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April 13, 2015 3:39 pm

Israeli Officials: Iran Massively Ramping Up Arming of Hezbollah in Preparation for Major Assault on Israel

avatar by David Daoud

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Hezbollah fighters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Senior Israeli officials warned on Monday evening that, over the last few weeks, Iran has considerably stepped up its operations to arm Hezbollah in order to prepare its terrorist proxy for a large-scale conflict with Israel.

According to the officials, cited by Israel’s Channel 2, new intelligence has revealed that Tehran has accelerated its proxy war with Israel on all fronts. Iranian delegations have been arriving in the Gaza Strip, and in recent months, the commander of Iran’s Basij paramilitary volunteer militia spoke of arming the residents of the West Bank to rise up against Israel. Iran has reportedly already begun arming members of Hamas in the West Bank.

Iran has also been attempting to establish a new front for Hezbollah with Israel on the Golan Heights, linking it to the existing one in southern Lebanon, according to the report.

Israeli officials have said that the lifting of economic sanctions on Iran, now under discussion in talks between world powers and the Islamic Republic, will release billions of dollars that Tehran will use to finance the arming of its terrorist proxies.

The officials expressed their concerns on the heels of the announcement that Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to lift the ban on selling advanced anti-aircraft S-300 systems to Iran. The S-300 is said to be the best defense Iran could possess against Israel’s current arsenal of fighter jets, making the task of carrying out a military strike against Iran’s nuclear installations far more difficult, if the Israelis make the decision that a military strike is necessary.

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, tried to calm concerns over the lift of the ban, saying that the S-300 system was designed exclusively for defensive purposes, “and is not intended in any way for offensive purposes, and therefore does not endanger any of the countries in the region, including Israel.”

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  • Should Israel continue to look up to America for every thing, one day they will be attacked unawear. I have never wish that, but i am for seeimg it.

  • I agree with this piece… It will clearly fulfill Bible Prophecy as found in this book review: There is more yet to manifest on the near horizon:

  • Jeff Holman

    Don’t expect the US under Obama to come to Israel’s aide. This is the “Obama Doctrine” at work.

    Iran will attack Israel through their proxy armies while Obama is in office. The Mullahs know Obama is on their side. And they are politically and financially empowered by US through the Iran deal with billions, of dollars for arms. Case in point: Iran now buying Russian missile systems.

  • Rick

    The armies that come against Israel will be totally, utterly and finally destroyed, decimated, never to be remembered again.

  • RobiMac

    Looks like Psalm 83 is just around the corner.

    • Deron

      So you seem to be implying that the Psalm 83 conflict would be not a Sunni Arab attack on Israel (i.e., a replay of 1967 and 1973),but rather a Shia-inspired attack carried out by Iran’s proxies in the area. That’s an interesting theory, since the failure of a proxy war (Psalm 83) might logically demand that Iran follow up with a direct attack on Israel (the Ezekiel 38-9 conflict).

      According to this scenario, the rise of ISIS would turn out to be a red herring whose historical function is actually to provide a pretext for Iranian expansion in the Middle East (in opposition to ISIS). If Assad were to repel ISIS and retain control of Syria, and if he then allied himself with his Iranian overlords in either the Psalm 83 or the Ez. 38-9 wars, that would explain the predicted destruction of Damascus in a single night.

    • Scott Bennett

      Don’t forget Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 17 and 19 also, -sB

  • zadimel

    Where are the other 32 comments?

    • Dennis schaaf

      If Israel is attacked the first thing I would do is blow the crap out of wherever the head dickhead lives.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Do we once again wait till they attack first like the Yom Kippur War in ’73 because Golda didn’t want the world to be angry with us so it cost the lives of over 3,000 Israels?

    Or do we destroy Hizbollah now before they attack and launch thousands of missiles in coordination with Hamas and the PLO and even Israeli Arabs/

    And don’t forget Israel has to have the proportionate number of casualties as its enemies. That’s the UN rules.

    Or do we just destroy them first and also attack Iran’s infrastructure killing the Supreme Leader and the Guards?

    We are a people who have been fighting for our survival since we first crossed the Jordan thousands of years ago and we’ve been fighting ever since but at least we fought.

    Time to remember Joshua again.

