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April 16, 2015 5:01 pm

Did George Galloway Just Retweet an Implicit Threat to British Jews?

avatar by Adam Levick

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George Galloway is the pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah MP from Bradford West who routinely demonizes Israel, Israelis and the state’s Jewish supporters in the diaspora. Though Galloway has blocked us, a pro-Israel activist who hasn’t been blocked forwarded a snapshot of the following retweet by Galloway from just a couple of days ago.

George Galloway retweeted this message. Photo: Screenshot.

Now, let’s look at this closely.

The tweet was sent by a pro-Palestinian activist named Baz Hussain on April 14. It was tweeted directly to George Galloway, and shows Hussain with a Palestinian flag outside of the Bradford Reform Synagogue. Three Jews, including what appears to be a child, are outside the synagogue doors.

The photo, we’ve learned, is from last August and depicts Hussain taking part in a protest against Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub, who was speaking at the synagogue. Taub was speaking to the Jewish community in Bradford in defiance of Galloway’s declaration that the community was an “Israeli-free zone”.

Hussain adds the following to the photo of himself outside the Bradford synagogue: “Let me at em George…”.

Galloway retweeted this to his 239,000 followers.

Whilst the protest attended by Hussain was putatively directed at the Israeli Ambassador, most people seeing Galloway’s retweet would of course not know that, and would likely assume that his words, “Let me at em George”, were directed at the Jewish community in Bradford.

Such an act of incitement – especially in light of the past year’s dramatic upsurge in antisemitic activity in the UK – is morally indefensible. As we’ve argued previously on these pages, it’s increasingly difficult to understand how anyone can seriously argue that Galloway’s anti-Zionism does not often cross the line into outright antisemitism.

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  • Galloway lost his seat in a London constituency and found his way to heavily Muslim Bradford. He set up the Respect Party because no recognised political party would put up with him. The reason he can no longer separate anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism is because at every opportunity Bibi announces that he speaks for ALL Jews and that ALL Jews should ‘come home’ to Israel. Bibi speaks for those who elected him, about 30% of those Israelis who bothered to vote. The person who speaks for ALL Israelis is President Rivlin, their head of state, just as only The Queen can speak for ALL Brits as their head of state. Bibi, like Cameron, is a head of govt and head of only one political party.

  • G2h u arabpos

    G2h u arabpos

  • It is time for the Jews of Great Britain tidiest pack up and get out. Great Britain is a cess pool. Leave while you have the chance. If the British refuse to take charge of their own country, then they too will be killed or subdued by these Muslim Savages.


    The best definition of an antisemite is ‘someone who ignores or distorts historic facts about the Jews, their historic kingdom and land’. Galloway falls neatly into this category and it is on this ground that he should be constantly challenged – cool-headedly and without name-calling. Name-calling (adjectives)limit us, whereas honest challenging of this man on facts will expose his true nature. He always throws fabricated ‘facts’ at us – we should use his weapon but much more wisely.

  • Gary

    Unfortunately it seems that in order to make sure that Gorgeous George gets himself re-elected in the up and coming UK general elections, the only way that he feels he is able to do this is by demonising the Jewish peaceful community in Bradford before the unscrupulously violent Islamic community. Anyone with an iota of sense will understand how low this man is, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case with George’s “bunch of twits” who follow him on social media. Wake up Bradford!!! This man is taking you all for a ride!!!

  • Jarred D

    George Galloway is odious and creepy.

  • Lauren Goldman

    My grandfather came to America from Scotland in 1904, when he was four. Over the years I have thought about visiting Scotland, but with the way things are in Europe and the UK, I will never set foot there. With an MP who espouses hatred for Jews, I feel sorry for the UK. A number of people I know have stated my same views on Europe and the UK.

  • Carlos

    He hasn’t got the guts to come and make his true feelings and intentions felt about Jews and Israeli’s….Any way this ugly creep is not worth our toe nail clippings.

  • Bargouti

    On Big Brother he impersonated a Cat….He should have chosen to impersonate a PIG instead……

  • Bargouti

    He hasn’t got the guts to come and make his true feelings and intentions about Jews and Israeli’s….Any way this ugly creep is not worth our toe nail clippings.

  • Bargouti

    George Galloway is a craven coward….He is a gutless wonder.

    • Atilla

      Galloway was the reason that the very pertinent US T-shirt message;

      ” Some people are alive , only because it’s illegal to kill them ”

      was created.

      You were rather insulting to pigs, now a sewer rat would have been closer !

  • Three points to note: The Jewish state falls into the ‘soft touch’ category. All democracies are ‘soft touches’. You can criticize them with impunity. Many people do – usually from within the safe confines of a democracy. Galloway is a prime example.

    Secondly, Galloway British parliamentary constituency of Bradford West has a large Muslim contingent. He has a large anti-Israel gallery to perform in front of.

    Thirdly: Is his tweeting actionable in Court?

