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April 29, 2015 2:44 pm

Kerry: Netanyahu’s Iran ‘Mythology’ Not Going to Happen

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Secretary of State John Kerry is still confident an Iranian nuclear deal is possible. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Attempts by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to secure a more stringent nuclear deal with Iran are “not gonna happen,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview published Tuesday.

“The whole mythology I’ve heard, from [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu to Republican members of the House and Senate — ‘Oh, just squeeze them to death, raise the sanctions’ — not gonna happen,” Kerry told The Boston Globe.

He said the deal in its current form would scale back the amount of time it would take Iran to produce enough fissile material to make a nuclear bomb from three months to one year, and it would require daily inspections of Iran’s enrichment facilities for the next “25 years.”

The secretary of state, who along with negotiators from the UK, Russia, China, France, Germany and of course Iran has been trying to hammer out a deal by June 30, lamented the possibility that Congress could kill an agreement even if all the countries involved accepted it.

“Look, if Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain, all of whom have nuclear programs, sign off on this, and all their experts say it’s a good deal, and Congress for political reasons wants to go kill it, they’re walking away,” he said.

He said this will spell the end of the sanctions regime because none of these countries would back it if they felt a good deal had gone to waste.

Netanyahu meanwhile on Wednesday continued to rally against the current framework, calling it a “historic mistake” and comparing it to the framework the US signed with North Korea in 1994, about 12 years before the Asian country conducted its first test of a nuclear bomb.

Speaking alongside the vice prime minister of South Korea, Netanyahu said: “It was said then that supervision would prevent enrichment, it was said then that the [agreement] would temper North Korea’s belligerent leadership, it was said then that the [agreement] would allow North Korea to integrate into the family of nations.”

He said the framework announced following negotiations with Iran in Lausanne, Switzerland, “repeats these mistakes.”

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  • Kerry has previously made grievous errors. In 1972 he shamefully defamed his fellow American soldiers by falsely asserting that they rampaged through Vietnam raping and torturing the villagers. Decades later, when confronted with his statements, he admitted he lied, admitting that the American soldiers served nobly and brushed aside his disgraceful defamations, ascribing it to the words of “an angry young man”.

    As to Obama, he has spent his life associating with anti-Semites, starting with Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist and Israel-hater, the Rev. Wright (20 years attending his vile anti-Jewish sermons), Professor Khalidi who wants to see Israel destroyed as a Jewish nation. He has invited to the White House on 81 occasions the man partly responsible for the largest Jewish pogrom in US history, Crown Heights, Reverend Al Sharpton.

    Hence this helps to explain why Obama detests Israel, not merely Bibi. He views Israel as an interloper in the M-E, an imperial power that, like the USA, must be brought down to the level of other countries. What better way to do that than to counter-balance Israel’s nuclear power with Iran. If it should happen that Iran carries out its threat to wipe Israel off the face of the map, then, well, that’s just too bad.

    I am sure Bibi understands that it is better by far to protect the Jewish people and Israel and suffer the hypocritical moral outrage of Europe and the American Democrats, by levelling Iran’s infrastructure at Fordow et al, than the alternative.

    No doubt Bibi and his staff have been planning the attack for years. Perhaps an EMP will do it so as to avoid radiation fall out in the region.

    Moreover, Obama is not only a congenital serial, demonstrated and documented serial liar; he does not love America and he is giving aid and comfort to American’s mortal enemy, Iran. That is what I call a “high crime and misdemeanor” under the US Constitution and therefore an impeachable offense.

    It will be for Israel alone to protect Western Civilization against Iran gaining a nuclear weapon by striking those facilities in whatever manner is necessary.

    For if Iran causes a second Holocaust, the rest of the world will simply say that was a shame, particularly Obama.

    Obama’s Court Jews-sycophants will have blood on their hands of biblical proportions. People who should have known better but were more loyal to their progressive ideology than their love for America and Israel. People like Dershowitz, Schumer, Feinstein, Tribe, Senator Cardin of MD, Emmanuel et al.

  • Andy Welikala

    As a born again fundamentalist Christian let me say this: The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Christ and Moses runs the universe with no help from Kerry or Obama or any other world-leader. My All-powerful God doesn’t need human help. He has run this world ever since He created it, even when there were no human beings upon it. He still runs it ACCORDING to His own dictates. Anybody who wants to know what is going to happen in the Middle East in the very last days of this present world-system better read the Book of Daniel in conjuunction with the Book of Revelation and get prepared for the final COUNTDOWN. I am 100% prepared, are you?

  • Mercury

    So much anger directed at Kerry, A Democrat. My guess is that most of you voted for and donated to the Democratic Party– your fault.

