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April 29, 2015 12:10 pm

Jewish Student Calls on Hitler-Loving Wits Council President Simply ‘to Love’ Instead

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University of Witwatersrand SRC President Mcebo Dlamini. Photo: Screenshot

A Jewish student at Johannesburg’s University of the Witwaterstrand wrote an impassioned letter to Student Representative Council president Mcebo Dlamini, who prompted outrage over writing “I love Adolf Hitler” in a Facebook post.

“The only offence I have committed against you is simply being Jewish,” wrote the student in a letter published by South African news portal Times Live.

“I have never met you, and most likely we have much in common yet you HATE me with so much unbridled passion – if only you could express that passion in standing up for those that have suffered from xenophobic violence,” the student said.

Dlamini raised eyebrows when he wrote “I love Adolf Hitler” as part of a Facebook post last Saturday.

“What about our Jewish brothers and sisters who fought side-by-side together with their oppressed fellow South Africans to bring down the evil Nationalist regime – people like Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Denis Goldberg, Lionel Bernstein, Arthur Goldreich, Harold Wolpe, Helen Suzman and so many others?” wrote the student. “All I ask is for you to love us – as Jews – for being South Africans and the many commonalities we share, rather than hating us for the few differences we possess.”

The student recalled Hitler’s policy of sterilizing what the Nazi regime called “Rhineland Bastards,” the children of mixed African and German couples.

To conclude, the student called on Dlamini simply “to love.”

The South African Jewish Union took a harder stance, saying “firm action” would be taken against Dlamini and demanding he step down.

Dlamini defended his remarks meanwhile, telling South African eNCA news portal it was “unfortunate people chose to interpret my words in their own way,” claiming the “I love Hitler” comment was taken out of context. Dlamini said he was comparing Nazi Germany and Israel.

“As an academic myself I think I am allowed to debate and scrutinize issues,” he said.

Dlamini said he admired Hitler because the German dictator managed to “uplift the spirit of the German people,” as well as the Nazi leader’s “organizational skills.”

He said, “What puzzles me is that people make the Jewish Holocaust … to be worse than the black Apartheid.”

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  • Julian Clovelley

    Tread gently

    South Africa is a nation that has made enormous strides towards recovery from the Apartheid and imperialist era. There will remain emotions to be calmed and misapprehensions to be academically corrected, even within the shrines of the intellect themselves, the Universities, for many years – this is but one

    This is a young man who has not grasped historical truth. But he comes from a group that was enslaved and repressed for hundreds of years. He is struggling to escape victim status – and in that Jewish people are well equipped to understand him

    Tread carefully – the once misinformed, when rescued from their ignorance, can be our greatest allies, for they have seen from both sides and can communicate across divides.

    As we look further into the origins of humanity it becomes clearer that originally we all came out of Africa so the words of the South African Anthem – one of the world’s most beautiful belong to us all

    God bless Africa
    Raise high Her glory
    Hear our Prayers
    God bless us, we her children
    Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika

    Israel might learn much from the last four lines of the anthem which is sometimes sung in four languages

    “Sounds the call to come together,
    And united we shall stand,
    Let us live and strive for freedom,
    In South Africa our land.”

    Where there is an attitude of reconciliation, there is hope…

    • duPont

      Inspiring comments. You are a peacemaker- to be valued above others. It is a shame that the young man has no understanding of the purposes of the Holocaust and no conception of Hitler’s depth of hatred. He would have been gassed by Hitler along with the Jews he so hates. He has a long way to go, poor chap.

    • George Jones

      I enjoyed reading every word you wrote. That being said I must take exception to some of your efforts to justify this bigots ramblings. First Mcebo Dlamini chose to make his outlandish comment on Facebook not in an intellectual format. For you to endeavor to mask his intolerable behavior by wrapping it in dialogue pointing out what he might be in the future is less than honest. It is just as likely that he will continue being a thug that uses words to berate and intimidate those he believes are beneath him. This would make him no better than those that suppressed his ancestors. Furthermore your “Tread Carefully” comment requires that the once misinformed be willing to hear, appreciate and understand the other side of the issue. Clearly Mcebo is not interested in listening and understanding. One only has to read his comments when he was challenged to gain insight to his limited ability to see the other side of his comment.

      While I applaud you for quoting the anthem I would likewise praise the artists that wrote “We are he children”. Both are moving songs that are intended to make us feel good but are not practical nor realistic in the world in which we live! Israel absolutely does not need to learn from the words in this song, she needs to stay strong and defeat those that wish the Jews to be driven into the sea.

