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April 20, 2015 4:01 pm

Pope Francis Warns of Anti-Semitic Trends in Europe, Calls on Christians to Show ‘Solidarity With the Jewish People’

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Pope Francis greeting onlookers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Pope Francis on Monday signaled the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe, calling on Christians to show “solidarity with the Jewish people.”

“Anti-Semitic trends in Europe these days are troubling,” lamented the Pope. He called on Christians to be “firm in deploring all forms of anti-Semitism, and in showing their solidarity with the Jewish people.”

The pope was speaking with a delegation from the Conference of European Rabbis at a meeting that was meant to herald “the beginning of a new working relationship between the two communities to defend their shared values and strengthen inter-religious dialogue.”

The pontiff stressed that Jewish-Catholic relations had progressed in a “systematic way” over the past 50 years. He referred to a Vatican declaration, the Nostra Aetate, which half a century ago released Jews from historical charges of deicide.

Head of the CER delegation, President Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, thanked the Holy See and Catholic communities for “supporting our quest for religious freedom and our common quest to head off the dangers of a radical Islam, which has become a threat not only for us, but for the world as a whole.”

Goldschmidt mentioned recent violent attacks by radical Islamists at a synagogue in Copenhagen and a Kosher supermarket in Paris that targeted Jews.

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  • As for the Icon type faith, Stop praying to the dead . Open the Word. Hear Oh ,Israel Adoni is the Lord, and so said Jesus aka Yeshua . Love the Lord your God, with all your heart. And your neighbor as thyself.
    Who? Go to the parable of the Good Samaritan. Read the Truth. As Israel was told ,quote it when you rise up sit down, and walk along the path. . Speaking of it everywhere.
    Life practice.” Greater love has no man than he who lays down his life for his friends.
    You are my friends if you keep my commandments. ”
    As for the ceremonial laws, of First Covenant, found by the studious is able application of these. Even the leprosy rules of cleansing and sureness of truly being purified. The verification of our being in measure to God’s way.
    Not wear garment of two types of thread, wool and linen together , nor sow two types of see upon one field. So, like diverse doctrine, not mixing truth with false. Know your product.

  • Martial

    Let’s do our part here. I’ve been banging the drums about Christian’s being persecuted for years now & think the rest of us Jews should do the same. It’s largely the ones who want us dead, of course; since they don’t have any Jews left to speak of in Middle Eastern countries, the next target is the few Christians left.

    If we do our part to raise awareness on this matter, we’ll be doing our job as Jews in general. That’s our role, in large part, after all!

  • First the Vatican must hold a council and admit that every human has an eternal individual Spirit, and the admit that every human is responsible for the false judgement on Christ.

  • Sue Deutsch

    I am shocked at some of the ugly postings on this site. The Pope has proven himself to be a good human being.I welcome his statement against anti-Semitism. I hope Christians will listen to him.

  • Christian priest tells UN:
    “Israel is the only Mideast country not persecuting Christians”.

  • god bless the pope a great man

  • Ronnie Zuckerman

    This Pope is a mensch.

    • POlitical menses. Bleeding hearts for media maybe.

  • All Jews and Christians must be united with Israel. Do we want to see the annihilation of every human who does not to ISLAM? This is the intention of every Islamic follower both Shia and Sunni. The women or majority of women forced to follow Islam have little choice in life. Therefore we should only allow women and children asylum not only from the war torn Middle East but Islam in particular. Islam is not a religion, reading the Korahn will teach us this. Islam is a male dominated religion which incredible believes every Islamic warrior will when he dies go to Paradise full of freedom to do as they please including sex with little boys. It is time to take on Islam once and for all. The last 1400 years bears out the cruelty and barbarism of Islam. Iran will not give in and Saudi as other Gulf States clearly want to weald power world wide. So far they have been successful by controlling the production and sale of Oil. Saudi funds mosques all over the world – isn’t it time both Saudi’s and Iranian Mullahs had their powers curtailed? Obama simply does not comprehend the teachings of Islam or Islam’s covert desire to dominate world wide.

    • George

      You are correct to call for unification of JEWS and CHRISTIANS to stand shoulder to shoulder against this Stone Age dogma of Wahabism or Muslim Brotherhood. But, we must align also the Hindues and the Budhists. The Saudis with their petrodollars to buy influence in the West have made the world uncritical of the Stone Age ideologies of the desert culture of Wahabism, which is THE SOURCE OF HATE CULT AROUND THE WORLD.

