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April 27, 2015 4:59 pm

New Video Seeks to Expose Iranian ‘Cat and Mouse Games’ With the World (VIDEO)


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The video "In Good Faith? No Nukes for Iran!" was created to expose Iran's deception about its nuclear program.

A new short video, published last month on YouTube, seeks to reveal Iranian scheming and deception in the country’s dealings with world powers over its nuclear program.

The video, titled “In Good Faith? No Nukes for Iran!” was produced by The Clarion Project, a group “dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamic extremism,” according to their website.

The clip opens with footage from March of US President Barack Obama delivering a message to Iranians celebrating Nowruz, the Persian new year. Obama tells viewers that “Iranian officials, including Supreme Leader Khamenei, have said that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.”

Immediately following the president’s comments, scenes are shown of large Iranian crowds chanting “Death to America.” High-ranking dissidents are then featured accusing Iran of cheating to further its nuclear program.

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Maryam Rajavi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran says that the Islamic Republic’s “mullahs are masters of deception and duplicity” and that they cannot be trusted. She cites an interview with current Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in which he acknowledges deceiving the West in order to advance Iran’s nuclear activities.

“We halted the nuclear program?! We were the ones to complete it,” Rouhani says in footage of the interview. “The day I abandoned the nuclear dossier we had 1750 centrifuges ready. When I started it was 150.”

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano is shown declaring that according to information gathered by his organization, “Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of nuclear explosive device[s].” He tells reporters that as head of the IAEA, he feels it is his duty to “alert the world” about nuclear developments in Iran.

The video also depicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accusing Iran of playing “a pretty good game of hide and cheat” with nuclear inspectors.

Raphael Shore, founder of The Clarion Project, said his goal in creating the video was to show nuclear negotiators, the American public and elected officials that a “bad deal” with Iran would be detrimental to the world. He said the US must be aware that in the Iranians it has “deeply duplicitous negotiating partners who will use whatever benefits they gain as a result of the talks, and still continue building a nuclear arsenal.”

“We believe that Iran poses a tremendous threat to America, the West, and to Israel. They have been playing cat and mouse games with the world for many years now and we are concerned that the world powers will make a bad deal,” he told The Algemeiner. “At this critical time, we wanted to make sure that the average citizen understands the nature of these threats, and to give them the opportunity to communicate with their elected officials if they are concerned.”

He added, “It is our hope that with enough pressure from people who refuse to be fooled by the Iranian regime, the administration will change course and work on more constructive and definitive ways to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.”

Watch “In Good Faith? No Nukes for Iran!” below:

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