    • Hillary

      Jewish history is all make believe.
      Read Professor Israel Finkelstein “The Bible Unearthed”
      The wanderings of the patriarchs, the Exodus from Egypt, Joshua’s conquest of Canaan, and David and Solomon’s vast empire—reflect the fantasy world of later authors rather than actual historical facts.
      Many of the most famous events in the Bible clearly never happened at all.

      • Dovid Shaw

        Here is a link for you to read: . You seem very gullible to the extreme. Your first statement is: Jewish history is ALL make believe. ALL? That is the whole of Jewish history put till this modern age. I assume you read Finkelstein’s book with the same analytical methods. There is plenty of archaeology evidence now out to who many of the the parts of the Bible are true. Watch this video on the exodus. That archaeology can’t prove every event in the Bible happen is no surprise but in Archeaology the saying goes, The lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. As an example: before Tefillin were discovered on Mazada there was no evidence that Tefillin existed 2000 years ago. Did that mean they didn’t exist 2000 years ago? Of course not. Only Aba Eban hadn’t yet found one that old. Then there are anachronistic accusations like that there were no camels at the time of Abraham so the story of him sending Eliezer to Haran could not be true as Eliezer took camels with him. Bt then years later they discover that camels were around at the time of Abraham. So how much faith are you putting in the speculative works of Finkelstein? perhaps too much.

      • I sincerely hope that not much money was wasted upon your education, it would have been better spent planting trees in Israel, at least they are more productive than you words.

      • BM3 Evans

        Hillary,, we all love you, but buy a Bible, I did once think like you, but now 73-y.o. and having read and studied I find no fault in the bibles history & likewise it’s truths. It is for sure Gods instruction manual for us to be on the right road to eternal life.. If you wish to share in all of the pleasures God hath prepared for you, try, and God will help you to understand,, but you have to make a giant effort, the price has already been paid,,, eternity is for those who find and love our Lord, I hope I see you there.

      • Deron

        The fact that reasonably literate people have come to believe such ahistorical nonsense is, I would suggest, one aspect of the “strong delusion” that the Apostle Paul argued would overtake people in the last days.

        Of course, Paul–aka Shaul–was a rabbinical student in Jerusalem during the Second Temple era, so I suppose you don’t believe he existed either.

      • Philip Barnea

        I agree totally – providing your comments also refer to every other book of faith ever written!

        Of course they are later versions of events. At the time, oral history was the prevalent means of recording events, not written. So the stories change, become embellished. But I would argue that the basic facts remain the same and that they do reflect the ancient history of an ancient people.

      • Margaret Marshall

        If you would read BAR (Biblical Archaeology Review) you would know that Finkelstein and a couple other archaeologists are called “Minimalists”. They are not reputable archaeologists, they deny everything in the Bible (Old Testament) and are very nasty when other archaeologists question their logic, methods and motives.

    • You are so right. Of course, attacking Hezbollah will result in condemnations, but better that than losses. The problem is the current US administration which may choose to stop arms shipments in the middle of the war. The whole purpose of Nasrallah’s comments they are not ready is to make people believe they have no plans to attack, which is the opposite of the case. They just have to wait for the go-ahead from Iran.

  • Israel will operate covertly, operating overtly, Israel will be blamed for initiating all out war in the Middle East. This Israel will want to avoid, since Europe the US and Scandinavia seem to believe all problems arose because of Israel? We have had wars with Islam for the last 1400 years! Israel is the only nation in the middle east with tactical intelligence and will keep her cards close to her chest. Let us see how the alliance with Russia and Iran pans out? Putin has a covert strategy with regard to Iran and will strike. The best scenario is to let Saudi, the Gulf States, Turkey and Iran go head to head and wipe each other out. Supplying arms to Iran could just lead to such a scenario like all out war between Sunni and Shia. Israel is not stupid enough to make the first strike but both Iran and Saudi are. Both Iran and Saudi are driven by the teachings of the Kora’hn a tool for world domination.

    • Unfortunately, Turkey is patching up its differences with Iran, despite the ultimate competition which must exist between them.

  • ConradCA

    If Iran boosts it’s air defense then we should use ICBMs to take out their leadership, military and production facilities for nuclear weapons.

  • noellsq

    Israel should if possible strike first and not with letters dropped from airplanes. It should not worry about civilian casualties because the Irainians will not. The country is too small to wait for an attack. Our POTUS will probably not do anything but stick his finger up his ass.

