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April 26, 2015 3:08 pm

New York Times Again Blasted for ‘Skewed’ Headline in Coverage of Palestinian Stabbing Attacks

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New York Times building in New York. Photo: Haxorjoe.

Media watchdogs and Jewish groups on Sunday admonished the New York Times for publishing a headline about Palestinian stabbing attacks in Israel which “blur Palestinian culpability” in the incidents.

The “skewed” headline, “Israeli Police Officers Kill Two Palestinian Men,” appeared in Sunday’s edition of the prominent newspaper and detailed in the opening paragraph that the two “Palestinian men were fatally shot by the Israeli police after attacking officers with knives.”

“Why report the effect without the cause? Why continue to depict Palestinians as ‘just victims’?” watchdog group CAMERA asked in a blog post. “What is so hard about… [a] straightforward headline accurately depicting the nature and chronology of events?”

CAMERA also pointed out that, in the past, New York Times bias against Israel had been subject to criticism by the paper’s own public editor Margaret Sullivan.

Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, said the paper “should at least revise the misleading headline for the record.”

“We aren’t dealing with possible police misbehavior in Baltimore or Cleveland, but uniformed officers targeted by terrorists in the Holy Land,” Cooper said in an email to the Algemeiner. He asked whether the headline was the result of “sloppy editing, or the bias of a headline writer and editor (mis)leading the readers.”

In an email to the Algemeiner, one reader alleged that in Sunday’s issue of the Times, another article that appears in print confirms an anti-Israel bias on the part of the “paper of record.”

“Even more interesting is another title in the same edition of the New York Times on an unrelated article: ‘Man, 24, killed by Detective in struggle during arrest’,” said New York native Noam Ohana. “So, in the New York case we are given a bit of context (there was a struggle) but when a Palestinian tries to butcher police officers/soldiers with a knife it apparently does not require any contextualization in the title.”

The New York Times’ public editor could not immediately be reached for comment on the story.

The New York Times has often been criticized for anti-Israel bias in its reporting on the Jewish state and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. CAMERA even maintains a billboard outside the paper’s headquarters criticizing the media giant’s coverage. Meanwhile, the New York Times asserts that it is criticized by both sides in the conflict.

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  • “Irrational Islamic Jew-hatred is the root cause of the problem in the Middle East.”

    “It is often said, because it is true, that if the Arabs laid down their weapons, there would be peace, but if the Jews laid down their weapons, they would be massacred, because the Arabs, the Muslims Arabs for all you hair-splitters out there, don’t want peace, they want the Jews dead.”

    SOURCE: Useful idiots for Palestine by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

  • The New York Times has consistently under-reported or not reported at all the consistent rescue efforts that Israel provides when earthquakes and other disasters occur. They are currently linking Israel’s role in helping victims of the Nepal earthquake to the fact that Israeli tourists were among the victims. When Israel provided the first field hospitals in Haiti after the earthquake there, the NYTimes did not report this remarkable rescue effort at all.

  • The same “newspaper” opposed American intervention in WWII to save the remnants of European jewry. This publication is as anti-jewish as one can get before sliding into straightforward der Sturmer

  • Stop buying this vile rag, email advertisers due to the flagrant bias of the NY Times, you will no longer purchase this paper !
    Sensationalist rags like this do not receive revenue from newspaper sales that is a fractional amount of their earnings.
    Advertising is the prime generator for their profit !
    Please as Jews ,all people with conscience have to email Saks,Bloomingdales or Sols Deli, do so, follow up with a call,the only way they will ever stop or change is when the cash flow stops flowing !
    If certain advertisers refuse, don’t buy their goods or services, Ralph Lauren, a Jew still advertised in this repugnant paper, he is a Jew !
    Hit them where it hurts the most…their bottom line profits !
    Take heade,if we allow disingenuous reporting on par with ” Pravda”during Soviet times, without honesty and integrity, we will be as tacitly guilty as they are.

  • judithg

    the new york times is a toilet. its stench permeates all its so-called news stories, none of which are actually written by journalists or credible reporters. it’s so filthy with anti semitic garbage you could catch a flesh eating disease just from clicking on their link. I don’t go there.

  • Amy Bart

    As a New Yorker, I am embarrased by the great NYTimes
    Newspaper guilty of lopsided Headlines and apparent, Anti Semitism. Let’s rectify this, please.f

  • shloime

    “Meanwhile, the New York Times asserts that it is criticized by both sides in the conflict.”

    so now, journalism does not seek to report the truth, but merely to balance between two biases? and the mere fact that arabs also find reason to complain is sufficient to prove that their reporting is accurate?

  • dante

    it is not a question of indifference or sloppiness or carelessness: the nyt is, rather, determined to vilify Israel.

    it is important to force corrections where possible but the problem will persist as long as the nyt remains, as it is now, adamantly committed to anti-Israel bias.

  • VictorMc

    The NYT – again. Boring aren’t they and so predictable. Millions of Jews in their area – STOP BUYING THE RAG and delete it from your computers and certainly stop advertising in the rag. You do all that and they will get the message – fast. But, American ‘Democrats’ and ‘Liberals’ have become pathetic.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    New York Times is renowned for its biased angle AGAINST aspects of Israel. I had Jewish friends who would arrogantly share NYTimes articles with me, and in my defence of Israel, and attempts to prove the NYTimes wrong, I realised these friends were Jews who relished hating Israel and fellow Jews. No longer friends of mine, on principle !

  • mireille mechoullam

    Jews should cancel their subscription to that antisemetic paper once and for all.

  • Raymond Gork

    The NYT knows a million ways of skewing the truth- or hiding it.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    New York time is acting in anti Semitism way and should be caution at least by the Government authority. Look like Obama and his administration are happy with attach to Israel moral integrity.

  • nelson marans

    Disgusting but characteristic of the coverage by The New York Times. When I saw the headline I was appalled and I am sure that my letter written in response will be one of the many unpublished.

  • Once the Boston Globe reported on a Palestinian terrorist whose bomb blew up in his face. Headline: “Israelis arrest blind Palestinian.”
    No kidding.

  • Isaac Brajtman

    Its no wonder that 3 journalists were imprisoned in Egypt for biased reporting. America should do the same . I always thought that reporters were educated to report what actually happens, not distort a happening for a senational or skewed headline I was wrong ! So don’t believe what you read especially in the N.YY. Times

  • Get the spelling right…Der Sturmer

  • art

    Time for Jews to voice disapproval of the NYT and do a boycott of it by contacting advertisers, What’s good for the goose….

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