  • michelle

    It’s a never-ending saga…..

  • Fabián Natanowicz

    Since the catholic church has been over the centuries, the main instigator of jews as well as the principal anti semitic promotor, what kínd of hidden message is Mr. Francis hiding this time?…I don’t trust these “religeous-political” ralies ay all.

  • H. Givon

    The Pope is correct; radical Islam is the enemy of both Christianity and Judaism as well as every other religion. Surely there are more good than evil people in the world. We must stand together and actively work to end the hatred that threatens to destroy Western civilization.

  • Well we are truly patient people, after 600 years they at last say something !
    Anything to stem the tsunami of anti Semitism is welcome.

    • Sam Shapiro

      WHY NOT? After all…Jesus was a JEW and so were his followers. There is still a Jews for Jesus sect.

  • He is more of a Jew than the J-Street crew.

  • this is the most pro-Semitic pope in my lifetime -I am mid-60’s- and a lovely sincere man who has openly espoused the cause of the impoverished

  • this is the most pro-Semitic pope in my lifetime ( I am mid-60’s ) and a lovely sincere man who has also championed the plight of the impoverished.

  • Javiel czertok

    Are you sure Pope himself is not an antisemitic person?

    Try to review his history during 1976 to 1983 in his


  • VictorMc

    Too late Mr. Pope a good idea but your ‘Catholic family’ should have thought of it 50 years or more ago.

    • Bill Channon

      Mr. Victor, why is it too late?

  • arne normann

    I do not beleive in popes – not any of them. But hopefully this pope might be able to calm the situation?? The situation now seem to maintain the ignorance of our European shame after the 2.WW. As for instance my country (Norway)- all the years after 1948 welcomed the state of Israel – heartly. Now the same people of the socialdemocratic agenda – have for some years turned their bacs to Israel, accusing the jews for harassment of the palestine people. As always – (we norwegians) are following our neighbours – the swedish socialdemocratic counterparts: The acceptance of Palestine as sovereign state is to be the aim. As allways – the problem with two thoughts at the same time – seem to be out of reach: We have to accept the situation as it is on this location, beween the mediterranian and the Jordan river. I am not so shure that the palestine people will be satisfied by only parts of this land. .

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    yes, it seems Jewish-Catholic relations are progressing thanks to this pope. Pity Obama is not a catholic

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I do not remember a time in my lifetime of sixty-five years that the pope has called on Christians so openly to show solidarity with the Jewish people. How so very sad that it has taken such deplorable conditions for this to happen. Nevertheless, I, for one, am definitely on the wagon. As a teacher for some thirty-six years , I have always taught my students of whatever religious, ethnic, or national background to treat people as they would like to be treated. I taught my two daughters to do likewise.

  • The protestants should also give the solidarity with the jews.

  • This Is a Fabulous Article That Everyone Should Read !!!!!

  • I wouldn’t trust this Pope…he’s a Jesuit

    definition of jesuitical:
    1. of or relating to Jesuits or Jesuitism.
    2.(often lowercase) practicing casuistry or equivocation; using subtle or oversubtle reasoning; crafty; sly; intriguing.

    • Martial

      He also likes pizza. That Jesuit stuff was blasted to smithereens years ago. If you want to read a great book, read up on how the Jesuits saved the Native Americans in Paraguay. There’s a story about it that is absolutely spectacular.

  • Julian Clovelley

    It is no good calling for assistance in relation to antisemitic attacks – I trust you have that basic loyalty from most people anyway. But you have to help us in this if you need more support. I’m sorry but the more I have looked at these issues the more I have become convinced that the division between “Gentile and Jew” is not so much unfair as totally ludicrous. But how can the Gentile side say this, if through Zionist extremism people who label themselves “Jews” cling to a religious fantasy, as if it actually described genuine Genealogical difference and genuine history? It does not, any more than Christian mythology describes real events.