  • An unexpected (or not?) war is coming up this summer thanks to Obama´s efforts to cope with his Nobel Price award.

  • Steve

    We are approaching a “critical mass” after which Israel will have no choice to attack Iran…not only its nuclear sites, but the regime itself. With regard to the latter, they should begin with an attack on the foreign ministry, in broad daylight, in order to kill as many people as possible. This is justified, because they had a hand on the attacks on the Argentinian Jews. Similarly, they should knock out Iran’s oil refining infrastructure. The goal should be to significantly hurt the regime itself, and to increase Israel’s deterrence, which has eroded over the past decade, or so.

    • Their oilfields are more vulnerable than anything else; they are on the west side of the Zagros Mountains!

  • H. Tabachnick

    Wake up America, we are next on the LIST
    to be threatened and on Irans Enemies sheet

    • Deron

      You are correct . . . and that’s exactly why Obama is working so hard to ensure that Iran get nukes!

    • That is absolutely true! Anyone who has not seen the movie “Iranium” should do so. Dissident Iranians are pleading with the world to rid the country of a regime of monsters. As if their behavior toward Israel was not enough, this is a group which keeps minors in prison, sometimes under torture, until the age of majority, in order to hang them from cranes, which is slow and agonizing. And there are at least 2 American citizens in prison there for several years already—Marine Amir Hekmati, who went to visit his grandmother, and Pastor Abedini. Kurds and Balochis cannot raise their heads! There is no way this regime has limited its targets to those in the region! It is working on ICBMs with North Korea. But the global elite as represented by the current US administration and that of Russia, will have complicity if Israel is attacked. Russia wants the funds that will be released, but US policy is being controlled by Brzezinski and others in support of it. That will not stop an EMP or other form of attack on the US, as well. Iran has already seen to the overthrow of a pro-US and pro-Saudi government in Yemen, and is threatening shipping in the narrow Bab-el-Mandeb, the straits which lead out of the Red Sea for all the riparians, including Egypt, Israel, Sudan, etc, and Saudi Arabia, as well as being the gateway to Africa for the Gulf countries. Will the US and French presence in Djibouti fight to protect their shipping from the Iranians or their Houthi proxies? I have my doubts, but I don’t doubt that given enough leeway, Iran will attack the US itself. It already has proxies in Mexico and Venezuela, who have been responsible for other terrorism.

      • It is such a blessing to read the words of someone who states so eloquently and to the point of what is happening.
        I sincerely pray that somewhere in some room a sage and knowledgable analyst reads the words written here.

      • Deron

        Your remark about EMPs is to the point. I think that the Iranian regimes truly believes it can take down the US. An EMP attack–which, thanks to Obama, will not long remain beyond Iran’s technical capacity–would accomplish that take-down.

  • Lauren Goldman

    If/when these inbred cretins attack Israel, the response should be total; scorched earth to the Jordan. No prisoners, no questions, no mercy. Every enemy combatant must die. Picking up a weapon against Israel should serve as their death warrant, with no consideration for age or gender. It is coming down to us or them, and it must absolutely be them.

  • Hillary

    Outside of individual gains no other entity or ideology has benefited from 9/11 besides Israel and Zionism.
    Ehud Sprinzak, an Israeli “counter-terrorism expert” candidly remarked to UK’s “Telegraph”, “From the perspective of the Jews, it is the most important public relations act ever committed in our favour.”
    Aluf Benn, editor-in-chief of Haaretz, stated plainly that the Israeli “political-security establishment” saw 9/11 as a “Hannakuh miracle” of good fortune for Israel and it was celebrated with delight in those tight circles.
    Remember 9/11 —19 Arabs ( 7 subsequently found alive ) mainly Saudi Arabians, operating independently of any government or competent intelligence service, outwitted not only the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency, but all 16 US intelligence agencies, along with all security agencies of America’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad.
    Not only did the entire intelligence forces of the Western world fail, but ON the morning of the attack the entire apparatus of the National Security State SIMULTANEOUSLY failed.
    Then within half an hour of 9/11 videos were presented to the world showing the attack with aluminium wings on the plane cutting through steel and concrete walls like an knife through butter while being told that Bin Ladin was responsible.
    The only reason a truth movement exists is because of the glaring holes and inconsistancies in the Government story.

