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April 3, 2015 3:21 pm

Russia Will Deliver Advanced S-300 Missiles to Iran if Sanctions Lifted Under Nuclear Deal, Defense Expert Says

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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The S-300 anti-aircraft missile system at the Victory Parade, Red Square, 2009. Photo: Wikipedia.

Russia is ready to restart a deal to deliver advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran if the UN lifts its sanctions on the Islamic Republic, Iran’s semi-official state news agency Fars reported on Friday, citing a leading Russian defense expert.

The new possibility follows the announcement on Thursday of a framework nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers which will include the lifting of sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

“Lifting sanctions on Iran, including the arms embargo, would be an absolutely logical thing to do,” said Igor Korotchenko, who heads the Global Arms Trade Analysis Center think tank in Moscow. “Of key importance to us is the delivery of the upgraded S-300 missiles to Iran… A contract to this effect could be resumed on terms acceptable to both Moscow and Tehran.”

Tehran and Moscow signed a deal in January to expand their defense cooperation and also resolve issues that have prevented the delivery of Russia’s S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran in recent years. The agreement was penned by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan and his Russian counterpart General Sergei Shoigu.

Iran originally signed a $800 million contract to buy five S-300 batteries from Russia in 2007. The deal was strongly opposed by the US and Israel and was delayed in 2010 by then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev because of Iranian sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. Iran then sued Russia for $4 billion in the international arbitration court in Geneva and the lawsuit is currently pending review.

In February, Russia also offered to supply Iran with Antey-2500 missiles, an upgraded version of the S-300 air defense system.

In 2013, Russia contracted an agreement to deliver S-300 missiles to Syria, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vehemently opposed. Netanyahu reportedly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Israel would destroy a Russian delivery of missiles to Syria.

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  • German

    Russia wants to keep sanctions against Iran because of a threat of collapse in prices on oil.

  • norberto resnik


  • We should not be surprised that Russia is now flexing its muscles and has recently made a military pact with Iran. Nor should we be surprised that Iran is now on the path to developing nuclear weapons and ICBMs that will be able to hit any target in America. Nor should we be surprised that President Barack Obama believes the “Deal” is an “historic achievement” that will keep Iran from getting the “bomb”.
    We should also not be surprised that the ancient Hebrew prophets predicted these very events taking place some twenty-five centuries ago led by a great latter day nation code-named “AMERIKA” and “AMRYKH” (America).
    Has the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forewarned His people about the treachery of these coming events? Discover what the ancient prophets had to say about America’s betrayal of Israel by going to:

  • judorebbe

    Don’t worry, they’re for peaceful purposes.

  • We should not be surprised that a nuclear Russia is now flexing it’s military muscles and has recently made a military pact with Iran. Nor should we be surprised
    that Iran is now on the path to developing nuclear
    weapons and ICBMs that will soon be able to hit any
    target in America. Nor should we be surprised that U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen not to challenge (Red
    line) Russia or Iran’s pursuit of military supremacy.

    * Did you know that the ancient Hebrew prophets
    predict6ed that a great latter day nuclear
    nation (Russia)would head a confederation of
    nations that would include a nuclear Iran
    against a great latter day nation code-
    named “Babylon”?

    * Did you know that this great latter day nation
    code-named “Babylon” is named in the Hebrew
    Scriptures not once but twice as “AMERIKA”
    and “AMRYKH” (America)?

    For the answer to these questions and much more go

  • An arms race is mounting, I see only one scenario WWIII. Iran is as hell bent on destroying the US whether or not there is a Muslim in the White House. I believed at one point Russia had more sense. On the other hand what game is Russia playing? Something like Russian roulette?

  • Leah B

    The world is going from bad to mad. Obama the vindictive narcissist and the so-called leader of the free world is to blame for what is happening around us, catapulting nations into arms races, nuclear races, while innocent persons will pay, with destroyed cities, and damaged souls. It makes me feel ill to think that so little wisdom resides in the leadership of the US and that he has the power to make crucial decisions which will affect the course of history and the lives of billions. How is this possible and how is he any different to the other madman Hitler of the 1930’s who was also a narcissist and used persuasion in mesmerizing his audience, and who also rode on his personal deficits to dominate the world. Congress must act. Where is Sanity? The toxic dangerous Obama
    must be thrown out to return to community organizing which is his chosen level of expertise. More sophisticated strategic thinking work is not in his range, although he puts on a good show with bravado, posturing and pretense.

  • Here we go again, the deal is not even signed yet and the peaceful Iran already is looking how they can improve and increase their war and destruction machine. So is it any wonder that Netanyahu warned the world in all of his speeches about how Iran can be trusted? Is it any wonder that the Obama-Netanyahu relationship is still far from being warm? And as we now know as well the six Arab pack are not jumping for joy either.

  • This is very bad news and shows how bad the deal made with Obama is so dangerous.

  • jose

    well all i can see is the imperialist want to control everything ,rusia and china must to stop ,o soon o later we go to ww3 is question of time ,the capitalism destroy the earth ,the world need to turn to socialist to share no to compete.
    we are on the titanic enjoy and dance because the end is near,i think is to late to change the politic of mayority of countries,the law of janglo the strongest put the law and the rules,the war is next to build again,the problem we dealing with nuclear.

  • This is the deal that Obama signed and he still has the cheek to say he will protect israel’s security

  • Richard Kirschenbaum

    Russia has learned nothing from our experience with Iran beginning in 1979. Today those missiles would be aimed at Riyadh, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Amman, Paris, or London. Tomorrow: Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Sevastopol. Putin should know that you don’t give a real gun to a Psychotic child.

  • Arnest Mekvan PhD

    Who are building nuclear arms in the Middle East? The five big idiots +1 sell their arms and create power imbalance and thereby they build their economy at the cost of small nation’s survival or inciting the small nations to build there capability in respect of the war infrastructure and ammunitions. These are the same rascles those have been increasing their strength and power. and threatening their weak nations or the neighbours.

  • David Marbain

    That’s total insanity!

  • B. O. Is selling you down the river.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!

  • Jack Cowan

    …………..and this is just the beginning-wait and see!

  • Scott

    If Obama doesn’t have a side deal with the Russians not to do this before he makes the “big mistake” in June, this deal should be off the table…..AND, you can blame the RUSSIANS!….

    As it is, he’s most likely lit the fuse for WW3 with the “Big Mistake” he’s about to make, but at least he shouldn’t throw salt in the wound.