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April 24, 2015 12:33 pm

Iran Will Get the Bomb, and it Won’t Be the End of the World

avatar by Jeremy Rosen

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Iran's Arak heavy water reactor. Photo: Wikipedia.

I was never an admirer of the Shah of Iran. I was never a fan of monarchies nor of autocracies in general, any more than I am of democracy when there are no institutions of civil society to sustain it. But Persian Jews owed the Pahlavis, father and son, a great deal. For the first time in Persian history since it came under Shia Muslim control, the Jews were allowed the freedom, the equality before the law, and the opportunities that they had been denied for a thousand years.

I remember how in the 1950s Britain, Russia, and America interfered and battled for control of Persian affairs. To this day resentment against the arrogance of the Imperial powers for the way they tried to control Iranian oil, lingers. Internally Rezah Shah, the founder of the Pahlavis, was a modernist. He tried very hard to battle the primitive medievalism of the Mullahs and their grip mainly on the rural, less educated classes. He promoted education, liberated women, and helped create a dynamic, industrial country that went a long way towards dragging Iran out of the typical backwardness that we see to this day in Afghanistan and elsewhere in that benighted part of the world.

The conflict between religious medievalism and modernity in Iran was made more complex because of Soviet interference through the powerful Tudeh Communist Party. The Shah, under the pressure of the cold war, was forced into a balancing act in which he courted the Mullahs, retracted many of the anticlerical moves of his father, and employed his cruel secret police organization, SAVAK, to clamp down on left-wing and communist dissidents. In the end, the combination of left-wing antipathy towards the Shah’s autocracy combined with Muslim religious opposition triumphed.

The Shah was ousted by the Americans. They and the French brought Khomeini (whom the Shah had exiled for his extremism) back from exile because he promised moderation. However as soon as he returned, he and his cronies set about killing opposition leaders, removing moderate, pro-Western leadership and anticlerical voices, and letting loose the oppressive ideology that now inspires, funds, and arms the violence around the world that strengthens their cause.

American foreign policy has always veered between right-wing interference and naïve left-wing idealism. Whereas the Republicans allowed the CIA to interfere in Iranian affairs, Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, believed that if you were nice to Khomeini and gave him a chance he would spread tolerance and good will and become Jimmy’s best friend. Carter has gone on in a similar vein to preach the left-wing gospel of Hamas’ reasonableness in the face of Israeli intransigence.

We are now once again in a similar situation. A Democratic President believes that being nice to Iran will blunt the regime’s revolutionary zeal. Making concessions will “bring them back into the community of nations” and reduce their aggressiveness. Allowing them to have a nuclear bomb will bring peace to the Middle East. It is an exact replay of the mentality of the Carter years.

There is no doubt that there will be a deal regardless. Obama wants it. He will buy it. He probably genuinely believes in it as much as he believed in the Arab Spring and in the benevolence of the Brotherhood. Iran will keep its capacities and its warheads and its plutonium enrichment and, within a few years, its nuclear bombs. There is nothing Israel or anyone else can do. Even if Israel has the capacity to bomb some of the targets, it cannot get them all. The targets are so many, so diffused, and so deep underground that without an alliance of major powers the effort will not be able to be completed. Besides, bombing Iran will only bring its disparate groups more strongly together in patriotic unity in the face if an external threat.

Despite all this I do not see the coming deal as the end of the world. Yes, Iran will get the bomb. Pakistan has the bomb. India has bomb, and so does North Korea. No doubt the Sunni states will get their bombs too. Proliferation will be inevitable. But that does not necessarily mean they will be used or that lunatic extremists will get hold of them in ways that they can be used in localized conflicts.

I remember the fear we all had in the fifties of a nuclear war between the East and the West. It never happened despite all the mischief the USSR got up to. Iran has its own problems. It is dependent on Russia and China and world finance and trade. Its Mullahs know well enough that if they cannot improve their economy and provide jobs, they too will face millions of disaffected citizens, however devoted religiously they may be. And launching nuclear bombs whose spillover will decimate the Shia Hezbollah, or even the Sunni Palestinians, will not bring about the appearance of the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi. Besides they couldn’t even defeat Saddam Hussein and his notoriously cowardly Iraqi army. So no = perhaps irrationally – I do not believe that Iran is the Great Satan.

