goals.”

“After visiting with our partners on the ground in the Middle East this week, my concerns about Iran’s efforts to foment unrest, brutal violence and terror have only grown,” Boehner said in a statement.

“It would be naïve to suggest the Iranian regime will not continue to use its nuclear program, and any economic relief, to further destabilize the region,” he said.

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  • nelson marans

    President Obama is intent on nailing the lid on the coffin of Israel, albeit not in three months but in a year. He knows exactly what he is doing and we should have been aware of this prior to entering office. His support by Jewish voters will go down as one of the worst mistakes ever made.

  • Iran’s dream to establish a third Caliphate becomes ever nearer. Saudi and the Gulf States will be part of Iran/Russia’s program for defeat of the rest of the Middle East. Once this end has been achieved where will Russia move next?

  • Timmy Lamse

    I listened to the President as he spoke from the White House steps regarding the deal with Iran. He bragged about what had been agreed to. He wants to be remembered for this deal. I kept waiting for him to include the name of the nation of people whose leader came to our country and addressed our Congress to help them understand the evil surrounding Israel everyday. The Prime Minister asked that we include Israel’s safety as part of the deal. He wanted the daily threats to stop. Obama made no mention of Israel, as though the danger of total destruction that threatens Israel and the people in Israel everyday, all day, is unimportant. Obama is an extremely unkind human being. That is how I will remember Obama.

  • Yale

    Question 1 is whether the White House fact sheet on the framework matches what Iran understands the agreement to be. If it doesn’t, then Congress must pass the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 immediately to prevent Obama from signing on to something very different from what he is now claiming.

    I hope that even Democrats in Congress
    realize that if what the White House is claiming about the framework isn’t true that that constitutes unavoidable grounds for Congressional involvement in the Iranian nuclear weapons issue.


    its shameful how antisrael and antisemitic obama can be.

  • Bill

    Obama got “peace in our time” we should put it on a T-shirt especially Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  • John Stefanyszyn

    Obama is confident in the “Worship of Freedom Rights”.

    Israel demands, in the name of freedom of rights, its right to existence.
    Iran demands, also in the name of freedom of rights, its right to nuclear power.
    ( Israel may not have nuclear energy but it does have nuclear weapons.)

    Both believe in the SAME “IMAGE OF FREEDOM” for their rights.

    (by the way, the Palestinians also demand, in the name of freedom, their right to exist as a state within their claimed land….which the Israelis believe instead to be rightfully theirs.)

    President Obama has confessed that this FREEDOM is the light, righteousness, and way of peace of man.

    So why does this “FREEDOM” produce instead conflict and hatred?

    FREEDOM OF RIGHTS in itself is not preoccupied with the well being of the other…it is preoccupied first and foremost with the freedom for oneself to do what one establishes to be right in their own eyes….as Cain arrogantly and defiantly declared after he killed his brother Abel ” …am I my brother’s keeper?!”

    And this FREEDOM dictates that it is RIGHT, a right, to be free to worship ANY ‘god’.
    …for this FREEDOM confesses that the Jews are free to worship their gods.
    …for this FREEDOM confesses that the Christians are free to worship their gods.
    …for this FREEDOM confesses that the Muslims are free to worship their gods.
    …and this same FREEDOM confesses that man is free and has the rights to be a fornicator, an adulterer, an abortionist, a homosexual, a polygamist, a sorcerer, a liar, a warrior, a capitalist, a communist, etc.

    BUT the One Creator said that man is to worship Only Him, that it is sin to worship other gods, that man is not free to worship other gods…for the penalty of doing so is death ( yes, man will be judged by the One God…no freedom of choice here)

    And His Anointed Son, the Lord Jesus said that it is written that man is to worship the One Lord your Creator and Him Alone to serve in obedience and love, love for Him first and foremost and love for, to do good to, the fellowman (friend or foe).

    Very soon, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to rule the earth as the One King according to the Will of the One Creator ‘I AM’ and NOT according to man’s first love for “his freedom” to establish “good and evil” for his self desires, to do what is right in his own eyes, to serve and magnify oneself (XES)….and there will be great anger and intense weeping when man’s freedom will be no more.

  • AT least some have sens enough to see and understand what the negative impact on any deal with Iran would be.

  • Either Obama is naïve, which is unlikely , as a Harvard graduate who has reached his position. The other possibility is that his personality is sufficiently vindictive to indulge an implacable dislike of Netanyahu, at the expense of both America’s and Israel’s security. The third possibility is that for reasons we do not know but can guess at, he deliberately wishes to destabilize Israel. None of these possibilities are a very good reflection on Obama as a suitable President of the world’s most powerful nation

  • Mark S. Devenow Esq.

