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April 29, 2015 5:56 pm

Fareed Zakaria and Haim Saban Spar Over Views on Israel

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Fareed Zakaria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Fareed Zakaria and media mogul Haim Saban butted heads over Israel at an event on Monday night, after Saban said Zakaria has an anti-Israel point of view.

“Your point of view is so anti-Israel, I’m banging my head against the wall every time I watch you,” said Saban, who is Jewish and grew up in Israel.

“Your program is very, very unbalanced,” he said according to comments published in The Hollywood Reporter.

Saban offered to personally educate Zakaria on what he said was the truth regarding Israel: “I think you need to go through some change — I need to convert you.”

Responding to Saban’s accusation, Zakaria described the current political situation in Israel as a “creeping cancer that has grown larger and larger and larger.”

“Frankly, Haim, I don’t give a damn if you think taking that position is anti-Israeli. I think it is more pro-Israeli than you because I think you are selling the country down the river by continuing to say that whatever the Likudniks want is the right answer — no matter what — and kick the problem down the road hoping one day we’ll sort it out. One day, you will have 10 million people who are living without a vote,” he said.

Zakaria refused to give the microphone back to Saban for a response:  “The beauty of this, Haim, is that I have the mic, and as Ronald Reagan once said, ‘I paid for this microphone.’ Actually, Nicolas paid for it.”

The influential journalist and host of CNN’s GPS program was launching his new book In Defense of a Liberal Education at the Peninsula Beverly Hills.

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  • robert davis

    zakaria is an arab who wants to destroy Israel therefore every time Israel makes a step forward to its independence achievement it goes against his wishes and nothing except the result of Israel’s indepedence can convince him. Israel’s independence will not be achieved as long as arabs will squat Western Palestine and this IS the reason why all of world’s antisemites or anti-Israel want them to stay there. This is something most people do not seem to understand. As soon as those “palestinians” will be expelled the region will be stabilized and peacxe will be possible and very easy to get.

  • Steve Wenick

    Zakaria the plagiarist hides his antipathy toward Israel behind a false veil of concern for Israel’s welfare.

  • Isn’t this guy the reason I cacelled my subscription to TIME? I wrote a reply to one of his slanted articles and answered each false point, but my letter was not printed, while views as slanted as his were printed.

  • A bit harsh, but one wonders, why is it that Jews, Israel,and the magnificent achievements allowed Jewish People today, has nevertheless not changed anything—so many things that did need changing and have been!
    Gentiles in my experience salute the Jewish Intellect in everything–something I feel the Jewish citizen should every once in a while give a nod to.
    I believe the Jews are here to stay. This is pretty obvious and mutually advantageous.
    Existential threats they have faced and have prevailed. Nothing wrong with that. The Jewish People should use History with advantage, meaning without fear that gets exhibited at every turn


  • dante

    oh, fareed, you quoting RR! that’s priceless. I know you think that you are smart and virtuous, but fareed, get a grip: Saban is not a likudnik, not even close. you discredit yourself by making the silly assertion. Saban is not very smart about politics but he actually knows something about Israel and the middle east.

    you don’t seem to be a malevolent slug, just not very well-informed (yeah, yeah, I know you can recite the names of all the presidents and vice-presidents…no, I don’t want to hear you name them…fareed, I don’t want to hear you name them…fareed, please don’t) and not at all wise. (yeah, so, you’re on television. phd from harvard? that means that you’re wise? really?)

    hey, fareed, where are all the muslim refugees that fled during the partition of the subcontinent? why are they not in camps, like descendants of some of the palestinian arabs? how many millions fled? and, hindus? where are all those refugees and their descendants. they’re not in camps, are they? they’re not hurling missiles, digging attack tunnels, committing acts of terror are they? why not? before you pull out your hankie and have a big cry for hamas or fatah or pflp or plo, why don’t you think about that, little man?

    and, fareed: before you complain about “occupation,” you might want to change locations; you might want to do that from some place other than the USA, land which certainly never belonged to your ancestors, land which was largely stolen from the native peoples. I mean, you’re so virtuous, such a man of principle. you make yourself look like a fool, pontificating about “occupation” by Jews of their ancient patrimony, from occupied land.

  • Even Zakaria is lying about whether the Palestinians have the vote. There was a vote in Gaza and the in the West Bank. There are two regimes in office and who refuse to hold new elections. So what is he talking about.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Fareed Zakaria surely is an antisemitic beside the point is partner with his brothers own a chain of stores of fruit baskets and help Hamas (we all know it’s a terroeist organization).

  • Fareed should do a show about Ex-Muslims and Muslim Zionists

    Fareed should do a show about Ex-Muslims and Muslim Zionists