Now that doesn’t mean I would trust those brutes who kill and rape student protestors any further than I could smell them. And the doctrine of “Taqiyya” (lying to your opponents to achieve your long term political and religious ends) will continue to be an essential part of their great Muslim tradition.

But I do not think the leaders are stupid either. They have, after all, learned to use the very social media they ban at home to win friends abroad. And they know how to smile. There will of course be anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers like Ahmadinejad in Iran, just as today there are everywhere else in the Arab world and beyond.

For all we Jews have to contend with, we have not been stronger since the days of the Maccabees (nor any more loved). Greeks hated us then too. So long as Israel is capable of defending itself, I have no fear. I am indeed amazed at the delusions of politicians, well meaning or not. I do not trust princes. But that is world politics for you. In the end I suspect they will cancel each other out. We must at least concentrate on improving our own societies.

How to go forward? As the Israeli proverb goes “Kabdehu V’Chashdeyhu” – Respect him but suspect him!

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  • TMay

    Rabbi Blech on The Iran Deal and the Hebrew Calendar points out that the Obama / Kerry agreement was signed during the three week period leading up to the Fast of Tisha B’Av. Maybe Israel and Jews should fast and pray on Tisha B’Av.

  • TMay

    Jews and Israelis put their faith that God will save them. However God gave the land conditionally. See Deuteronomy 30 -15 . It continues in 17 “But if thy heart turn away, and thou will not hear, but shall be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them 18 I declare unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish; ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither thou passest over the Jordan to go into possess it.” Hertz

    So Israel has been wonderful and a blessing to the world. It celebrates the Sabbath, and the Jewish holidays. The restaurants serve kosher food. It attempts to repair the world. Some celebrate the shmita. It treats animals well. It is gradually returning from secularism. However we don’t know how much time God gives to Israel. In terms of worshipping other gods it certainly does. It worships science, medicine, technology, and secularism, modernity, and it appears to worship Hollywood and America and even freely adopt slavishly Madonna, and Burning Man. When Esther saved the Jews from Haman’s decree she did it by asking the Jews to fast and to pray for theee days. The Jews had wandered away from Judaism while exiled in the Babylonian exile, which empire encompassed land in Persia. It has been behind in teaching Israeli children Judaism. Certainly the Orthodox study the Torah and follow the rules. It may be time for Israel to unite and stop the bickering about small matters. It may be time for Jews and Israelis to pray. The secular should get up to speed and study about Judaism and start following it. I see no reason to not take God seriously. The Jewish god is not a trite god. God sees Jews as his servants. He expects them to serve him exercising their free choice to do so. Jews should stop replacing God with its competitor Leftism. The orthodox have their own issues to work on.

    If God belives in a nation, God gives it wonderful leaders when needed. If God doesn’t, no leaders appear. Israel has wonderful leaders. The people should cherish them, not undermine them.

  • TMay

    “And launching nuclear bombs whose spillover will decimate the Shia Hezbollah, or even the Sunni Palestinians, will not bring about the appearance of the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi.” Jeremy the author has spoken. Jeremy does not believe in the 12’th Imam therefore that is all that counts.

    I am sorry but what arrogance, Jeremy Rosen. You have spoken that the main tenet of the Iranian religion is false and therefore does not play a factor in politics in Iran. Your denial is as
    Matthew said “”Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

    How about that Ahmadinejad said Iran was willing to martyr 40 million Iranians and all the Palestinians for the goal of exterminating Israel and all Israelis? He was not kicked out of power for that statement. He challenged the political and religious power of the mullahs. If you put the Madhi back into the conversation, if you put the fact that the theocrat autocrat leaders of Iran believe in the Mahdi, and that they believe in the tenet that if they create enough misery, violence, blood pouring in the streets, that they will be fulfilling the work of Allah in bringing about the return of the Hidden Imam? Put that back in the article and see where your reasoning takes you.

    You should not be misleading.

  • William C. McKee

    You all are forgetting the God factor in all of this.

    Israel only exists because of a contact between God and Abraham. A lot of deadly and wicked wars fill up a good many pages of the Bible. But that is not so much God’s fault as our own. He never demanded of us to be stupid in filling in the history pages. Stupid is believing that water burns like naphtha, rather than naphtha burning as naphtha, even though as a confessional clue the scribe has Elijah confessing that he could not find God in even the fire of God’s mountain (evidently a volcano).

