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April 20, 2015 4:03 pm

WikiLeaks: Natalie Portman Organized J Street Discussion at Height of Gaza War

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Actress Natalie Portman. Photo: wiki commons.

Actress Natalie Portman sought to get involved amid last summer’s 50-day violent conflict between Hamas and Israel, organizing an “intimate” discussion at her home led by J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami.

An email published by WikiLeaks last week shows the actress invited then-Sony Motion Pictures Group Chairwoman Amy Pascal to attend what Portman said she hoped would be a “productive” discussion.

Portman said she wanted to discuss the conflict and plan “possible next steps forward.”

It would appear that Pascal, however, did not share Portman’s sense of urgency. “Send regrets that I am on holidayBut [sic] Would have wanted to come,” she wrote back.

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  • Mireille Mechoullam

    So big deal, she is Israeli by birth and that’s all. Every smart person who take time and learn about J Street and Ben Ami knows that he is financed by the European Union and all these NGO organizations that are working so hard to destroy Israel once and for all. She should have taken the position to defend Israel and support Pro Israel. She just is an actress living in dream land.

  • Keith Weinberg

    A bit presumptuous of Ms. Portman to think that she and her buds can “plan the ‘possible next steps forward'”. It seems to be a feature of “artistic” types to believe the fawning they receive translates into a skillset outside of their training.

  • Amber-Dawn

    Not surprised. Keep in mind she supported Obama who is clearly rabidly anti-Israel. Oh and where was Ms.Portman when Jews were being attacked in Paris? where was the outcry?! like many Jews in Hollywood she lives in a bubble. She probably has never experienced anti-semitism other than through maybe some mail, therefore,this is why she has such liberal reviews in regards to Israel.

  • Tsadi

    It is tremendously ironic that those I mentioned before, who will that Jewishness cease to exist, are practitioners of that Gnostic ideology of which medieval “Kabbalah” is a Judaized type.

  • ricardo

    Nowhere in this article does it say WHAT Portman was attempting to accomplish. People rush to assume that she was expressing sympathy with J-Street, when in fact it is equally as plausible that she had asked Ben Ami to meet to gently chide him for his arrant stupidity. Give the poor woman a break, will you….

  • everytime i write something you say i already wrote it which inever did

  • Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone

    Sad and pathetic another Jewish children misled and now misleading others.


    perhaps NATALIE PORTMAN will be sad when loyal fans run the other way from her desire to titlate with J STREET….. a rogue choir of evil souls who pretend to be the ‘only jews’

    but then….its hollywood…..just like seeing….IVANKA….AND THE TRUMPS…….MONEY TALKS……EVIL BURNS.

  • Tess

    Portman and her J street pals care nothing for Israel. They want Israel to acquiesce to the world demands so that they can live out their leftist
    affluent lives in the US without fear of anti semetic repercussions.

  • Does she has any clue of the Israel-Arab conflict?
    the dog barks but the caravan goes on.
    Israel will be the winner.

  • J Streeters would sell us out in a moment

  • Wm.Levy

    What do Hollywood actors know about real life politics and war?

    How many Jews are against Israel because in their mind they can’t accept a version of a tough, strong Jew able to defend himself instead of relying on non-Jews to do that for them.

    That is why Jews will continue to die instead of arming themselves and defending themselves, their families and fellow Jews.

  • kern

    Natalie Portman is a wonderful young woman who has long supported Israel. Recent events have shown that J Street’s claim of being supportive of Israel is bogus.

    Hopefully, Ms. Portman is now aware that J Street is being run by Israeli hating minions of George Soros and not a dissident, but mainstream, group of liberal Jews who share the concerns for the survival of Israel that she and most of world Jewry share.

    J Street is made up of vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • Tim

      Natalie is on record saying she hates Netanyahu and was angry that he won again this spring. She hates Israel. She’s a Kapo.

  • Anon

    At least she tried.

  • Mike P.

    Natalie started out with so much promise…Hollywood has made her dumber.

    Natalie, perhaps you need to spend a summer living in Sderot.

    You might learn more there than you did in college or in Hollywood.

  • steven L

    Is she supporting J St?

