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April 6, 2015 11:53 pm

Jewish Group Representing Nazi Camp Victims Withdraws From Italian Liberation Day Parade Following Attacks

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A Jewish Brigade banner at the annual Italian Liberation Day parade stirred an uproar for featuring the Star of David. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

A group representing Jewish fighters in Italy’s resistance against Nazism during World War II announced they will not attend a major annual parade celebrating Nazi liberation after they were attacked by anti-Israel groups at the 2014 event, blogger Elder of Ziyon reported on Sunday citing local media.

The National Association of Former Deportees in Nazi camps (ANED) released a statement saying they had arrived to the “bitter and difficult decision” after negotiations failed with the other groups that participate in the event. The parade is scheduled to take place on April 25, Italy’s annual Liberation Day. It marks the 70th anniversary of Italy’s liberation from Nazism and Fascism at the end of World War II.

“After long hours of discussion conflicting with the organizations present…many of them … showed the same unacceptable conditions that, in past years, have resulted in real episodes of intolerance,” ANED said. “We who represent the former deportees in Nazi camps, both political and racial, cannot accept that the spirit and meaning of April 25, of the Resistance and Liberation, is so totally distorted that even facts become indictments against the victims of fascism. We can not accept that representatives of the partisan struggle and liberation, are banned exclusively for intolerance. With great sadness in our hearts this year, we cannot be there.”

Riccardo Pacifici, the president of Rome’s Jewish community, said Jews will not attend the parade since it falls on Shabbat but also because Palestinians who applied to participate were allies with the Nazis during the war.

Commenting on the ordeal that took place at the 2014 parade, he said, “last year was a climax of insults and tensions that are repeated every year. April 25 should be a day of celebration, however last year they called me a fascist. ”

Representatives from the Jewish Brigade of the Resistance were verbally attacked by Palestinian supporters for marching in last year’s parade in Rome, according to the Anna Lindh Foundation. Fabio Perugia, spokesperson for Rome’s Jewish Community, said the Jewish group’s flag caused an uproar for featuring the Star of David.

“We had a meeting at 9:15 to march with the flag of the Jewish Brigade, which is similar to the Israeli flag, but not the same,” Perugia said. “Suddenly around 50 people with Palestinian flags came out of the Colosseo metro station and started to attack us verbally. If the police had not been there, they would have attacked us physically.”

Police removed the Palestinian flags, according to Perugia, but a member of a pro-Palestinian organization said her group was authorizied to carry the banners. She claimed her group was attacked by the Jewish Brigade. Later that day a synagogue in Rome was vandalized with graffiti saying “Juden Rauss” and depicting a Star of David hanging from a gallows.

Jews and anti-Israel protesters also exchanged verbal assaults at a liberation event in Milan.

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  • The great irony of course is that while the Arabs led by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem supported Hitler — the Mufti spent the war in Berlin — the Jewish Brigade set up by Britain fought against the Germans in Italy. ‘In March 1945 the Allied armies in Italy included the Jewish Brigade Group, with its star of David insignia on which Churchill had insisted. When he heard of Field Marshal Alexander’s success in Italy, Churchill telegraphed, ‘Never, I suppose, have so many nations advanced manoeuvred in one line victoriously….The British, Americans, New Zealanders, South Africans, British-Indians, Poles, Jews, Brazilians, and strong forces of liberated Italians have all marched together in that high comradship and unity of men fighting for freedom and for the deliverance of mankind.’ (Churchill papers 20/216) The Jewish Brigade helped liberate Italy while the Palestinians supported Hitler.

  • Leo Toystory

    Infestation requires de-lousing.

    • Jon R.

      Isn’t that what Hitler said?

      • American

        No, Ben Gurion. 🙂

  • Max

    Too bad. Disappearing from sight does not solve the problem. It means your enemies (in this case the palestinian fascists and their Italian allies) have won the battle. And if the problem is allowed to fester without an adequate counter-attack they will win the war.

  • steven L

    Italy is no different from any other EU country. Socialists and communists are by definition antisemites. And there are a LOT of them. So NO surprise here.

    • Italy is different from many EU countries, inasmuch as during World War II the Italian Army refused to take part in any anti-Jewish activity — which drove the German leadership crazy! See Sir Martin Gilbert, The Righteous: Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust, (Doubleday 2002) chapter 15. Sir Martin is one of the world’s top authorities on WW II and he suggests among other reasons for the Italian rejection of ‘German acial science’ the personal influence of Pope Pius XII.

    • American

      The real Semites are the Palestinians. 🙂

  • Harvey

    The only Palestinian connection to World War 2 is that the Mufti of Jerusalem spent most of the war years in Nazi Germany as a guest of Hitler . Grotesque inversion of history . The Italian government should be ashamed for allowing the Islamo fascists and the far left dictate who can participate . The Jewish community need to get their act together to counter Palestinian action .

    • jeff

      Of course you are right…but what type of response do you think is appropriate…and will this actually


  • Never give up or the scum won.

  • duPont

    Italy has been and always will be a fomenter of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment. Their Muslim population has been allowed to be unchecked. Since the Achille Lauro event where the Muslim terrorists threw Leon Klinghoffer off the boat still strapped into his wheelchair and the Italian authorities let them go free, I have refused to go to Italy or spend one dime on Italian products. The Jews in Italy almost live in hiding. The Italian government is a disgrace. Let them enjoy the depravity of their Muslim citizens. I wish that the Jews of Italy would abandon the country and go where they can stand tall.

  • JF


  • Liberated the italiacs from what from whom

    Liberated italiacs from what from whom.

    Italy is/was collection of mostly worthless territories before the 1870s italy is mostly the same today. If it were not for the US in WWII these italiac people would have been under the Soviet boot.

    Let us instead reclaim all of the lands where Israeli build across the Mediterranean region for Israel and to hell with these eurasian italiacs.

  • Reform School

    His Bowler and Ham Ass will soon learn the red, Halal version of their childhood summer heatbeater, Italian ISIS, will be neither cherry-flavored nor nearly as sweet.

  • bea green JP BA

    Doesn’t NOT turning up for the procession mean Italian Jews are giving in?
    Cannot they think of a peaceful ‘counterblast’?
    Surely NOT turning up is exactly what ‘the others’ want!! Just disappear…..

    I wouldn’t. I’m a 90 year old Jew born in Munich and still here.

    • Susan

      I totally agree! Why give in to them again, and give them the satisfaction of letting them believe they have that much hold over you? Never give them have their way, allowing them to believe that they can still bully people with threats and words. This has to stop! You must rise up from that and be the people you know that you are, for you have descendants that have come above all that, you are a nation, wherever you are, and you are countless in number. You are a people of great favor, and will be here until the end of days!

  • wm.j.levy


  • American

    Hypocrites, why aren’t they defending the Palestinians? More is on the way. :-_

  • CGG

    Italy is just like the rest of Europe. The Holocaust never really ended. Fascists then. Fascists now.

  • Steve Loeb

    Palestinianism is a mental disorder and left untreated can metastasize into a more serious mental disorder like Jihadism or severe anti Semitism which can become violent and even lead to murder

    Palestinianism is also one of the “gateways” to complete radicalization

    • Ivan Gur-Arie

      You are right itis a mental disorder, but apparently this mental disorder is caused by a virus and is catching. IT has spread all over Europe. Europe does not know it, but iis going to be eaten up by its Muslim immigrants. The virus is spreading and Europe as we know it is moribund.