    The other part of God’s contract was that Israel would be a blessing to the whole world. In part that word was kept by an itinerant Jewish rabbi who’s greatness is reflected in how we measure the passing of days. And in part it will be kept by the inward treasures of the Jewish people themselves.

    The 12 th Imam is but a distraction. The Jinn, who referred to himself as “Gabriel”, and who twice threatened to murder Mohammad unless he recited Gabriel’s Koran, is deathlessly afraid of Elijah (who he refers to as “The Rain Bringer”). Because Elijah could go toe to toe with the super being with laser beam eyes, and angel level strength, and point out to everyone that while he himself has no discomfort in being in God’s presence, that the angel claimed fear to Mohammad that his wings might “smolder” and catch on fire if he the loyal messenger did the same. Elijah in not wishing to be rude, would have to stifle laughter at he who promised to kill him with fire from his eyes should he cause the deserts to bloom. Perhaps he does the vaporization of Elijah as he promised. That is not the end of the story. That is merely the end of what he told of it. Remember the itinerant Jewish rabbi? Jews expect him to return when Elijah returns. There won’t be a fight, the angel had a lot of bluster, but he simply is not in the rabbi’s class. At that point his murdering and threats of murdering cease. He lost. And will have eternity to reflect on it. The rabbi is a healer who never harms anyone. If you are power beyond power, there is no need.

    In seeing such things, both in large and small matters, a new heart will be given to the Jews of Israel. Nothing will keep them from changing giant deserts into gardens. Nothing will keep them from hammering swords into literally plowshares with the world’s 3000 tons of highly enriched uranium and plutonium. Saving the world once with what was intended to kill it hundreds of times over, humanity could enjoy the irony of thanking Satan for going to such extremes. Beaten utterly effortlessly, he might have to give up his bad guy card. Had he settled for merely destroying the earth but once everything would have been different.

    And the Palestinians, that much of the world frets over, and that by the millions are in refugee camps, these the central divide between Iran and Israel, will fulfill the promise of the itinerant Jewish rabbi, that “The meek shall inherent the world”. Fulfill it a thousand times over. The people doing the greening of the Sahara (with much Jewish help) will be them.

    The fossil fuel oil that people fight wars over, will have so little value because of the coupling of Jewish scientists to catalyze carbon dioxide and hydrogen into methanol, and a Chinese Thorium reactor, and a minor limestone kiln method of my own, so little value that it will be removed from the market. Saudi Arabia and ISIS will know that what God granted to them, can also be removed. ISIS will see all this and repent — for they still somehow get to Heaven. The zeal of murder and death will cease.

    Why green the deserts? Well it would be fun. The population of the world will double by the year 2050, even if population growth is expected to cease at that point. It would be impossible to feed that many people. The itinerant Jewish rabbi feed thousands when it seemed impossible. Less of a challenge if the Sahara is now with rain, rivers and and farming communities.

    Greening the deserts, making recycled fuels without fossil carbon emission, and pumped back hydro storage batteries from nuclear voids taken together should suffice to protect the life of planet earth from the threat of Henry’ Law of gases allowing anaerobic bacteria to generate hydrogen sulfide gas. Enough of that gas could kill every living creature and in short order.

    I have 80 some pages of calculations and formulas that the earth might be saved. And the Holy Spirit fired up Jews of Israel could keep God’s word, in a really big way, and save everyone. That counting as a “blessing” to everyone. And China and Russia and all the rest of us help out. As we should. War and the teaching of war of, much less importance than this project.

  • The Israeli proverb quoted by the author sounds like “Trust, but verify.”

  • “If we are serious about peace in the Middle East, then we need to stop pretending that the Israelis are dealing with a rational enemy they can negotiate with; because in doing that, we are helping to feed a massive political lie whose gravitational force has become so great, it has warped reality. It is Hamas who has turned Gaza into a ware-zone recently, not Israel…”

    Peace in the Middle East by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland circa 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

  • E benAbuya

    There is one additional factor which needs to be included. That is Iran’s impending demographic collapse. []
    In the main; I’m inclined to agree with Rosen. The world has a curious habit of persisting despite predictions to the contrary. It will take something more thorough to do the job