  • Mickey Oberman

    One might think that a person so experienced in creating mythology would be able to differentiate between it and facts.

  • zadimel

    Perhaps, if the USA were to threaten the extinction of Iran’s ability to menace other nations, we could establish a basic standard upon which that country would be required to behave. Countries that assist Iran in its savagery would also suffer economically by limiting trade a and other beneficial activities.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    It underscores what a fool Kerry is.

    Remember, this is the same guy who was head of the U.S. Senate when it voted to cut infrastructure spending 80+% in 1993.

    • Ron

      To call Kerry a moron is to insult all genuine morons. This individual is so stupid he makes Neville Chamberlain look astute in comparison. However, his actions regarding Iran are part of the WH’s agenda, which is itself, in the long run, breathtakingly stupid.

  • David Most

    Messrs Kerry and Obama think that history will recognize them as having brought “peace” and “tranquility’ to the entire Middle East. They are self-delusional. Apparently their views of modern history ignore the North Korean debacle, the Syrian debacle (including our “Red Line”) and numerous others that leave the west looking like cuckolds.

    Kerry assures us that the Iranians will honor a rigid inspection requirement. They have already shown how easy it can be to stall and obfuscate Western atomic inspectors.

    If any tributes will be paid to Kerry and Obama in the future, they will be for total naivete’and lack of will.

  • Wyn and Diane Harter

    When I watch Kerry or listen to him speak, I see a man that has “no understanding” of Iran or the seriousness of the threat against Israel. In these matters, the man is simply “dark in his mind”…..he is clueless and very
    weak. His motives are very questionable.

    ‘simply said’

  • Larry Andrews

    The Islamic Republic of Iran, its correct name, has the world’s second largest reserves of natural gas, and the world’s fourth largest reserves of crude oil. There is absolutely no reason that it needs a “peaceful” nuclear energy program. Exactly why did President Obama decide that negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran was necessary? What was wrong with leaving the sanctions and current situation in place? Secretary of State Kerry’s statement that “Congress wants to kill it (was there a pun on the word kill??) for political reasons” ignores all of the facts about the totalitarian theocracy that rules the Islamic Republic of Iran. The ignorance and gross incompetence of President Obama’s administration about the Middle East unfortunately matches that of President George W. Bush. Hopefully, Congress will “kill” this deal. Either the Islamic Republic of Iran dismantles and destroys its nuclear infrastructure, or it goes to war against the United States, every Western democracy, Israel and every Sunni Arab government. And, that is a war the Islamic Republic of Iran can’t win!!

  • noellsq

    No one could be so naive as our government or is their alternate reasons that they are so stupid. Why would the POTUS and his mindless minions do this after they hijacked a ship just recently causing terrorists across the world.

  • As in ancient times, Chess was a favorite of game of Persians,Iranians the Great Ottoman Empire.
    I feel we are in a vast political board, where they will sacrifice vast amounts of pawns to achieve,Checkmate.
    How our “Leaders” can be played by a Theocracy that is one of the most disingenuous regimes to exist in the 21st c. Is beyond most people comprehension !
    The naïveté is astounding, Irans mock battles with a U.S. Aircraft carrier, now aggression in open water towards ships in a safe zone. Once this “Treaty Move” is signed Iran will go forward with its enrichment program, if they have not done so already.
    One would think restraint would be shown from Iran during the negations, not ! They do not care it is built into Islamic Doctrine they will rule the world !
    So why show any restraint, Kerry is a fool and an educated Idiotic !
    That combination is more terrifying then Irans recthoric ! At least we know their objective.
    Destroy Israel, then destroy the rest, in Europe Islam has already in place from England to Italy, a vast silent army of millions in place,in the U.S. There are over 60 traing camps run by Jihadists !

  • As an American and as a Christian I am ashamed that our administration is selling out our friend Israel. I believe in what God said–Those who bless Israel, I will bless, and those who curse Israel, I will curse. Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama are bringing down God’s judgment on our nation. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Hey Kerry,
    The Iranians have played you and Obama for the fools you are!

  • Michel Olivier

    Obama entered dilatory negotiations with Iran to ENABLE IRAN’S nuclear weapons program.Iran’s FIRST purpose in entering the negotiations was PROTECTION of it’s nuclear weapons program by reducing the risk of a strike. Sanction relief was a second purpose. If Iran had refused negotiations ,Obama ran the risk of being dragged kicking and screaming into a strike. This negotiation charade and outcome was prepared in advance with initially undisclosed meetings between the US and Iran. Iran understood that to make this plausible -its role was to play tough and difficult in the ‘negotiations’. Why Obama has acted to enabled Iran’s nuclear weaponization , one, at this time , may only speculate.