    There was no six day creation, no Adam and Eve, no tower of Babel, no Noah’s Ark, no Exodus, no large scale Davidic kingdom, no Divine donation or special covenant – any more than there was a bodily resurrection, a walking on water or an atonement for the sins of the world resulting from the execution of Jesus. Increasingly we born into the Christian world walk away from fantasy, but it seems that Zionism is hell bent on drawing that fantasy back to justify what are blatant land grabs to the East of Jerusalem. Where Israel should be trying to build secure finite boundaries, we see it continuing a really unpleasant and inflammatory half century occupation. We see it invading Palestine through the West Bank Settlements, and however much we may deplore much extremist Palestinian behaviour, we can sympathise with their desperate lack of hope. Israel may be for Jewish people – and even for Israeli Arabs – the most democratic state in the region, but the Settlements are still an outrage comparable to the concept of “Lebensraum”. Many of also find the extreme Zionist courting of the extreme Right fills us with repugnance as if it were a form of whoredom. We thought we could at least trust Jews not to side with and promote Fascism! Some of you are betraying us!

    Why is this ultraconservative government creating a de facto apartheid state in Israel and the West Bank when it should be moving towards multiculturalism? Why does it even try to maintain the delusion that a “Jewish State” in the 21st century can be anything other to a non-Jew than a racist state, whereby citizenship status is decided by fictitious difference? And how dare it try to pretend that Israel is the true capital for Jewish people worldwide – over and above their own real national capitals – as if “Jewish” were a continent and Israel a peninsular containing the true “Capital City”?

    The sympathy one has for a particular group is strained to the limit when that group demands credibility for its fantasies and mythological history outside its own religion. I’m sorry but it is not antisemitism to believe that the entire Zionist fantasy is rubbish. It is in fact nothing more than what Jewish leaders themselves warned a century ago – that to tie Judaism as a religion to both territory and the concept of race was a potentially disastrous error

    To help you we need you to recognise the errors of the Jewish communities too, and also to recognise that, as with Freemasons or Catholic Groups, or any other institution, positive discrimination within such groups is not unreasonably resented outside of them. We can walk together with you but we cannot defend your independent wanderings when they are motivated purely by self interest

    We need a Judaism that is a part of our societies not a protected separate group – That has never worked, and will never be successfully on offer. But many of us will continue to sympathise with the plight, the real history and the insecurity of “Jewish” people. But the label itself will be increasingly the province of the Jewish communities, for in walking away from our own myths and delusions we walk away from yours too

    Truly Jewish people could be a lot more help in this – beginning with throwing Zionism into the dustbin. It is time both antisemitism and the exclusive concept of “Jewishness” were thrown out by a world that is growing up and facing the future – instead of clinging to the myth of a non existent past – and a character shaped by fiction through superstition. Your only real hope lies in the future – the past has nothing to offer – not you, not me, not anyone on the face of this idiotically divided little planet

    It is one world, not two – and not several. And if you don’t yet grasp that then you are the source of much of your own difficulty. But once more – many of us will try to fish you out of the current that is trying to bear you away – even if you are silly enough to jump in yourselves.

    • Bill Channon

      Well, well, well. Yet another Julian missive of froth and foam, elegantly phrased yet utterly inconsequential

      …To help you we need you to recognise the errors of the Jewish communities too…..

      what arrogance!

    • June Grant

      Julian, you may be surprised to learn that according to a recent Gallup Poll, Israel is one of the world’s least religious countries. We are not imbued with any kind of messianic ideal of separateness.We now have a right wing government due to the imperfect electoral system. But we were close to having a left leaning government too. The question of the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria could be sorted by negotiations with a willing partner. We are probably the only people in the world who are blamed for the hatred levelled against us. Certainly I appreciate the Pope’s announcement, as a leader of goodwill.

    • Media haspuortedly shown the apartheid side supposedly of Israel. Reference to truth not a part of the info crews. Saddening. Not told of the people of diverse backgrounds there who support the Nation of Israel, and stick with the Prime Minister.

    • One world with Klingons and no way to beam up up and away!

    • Read my book,”The 4th of May” by Paul Galy OAM.

  • Debra Michels

    Praise God! Please also pray for this pope and for all those whose hearts and minds he may have reached! Often!

  • In comparative to former times heard of, this is hopefully to the better.

  • Leo Toystory

    If the Pope really wants to help the Jewish people he should announce that they have a right to every square inch of their ancient homeland.