  • Leo Toystory

    Natalie is a very serious person! She became a vegetarian when she was eight years old, a decision which came after she witnessed a demonstration of laser surgery on a chicken. She, also, does not eat animal products or wear fur, feathers, or leather. “All of my shoes are from Target and Stella McCartney,” she has said.In 2007, she launched her own brand of vegan footwear. See what I mean? If she’s not a serious woman, I just don’t know who is.

    • Good grief because a person is a vegetarian they are
      better ? Ridiculous.

  • maIsh goretsky


    • Tsadi


      That’s extremely ironic, considering that from a perspective of some awareness of the agenda of international socialists, it seems very highly probable that the Sho’ah was conducted for the sake of the formation of the secular state of Israel for the purpose of the “fulfillment” of eschatological prophecy from religions besides Judaism.

      I have heard multiple reports as to the buildings in Eretz Yisro’el having been built in such a way that it seems they are intended to be temporary.

      What makes all of this tremendously ironic is that these international socialists have made clear their intention to bring a complete end to the Jewish identity.

      In Education in the New Age, Alice A. Bailey, occult teacher of Robert Muller, assistant secretary general of the United Nations, writes the following about the Sho’ah:

      “To many of you…the World War
      was a supreme disaster, an agony to be averted in the future at any cost, a dire and dreadful happening
      indicative of the wickedness of man and the incredible blind indifference of God. To us, on the inner
      side, the World War was in the nature of a major surgical operation made in an effort to save the
      patient’s life. A violent streptococcic germ and infection had menaced the life of humanity (speaking in
      symbols) and an operation was made in order to prolong opportunity and save life, not to save the form.
      This operation was largely successful. The germ, to be sure, is not eradicated and makes its presence
      felt in infected areas in the body of humanity.
      Another surgical operation may be necessary, not in order to destroy and end the present civilisation,
      but in order to dissipate the infection and get rid of the fever. It may not, however, be needed, for a
      process of dissipation, distribution and absorption has been going on and may prove effective. Let us
      work towards that end. But at the same time, let us never forget that it is the Life, its purpose and its
      directed intentional destiny that is of importance; and also that when a form proves inadequate, or too
      diseased, or too crippled for the expression of that purpose, it is—from the point of view of the
      Hierarchy—no disaster when that form has to go. Death is not a disaster to be feared; the work of the
      Destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable. I say this to you who am myself upon the Ray of Love and
      know its meaning.”

      And in The Rays and The Initiations, she provides to the adherents to her ideology a false substantiation and legitimization of antisemitism:

      “The Jews, as a product of the humanity of the previous solar system, and as constituting the incarnating residue from that solar system, have run the gamut of suffering and are in the forefront of the creative arts at this
      time, particularly in group production such as certain of the great motion pictures and in the field of
      scientific discovery. …..

      The present Jewish colouring of Masonry is
      completely out of date and has been preserved far too long, for it is today either Jewish or Christian and
      should be neither. The Blue Lodge degrees are entirely Jewish in phrasing and wording, and this
      should be altered. The Higher Degrees are predominantly Christian, though permeated with Jewish
      names and words. This too should end. This Jewish colouring is today one of the main hindrances to
      the full expression of Masonic intention and should be changed, whilst preserving the facts and detail
      and structure of the Masonic symbolism intact. Whatever form the new nomenclature will take (and
      this change will inevitably come), that too will pass away after due service rendered. Thus the cyclic
      transformation will proceed until such time as the bulk of humanity, standing upon the fourth Path, will
      pass through the initiatory process on Sirius, of which our degree is a faint reflection ….

      The Jews, by their illegal
      and terroristic activities, have laid a foundation of great difficulty for those who are seeking to promote
      world peace. As a Jewish member of my Ashram pointed out (and I commend him on his soul vision),
      the Jews have partially again opened the door to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through
      Hitler and his evil gang. The “sealing” of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is
      the part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one
      point of which is to be found in the Zionist Movement in the United States, another in central Europe,
      and the third in Palestine. Palestine is no longer a Holy Land and should not be so regarded. ….