  • Per Ardua

    Did the Israeli officials remember to inform the Americans?

    • Philip Barnea

      And that makes Israel responsible?

  • SM

    pre emptive strike required by Israel

  • Ivan Cohen

    The current negotiations with Iran are a farce.

    On the one hand we have the US delegation under the so-called leadership of one Barack Hussein Obama, pandering to Iran’s highly-skilled negotiating gymnastics, whilst on the other we have another member of the 5+1 negotiating “team” as the prime supplier of the nuclear technology, plant and equipment. And whilst this is going on this unbiased member of the team agrees to renew its prior agreement to supply sophisticated missiles to Iran.

    Of course there’s no need for concern – it is only the existence of Israel that’s at stake. By now everybody knows that Israel is the only obstacle to peace and tranquility in the region.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    It’s a plain as day that a huge effort is under way to rid the world of the Jewish state.

    The resources Iran is directing towards this end dwarf in comparison anything that was contemplated by the combined Arab forces of 1967.

    Nothing short of decisive preemptive strikes can avert a second holocaust of the Jews.

    • I agree with you completely, Michael. I also agree with Ivan, but the targets include, but are not limited to, Israel. I think the Iran regime wants to stall the world until it can attack all targets at once…

  • bonifcae mwansasu

    Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel by arming and funding enemies of Israel,and is accelerating to acquire an atomic bomb.Israel should curb this situation by attacking all nuclear sites before it is too late.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    This is the moment for a massive preemptive strike . Don’t
    delay the action . We cannot risk a delay .

  • Duncan

    I believe that the only obstacle stopping the IDF from utterly destroying their enemies is a lack of political will and a misguided hope of cultivating better PR in Europe. When the day comes that they realize it is pointless to try any longer they will lay waste to their enemies and a goodly portion of the Levant.

  • Gruesome situation,Russian presence in middile-east,Iran is playing proxy war in the region.Antisemitism rising in Europe.Caution,Isreal.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Israel must retaliate and go on the offensive!

    • Hillary

      Retaliate to what ?

      Iran has been living under a 24/7 terror of a nuclear attack for many years how would you like that ?

      • Philip Barnea

        Excuse me – say that again. Under threat from who?

        And Israel has been under threat of annihilation on all fronts for over 70 years – what do you have to say about that?

        War is terrible – regardless of what side you are on!

  • shuaib kabir

    The fear of Teheran is the beginning of wisdom. Why is it that Israel major problem is Iran. If israel try anything stupid to attack Iran, that is the end of a nation called Israel. Iran is not ready to attack any country but any country that attack Iran I know Iran will respond massively. May God be with Islamic Republic of Iran. Down to Israel

    • duPont

      Interesting that Hezbollah uses the Nazi salute as depicted in the picture. Quite telling. Israel must do everything in its power to protect itself. The Nazis have become ISIS, Boko Haraam and the other insane groups of terror. They are not only killing Jews, but also Christians and decent Muslims as well. The U.S. will be their next stop unless the US government wakes up!

    • Davies Samuel

      Amazing how stupid you can be. You certainly have a negative IQ, pity.

    • Philip Barnea

      By your comments it is clear that you are not interested in a dialogue of any sort -only one that involves death and destruction for those who don’t agree with you!

  • Julian Clovelley

    To even suggest a nuclear attack on the region around Israel expresses to me only that the poster does not have a grip on reality. Such an attack would be the end of Israel and its neighbours, in appalling suffering. The first essential is to calm down and think clearly. De-escalation is what is most needed. Second to it is secular understanding

    That Iran’s leaders should seek to have a missile shield not unlike Israel’s own is hardly surprising when the hawks of the Republican Right, in their desire to secure the Jewish Vote in the US, delude themselves that speaking in terms of a military attack on Iran might secure that vote, by echoing the Zionist extremists in Israel itself, and its increasingly belligerent Prime Minister. Israel must immediately detach itself from the internal American policy issues of America’s ultraconservative Right, and seek a more multicultural ethos, Forget the “exclusively Jewish” State

    These do not have to be dangerous times, but they will remain so, so long as Israel does not have the moral high ground. It cannot so long as the Occupation, Settlement policy, and Blockade continue. Secure UN agreed borders are the only truly defendable ones. The rest is fantasy.