  • “If we are serious about peace in the Middle East, then we need to stop pretending that the Israelis are dealing with a rational enemy they can negotiate with; because in doing that, we are helping to feed a massive political lie whose gravitational force has become so great, it has warped reality. It is Hamas who has turned Gaza into a ware-zone recently, not Israel…”

    SOURCE: Peace in the Middle East by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

  • Mark Jay Mirsky

    Dear Jeremy,

    As the volume of responses to your remarks on the Iranian mullahs show, you have touched a sensitive nerve. I do not see any alternative to your advice and I think that your wisdom in advising those of us who love Israel, our cousins and friends who live there, not to panic, is all we can do at present.
    There are no precedents for the terror implicit in nuclear war. In conventional war Israel has little to fear. American foreign policy regardless of who is president or who is prime minister of Israel is more closely tied to the defense of the State of Israel than it has ever been. Both political parties in the United States understand this.
    Madmen have a way of catapulting themselves into disaster. One has to have some measure of faith, religious faith, that this will again, despite the nightmares that too often accompany it, will prove true.

    Again though, it is reassuring to hear your calm voice speaking on a subject that provokes so much anxiety.


    • Jeremy Rosen


      Thank you so much
      Relieved to know I am not the only one in the middle!!!


  • shloime

    i would love to agree with you, that all will be well, but you’ve left out a crucial piece of information, that’s called “mahdaviat”.

    not the part about the return of the twelfth imam, but about the circumstances of his returning. the mullahs believe that he will return, after the world is destroyed in fire, and the true believers lose the war.

    the fly in your ointment is that the mullahs are not rational, because they believe they are on an apocalyptic mission from god. no rational person would pick a fight with 2 nuclear powers, such as israel and america, and taunt them endlessly. (“you don’t tug on superman’s cape” as the song goes.) and no rational person would expect to survive a nuclear confrontation with only 3 or 4 untested prototypes, against hundreds of modern, effective warheads. it’s about as clever as going into a gunfight with a musket.

    the mullahcracy’s agenda is not to survive a nuclear war, but to start one, AND LOSE, in order to fulfill the conditions of mahdaviat. and like any suicide bomber, it’s not the fact that they intend to blow themselves up that’s the problem, but the collateral damage which they intend to cause.

  • Howard Kahan

    Reb. Jeremy, I just read your personal credits. You are a bright guy. What happened to your common sense??

    • Jeremy Rosen

      Howard ( and the rest )

      Aren’t we all allowed to have our opinions and subject them to a critical audience?
      The exchange of ideas is how we advance instead of remaining stuck in one mind set for ever.


  • Sarah R

    The problem with the Soviet analogy is that by the ’50s, practically no one in Russia believed the ideology anymore or had the slightest interest in destroying the U.S., and the apparatchiks were the most disillusioned of all. My Moscow raised parents say they never met a Marxist until they came to the U.S., including the personal KGB agents assigned to report on them from childhood (one of my grandfathers was in fact a leading nuclear engineer). I’m not convinced that the same total disillusionment exists in the Iranian security establishment yet, and once there are nukes, it only takes a handful of people with access who still fully buy into the Islamic Revolution, and are annoyed if colleagues or superiors don’t, to cause disaster. Maybe it won’t be Armageddon, maybe we’ll shoot it down over Lebanon, maybe it will be aimed at Ryad; it’ll be more than bad enough.

  • Brian Brain

    One assumption that US leaders make is that the Iranian leadership is a rational group who will act based on best outcomes. They keep proving over and over again that this is not true. Even as they “negotiate” a nuclear deal, they spit in the eyes on the US.

    American leaders shrug this off as propaganda directed to Iran’s even more rabid politicians. In the end, even that doesn’t matter, as it will come down to what the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah, dictates. Is he rational?

  • Mike Graham Better take a good look at this. There is no Respect or Consideration for the American or Jewish peoples in Washington. We are being Betrayed at the Highest level’s.

  • Mike Graham Better take a good look at this. There is no Respect or Consideration for the American or Jewish peoples in Washington. We are being Betrayed at the Highest level’s.

  • Maybe the Iranian Mullah aren`t stupid, but worse than the devil. Stupid was Carter, and now the American Muslim. Suspect him is not enought. He is untrustfuly, whatever friendly promises, because as an Islamist he has the takia.

