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April 28, 2015 6:27 pm

Jewish Schools, Organizations Close Early Amid Baltimore ‘Purge’ Rumors

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Protest at a police building in Baltimore. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As Baltimore continued to reel from three days of intense rioting, Jewish schools and organizations in Baltimore shut their doors early on Tuesday amid rumors of renewed violence.

Referring to the rioting taking place downtown, Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council Arthur Abramson said that Baltimore “Jewish communities and institutions are adjacent to areas … where some of these events have taken place.”

He said the Jewish community has been working with African-American state and civil leaders to try and “calm things down a little bit.”

“We’re trying to deal with rumor control,” he said, adding reports of hearsay concerning a so-called “purge,” language based on a 2013 horror movie of the same title about violent urban lawlessness, at a specific time and location. According to Fox News, on Monday an online call was issued for a “purge” at 3 p.m., starting at Mondawmin Mall and ending downtown. On Tuesday, similar calls were made online, according to the report.

Abramson said volunteers from the community have brought “brooms and shovels and pots and pans and are trying to clean up some of the neighborhood and destruction.”

He said the African-American community was advising the Council where to send volunteers.

Executive Director of the Center for Jewish Education Larry Ziffer said community organizers insisted that what developed over the weekend in Baltimore “is not a sudden eruption.”

“It’s sudden in its impact but it’s a reaction … it’s like a tinderbox, and you get a match near it and it explodes,” he said.

Riots broke out last Friday in reaction to the death of Freddie Gray, and over 200 people have been arrested and 20 police officers injured in the resulting violence. Maryland’s governor has called a state of emergency in the city and sent in the national guard.

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  • art frank

    The savages run amok and the cops are afraid to respond forcefully. Rioters and looters should be shot. Then the savages will understand that they face consequences for their actions. Right now the know they can burn and loot without interference. These are not demonstators, these are savages and should be dealt with accordingly.

    • Your facts are wrong and your language is offensive.

  • What can you expect if the Mayor of that city “backfires on Democracy”. Just look what I found in Facebook commenting on the rioting in Baltimore: “Baltimore’s mayor thanked the Nation of Islam today. Really?
    The Nation of Islam has aligned with the Blood and Crips and who have issued kill orders on cops!
    Then she ordered a curfew to be imposed….drum roll please…..tomorrow night.
    So tonight it’s loot, burn, kill cops.
    Go figure.” –
    Need I say more?

  • Sadly this is reminiscent of the death of Rev Martin Luther King Junior in April 1968 and the riots that followed across Baltimore, as elsewhere. I hope the city’s religious leaders can help calm the tension. In 1968 some synagogues had 24/7 rotas of members standing guard. The sale of alcohol was banned aside from wine for Passover sold in kosher shops.The memories come rolling back!

  • Reform School

    With their available volunteers, brooms and shovels, the Federation could have fully prevented Baltimore’s riots, simply by first cleaning-out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • Raphael Klarfeld

      Really?! You can’t be serious! That kind of thinking got us where we are. Good luck with that.

  • Rabbi M. Friedman

    Its time Jewish Baltimore wake up!! Its time to move out!

    • Moshe

      Rabbi Friedman , Jews don’t just pick themselves up and move.
      You can’t get up on morning ,and close all the Yeshivas,all the schools,
      walk away from a job,or close the the doors to your home and your business.
      What you can do is arm your self to protect what what you worked so hard
      to built. Baltimore is not Paris or London,denenmark or stockholm.
      Even with an Obamanation in the Whitehouse, and AG Lynch, and idiot Mayor
      Baltimore. All they have to know is that every Jew,and every white Christian
      carries a gun,will use it to protect his family, and his property.
      If you Rabbi want to move, move to E.Y.

      • Sadly, Baltimore’s young, inexperienced leaders have put the city on path for further decline, All the fedral dollars to be thrown into the city will not rescue it from siding with the rioters.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    A solution.
    The two peoples cohabiting what is called the USA must create two states, living side by side in peace and harmony.
    The occupation by white Americans of ancestral land of the Afro-American people must end.
    And while at it, the 428 US “Indian” Reservations otherwise known in other places as concentration facilities, must be dismantled and the ancestral lands of the Old People that have been kept captive there, returned to them.
    In Washington and under the rubric of the Secretary of the Interior functions an Undersecretary for “Indian Affairs”. Cute ain’t it?
    And finally we propose that the Sherman lass put a sock on it.
    If you folk like the administration you chose, you can keep it. THERE!

    • Quite an interesting satire, BUT the ancestral home of Afro-Americans is Africa, just as the ancestral home of all Jews is Israel, even though today the Kingdom of Jordan, created post-WW1, occupies 77% of the Palestine Mandate for the Jewish National Home. Large parts of the USA are the ancestral lands of various native American ‘Indian’ tribes. By the same token the ancestral home of the Anglo-Saxons, America’s first whites, is in Germany. We have all moved around, as the Sages tell us there are no Amalekites because Sennacherib mixed the ancient nations.

  • Cookie hall

    Things were calm in Baltimore until Malik Shabazz and others know to Hussain Obama hit town and help ‘organize’ unrest. Just a step closer to Marshall Law. I believe it’s all past of Obamas master plan.i went to Malik Shabazz Facebook page and it’s frightening.

  • Julian Clovelley

    It is an increasing perception that police forces are not there to protect the people as a whole, but to protect the rich – and are the first line of defence for the rich in preventing the increasingly essential radical social change. Those were military vehicles in the streets of Baltimore and it all came perilously close to martial law

    Ethical businesses and their owners need to recognise the need for vast economic and political change, and to encourage its implementation through peaceful democratic means

    The violence in the West Bank and in Baltimore – the street actions in Greece and throughout Europe – the fires set in London, and the British riots of a few years ago, all have the same cause. People everywhere are fed up with repression, austerity and poverty, and are not prepared to tolerate the side effects of globalisation and free trade that repress wages, and dismantle workforces and entire industries, in the search for cheaper and even more repressed labour

    Groups regarding themselves as separate – such as “Jews” are especially vulnerable but there is a mistaken ethos within them that all change is dangerous

    It is a different world now – It is lack of change that is dangerous The world needs a staggering redistribution of power and wealth – If it does nor happen in a careful guided, but vastly extensive fashion, there will be a new Fascism, a new Nazism and the call for new Scapegoats.

    Support the anti reform Conservative Right at your peril, in a world demanding change.

    • Milhouse

      Take your communist claptrap somewhere else, nobody is buying it here. Oh, wait, you don’t believe in free trade, so you can’t take it anywhere else, it will just have to stay in your warehouse and rot. But you like rot, so you should be OK.

      • Cynthia

        Touche… that is a great response, so Ditto…..



  • The Jewish community needs to be very careful and take major precautions..