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April 3, 2015 9:10 am

Israeli Security Cabinet Unanimously Opposed to Iran Nuclear Deal

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that any final deal with Iran must include Israel's right to exist. Photo: Israeli Prime Ministers Office. – The Israeli security cabinet is “united in opposition” to the Iran nuclear framework deal that was announced on Thursday between Iran and world powers in Switzerland.

In a statement following the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that any final nuclear deal must include Iran recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

“Israel demands that any final agreement with Iran will include a clear and unambiguous Iranian commitment of Israel’s right to exist,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu added that Iran has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction, even while negotiations were taking place with the P5+1 (U.S., U.K., France, Russia, China and Germany) world powers.

“Iran is a regime that openly calls for Israel’s destruction and openly and actively works towards that end.” Netanyahu said. “Just two days ago, in the midst of the negotiations in Lausanne, the commander of the Basij security forces in Iran said this: The destruction of Israel is non-negotiable.’ Well, I want to make clear to all. The survival of Israel is non-negotiable.”

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  • John Stefanyszyn

    Israel demands, in the name of freedom of rights, its right to existence.
    Iran demands, also in the name of freedom of rights, its right to nuclear power.
    ( Israel may not have nuclear energy but it does have nuclear weapons.)

    Both believe in the SAME “IMAGE OF FREEDOM” for their rights.

    (by the way, the Palestinians also demand, in the name of freedom, their right to exist as a state within their claimed land….which the Israelis believe instead to be rightfully theirs.)

    President Obama has confessed that this FREEDOM is the light, righteousness, and way of peace of man.

    So why does this “FREEDOM” produce instead conflict and hatred?

    FREEDOM in itself is not preoccupied with the well being of the other…it is preoccupied first and foremost with the freedom for oneself to do what one establishes to be right in their own eyes….as Cain arrogantly and defiantly declared after he killed his brother Abel ” …am I my brother’s keeper?!”

    And this FREEDOM dictates that it is RIGHT, a right, to be free to worship ANY ‘god’.
    …for this FREEDOM confesses that the Jews are free to worship their gods.
    …for this FREEDOM confesses that the Christians are free to worship their gods.
    …for this FREEDOM confesses that the Muslims are free to worship their gods.
    …and this same FREEDOM confesses that man is free and has the rights to be a fornicator, an adulterer, an abortionist, a homosexual, a polygamist, a sorcerer, a liar, a warrior, a capitalist, a communist, etc.

    BUT the One Creator said that man is to worship Only Him, that it is sin to worship other gods, that man is not free to worship other gods…for the penalty of doing so is death ( yes, man will be judged by the One God…no freedom of choice here)

    And His Anointed Son, the Lord Jesus said that it is written that man is to worship the One Lord your Creator and Him Alone to serve in obedience and love, love for Him first and foremost and love for, to do good to, the fellowman (friend or foe).

    Very soon, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to rule the earth as the One King according to the Will of the One Creator ‘I AM’ and NOT according to man’s first love for “his freedom” to establish “good and evil” for his self desires, to do what is right in his own eyes, to serve and magnify oneself (XES)….and there will be great anger and intense weeping when man’s freedom will be no more.