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April 29, 2015 4:53 pm

In Denmark, Anti-Israel Ads Appear on Buses

avatar by David Daoud

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Anti-Israel advertisements are appearing on public bus lines in Copenhagen, Denmark. PHOTO: Twitter

An anti-Israel group in Denmark has launched an advertising campaign on Copenhagen’s bus system in support of the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel, NRG news reported.

The advertisements were posted on privately-owned buses used by the city for public transportation.

“NejTakTilBSP,” the organization behind the boycott campaign, claims that its goal is to “raise awareness among Danish consumers about products from illegal settlements.”

On some of the buses, “maps of Israel” were displayed which not only exclude the West Bank, but also large parts of the State of Israel, reducing it back to its 1948 borders. Under the maps was written, in Danish, “Our conscience is clean, we do not buy products from settlements in Israel and we also do not invest in their industries.”

In response, Sarah Haetzni-Cohen, the director of pro-Israel website My Israel, said: “You think this is only about ’67? Look at the maps. It’s long been about ’48,” adding that “the struggle is for our very existence here. Using boycotts against settlements is just an excuse.”

My Israel, along with the Center for Promotion of Relations Between Israel and Europe, responded to the campaign by saying, “We can defeat the boycott. We just need to mobilize and work hard, we can make it happen.”

“We are mobilizing pressure from Israel. The Israeli public is under attack and needs to express its protest,” Cohen said.

My Israel is calling for Israeli visitors to contact the CEO of the company that owns the buses. They called on Israelis to “send polite and reasoned emails (in English) to the company’s management. Explain to them the harm this does to us as Israelis, as friends of Denmark. Emphasize the harm that such campaigns do to the relations between the two peoples and the deep friendship.”

Additionally, the Center for Promotion of Relations Between Israel and Europe said it will work to combat such boycotts on the state-political level in Europe generally, and in Denmark particularly.

The CEO of the Center, Will Roth, told reporters that his organization specializes in connecting with European parliaments.

“Because of that we got in touch with the directors of [the bus company], who said that we will get an official response from them within 24 hours,” he said.

Roth added that if the company would not provide a sufficient answer, “we will mobilize the members of the Copenhagen city council, who are in contact with us, and we will try to make things very difficult for them at the local level. If we need to take further measures, we have right-wing members of parliament and some leftist parties that would be glad to help.”

Roth explained that his goal is to have the advertisements removed by the end of next week. “It is important to understand that an anti-Israel organization is advertising its message on a very busy bus line in Copenhagen. It is critical for us to act against it, because every minute that the advertisements are visible – they are causing a huge damage to Israel.”

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  • Nielsen

    This was not an anti-israel ad. It was clearly directed against buying goods from the illegale settlements, that have been build in the israeli occupied territories, in defiance of international law.

    The ads shows how the palestinians have lost control of ever more land. These maps a historically correct and are not controversial in any way.

  • JetteG

    Of course you would censor me. But the truth lives on Facebook – I took a picture of it. 😛

    It’s unfortunate, that you find it more convenient to believe everybody hates jews, although that is not the case. We just want justice for the Palestinians. We wish to live in peace with you, and so do they – despite everything you put them through. 🙁

  • AlanB

    The ads have been removed, we succeeded

  • Torben Michael Kaae

    We made it come true – we won – hallelujah – Thank You – Todaraba !

    • Soren Mikkelsen

      Won and won, that can be discussed. The campaign has been given extra attention just because it has been removed. At the same time the campaign sontinues in other cities in Denmark

  • Genghis Cohen

    May I humbly suggest that should these ads persist and result in the collapse of the Israeli economy, then every Israeli should immediately migrate to Denmark where they would become the majority. If Danes will not mind their own business then I, Genghis Cohen will personally lead the Jewish hordes upon them.