  • Lynne T

    I appreciate this brief history of Iran. However, my fear is not that Iran will launch nuclear warheads at Israel or wherever. No. I fear that it will use its materials to manufacture dirty bombs that it will distribute to its various proxies — Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis and that the regime, with its nuclear weapons, will consolidate its hold on its people.

  • Sergio

    “So long as Israel is capable of defending itself, I have no fear” – of course, you live in the US…

  • David Most

    Difficult to accept the notion that the Mullahs of Iran will, or even can, shift gears and drop their “Great Satan” and “Litle Satan” ideas! They are old men steeped in the mores and antique anti-Modernism of their Islamic culture.

    Change in basic Koranic ideas and animosities is not likely to occur unless and until a younger more Western oriented clergy takes power. That is likely to be slow, and perhaps impossible, in our lifetimes.

    So I agree that Iran will get its nuclear terror just as N. Korea and Pakistan have. Will they be more isolated than the N. Koreans? I don’t think relations with China and Russia will allow it.

  • Yale

    This item is based on the false premise that one additional nuclear power will not upset the strategic balance. The problem, not seriously addressed, is what happens when that one additional power brings on several more. How many nuclear states can there be before some leader decides to gamble on using them?

    And with Iran, we have a regime whose theology tells them that using nuclear weapons to create chaos is a religious obligation.

  • I hope Rooky is right. My own concern is less about recognised governments than about terrorists like ISIL who may manage to acquire nukes.

  • Jack

    Until they prove they will be responsible less respect and more suspect!

  • Eric R.

    Mr. Rosen:

    You are either high or a naive liberal/left fool to write utter drivel like this.

    Iran wants the bomb for one reason, and one reason only – to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and they do not care if 40 million Iranians and 400 million Muslims are wiped out in the retaliation. The supposed “moderate” Rafsanjani explicitly stated this in 2001, that one bomb would wipe out the Jews, where as Israel could only “wound Islam”.

    Let Israel strike. If it unifies the Iranians, strike again, with nukes if necessary. If Iran gets the bomb, it’s OVER. Maybe they won’t nuke on day 1 of when they have the bomb, but they will coordinate with 100,000+ rockets from Hezbollah (probably with chemical weapons by then), and follow it up with nukes. Nor will the Islamists end their quest to complete Hitler’s work with the eradication of Israel. Muslims in Europe will slaughter every remaining Jew on the continent (with the help of a virulently anti-Semitic European population), and you know it. That is why you are no longer in Europe.

  • Howard Kahan

    Jeremy , I assume you do not live next door to a deranged neighbor that has threatened to kill you, and is awaiting delivery of a shot gun to replace his pea shooter. If you do , what would you do, Jeremy ?

  • sander poritzky

    The one MAJOR problem that an ISLAMIC STATE and Arab States with NUCLEAR WEAPONS that surround the Jewish State of Israel that the writer has overlooked is with Arab and Iranian nuclear proliferation,Israel will lose a major deterrent to it’s annihilation(Israel’s nuclear capability will be neutralized)exposing them to annihilation by their self-declared enemies.An Iranian Islamic State is a death sentence for Israel.

  • theo

    Jeremy Rosen the odds are at best fifty ,fifty that you are correct
    That is not what Israel can live with
    As Netanyahu has emphasised time and time again the mullahs of Iran are not your normal balanced thinkers but are given to rogue behaviour
    To live with a nuclear Iran especially when Israel is forced to defending itself against Gaza or Hisbollah and at any time take a nuclear hit is expecting too much .
    Furthermore Iran is not going to suffer the ignominy of facing its friends when they know it could have used nuclear weapons against their arch enemy and did not do so

  • They will get the bomb because when it comes to bad guys our leftist Presidents (Clinton on North Korea, Carter on Iran and Obama on Iran) get stuck in stupid. Clinton trusted North Korea, gave them food and they gave us a bomb, breaking their promise. Carter kicked out the Shah and his friends kidnapped the U.S. embassy staff in Teheran as his reward. They murder their people by the thousands to stay in power. Obama makes nice with the brotherhood and Morsi turns an elected office into a dictatorship and Obama keeps whining about how Morsi was elected. I just hope there is no atomic war in the middle east as my father predicted in 1950.

  • Leo Toystory

    It is impossible to view any comments on this website.
    It seems no matter how many times one writes the editors that situation is never resolved.

