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April 13, 2015 9:04 pm

New York Times Implies Israel Purposefully Started War After Pope Called for Peace

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Pope Francis at the Western Wall. Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO.


Since becoming pope in March 2013, Francis has made a habit of inserting himself into delicate foreign policy issues, usually in the role of broker. Last June, after visiting the Holy Land, he played host to the Israeli and Palestinian presidents at a “prayer summit” at the Vatican. However, that failed to produce a diplomatic breakthrough, and soon afterward, Israeli troops began an assault against the Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip.

Even sooner afterwards, Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers. And Hamas shot scores of rockets towards Israeli civilians.

But the New York Times just can’t help itself in portraying Israel as an aggressor, spitting in the face of Pope Francis with its violent response to his efforts to bring peace to the region.

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  • Ian Schorr

    Just look at the history of the New York Times, so you can stop getting worked up as to their world view. “Between 1939 and 1945, The New York Times published more than 23,000 front-page stories. Of those, 11,500 were about World War II. Twenty-six were about the Holocaust.”

    Got it now?

  • Isa Bertel

    The world is not all sunshines and rainbows. Take a look around the planet we all call home. Aggression in the Ukraine on both sides. ISIL in Syria and Iraq doing unspeakable horrors. The possibility of a nuclear armed Iran. Libya, Yemen, Somalia well you get the idea, I won’t go on all night.

    My point is this, Israel could be attacked at any moment with zero notice. We could sit around a negotiating table with the very people hell bent on destroying the Jewish Nation. With their platitudes of peace and consolidations to be a nation state of Palestine, but would this bring my people, Peace. I think not and I for one do not think for one moment that the establishment of a State of Palestine, however noble the idea, would bring security. Instead it would fundamentally serve as a staging post for every attack on the State of Israel and ultimately lock us into a war for generations. While the status quo is far from ideal, it does give us tactical advantages.

    The Pope says we started the war, well perhaps we did. The best defence is a good offence and Israeli have proved beyond doubt that a good offence keeps its people safe.

    Where were the Popes and their decrees of condemnation when my Grandparents were in Concentration Camps in Poland in World War II (70 years ago near enough to the day), for what being Jewish. When a chill runs up my spine and tears in my eyes as I write these words of the acts committed against my people, because of the G-d they worship and the beliefs they hold.

    Would I trade all the lives of the Palestinians and all the lives of those who seek to do Israel and the Jewish People harm for a day of peace for giving them a State of their own, No I wouldn’t.

    Did Israel begin an Assault, well this seems to imply that our situation started last week, last year or last decade. We have been persecuted for a Millennium. Only now do we have the manpower, resources and Allies to never again be on the wrong side of a weapon.

    If History teaches us one thing, it is the Powerful survive and the Weak perish.

    No deals, no bargains. Hit first and attack, rather than be hit and defend.

    • Paul Wilde

      I have to agree with you Isa. The world is a dangerous place, but you do seem to be very militant in your attitude toward Gentiles (Non Jews). You mention that Jews have been persecuted for a Millennium, I would put it you that it is indeed much longer than that and the Jewish People have survived and are a proud Nation of Israel at last.

      I agree we should not be willing to negotiate with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority at the moment.

      A two state solution is not workable. I don’t know how came up with such a ridiculous idea but it lacks credibility.

      The only solution is this, A State of Israel with autonomous regions of Palestinian Territory which are self governed. Jews can live in Palestine and Palestinians can live in Israel.
      In order for this to work we need peace and security throughout the land.

      Other countries such as Scotland and England have managed to combine their territories and have autonomous rule, without having to go down a two state solution.

      The New York Times has exactly what to do with us. Well nothing, its a newspaper in New York so what of it. Perhaps the Immigration should be a little more picky who enters the Israel in the future and deny those members of the press that insult our Great Nation.

      Great Comments Isa, you said, what I have been thinking for years. I am glad people are beginning to speak what we are all thinking.

  • Pearl

    The NY Times, owned by a Jew, if I’m not mistaken, is anti-Israel and anti-Jews. Can we then extrapolate that it’s an anti-Semitic paper? You bet!! Ergo, all those who read that rag can be classified as a time-Semites! And Jews in particular as self hating ant-Semities? Just throwing it out there to clarify.

    • You are very much mistaken.Arthur Ochs Sulzberger jr.,publisher & chairman of the board of the New York Times is NOT a jew,I’m glad to clarify.His father(his parents divorced,when he was 5)was jewish,his mother is christian.By jewish laws & customs,you ARE jewish,only if your birth mother is jewish.

    • Conrad Nadell

      Adolph Ochs who purchased and rescued the NY Times from bankruptcy was a committed Jew who fought anti-Semitism. When he died, his daughter’s husband Arthur Sulzburger became publisher. His family became Episcopalians and have pursued a policy to down play their Jewish roots.

    • wsg

      The Ochs-Sulzberger family is of Jewish origin but has always put distance between themselves and their Judaism. A recent branch of the family that controls the paper actually declared itself Episcopalian.

      This goes back to downplaying the Holocaust meticulously documented by Laurel Leff in “Buried by The Times”.

  • bea green JP BA

    Would the New York Times editor please note:

    Antisemitism is not only extremely unpleasant, it is unreasonable.

    He should practise, pursue and spread reasoned thinking.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Once again, The New Jazeera Times attacks Israel. ‘Israeli troops began an assault against the Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip.’ And, predictably, the fact that Hamas was raining rockets on Israeli civilians, and that Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenagers, was not mentioned concerning the beginning of last summer’s hostilities. I would have more (or any) respect for The New York Times, J Street, and Jewish Voice for Peace if they would just admit that they are pro-‘palestinian’ fronts.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    NYT lying scum!

  • David Goshen

    The New York Times as is its habit expresses only its opinions and never reports the facts any more.
    One wonders whether the Pope Francis asked the Palestineans why the are so invoved in ethnically cleansing all Christian Arabs in the PA and have an agenda to rid themselves of all minorities.The Palestinean Christian Arabs have dropped from a few hundred thiousands to below fify thousands,Why did it not seem strange to Pope Francis that Mulim Arabs are now taking care of Christian Holy Places?Pope Jon Paul II begged Arafat and Abu Mazem to protect Arab Christians from severe persecution but his appeals fell on deaf ears!The above disqualifies Abu Mazem from ever ruling over East Jerusalem becauase if he does within a generation East Jerusalem wil be cleansed of all non Muslims a situation which will not be acceptable to the whole world!

  • June Grant

    The New York Times suffers from short term memory loss or it has conveniently forgotten the hundreds of rockets aimed at Israeli civilians BEFORE “Israel began an assault” against Hamas terrorists.

    • Paul Wilde

      Dear June,

      The New York Times have conveniently forgotten any wrong doing to the Jews, especially Israeli Citizens. They side with Palestinians because it suits their cause, its us who has to live with the problems later.

      The New York Times used to be a Newspaper that was known for getting to the true story and telling it that story without bias or prejudice and telling the story with integrity.

      Sadly this is no longer the case. We might as well tune into Al-Jazzera to hear the story from them as read about it in the New York Times. They have become irrelevant and I don’t buy or read irrelevance it is a waste of my time.