  • Does that mean that Pope Francis will stop schmusing those who openly declare that they want to wipe Israel and the Jewish people from the face of the earth?

    Does that mean that Pope Francis will not again pose for media pictures next to Palestian graffitti that defames the Jews?

    Brought up as a Catholic, I do not trust nor like this Pope who is, in my not-so-humble opinion another version of Obama, and we know on whose side that one is.

    Yes I do suggest that in the case of the increasingly violent and even deadly Jew Hatred neutrality is no longer an option: Sides have to be taken – this media-Pope plays on too many strings – as long as his play is heard/seen by the Media.

    • Martial

      He is doing the best he can. Remember, he has no army. The Christians face the biggest threats in the Middle East right now. We must support them.

  • Lou Schroeder

    Spot On, Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt & Holy Father Francis!
    Our common bases of beliefs & tradition always overshadow theological differences in our relations with each other.
    Last time I read Holy Scripture, Jesus was still a Jew!
    Ours are religions of acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness & atonement and loving our neighbor.
    Our religions & we are not to be & will not be destroyed by pagans who would murder under religious guise those not freely, or under extreme duress, choosing to convert to their ways.

  • Happy to see that our relationship with the Holy Sea is changing for the positive.
    I’m sick of seeing & hearing of more anti-Semitic attacks against our people simply because they’re Jewish.


    The Partition Plan of 1947 envisaged an international Jerusalem, separated
    from both Israel and the then proposed Palestinian State. During the 1948 war,
    East Jerusalem (which includes the holy places of Judaism, Christianity and
    Islam in the old city) came into Jordanian hands; and Jordan claimed sovereignty.
    In 1967, after Jordan launched an attack on West Jerusalem, the whole of Jerusalem
    came under Israeli rule; and Israel claimed sovereignty over a united Jerusalem.
    Professor Stone examines the legal principles which apply, and considers the
    analysis of Professor Elihu Lauterpacht, the distinguished editor of the authoritative
    Oppenheim s International Law .
    The agreements implementing the Oslo Accords provide that Jerusalem is one of the issues to be considered in the permanent status negotiations, and failure to reach agreement on the sharing of administration in Jerusalem was one of the reasons for the failure to conclude a permanent status agreement at Camp David II and at Taba in 2000. In the absence of such agreement, however, sovereignty over Jerusalem under international law remains as described by Stone.

    The Effect of the Partition Plan
    Elihu Lauterpacht concludes, correctly that the 1947 partition resolution had no legislative character to vest territorial rights in either Jews or Arabs. Any binding force of it would have had to arise from the principle pacta sunt servanda, that is, from the agreement of the parties concerned to the proposed plan. Such an agreement, however, was frustrated ab initio by the Arab rejection, a rejection underlined by armed invasion of Palestine by the forces of Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia, timed for the British withdrawal on May 14, 1948, and aimed at destroying Israel and at ending even the merely hortatory value of the plan
    The State of Israel is thus not legally derived from the partition plan, but rests (as do
    most other states in the world) on assertion of independence by its people and
    government, on the vindication of that independence by arms against assault by other
    states, and on the establishment of orderly government within territory under its
    stable control. At most, as Israel’s Declaration of Independence expressed it, the
    General Assembly resolution was a recognition of the natural and historic right of the
    Jewish people in Palestine. The immediate recognition of Israel by the United States
    and other states was in no way predicated on its creation by the partition resolution,
    nor was its admission in 1949 to membership in the United Nations


    As a mere resolution of the General Assembly, Resolution 181(11) lacked binding force ab initio. It would have acquired the force under the principle pacta sunt servanda if the parties at variance had accepted it. While the state of Israel did for her part express willingness to accept it, the other states concerned both rejected it and took up arms unlawfully against it. The Partition Resolution thus never became operative either in law or in fact, either as to the proposed Jerusalem corpus separatum or other territorial dispositions in Palestine.