  • john


  • The issue is not whether Iranian leaders are stupid. They are not. The issue is whether Obama is stupid. He is. This deal is worse than the Munich Agreement of 1939. Munich appeased an aggressor state–Nazi Germany–in order to forestall an imminent threat of invasion of British allied Czechoslovakia. Of course it didn’t work. Appeasement never does, but at least it was understandable in light of the European allies’ desire to avoid imminent war with Germany.

    No such argument can be made for appeasing Iran, since under sanctions Iran poses a limited threat to the region and little threat to the world. This deal will lift sanctions AND precipitate a nuclear weapons race in the Middle East in exchange for ONE concession, a “promise” not to strike Israel with a nuclear bomb for ten more years. This deal is so bad that I believe Jeremy Rosen and Netanyahu himself have understated its likely effect. I think British PM Neville Chamberlain, who was disgraced for urging the Munich Agreement on Europe, would have refused to sign the Iranian deal were he alive today.

    There is one way to resolve this crisis, dis-elect the Democrats in 2016. As a Green I have little in common with the GOP, but without a leader who appreciates the U.S. national security interest, all other national priorities, including its quality of life are at stake.

  • Amnon

    Mr Rosen,i don’t see any reference to a holly war between Shia and Sunni Muslims ,your problem is that you ignore the expansion of the Shia all over M East just because you hope that Israel can withstand a first nuclear bomb. HOW IGNORANT CAN YOU BE.

  • marvin menzin

    Mr Rosen
    Good history lesson– but I think you draw an incorrect conclusion-
    you say yourself you may be being irrational.

    following your logic we do not try to force a better deal in congress, just let Iran get the best deal ever–

    what about the threat of the bomb to embolden Hezbollah?
    to do more terrorism under a nuclear shield?

    Iran probably wont use it on israel because they know they will be totally obliterated if they do.

    but this is not russia- these are people who marched their children into minefields.. you are being as naive as Carter.

    no its not the end of the world– but it is raising a danger to the world– and especially to israel.
    our job is to fight the administration to force the best deal we can get– or no deal.

    ps- the money they get from sanctions release will go into more rockets in lebanonm and more attacks.
    why let them get that money? Back to the drawing board please.

  • eli penner

    Hey author
    listen i agree with you as you stated you were never a fan of monarchy i agree 100 percent with you. Monarchy in persia was the best thing there was because the shah was never a dictator type ruler. If you look at todays iran you obviously see what has changed it is surrounded by war I.e. isis,civil war uprosing and rebels the leader the ayatolla Khamenei and president ahamedinejad have corrupted the entire persian state in history it has been clear when you guve weapons and help corrupt a nation the nation will corrupt others so shame on the united states for ousting such a great leader the shah not only was a peaceful man but pro israel and pro peace that type of leader in the middle east may have helped in todays world so author some monarchy leader are better off as is.

    • eli penner

      And author if iran to indeed get the bomb it is the end of the world for two reasons
      1. Iran are an aggressor and in many documentaries with its leader they have stated wanting to blow up israel many times so now saying that they have many russian weapons and many s 300 and anti ballistic missle if and when iran get a bomb get ready for the first nuclear and balistic world war and welcome to world war 3
      2. If they do isis will do anything to get there hand on it as you have seen half of persia is already in there hands the other half will also go as gueriila warfare will always work unless you wipe them out from there roots

  • P gaetti

    Thanks to Jimmy Carter we have the problems with Iran of today , he gave priority and believed the Khomeini instead of the Shah . Iran today sponsors many terrorists groups globally and out of ingenuity the Obama administration are doing the same mistake that Carter did . Fools are the one’s that believes Iran . Iran does nothing but Lie

  • Lauren Goldman

    “Despite all this I do not see the coming deal as the end of the world. Yes, Iran will get the bomb. Pakistan has the bomb. India has bomb, and so does North Korea.” What Rosen does not mention is that of all of these indicated nations, only Iran is dedicated to destroying Israel and annihilating all Jews, worldwide.

  • montlasky

    Well written and well thought through. One problem only do i have with Mr.Rosen. Pink glasses are the order of the day even if they are very slightly tinted.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons will provide for a far more aggressive form of standard (ie non nuclear warfare).

    Since history shows a constant pattern of warfare throughout the centuries, it is inevitable that with nuclear proliferation, ‘man will destroy man’.