      the coming form of Masonry in the New Age will necessarily rest upon the foundation of a newly interpreted and enlightened Christianity, having no relation to theology and
      being universal in nature. Its present form, resting as it does on a Jewish foundation which is nearly
      five thousand years old, must disappear. This must take place, not because it is Jewish, but because it
      is old and reactionary and has not followed the evolutionary passage of the sun through the zodiac.
      That passage should and does symbolise human evolution, and just as the sin of the children of Israel in
      the wilderness was their reverting to a dispensation and religious ritual which had passed and gone (the
      religion of the people in the time of Taurus, the Bull, symbolised by their falling down and worshipping the golden calf), … It is equally true of the Jewish race that in the rejection of the Christ as the Messiah they have remained, metaphorically and practically, in the sign of Aries, the Ram, or of the Scapegoat; they have yet to pass into the sign (again speaking symbolically) of Pisces, the Fishes, and recognise their Messiah when He again comes in the sign Aquarius. Otherwise they are repeating their ancient sin of non-response to the evolutionary process. ….

      “(“Jesus”) had to bring to an end the Jewish dispensation which should have climaxed and passed
      away with the movement of the sun out of Aries into Pisces. He therefore presented Himself to them as
      their Messiah, which was His reason for manifesting through the Jewish race. They not only rejected
      Him, but have succeeded in perpetuating the Jewish dispensation through the medium of its religious
      presentation throughout the era of the Christian dispensation. This lies at the root of their trouble and is
      the cause of their constant emphasis upon the past—a past which is based on their experiences in Aries
      and not upon their growth in Pisces. …

      13. The Jewish race is a symbol of humanity in its mass sense; in the resolution of its conflict and in the
      taking of right action, a great step forward in human liberation will take place.”

      Notice how in this case, Bailey refers to Jews as a race, while having been careful otherwise to specify that Jews are a religious group

      “It may interest you to know that the Christ has not yet decided what type of physical vehicle He will
      employ should He take physical form and work definitely upon the physical plane. He waits to see
      what nation or group of nations do the most work, and the most convincing work, in preparation for His
      reappearance. He will not, however, take a Jewish body as He did before, for the Jews have forfeited
      that privilege. The Messiah for Whom they wait will be one of Christ’s senior disciples, but it will not
      be, as originally intended, the Christ. Symbolically, the Jews represent (from the point of view of the
      Hierarchy) that from which all Masters of the Wisdom and Lords of Compassion emerge: materialism,
      cruelty and a spiritual conservatism, so that today they live in Old Testament times and are under the
      domination of the separative, selfish, lower concrete mind.

      But their opportunity will come again, and they may change all this when the fires of suffering at last
      succeed in purifying them and burning away their ancient crystallisation, thus liberating them to the
      extent that they can recognise their Messiah, Who will not, however, be the world Messiah. The Jews
      need humility more than any other nation. By humility they may learn something of value as well as a
      needed sense of proportion. They are dear to the heart of the Christ for—in the performance of His
      greatest work—He chose a Jewish body, but their materialism and their repudiation of spiritual
      opportunity has negated His use of their racial type again. It would provide too great a handicap. The
      probability is that the Master Jesus will assume (under instruction from the Christ) the part of the
      Messiah. ….

      During the Jewish
      dispensation, there was given a statement as to human conduct in the words of the Ten
      Commandments; upon these, human law has been based and upon them the laws governing the
      relationships of people in the West have been founded. It has eventuated in a somewhat narrow
      conception of Deity; these Commandments are didactic and present the negative angle. Then Christ
      came and gave to us the fundamental law of the universe, the law of love; He also gave us the Lord’s
      Prayer with its emphasis upon the Fatherhood of God, the coming of the Kingdom and right human
      relations. ….

      • bernie greenspoon

        have you had a checkup lately..? r u by chance affiliated with Xenu..?

  • Jerry Goodman

    And this is news, because? Or is there a question about her right to free expression?

    • Vittore

      It’s news, because the Jewish readers of the site have a right to know where various Jewish (and non-Jewish) figures stand on issues that are important to us.

  • J-Street does not represent my views in the least. I don’t like hearing them just talking and then capitulating to what Hamas or whomever want.
    Talking is good, however action is better.

  • Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone

    How is she at all relevant to anything of significance.
    J Street is but a group of self loathing Jews,how pathetic they are.