    Jewish people face a task not unlike that required in the muslim world. It is to come to terms with their real identity and pursue all policy on that basis. Listening to the Zionist historical fantasy is about as wrong as you can get. Peace requires an existential change in regional thinking, and that requires recognising that Zionism is on totally the wrong track

    Not everyone will understand this. But I think it might help some academics to look very closely at what was called British Israelism, Anglo Israelism, and later appeared in America in cults like Christian Identity. Fantasies of pure genealogical descent that is discreet from surrounding populations have potentially disastrous political consequences, creating what those excluded by the fantasy perceive as a racism and fascism that has to be opposed.

    The only way to combat this is to embrace the truth – however much it hurts. Survival requires not the cultural renaissance that Zionism fantasises over – or the Reformation that is the more modern Jews hope – it is the Enlightenment that is the path chosen by those of all religions who leave the fantasies behind, and rejoin the world, instead of clinging to what in reality is a religious sect, with in Judaism’s case a myth of origin for its adherents.

    There is no return, not for anyone – there never was. The only solution is to become reconciled to the reality that we are dominated by false histories that divide us and occlude the safe path into the future. There are no choices – there never were – all dreams come to an end. It is the real world one must shape and improve

    Not the dreams. Like delusions they fade and become less real – or they destroy us. The Messiah you seek is the liberation of your own individual minds. Muslim, Christian, Jew, Mormon, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, Druze, Zoroastrian – all religious – all need to find that path. We must stop killing each other for the divisive creeds our forefathers themselves failed to exit, and cursed their children with. We need a New Enlightenment – one that is universally shared

    • The Enlightenment was tried, and the end result was an attempt to establish the Thousand Year Third Reich; based on what looks like the Nazi salute, it seems that this attempt is still ongoing—why is it only the Jews are expected to “wither away”? Oh, wait a minute, that applies to the Ezidis too? And the Kurds and Balochis and even Christian groups? Yep, based on actions, at least of the current Iranian regime, I guess it does! Why not just denounce all plans for annihilation! And stop hanging people in public circus executions—they are no fun for the victims!

    • Mr. Julien, you have taught me much, Verbosity and Hubris do go hand in hand.

    • Deron

      “We need a New Enlightenment – one that is universally shared.”

      Of course, this New Enlightenment can only be truly universalized if it is mediated up by the force of a universal state, and such a state–if it is to come into existence at all–will require the hand of a Hegelian “world-historical individual” on the tiller.

      Until said individual arrives on the scene, I suggest that we give him the proleptic code name “Mr. 666.” Will that do?

  • Michael

    Israel is really left with no choice If attacked by any of Iran’s proxies, Israel must hold Iran accountable. Europe and the US will do what it has always done when conflict has broken out and Israel has been attacked in the past. Empty words of support and condemnation for those who have sworn to wipe Israel off the map and kill the Jews but little else.

    Time is not on Israels side. While Obama diddles, Israel will burn. When the sanctions are lifted, Western financial infrastructure will move into Iran which will pay for Iran’s military objectives in the Middle East making it far more difficult for Israel to do what it needs to do.

    The clock is ticking and Russia’s missile deal with Iran it’s just the beginning.

  • Leo Toystory

    Napalm time.

  • Peter Hoi Kong Meng

    Note the last Islamic Messiah is on course i.e. Imam Mahdi …..but Israel will prevail and be independent as the Four blood moons ….the six trumpets have been blown remaining the last and final seven trumpet…America will sever ties with Israel and Israel will be stand alone and the reversal where America will be dependent on israel ….Oil will no longer be needed as a new fossil will replace it …..Israel will be a force to reckon with as God made a convenient with Israel Bless and you will be blessed ..curse and you will be cursed ….

  • John rowan

    Thiswis why nuke deal with Iran will be big mistake Iran is not capableof acting like human beings