  • Larry

    I have no idea what the meaning of this article by Rosen is. I am afraid if I did I would strongly disagree. The Shah was ousted by the Americans? Where does that idea come from?

  • Leo Toystory

    What world do you live in, Mr. Rosen? The Iranians intend to use nuclear weapons as EMP bombs over NYC, Washington D.C., Houston, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv launched from ships over 100 miles offshore (in the case of the American cities) absolutely as soon as they are capable of doing so. That will be as soon as next year, 2016. They certainly want to do so while Obama is still in office as they know there will in that case be little or no retaliation. The Iranian leadership has been saying for some time now that a world without the United States is possible, AND THEY MEAN IT. They have also said they don’t care if they lose half of their sixty-some million people in doing so, because they really do believe it will bring back their 12th imam from the well in which he’s been hiding for 1200 or 1400 years. THEY MEAN IT! Why are you so dense as to not believe it when people tell you they’re going to kill you???!!! For that matter, it was reported several years ago that the Iranian navy was practicing launching sea to air (land) missiles from 90 miles offshore. What do you suppose they are doing that for? Are they aiming at clay pigeons?
    They’re aiming at YOU, Mr. Rosen, and your children and grandchildren, and they’re aiming at destroying Western civilization. Wake up, everybody. Time is short. Either Iran’s military capacity is destroyed OR WE ARE!

  • nelson marans

    It is naive to think that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb that they will not use it against Israel. For the last several decades they have made it clear and the history of Iran shows that they are not bluffing when they state that their ultimate goal is the destruction of the Jewish state and its inhabitants.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Mr. Rosen seems quite relaxed about the “inevitability” of the Iranian bomb.

    Fortunately, Rosen’s attitude is not widely shared – for Iran, acknowledged by every observer to be the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism – will become infinitely more dangerous with a nuclear arsenal at her disposal.

    Militia chief Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij militia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards recently announced that “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable.”

    Perhaps Mr. Rosen didn’t get the memo.

  • Michael Steiman

    Mr. Rosen’s naive, wishful thinking and over-confident perception of reality in the Middle East is an exercise in self-deception and denial of history.
    Respect Iran? for what?
    Suspect Iran? Open your eyes, ears and mind.
    Reality is clear, with no room for simple suspicion.
    Compare Jews’/Israel’s current reality while facing the inevitable Iranian “bombs” with the past? Is his wishful thinking and delusionary perception of Iran’s stated goals and activities simply denial of reality and his current recipe for survival? Wake up. Our days are numbered by your self-deception, as accepted by Obama and others of his ilk, Jewish or not.

  • pierrehbocquee

    You are right it won’t be the end of the world, It will be the end of Iran.

  • ted weiss

    is this guy for real ?
    Iran is not like any other country >It does not believe In MAD
    (Mutual Asurance Distruction) It hate for Israel will exceed any rationale for its self survival .It and its leaders believe that
    by destroying the jewish state they will become the dominant
    power in the middle east , replacing saudy arabaia .
    It will be hero of the muslim world , Any muslim state will
    warship them for destroying the unilateral hated country of Israel .
    They are NOT afraid of the self human sacrifice .
    Also the writer seems to justify the arrival of current mulas of Iran by equting the western power interference in the 50s
    His views are quite warped amd leftist

  • art

    It is wrong or at least deceitful to compare iran with China and The Soviet Union. While the Soviet and Chinese leaders had little compunction about spilling there peoples blood, the people them selves were not death cultists like so many in iran. The leaders in iran “commune” directly with G-d and are far more rigid then the communists were. In addition without the West to contain iran there are no restraints on iran. The direct clear threats to Israel have elicited a negative reaction from the west, in effect a wink wink ok. Remember too that iran knows that a nuclear attack against Israel will not get an automatic response from the US or NATO. Remember it will take one or at most three bombs to devastate Israel and some dozens to damage iran

    • shloime

      israel could destroy iran and the mullahs know it. in fact, they seem to be counting on it, or else why would they antagonize a nuclear power, long before they have even their first working bomb? sort of like challenging some cops to a gunfight, with a toy gun.

      but attacking iran’s civilian population is immoral, and militarily it’s not justified. the problem isn’t “iran” – it’s the crazies running the mullahcracy. so for the good of everybody, including the iranians, the mullahs should be helped on to “paradise” at the earliest possible convenience. before they actually manage to hurt somebody.