    The Corpus Separatum Concept
    We venture to agree with the results of the careful examination of the corpus
    separatum proposal by E. Lauterpacht in his monograph Jerusalem and the Holy
    (1) During the critical period of the changeover of power in Palestine from British to Israeli and Arab hands, the UN did nothing effectively to implement the idea of the internationalization of Jerusalem.
    (2) In the five years 1948-1952 inclusive, the UN sought to develop the concept as a theoretical exercise in the face of a gradual realization that it was acceptable neither to Israel nor to Jordan and could never be enforced. Eventually the idea was allowed quietly to drop.
    (3) In the meantime, both Israel and Jordan demonstrated that each was capable of ensuring the security of the Holy Places and maintaining access to and free worship at them – with the exception, on the part of Jordan, that the Jews were not allowed access to Jewish Holy places in the area of Jordanian control.
    (4) The UN by its concern with the idea of territorial internationalization, as
    demonstrated from 1952 to the present date (1968) effectively acquiesced in the
    demise of the concept. The event of 1967 and 1968 have not led to its revival.
    (5) Nonetheless there began to emerge, as long ago as 1950, the idea of functional internationalization of the Holy Places in contradistinction to the territorial internationalization of Jerusalem. This means that there should be an element of international government of the City, but only a measure of international interest in and concern with the Holy Places. This idea has been propounded by Israel and has been said to be acceptable to her. Jordan has not subscribed to it.

    Even if no notion of a corpus separatum had ever floated on the international seas,
    serious questions about the legal status of Jerusalem would have arisen after the 1967
    War. Did it have the status of territory that came under belligerent occupation in the
    course of active hostilities, for which international law prescribes a detailed regime of
    powers granted to the occupying power or withheld it from in the interest of the
    ousted reversionary sovereign? Or was this status qualified in Israel’s favour by virtue


    of the fact that the ousted power, in this case, Jordan, itself had occupied the city in
    the course of an unlawful aggression and therefore could not, under principle of ex
    iniuria non oritur ius, be regarded as an ousted reversioner? Or was Jerusalem, as we
    will see that a distinguished authority thought at the time, in the legal status of res
    nullius modo juridico? That is, was it a territory to which by reason of the copies of
    international instruments, and their lacunae, together with the above vice in the
    Jordanian title, no other state than Israel could have sovereign title? The consequence
    of this could be to make the legal status of Jerusalem that of subjection to Israel
    Acquisition of Sovereignty
    This analysis, based on the sovereignty vacuum, affords a common legal frame for the legal positions of both West and East Jerusalem after both the 1948-49 and the 1967 wars. In 1967, Israel’s entry into Jerusalem was by way lawful self-defence, confirmed in the Security Council and General Assembly by the defeat of Soviet and Arab-sponsored resolutions demanding her withdrawal
    Lauterpacht has offered a cogent legal analysis leading to the conclusion that
    sovereignty over Jerusalem has already vested in Israel. His view is that when the
    partition proposals were immediately rejected and aborted by Arab armed aggression,
    those proposals could not, both because of their inherent nature and because of the
    terms in which they were framed, operate as an effective legal re-disposition of the
    sovereign title. They might (he thinks) have been transformed by agreement of the
    parties concerned into a consensual root of title, but this never happened. And he
    points out that the idea that some kind of title remained in the United Nations is quite
    at odds, both with the absence of any evidence of vesting, and with complete United
    Nations silence on this aspect of the matter from 1950 to 1967?
    In these circumstances, that writer is led to the view that there was, following the
    British withdrawal and the abortion of the partition proposals, a lapse or vacancy or
    vacuum of sovereignty. In this situation of sovereignty vacuum, he thinks,
    sovereignty could be forthwith acquired by any state that was in a position to assert
    effective and stable control without resort to unlawful means. On the merely political
    and commonsense level, there is also ground for greater tolerance towards Israel’s
    position, not only because of the historic centrality of Jerusalem to Judaism for 3,000
    years, but also because in modern times Jews have always exceeded Arabs in
    Jerusalem. In 1844 there were 7,000 Jews to 5,000 Moslems; in 1910, 47,000 Jews to
    9,800 Moslems; in 1931, 51,222 Jews to 19,894 Moslems; in 1948, 100,000 Jews to
    40,000 Moslems, and in 1967 200,000 Jews to 54,902 Moslems.

  • Eric R.

    Europeans will not stop their Jew-hatred because the continent is populated by filthy, degenerate Nazi savages who believe Jews are the cause of all the world’s problems and whose hatred of Jews is so irrational and psychotic it is scientifically impossible to break them of it.