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April 24, 2015 4:43 pm

New Report Documents Extensive Foreign Funding Behind Left-Wing Israeli NGOs

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A new project will be mapping out foreign funding to Israeli NGOs. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Israeli news outlet NRG released a report on Friday documenting how foreign governments use their funding of local nongovernmental organizations to influence Israeli policy.

According to the report, which was published in honor of Israel’s 67th Independence Day, reporter Yoav Yitzhak began in 2001 documenting how European nations were attempting to interfere in and influence internal Israeli affairs by granting millions of dollars to various organizations.

Yitzhak revealed how an NGO called The Institute for Democracy and Leadership for New Immigrants, headed by former MK Roman Bronfman, received 400 million euros ($435 million) from the EU for programs that would shift immigrants from the former Soviet Union away from right-wing parties toward the Left.

The report described how the Four Mothers movement – which was founded to pressure Israel into withdrawing the IDF from southern Lebanon in the late 1990s – was promised $250,000 in funding from foreign countries but did not end up receiving the funds because the organization was dissolved shortly after the withdrawal from Lebanon.

Additionally, the report documents a 400,000 euro donation to Peace Now that the NGO claimed was intended for “peace education” among Likud voters and other funds donated to Ir Shalem for legal actions against Israeli development in the east Jerusalem neighborhoods of Har Homa, Ras Al-Amud and Silwan, as well as Jewish heritage sites in Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter.

Not much has changed since then. Countries around the world are directly and indirectly financing organizations whose goal it is to influence Israel’s daily agenda in various ways. Sometimes these organizations declare that their intention is to “solve the conflict,” and at other times they talk about “human rights” or call themselves “humanitarian organizations.” Yet their shared goal is to alter Israeli policy, or make it fall in line with what European and other countries expect of Israel, the report said.

According to data collected by watchdog group NGO Monitor, between 2012 and 2014 about 177 million shekels was donated to various organizations from foreign countries, defined as “political organizations.” Some of these organizations are involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as B’Tselem, Gisha (the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement), Bamakom – Planners for Human Rights,  the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, MachsomWatch, Zochrot, Ir Amim, Coalition of Women for Peace, Yesh Din, Breaking the Silence, Adalah and many others.

The European Union itself is the regions biggest donor, providing these organizations with almost 18 million shekels ($4.6 million) over the past two years. Other than the EU, other big donors include Norway, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, which each give a few million shekels every year. In addition to giving money to Israeli organizations, many countries also offer money to Palestinian organizations that are more extreme both in outlook and practice, reports NRG.

These organizations are controversial in Israel because they consistently promote a Palestinian narrative regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some of the NGOs call for boycotts and sanctions against Israel; one of these organizations sought a boycott of the Israeli Aroma coffee franchise.  Others seek the establishment of a single, binational state and the end of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist country, according to the report.

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  • Gastwirt

    “Yitzhak revealed how an NGO called The Institute for Democracy and Leadership for New Immigrants, headed by former MK Roman Bronfman, received 400 million euros ($435 million) from the EU for…”

    400 Million Euros?!? That figure seems way to high to be given to a single NGO.

  • All those people who do donate money to organizations in Israel do donate money under cover ups, were also involved in other countries as well, as in China, in Myanmar, in Thailand, and more. Many naïve people who does work in those organizations are not aware actually what they are pushed to do! It is all about “The new world order” under cover ups for been “the good, who actually hates to real good” attacking worldwide masses minds into blindness! We see that lesbians and gays will get married by law in all western countries driving the whole world back to the animal kingdom! Contemporary gays, lesbians and pedophile are a produce made by man, to day almost all the gays, lesbian and pedophiles are not born gays, lesbians and pedophiles, they were mentally abused in childhood, this is the planned conspiracy of “the new world order” by business people who were abused in childhood infiltrated in all political, education and economy levels in Europe and USA!!! Those organizations want to destroy all cultural heritages as it did happen in Iraq, the Russian library burned to the ground. Those people who stand behind those organizations under cover ups including EU do experiments with wild dogs in Africa under cover ups. No wonder that Asia and Africa to day start working together to save they own cultural heritage from those western cowards who want to drive the world people masses into a “split minds”. We se a fact for example Obama saying that he is not a Muslim, which is right, but he is not a Christian either! Those white man cowards’ wants to make afro American look white as Michael Jackson holding his balls singing I’m bad, I’m bad, claimed a child abuser, made in gold sculpture sitting with a monkey under fake given art idea into production. My school Oslo Photo Art School in Norway this web site was made in 2009 by a coward infiltrated chameleon politician Helle Hogner without my accept trying to take down the original web site for hiding on the Norwegian planned sickness of child abuse which was created under my students freedom of picture making under the free education law, I did teach picture making and never politics. My school OPAS was attacked trough all the years by Norwegian people who were abused in childhood A Norwegian pedophile who was infiltrated in 2008/9 into my school stupidly did shoot down one of my Chinese students with his photo camera, not only that, but he did also ask the Chinese students to masturbate for the coward Norwegian pedophile TG to create a possibility to enter the young Chinese body trying to make him a slave, the Chinese student got scared, went out of the hotel room as soon as could, the coward Norwegian pedophile TG does use the same tactic to recruit people into becoming political activists!!! The Chinese student was invited to the coward Norwegian infiltrated agent TG hotel where the Chinese student was not allowed to have his friend with him to the hotel room. The same infiltrated trap did operate in USA, some infiltrated fake students were already cooperating with Palestinians in Israel, I know about those Norwegian abused minds operating earlier in deferent organizations under cover ups in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, they were fake infiltrated students under cover ups in USA and Europe, this activity of the trap planning of ” the new word order” driving millions of people mentally into slavery who did start from early 70th , the new world order is a plot of ” streets politic” where recruited naïve people goes out demonstrating to take down governments, driving countries into civil wars. Israel is a center focused location to target people into becoming political activist because is a matter among Jews, and Jews among Muslims and Christians driving all the world into a circus TV entertainment for the white man who derives from Scandinavian to have something to talk about out of their everyday boredom. We no forget that Scandinavian countries did base their economy in the period between 1950 – 1970 on porno industry. Scandinavians does not have cultural monuments as in Rome, Paris, India, Beijing, Israel or even the over all African culture. They want to destroy what they have NOT!

  • Casey

    Good report, but I wish it spoke about the other side. While all this happens Americans are giving tax-deductible donations to West Bank settlements, and let us not forget the fact that almost all of Bibi’s campaign was paid for by Americans. Not to mention the number of foreign funded extreme-rightwing groups here with foreign money or American aide for that matter. If you want to get into foreign funding in Israel then no side is clean.