  • Philip Barnea

    Please, can we keep the discussion on a civilized level.
    As an Israel (I came here 40 years ago) and a Zionist, comments such as “Galloway is nothing but a faux Nazi.
    Hasn’t got the guts probably, to be anything else.” and “Galloway is an amoral creep who’s only means of garnering attention is to do his best Mufti of Jerusalem imitation.” are, at best, demagogic and, at worst, do nothing to help our cause. Indeed, they are reminiscent of the type of language used by so many haters of Israel and the Jewish people.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    The last time I saw a video of Galloway he was on his hands and knees licking food from a dirty floor on some third-rate British reality TV show.Somehow I was not surprised to what depths this rabble-rouser would sink.He only got elected because his constituency is about 80% Muslim.I wonder what would happen if pro-Israel protesters would stand outside a mosque waving Israeli flags and anti-ISIS,anti-Hamas and anti-Hezbollah placards.Of course the protest would then be considered to be anti-terrorist and not anti-Muslim.Or would it?I’m sure most Muslims would consider such a protest Islamophobic and anti-Muslim and not anti-terrorist.Well-done to the Israeli ambassador for showing up the banality of Galloway’s cheap tricks!


  • Kyle Menkowitz

    Galloway doesn’t like me because I am Jewish and he thinks I took over Palestinian homes and bulldozed them.I only did it a few times but he hates me.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Recently a man beat up old George pretty good.

    This was a disgrace to British Jewry, as the assailant was not Jewish.

  • Alan

    The FACT is that anyone that even so much as attempts to sanitize Galloway’s excesses as some here do is just utter foolishness. Why they bother is somewhat of a mystery. I guess even among anti-Semites, the “sobriquet” is still to be avoided.

  • Julian Clovelley

    I am intrigued by one sentence in Adams article “As we’ve argued previously on these pages…”

    Who’s “we”?

    Isn’t Algemeiner a newspaper and not a propagandist sheet? The writer seems to be laying claim to it as a vessel for his own eccentric opinions.

    And as I have intimated on previous occasions – as a reader I do not identify this newspaper with a particular, and Zionist, view – Including his – obsessed as it with with attacking other(sic) highly respected journals such as the Guardian

    At worst I sometimes claim that a particular editor may have been too trusting of some of his writers.

    Who’s “we” Adam? – Who are you claiming to speak on behalf of? It matters.

  • This is a clear incitement to violence against the Jews. And there is no doubt that Gallows-way is behind quite a few anti-semitic attacks – at least implicitely and I am sure even explicitely – it’s not as if he has not publicised his pathological hatred for the Jewis people.

    SUE HIM !!!

    • Kyle Menkowitz

      Can we? He doesn’t like us so yeah lets sue him.

  • Leo Toystory

    “how anyone can seriously argue that Galloway’s anti-Zionism does not often cross the line into outright anti-Semitism?” Who would argue that?
    Galloway is an amoral creep who’s only means of garnering attention is to do his best Mufti of Jerusalem imitation. Ever notice how David Duke, Louis Farrakhankan and Galloway are always grinning when they’re attacking Jews? That’s cause they love the guaranteed attention it brings them.

    • June Grant

      I would argue that George’s antisemitism conveniently crosses the line into anti-Zionism rather than the other way around.

  • Jack

    Galloway is nothing but a faux Nazi.
    Hasn’t got the guts probably, to be anything else.
    At least that’s my opinion.
    God Save The Queen!

  • Henry k.

    He is a dreck 👿👿👿👿

  • Julian Clovelley

    Pot calling kettle black

    ’nuff said

    • Lynne T

      You really need help, Julian. Seriously. Galloway is a scumbag who has lived very well courtesy of some of the most heinous totalitarians around, Assad and Khameini these days, who are responsible for the death and displacement of millions of Syrians.

    • upyourbds

      How much lower can this despicable character go…It seems a lot lower.

  • Jim

    The author of this piece has a very vivid imagination.

    The photo is a political statement about the tweeter’s opposition to Israeli actions and policy toward the Palestinians. And, Galloway’s agreement with them.

    There’s nothing remotely anti-semitic about the image in the article, unless you’ve morphed from the reactionary politics of “There’s a commie behind every bush.” to the even more reactionary politics of “There’s an anti-semitic behind every tweet.”

    • Leo Toystory

      Jim, be sure and wash and gargle thoroughly to remove all that Galloway fecal matter.

      • Jim

        I don’t intend to specifically respond to your reply other than to say your words clearly demonstrate the caliber of your persona.

        • Roy

          Leaving language and “persona” aside, it is blatantly clear that you are an astounding jack-ass.

    • You don’t have to morph very far, let’s see, Israeli Ambassador inside a synagogue trying to dissuade fear and a thug with a Palestinian flag tweeting like the dumb ass he is “let me at em George”. Following your short line of intellect, Hitler wasn’t anti semitic remotely, 10,000,000 who happened to be Jewish were murdered just for a political statement!

  • kieran

    Your own argument demonstrates that Galloway does not cross the line from anti Zionism and into anti Semitism. As you said, it would merely be an assumption to take his words as such, and that assumption would be false, so you have no point, good bye.

    • Leo Toystory

      If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, even if a drunken Irishmen tells you otherwise.