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April 29, 2015 12:05 pm

UN: Israel Sent Second Largest Delegation to Nepal for Earthquake Relief Efforts

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IDF soldiers in Kathmandu are working around the clock and preparing equipment to get the Nepal field hospital running. Photo: IDF Instagram

Israel has sent the second largest delegation to assist Nepal following last Friday’s massive earthquake near Kathmandu, according to the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

According to the report, Israel has sent more than 260 people to beleaguered Kathmandu since the last Friday. This is about 200 more people than the next country, the UK, which sent 68 people.

The largest delegation, from India, comprised of 450 people. China has sent 62 people, and the US offered 54 volunteers.

A separate CNN report listed financial aid by country. According to these numbers, the US has donated the most, at $10 million, followed by the UK at $5 million.

The chart was compiled from information provided by national governments and aid agencies.

Meanwhile, Nepali Prime Minister Sushil Koraila and the Nepali army chief of staff both visited the field hospital erected by Israeli disaster relief volunteers in Kathmandu, which included IDF officers.

On Wednesday, the Nepali prime minister said that the country needs about half a million tents to provide shelter for the nearly half a million people who have been left stranded since the earthquake, which killed more than 5,000 people and destroyed thousands of buildings.

About 2,000 Israeli travelers were in Nepal when the earthquake and aftershocks struck last weekend. All but one of these travelers, 22-year-old Or Asaf, was found by Wednesday afternoon.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article cited a CNN report which excluded mention of India’s aid delegation to Nepal. With the omission of India, we incorrectly stated that the Israeli aid delegation was the largest.

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  • David Goshen

    I have only one comment.When you send hilicopters to vacuate
    Israelis the hilicopters should when empty bring tents fod and water for those who have nothing

  • David Goshen

    I have only one word of advice .When you send hilicopters to evacuate Israelis the hilicopter should bring tents food water for those who remain without anything.This is a lesson for all disasters

  • cba

    “According to the chart”

    THE CHART EXCLUDED INDIA! (and some other countries).

    The biggest delegation was FROM INDIA–300 to our 260.

    Look, I’m very proud of my country. I think we do amazing things, and considering how tiny we are and how much further away from Nepal we are, it’s amazing. But let’s not ignore the contributions of others and add to the “general ignorance” on the Internet.

    Please let’s stick to the FACTS.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I wonder how Israel’s contribution of skilled and non skilled personnel and huge amounts of essential life saving equipment would translate into dollars.

  • It appears that CNN not only removed the chart from their site, but they also stripped any mention of Israel from the relief story.

  • Reform School

    Don’t count on humanitarian assistance to have any bearing on political activities at international forums like the United Nations. Conscience appears to be a Jewish trait.

  • Howie Subnick


  • Cyril Malka


    I followed the link to see the chart from CNN as I wanted to use it as a basis for an article myself, but I can’t see it. Do you have an updated link, please?

    Thank you.


  • rachel robinson

    Where are those 5 comments?? why is it that we are unable to see them? something is wrong with this website. we should not read it. At least I will not read it until they are printed for all of us to see.
    Shame on you for hiding those comments.

  • Gloria

    I am proud of Israel. I pray for them daily.

  • Michael Fox

    The mentality of the anti-Semites…”It’s no wonder the Jews are so hated, they are always involved when there is a problem.”

  • This is completely in line with all other world emergencies Israel responded to – the first and best of all the nations.

    Expertise gained by Israel, in lethal terrorist attacks, honed their medical responses/ triage techniques, now copied by others.

    Soon ” anti-Israel scrubbers” will pull this positive info – “censorship by omission” from the news.

  • What is surprising is that the Crescent News Network reported it.

  • bill

    In your seed all nations of the world shall be blessed