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April 22, 2015 1:23 pm

Amnesty-UK’s Outrageous Justification for Rejecting Resolution Fighting Antisemitism

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Yesterday I posted about how Amnesty International UK members voted at their annual general meeting against a resolution calling on Britain to fight antisemitic attacks.

The Coalition Against Anti-Semitism in Europe tweeted to Amnesty-UK asking for comment. Here was their shameful response:

A tweet from Coalition Against Antisemitism in Europe tweeted Amnesty UK. Photo: Screenshot.

Here are the resolutions, outside of internal governance topics, that easily passed in the meeting:

  • Amnesty International’s stance on Abortion: Pro – Choice
  • Addressing impunity in Guatemala
  • Violations of the rights of Colombian activists including trade union leader Huber Ballesteros
  • The United Kingdom: Rendition and Torture
  • Asylum detention in the UK -AIUK will undertake research into the wrongful detention of torture and trafficking victims in British detention
2014 resolutions all passed as well, including:
  • Sex Work – Decriminalisation
  • Garment workers in Asian countries
  • Guantanamo
  • Guatemala
  • Sri Lanka Human Rights
Their mission statement says:

Amnesty International mission statement. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

But, hey, you can’t campaign on everything. You can, however, campaign on everything except antisemitism.

This is a neat inversion on the answer that latent antisemites give for choosing to condemn only Israel for things that every nation does – “You’ve got to start somewhere. ” Just like the Jewish state is always the first, last and only one to be condemned by so many, so is Jew-hatred the first, last and only human rights issue that cannot be tackled because of so many other issues worldwide.

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  • Al

    I understand the tribal anti semitism among Muslims although I certainly don’t agree.

    However, if we can start a campaign that “hating Jews is hating Jesus”, any Jew hating Christians may think a little about their beliefs.

  • brooke Lydbrooke

    I’m an Amnesty International volunteer in Toronto, Canada and I’m confused and concerned about AI voting down a resolution to campaign against the rise of antisemitism.

    I read in an article posted on Facebook, that your reason was because it was a ‘single issue’. But so is torture a single issue and Islamaphobia, about which you’ve just published a 123 page report

    Amnesty International needs to clarify its position on antisemitism (if this hasn’t already clarified it). The Internet is now rife with comments about AI being antisemitic and people saying they;ll stop donating.

    It is way too simplistic to just say, “We can’t campaign on everything.” As a volunteer member and a donor, I urge you to reverse your decision and put your full support behind a campaign against the rise of antisemitism in the UK and Europe.

    I am not Jewish, but my partner is Jewish. Her parents were in the camps and she still has family in Hungary.

    As the biggest international human rights organization in the world, it is quite unacceptable that you have voted down a resolution to support the Jews of the UK and Europe. The Roma,continuing to face appalling discrimination, also need your support. However, you frame a campaign to include both these groups, your support is crucial.

    I urge you to reconsider your decision and make a statement to clarify your position on antisemitism. Saying you’re again “all discrimination” is not specific enough.

  • Aaron Breitbart

    Given Amnesty’s international agenda,I feel it only fitting that its board and staff- no matter where they are- understand what they have proven themselves to be. Several words that come to mind are hypocrite,Heuchler,ipocrita,hypocrita,hypokrita,hypocriet,hycklare,kepmutato,hraesnari.mnafiki.