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April 7, 2015 1:35 pm

After Judge Orders Sex Allegations Struck From Record, Dershowitz Says Will Continue Life Work on Behalf of Jewish Values, Israel

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Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

In an interview shortly after a Florida judge ordered sex allegations against him struck from judicial record, famed former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner that he would now be able to fully devote himself to his life work advocating for Jewish values and Israel.

“It has been a distraction,” Dershowitz admitted, but vowed that he would now “continue my life’s work in defense of civil liberties, Jewish values and Israel, and I will continue to fight hard for what I believe in.”

US district court Judge Kenneth Marra ordered Virginia Roberts’s accusations against Dershowitz and Britain’s Prince Andrew to be struck from the record as he denied her attempt to join a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of the prince and a convicted sex offender, the UK’s Guardian reported.

Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer, and Prince Andrew, were accused of having sex with underage girls at one of Epstein’s extravagant residences, allegations that Dershowitz strongly denied.

“At this juncture in the proceedings, these lurid details are unnecessary,” Marra wrote in his order, issued on Tuesday morning. “These unnecessary details shall be stricken.”

Dershowitz said he saw the move as “a complete vindication of my position” and added that steps are now being taken against the accuser and her legal team.

Roberts “is trying to avoid being served” Dershowitz said, but “we served her and she will have to be deposed… if she repeats what she says under oath, she will go to prison.” He also said that the lawyers representing Roberts were sanctioned “for filing these false allegations” and that they may face legal proceedings as well.

Despite the outcome, Dershowitz lamented the damage that the lawsuit against him has inflicted. “The tragedy is that some people still seem to believe this false charge. If anybody still believes it then I have been harmed.”

The timing of the announcement was not lost on Dershowitz either, as Jews around the world are celebrating the eight day festival of Passover, the Festival of Freedom.

“A number of rabbis have already written to say it was Hashem (God) who ensured that the judgement was handed down on Pesach (Passover),” the scholar said.

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  • Reform School

    The allegations aren’t the only things as flat as matzos!

  • Bob

    Yes, he can now get back to ‘saving Israel’ by very publicly supporting Israel making itself militarily indefensible and spiritually void by giving up its biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria to the Arab Muslim Amalek.

  • Sarah Brandeis



  • He is a corrupt judge who let the child molester off in the first place.

  • david partovi

    It happend exactly to me as happend to allen dershowitz, false accusations of rape. Thank god that it was dissmessed by a judg right time for my Passover celebration.

  • Sara Springer

    Mr. Two-state solution should just mind his own business. He is doing more harm than good.

  • Rabbi Simeon Schreiber

    TRUTH in Hebrew is EMES..a word comprised of 3 letters : Aleph, Mem.. Taf which are the the first.. the middle and the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Truth is TRUE from beginning to end! I’m glad that finally the TRUTH has been spoken and Alan Dershowitz has been vindicated! Mazel Tov AVI! Keep up your wonderful work on behalf of Israel and our people. Rabbi Simeon Schreiber

  • Kerry M. Berger

    None of this has anything to do with Hashem. This is a human tragedy. G_d is not involved in such trivial matters of men thinking with their brains between their legs and accusations made by publicity mongers who seek to defame a world famous legal scholar.

  • duPont

    Good for Dershowitz! He has always fought for what’s right. We all knew the allegations against him were untrue. He is above this nonsense. Nowadays anyone can say anything about anyone and it is an automatic truth. I am happy that Dershowitz has the courage and temerity to challenge it and come out a winner. He has always been a winner.