  • How sad it is that power is measured by what can be enforced by arms, and not by what can be furthered by influence; that richness is measured by the quantity of loot wrested from one’s neighbours, not by the wealth created through increased productivity. How absurd it is to gauge the wealth of a country by how many golden artefacts can be plucked from its ruler’s tombs rather than by the adequate diet of the dwellers in the land; how blind is judgment when the welfare of a country like E is assessed according to the profligacy of its kings rather than by the prosperity of its people.
    Historical obtuseness cannot be attributed merely to an obsessive interest in accumulating the emoluments from noble tombs and buildings. Anti-Semitism fostered a willingness to adopt tendentious precepts uncritically, and led to ignore or deny gains by E under Semitic rule.
    What is unjustifiable is that historians continue to confuse conquest with progress, an historical distortion which is not confined to the history of E. Finding satisfaction over artefacts scavenged from the grandiose tombs and palaces of ambitious conquerors, historians are inclined to assert that these worthies were instrumental in promoting their societies to new heights of cultural and economic development. They skip lightly over the tens or hundreds of thousands slaughtered in the process of conquest. It seems beside the point to mention the cities decimated, the countryside ravaged, the peoples enslaved. It seems of little importance that under the despotic rule that usually follows bloody conquest, people are grievously taxed, forced into slavery, and that a great proportion of their labor is consumed not in promoting the general welfare but in touting the glory of the conquerors by the creation of those very works that fill museums.
    Then, much of history is taken from what the conquerors had inscribed on these works. Herodotus put it briefly: “Such as think the tales told by the E credible are free to accept them for history. As for me, I keep to the plan of this book, which is to record the traditions of the various nations just as I heard them related to me”.
    Must we continue to judge a civilization by the size of its palaces and monuments? By the numbers of people subjugated? By how dissolute are its rulers? Or do we measure a civilization by its dedication to peaceful pursuits? By the economic well-being of its people? By its technological and cultural achievements? By the freedoms its citizens enjoy?

  • Eric R.

    Israel’s response would have to be to nuke Gaza, Southern Lebanon, Damascus and Tehran.

    • Ray Z

      Based on your statement Iran is justified in getting nukes.

    • Yes, please.

    • ted weiss

      the problem with nuking is fallout !!!

    • Martyman39

      Not a bad idea but a lot of innocent people including Israelis would be nuked in the process.

      • To all of the above, I pray to G_d that all nuclear capacity be neutralized, that all nations destroy this horrid technology of destruction.
        Has history taught us nothing, has our myriad of religious vows taught us nothing ?
        I wish for my Grandchildren and for every human being that their Children’s, Children may live without another Sword of Soloman over our heads.

  • Max Cohen

    When Tehran unleashes a “proxy” war on Israel, then Israel must respond with guided missiles, rather than manned jets to attack Tehran. Proxy terrorists are cheap expendables in the estimation of the mullahs, but an attack upon the nerve center of Iran would convince them that Israel stands ready to finish the job that Alexander only started. If Israel is not prepared for such an attack or is unwilling, then Iran’s access to thousands of brain-washed automaton Muslim terrorists will surely wear down a piecemeal defense.

    • Bravo, the most succinct statement I have yet to see posted !
      Call it what you may, “Proxy War”,all labels are as disingenuous as those who declare them !
      Now it has come to a nexus,Israel must respond with such force and terror, that it will preclude all future battles !
      If they intend to terrorize Israel,in actuality “Declare War” on Israel, then Israel will have to show them what Terror truly is !

    • Thomas Coad

      This is part of a pattern of clever diplomacy in which Obama and Kerry have been gross amateurs, and the Supreme Leader a past master. The U.S. is pursuing a policy that will give Iran all it wants, and put Israel in a very vulnerable position. Israel should bomb the Iranian nuclear sites NOW, before it is too late. At the moment, all the Sunni states are in favor of destroying Iran’s nuclear capability. If Iran gets the bomb, how many Arab states will oppose Iran when it chooses to give a transportable bomb to Muslim terrorists, and they use it to destroy Tel Aviv?
      Tom Coad

      • A cliche, but, “The enemy of my enemy is now my “Friend” a tactical arrangement between Isreal, Saudi, Jordon,UAE and Egypt may be, just for this one mission, a totally viable option, on whose shoulders would it be blamed ? A coalition is formed for an approiate and needed response, a resounding option, to utterly destroy Irans nuclear facilities now and for the future.
        To destroy Irans facilities by this stradgity shows the world Israel does not stand alone, and wait for permission, neither will our coalition member States !
        And the World leaders will moan and groan, will they sanction these five, never !
        Their dependence is too great to ever attempt.

      • Extremely good points.

        • Penina Sarah,
          Thank you, for your kindness, too many words as to Torah, convey little meaning for we become lost in its own Hubris.
          Shalom, may Hashem bless you with good health and happiness!