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April 19, 2015 12:53 pm

Mike Huckabee Calls Two-State Solution ‘the Nuttiest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

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Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee described the two-state solution as "the nuttiest thing I've ever heard." Photo: CNN.

Likely US presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said on Saturday that the widely accepted two-state solution for Israeli-Palestinian peace is a crazy idea and that the disputed West Bank territories already belong to Israel, Newsmax reported.

It’s “the nuttiest thing I’ve ever heard” the former Arkansas governor said, while addressing several hundred people at the Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire.

“One of those parties believes the other one should not exist,” added Huckabee. “Let’s quit pretending there is such a thing in that particular country. In the land of Judea and Samaria, there should not be a question as to whether or not that is going to belong to Israel — because it does belong to Israel.”

Speaking at the two-day event, Huckabee also said that he witnessed an Islamic State terrorist camp in Syria just two miles from where he stood during a recent visit to the Israeli Golan Heights. He added that he heard at least 10 rocket and shell explosions going off in Syria, Newsmax reported.

“We were safe where we were, and the reason we were was because Israel understands what it is to defend its borders and recognizes that it does have a right to defend itself and its people,” he explained, also noting that his first visit to Israel was 42 years ago.

Huckabee said President Obama’s failing policies in the Middle East have resulted in Israel allying itself with other nations in the region amid fears of a nuclear armed Iran. He told the crowd at the Summit, “Now, the Israelis are in a greater alliance with the Saudis, Jordanians, and Egyptians than they are with the United States — because those countries at least have the good sense to know you don’t trust the Iranians.”

“I pray our next president will have the good sense to know we don’t trust the Iranians, but we can trust our friends, the Israelis — and we can trust the leadership of other countries in the Middle East, who recognize that you cannot create peace when you chant ‘Death to America’ in the streets of your cities,” he added.

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  • This is as brilliant as splitting Korea and we know how that has worked out no this is just another foolish idea probably hatched by Obama.

  • Around 1947 CE, British Palestine was divided in 2 parts:

    Eastern Palestine (78%) became the Arab state of Jordan.
    Western Palestine (22%) became the Jewish state of Israel.

    The Palestinians already have a state:
    It is called Jordan.

    The goal of creating another Palestinian state is not to help the Palestinians; the goal of creating another Palestinian state is to make Israel indefensible, so Muslims can wipe Israel off the map.

  • The Two State ‘Solution’ (Disaster)

  • the two-state solution dates to the 1937 Peel Commission report. Anything other than a proposal that allows both Israelis and Palestinians to breathe freely is barbaric.

    • Daniel MacDonald

      It is for certain that the Israelis are not the Barbarians!

  • judorebbe

    Governor Huckabee, please run for President. America needs your leadership and Israel needs a friend in the White House. – You’ve got my vote.

  • Common sense! The PA consists of Fatah and Hamas. The Hamas charter calls for the annihilation of Israel and the murder of all Jews world wide. Israel canot be expected to negotiate with Hamas or to hand over Israeli land to Hamas, knowing that Iran is backing Hamas and Iran would therefore control Gaza.It’s not rocket science! Iran supports Hezbollah in Lebanon on Israel’s northern border. Fatah should has reasonable autonomy on the ground in the West Bank with IDF security to protect the West Bank. Israel’s population includes several million Arabs and the PA territory should include major agreed settlement blocs, as agreed unofficially by Bush and Arafat.

  • “It’s Time to Stand Up for Israel”

    Desert Cattle to the Rescue, Texas Longhorn

    This started as Agricultural project and then became an internal security project as well. Israeli Ranches are being attacked, their land being stolen and their passive European cattle are being mutilated and killed by local Arabs and by natural predators, wolves and jackals.

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    The Israel Longhorn Project will be using 22nd century cattle handle methods called, Stockmanship and ecological grazing techniques called Strategic Grazing. Both will be taught to Ranchers. This will decrease meat from being damaged turning into dark meat.

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    • Tawanda Chichinye

      We will boycott any meat be it beef,mutton or goat raised from Israeli occupied territories.

  • The One-State Solution is only peace solution that is based on reality. It takes the solution out of the hands of America and Obama and puts it back into our hands, where is belongs and it returns our political power. This is extremely important due to our immediate discussions and decisions we need to make.

    The Israeli Solution; A One-State Plan For Peace in the Middle East; eBook ISBN 978-0-385-345804-2
    ISBN 978-0-385-34806-5

  • Will Thompson

    At least a few people in the USA have some clear vision

  • Anthony dayton

    I can hardly wait to read the character assassination awaiting poorMike Huckabee. Someone on the Salon staff will have a field day drowning him in venom.

  • NCS

    just love him

  • Sofia

    Mike Huckabee, you are a true hero and speak the truth, we were at the same border crossing and you can see into Syria, Israel is surrounded by enemies, the only Democracy in the Middle East is Israel.

    Mike, you understand the situation so well, having been to Israel 7 times before myself, planting a tree in Yad Vashem in honor of my Mother and Sister in 1988, for having sheltered Jewish people for 20 months 1942- from the brutal killings of Jews in Pinsk. I have travelled all over Israel, and its frightening to see how tiny the State of Israel is and how wonderful a country freedom for all, all the Religions for the world and what became of this country since 1948. It was a barren waste land before this.
    God Bless you Mike Huckabee, we need more like you in the White House.

  • Ness Pessah

    Thank you Governor , why can’t everybody grasp that it CANT BE “two state” it’s just unrealistic,
    absolutely impossible , not practical.

  • anon


  • Shalom-Hillel

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee, for telling the truth. In the Orwellian media world in which we now live stating the truth is a radical act, and common sense is a rarity these days in US politics.

    If Israel abandoned Judea and Samaria the place would be overrun by assorted jihadist killers who would start by brutalizing the people who live there and then move on to dismember Jordan.

    I hope we get through the last of Obama’s presidency in one piece, and then hopefully we can set this ship of state aright again.

    • Kris Kristian

      Bless Mike Huckerby.
      Wwe must all pray that this great man, will be the next occupier of the White House.
      We must all pray that the witch with the false smile, Clinton, is kewpt far away from the White House.
      She will be worse that the Muslim who occupies the WH at present.
      We only have to read her record of how shw treated Bibi. and how she treated Israel.
      For world peace, we need MIke Huckerby, or some other Republican who will undo all the evil that Obama has done to Israel and to USA.

      Obama i signing a piece of paper with Iran to build the bomb which will start a nuclear war and will destroy the world and more that half of the world’s population.Obama and Iran will turn the world back 5 centuries.
      Why has Obama not been impeached?
      What is America waiting for?
      Iran will sign a piece of used toilet paper with a smile. That is all that Iran’s word is worth.
      Time for Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel to put away all the hatred and form a united military to destroy Iran and ISIS.
      That is the only hope for the future

  • M. Otero

    Obama has done permanent damage to the US as a dependable ally.

    He may have inadvertently done Israel and its neighbors a big favor toward interdependence.
    Marketing Israel’s newly found natural gas to its neighbors may be facilitated. The enemy of my enemy….
    .Kerry and Clinton may have done no more than earn frequent flyer miles or ineffectually wasted the taxpayers’ funds. Thank you, team.

  • If you read your Bible you will see Mike Huckabee is rite.
    I believe in the Bible, it is up to show the world where
    we stand and that is where we stand,is with Israel.