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April 17, 2015 3:57 pm

French PM Announces $107 Million Plan to Combat Anti-Semitism and Racism

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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced an ambitious government plan on Friday to spend 100 million euros ($107 million) on a program to combat rising anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in France.

The 40-point program will include increased penalties for crimes deemed to have been fueled by anti-Semitism and racism as well as increasing awareness and local efforts against prejudice.

“Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners, homophobia are increasing in an unbearable manner,” Valls said in the Paris suburb city of Créteil, which was the scene of a brutal attack on a Jewish man and his girlfriend last December, AFP reported.

That attack was followed by the January 2015 attack by Muslim terrorist Amedy Coulibaly on a Paris kosher supermarket that left four dead, during the same week as the Islamist shooting that killed 12 people at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine.

Anti-Semitism doubled from 2013 to 2014 in France, with an increasing number of Jews leaving France for Israel.

“French Jews should not be afraid of being Jewish,” said Valls. “French Muslims should not be ashamed of being Muslims.”

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  • HaroldT

    When Valls takes action against EURONEWS and FRANCE TV for their anti -Semitic and anti-Israel broadcasts, then he can be taken seriously.

    • Eric R.


      This is why it is wrong when people say that unlike the ’30s, the Jew-hatred is not state-sponsored. It absolutely is state-sponsored, with almost all state-run European news outlets spewing out hate like modern day Der Stuermers.

  • Fabián Natanowicz

    France has the anti semitism in its blood…are you sure this money will pay a transfusion??, you can not block the sunshine with one finger

  • Will not help. The French are Anti-Semitic period.

    • Eric R.

      Twenty years from now, the Jews will be gone, and the French will be enslaved by their new Muslim overlords.

      The only problem with that is a big one — the Islamists will have the French nuclear arsenal.

  • Daniel Birnbaum

    “Anti-Semitism doubled from 2013 to 2014 in France, with an increasing number of Jews leaving for Israel”, says your report.


    Testimony from the experts: from Michel Wieviorka, the French -Jewish sociologist: “Today’s France is LESS anti-Semitic than ten years ago” (when Wieviorka’s massive study of 2003 to 2008 found French anti-Semitism to be “fragmented” and “shallow”).

    From the expert Nonna Mayer, the French-Jewish political sociologist: “There is no “new” French anti-Semitism. French public opinion is not anti-Semitic. The anti-Semites in France are marginal, and they are not only “anti” Jews, they are ‘anti’ everyone (Arabs, Asians, blacks,gays etc).”

    From the expert Pew Research Institute of Washington: French anti-Semites: 21% of France; American anti-Semites:
    23% of America. (The false figure of French anti-Semitism appearing in the B’nai Brith ADL report is corroborated by no other source, whereas the Pew statistic is corroborated by all other sources.)

    French-Jewish alyah to Israel: a tempest in a teacup. Fewer than 1% of French Jews are leaving, and 30% to 40% of the olim return to France within 5 years. Israel’s actual intake of French olim — beginning in 2014 — is 3850, not 7000. At a constant rate, it would take well over one hundred years to depopulate France of its Jews. Surveys on French olim have them shown to leave for reasons mostly unrelated to anti-Semitism — for example, religious requirements, the exemption from income taxes on olim in their first five years, family reunification, presure by Israeli envoys to France (according to the French-Jewish reporters Gabizon and Weisz), as well as the denigration of France by Jewish extremists (criticized in the books of the French-Jewish lawyer & media expert Guillaume Weill-Raynal).

    Summary and additional info: France is LESS anti-Semitic than the U.S. 75% of French Moslems no longer practice their religion (and most of the remaining 25% practice it with dignity). French North-Africans number 3 million, not 6 million (source: Hervé Le Bras, anthropologist).

    Conclusion: American media have smeared France anti-Semitic. For every anti-Semitic act in France, there is a counterpart in America. But it is seldom reported, and rarely analyzed.

    — Daniel Birnbaum, American permanent resident of France, and member in good standing of the French-Jewish community, since 1978.

  • DocReality

    Nice and generous. And how does that play out against France giving Lebanon military rifles?