      Again I appreciate your words even if they are terribly naive and written as a young liberal that fails to recognize the realities of this world as well as the high probability that Mcebo will remain as he is today or in fact become more entrenched in his existing belief system. He simply is one more hater that has identified an easy target to demean with his Hitler loving comment.

    • Eve

      Oh puh-leez! This politically correct tripe is just that – a load of garbage. In a free society, everyone – regardless of color or political orientation – should be called out. This self described “academic” has definitely grasped the historical truth, and he has made the conscious decision to come down on the side of Jew haters. And he proves what an ignoramus he is by playing “can you top this” with the Holocaust.

    • Such hope was expected in Georgia, Missouri and Mississippi when kkk was a rallying point to murder and maim Black People, Jews and even Christians. I think we found out in Germany that allowing racist voices to be heard became an indifference which allowed a door to The Death Camps and Killing sites which consumed 6,000,000 Jews. Tread carefully indeed! By mind your step as you are pushed headlong into a Township with no way out!

  • Have the Mossad visit him!

  • Uriel

    For a self described “academic” this man is remarkably ignorant. For anyone to “love” Hitler pone must have a totally pervyerted mind!!

  • Reform School

    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), as the granddaddy of Civil Rights Organizations, cannot erase fast enough all traces of the Jews who started it, so why should ignorant South Africans be any different? But Tom Lehrer said it best:

  • Anyone who understands Nazi racial theory knows that the Nazis considered Africans, Arabs and Jews to be ‘inferior’ races. The Nazis couldn’t believe their luck when the Arab Ba’ath Party firmly supported Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem spent the war in Berlin and raising Muslim SS. Anyone who says they ‘love Hitler’ is no academic.

  • It is interesting that as an “academic” Dlamini does not appear to know that Hitler regarded black people as sub-human. It does not bode well for the level of academia in South Africa if he is a reflection of it.

  • Henri J

    This president can’t represent all students and should step down.

  • Sonia Willats

    Apartheid was deeply wicked and marred, made poor, separated wage-earners from their families in country areas. Wicked! And many people were killed with impunity. BUT NOT 6 MILLION!

    Dlamini, Blyde Nzimande etc. are all themselves victims of mis-information… also spread by chief propogandist and hater–without-cause Bishop Tutu. The font of all this hatred were the two Durban Conferences.

    We in SA need to tackle these lies from the root and cut them off.

  • No black can love hitler. He called me a black as bastard. Only the Jew Jesus christ accepted me. People want to get fame by loving the evil man Hitler

  • KMan

    I wonder what he thinks of Dutch people, this utterly ignorant self entitled “academic scrutinizer”.

  • John Galt

    Foolish and naive young student. Does he really think we get credit for any of the wonderful things Jews do and the ethical monotheism our people brought to the world? Do American Jews get credit for support of civil rights in the US? Of course not: not from those who choose to hate us. There are times we must extend out hand, hope and pray for the best. But we must recognize those times when such gestures are worse than futile, when they are extremely counterproductive. There are times we must simply fight our enemies. This student needs to learn how to recognize the difference.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Of course the Holocaust is by far worse than Apartheid. I don’t think Apartheid killed 6 millions people. And one more thing at the end Hitler destroyed his country. Hitler was a coward by committing his suicide.

  • Steven Kalka

    We should ask if Botha was great because he made Dutch Afrikaners feel good about themselves.

  • jcs

    What can you say. Diamini is obviously an uninformed idiot.

  • Mary Davenport

    Certainly black Apartheid was not worse than the Jewish holocaust. However, there were insufficiently recognized genocidal effort against black Africans by colonial powers in the late 19th and early 20th century, and some are starting to articulate and publicize this, and ascertain its correct dimensions.

  • Hitler was a conscious Satanist.

  • What about the American Indian , the kid pointed out that the Germery leader could organize ,

  • Leo Toystory

    You can’t reason with barbarians like him, and you certainly can’t get them to LOVE you. SA Jews had best arm themselves very well or abandon that place and the rest of that very dark continent.

  • Ivan

    “What puzzles me is that people make the Jewish Holocaust … to be worse than the black Apartheid.”

    The author of this statement claims to be an academic? How sad for South African academia.

  • Fred

    Dlamini a wondrous admirer of Hitler. He should read “Mein Kampf “to see where his place & his race stood in the Hitlerian scheme of things. It is true the German spirit was lifted to be brought down with a resounding crash. Dlamini takes pride in his ignorance of history to attack Jews as a follow the mob rule.

  • bill

    Would Hitler love him ?