    Warning, the words of a liberal Jewish fool follow and they are enough to make any sentient person heave: “The top Democrat on the foreign relations committee, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said that while Congress has the right to review the agreement, he didn’t want to undermine the president.
    “I want it to strengthen the president, not weaken the president, I don’t want it to undermine negotiations,” Cardin said on Thursday, Politico reported.”

  • Cynthia Gage

    Since Obama has been fraudulently re-elected, we are now seeing his true colors. It is not overlooked that many of the cabinet members were either outright or staffed with Muslim Brotherhood members. I would not in the least bit be surprised if Obama himself is also Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t listen to what he say’s anymore because he is a good liar, but i do watch what he does and it is not in line with the American principals or morals. I hope that this deal doesn’t go south for us, however Iran has made it clear that they believe Obama to be a Boy and not worth listening to.
    Heaven help us all if Iran gets the Bomb….

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Ben Cardin is another wormy Democrat for whom party loyalty is more important than doing what is right for America and the world. It does not sound as if he is in favor of the deal, but rather his concern is not to undermine a President, who needs undermining.

  • I don’t trust a

  • Ben Lopez

    What ever the lord has to come,let it come.God be with the inited state!!just dont show all our cards at once!

  • Iran the destabilizing factor in the Middle East and beyond..

    Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and it seeks one of the world’s most terrifying weapons: a nuclear bomb.

    Israel’s PM speech in Congress just reinforced our resolve to stop Iran’s Nuclear development at all costs. The alternative could bring the world to a nuclear Holocaust.

    Iran also has developed the largest ballistic missile force in the Middle East, which poses a growing threat to U.S. bases, U.S. allies, and numerous other countries in the region.

    The rogue regimes in Iran pose some of the most dangerous threats to U.S. national security interests. Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and is rapidly expanding its nuclear program and ballistic missile force plus other offensive weapons and methods of terror. Regrettably, the Obama Administration has failed to formulate effective policies to address the challenges posed by the rising power of Iran and its unpredictable regime.
    Iran has been hostile to the United States since 1979, when a revolution brought to power a cadre of anti-Western Shia Islamist revolutionaries who dubbed the United States the “Great Satan.” Iran has tried to export its Islamist revolution violently to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Gaza and Saudi Arabia by supporting Shia radical Islamists in each of these countries. Tehran helped to create the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon and has supported a wide variety of terrorist and revolutionary groups throughout the Middle East. It became the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism to advance its foreign policy goals and punish its enemies.
    In recent years, Iran’s hostile regime has been one of the chief beneficiaries of the political turmoil that convulsed the Middle East during the “Arab Spring,” which distracted the United States and other countries from the ongoing standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. The dramatic events diverted international attention from Tehran’s stubborn defiance of four rounds of U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions on the nuclear issue. The political upheaval in the Arab world also has toppled a government in Egypt, and recreated a new government headed by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Iran undermined governments in Jordan, Bahrain, and elsewhere, that firmly opposed Iran. Although Bashar al-Assad’s pro-Iranian regime in Syria also has been weakened, strong support from Iran appears for the moment to have evened the balance of power in Syria’s civil war fueled by Assad.

  • Otto Schiff

    In my opinion Nuclear bombs should be outlawed world wide.
    That includes the USA. Even their use in Japan should be regarded as a war crime.

  • wm.j.levy

    Once again the Iranians have won or to be more precise America has lost.

    With this president we would all be speaking German and Japanese if he was in charge of WW II or to be more precise you and I wouldn’t be around to read this.

    I wish Israel would drop 10 nukes on Iran totally destroying their military might before they do it to us.

    No matter how strong Israel is she didn’t preempt the Arabs in 1973 because Golds didn’t want the world to be angry with Israel so instead we lost 3,000 Jews. Idiots.

    What’s going to happen next?

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Obama is an enabler for the genocidal Islamists in Iran.

    So too are Democrats like Sen. Ben Cardin, indirectly, who seek to enable Obama.

  • Rina scott

    Iran cannot be trusted.

  • noellsq

    Cardin said he wanted to strengthen the president not weaken him and undermine negotiations, this makes a lot of sense except the main thing is a good deal and i feel that the POTUS has a lousy track record

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    That infamous deal MUST be scrapped by Congress !!!!!!!!!!