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April 28, 2015 3:54 pm

UK’s Cameron: Israeli Response to ‘Indiscriminate’ Attacks From Gaza Was Right

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British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke in support of Israel's right to defend itself during its war with Hamas last summer. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israel was right to defend itself against “indiscriminate” attacks by the Gaza- based terrorist group Hamas during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, British Prime Minister David Cameron told the UK’s Jewish Chronicle in an interview published on Tuesday.

“As PM, putting yourself in the shoes of the Israeli people, who want peace but have to put up with these indiscriminate attacks – that reinforces to me the importance of standing by Israel and Israel’s right to defend itself,” the prime minister said. “I feel very strongly that this equivalence that sometimes people try to draw when these attacks take place is so completely wrong and unfair.”

Cameron said he believes it is “important to speak out” in support of Israel and about the nature of the “indiscriminate attacks” that the Jewish state suffers. He also referenced Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in noting that there was an “important difference” between Israel’s use of weapons to defend itself and Hamas’ use of people “to defend its weapons” during the war.

“Obviously we regret the loss of life wherever it takes place, but I do think there’s an important difference – as Prime Minister Netanyahu put it: Israel uses its weapons to defend its people and Hamas uses its people to defend its weapons,” Cameron said.

In another interview, published by The Atlantic this month, Cameron said there has been an “insidious, creeping attempt to delegitimize the state of Israel,” which he said often passes into the domain of antisemitism. He added that he would be “heartbroken” if Jews in Britain felt the urge to leave their homes because they did not feel safe.

The British prime minister in March pledged $14.7 million to protect Jewish sites in Britain following a slew of terror attacks in Europe. He said if the Jewish community in Britain does not feel secure then “the whole national fabric is diminished.”

Cameron is currently in the midst of a competitive campaign for reelection and has so far won a majority of the Jewish vote, according to polls.

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  • “Is it racist to criticize the Palestinians as the world’s most tiresome cry-babies, with a bogus cause, and a plight that is entirely self-inflicted?
    …I see the Palestinian cause as a lie; a lie designed to exploit Western liberal guilt…”

    “Every concession Israel makes is met with more demands, and more excuses not to negotiate; they [the Palestinians] could have had peace ten times over if they wanted it, but they [the Palestinians] don’t want peace, they want victory, and they won’t be happy until Israel is wiped from the map.”

    SOURCE: Pat Condell Finally Gets it on Israel

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

    • Vita Limlengco

      I believe no one could have summed up the situation better.

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron is a great leader! He knows what he is talking about! Stable economy and security of Israel to day is linked to stable strong England in all global political affairs.
    Great man!


    “I no longer believe that the Israelis should give back Jerusalem…

    Experience has taught us that the Islamic mentality views ANY concession as weakness to be exploited further. And besides, too many so-called Palestinians seem less concerned with peace and freedom, than with driving Jews into the sea, so the bombings would not stop.”


    “The truth is that Jews have contributed more to humanity than any other group of people; way more than Muslims, vastly more than Muslims…”

    SOURCE: Why do Muslims always blame the Jews? by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.


    “Irrational Islamic Jew-hatred is the root cause of the problem in the Middle East.”


    “It is often said, because it is true, that if the Arabs laid down their weapons, there would be peace, but if the Jews laid down their weapons, they would be massacred, because the Arabs, the Muslims Arabs for all you hair-splitters out there, don’t want peace, they want the Jews dead.”

    SOURCE: Useful idiots for Palestine by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

  • Egyptian Islamic clerics Sheik Said Al-‘Afani and Sheik Muhammad Abd Al-Salam appeared on Egytian Al-Rahma TV on 2009 January 17.

    This is what they said:


    “(The Jews) are the accursed people, who incurred the wrath of Allah.
    They are the offspring of snakes and vipers, the slayers of our Prophet Muhammad, whose death was a consequence of his being poisoned by a Jewish woman.

    We should know that the Jews are the slayer of all the prophets.
    They killed the prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) and the prophet Zakariya.
    The slaughtered the righteous prophet Yahya, and they presented his head as a gift to an Israelite prostitute. Our hatred of them [the Jews] is purely on religious grounds, and not because of the pure, sacred land, which was blessed by Allah, or because of Gaza…

    Not only because of Gaza, not only because of [the] al-Aqsa [mosque] and so on.

    We hate them [the Jews], first and foremost, because of their enmity towards Allah, and because they slayed our prophets. Let me clarify that it is our duty to hate them, as part of our faith.”


    “Right [correct]. People have become confused about this, some think that it is a territorial or national issue, or that it has to do with the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque; but the issue is much broader, it is a matter of faith. We are obligated to hate them because they are a murderous people, and the enemies of all that is good and of Islam.”

    SOURCE: Why Muslims hate Israel?
    (a pricelessly honest 1.5 minute video from MEMRI TV)

    • david

      Well sheik, now we know. Gotta learn forgiveness. What about America, do ya hate us too?