  • Jacobite

    Rest assured the name Israel is not going anywhere, though many may try to prove me wrong, look at the lesson of history, they have survived when their enemies have not, their is a good reason for this, visible to they who are not blind or followers of blind political dreamers.

  • Paul

    The roman’s said “If you want peace, prepare for war”.
    Iran has set its sights on nuclear weapons.
    Pretending this is designed primarily against Israelis a very successful red herring, something the western world is happy to accept (more of those pesky jews and arabs out there .. .). With open reports of Israel apparently possessing 200 missile-mounted nuclear bombs, the most idiotic and self-destructive action the Iranians could do would be to bomb Israel and then get annihilated themselves.
    the mere THREAT of a bomb – as immediately after a successful test – would gain immediate surrender of the moderate oil-producing countries and hand the middle east and the economy of the western world over to Iran – and THAT is what they are after.
    Obama said straight out, the US will not allow Iran to have a bomb. And now he is saying that the only choices are, a bomb in ten years time, or a bomb sooner. “Peace in our time” ? Peace during Obama’s term in office ? Is that all we are after ?
    The only reason the Iranians would stop their sofar-successful plans would be, if they KNEW there would be a total war against them to prevent them gaining nukes. With the US advertising total refusal to even think of the possibility of the only deterrent that would work, it is inevitable the Iranians will have their bomb, sooner or later.
    The US wants peace but does not realise they have to fight for it, against those that want power and war.In contrast to the guy who said “speak softly but carry a big stick, Obama is speaking loudly but carrying no stick at all – he is only prepared to choose between different flavors of a-priori defeat. What a shame.

  • Howie Subnick


  • Peter Joffe

    Muslims have been trying to delete the Jews from world history since the 4th century AD. SO what difference does it make to them (the Muslims) if they wait another 10 years. In 10 or so years time this problem will be worse as Muslims will have the ability to destroy the world for the glory of their Allah.
    The cancer is known and needs to be cured but waiting another 10 years will only delay the death by those 10 years.
    As is being proved over and again, Islam will try to take over the world through population explosion in countries stupid enough to allow them to enter and explode. Japan is the only country to recognize that the Koran calls for the conversion of the world from both within and without so Japan has banned them and so should we before it is too late and we have another Crusade.

  • Lila lowell

    Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it! In this case, Kerry will repeat the mistakes of Neville Chaimberlin but we of Israel will suffer the consequences. Would Kerry negotiate this deal if he and his family were placed in harms way?

  • Michael Garfinkel

    If there is a deal, Iran will continue to develop it’s nuclear arsenal and delivery system as fast as they can, albeit in an environment flush with cash.

    If there is no deal, Iran will continue to develop it’s nuclear arsenal and delivery system with as fast as they can, with fewer resources, as some sanctions will presumably remain.

    Nothing short of decisive military action will prevent Iran from having, and eventually using nuclear weapons.

  • al sheeber

    If there was one good example for a modern day Benedict Arnold, J F Kerry is my favorite traitor, s tax cheating, insider trading gigolo, whose reputation as a scumbag is backed with a 45 years of duplicitous conduct, posturing and none stop lying.

  • Genghis Cohen

    America’s response to the capture of the Maersk Tigris in the Straits of Hormuz will be an indicator of how America will react to Iranian nuclear cheating. America has a pact of military protection for the Republic of the Marshal Island under whose flag the Tigris is registered. There is no justification for firing across the bridge of this ship and then forcing it into an Iranian port. Iran cheated on a long-standing UN originated agreement on shipping in the Straits. Only Kerry and the Fool in Chief can be surprised by this action.

  • rachel robinson

    I would like to see all those 39 comments. Why are the not displayed here??

  • dante

    oh, I get it: it’s the Israelis who will be to blame if capitulation to the mullahs is somehow frustrated.

    “iran mythology”? kerry has to be one of the more spectacular fools who has ever “served” as secy of state. if kerry and his boss were actually working for the USA and intended to obtain a meaningful agreement, kerry could never describe abstention from capitulation as “mythology.”

    I don’t know what obama’s game is. kerry is easier to figure out: he’s just a posturing, ponderous dunce who will try any stupid thing he’s told, especially if he’s thinks the nobel committee might like it. if obama and kerry hadn’t played it like losers from the start, they’d have an agreement worth something. but, they’ve been too busy throwing themselves at the mullahs’ feet.

  • Michael Fox

    The backbone of a snake and the integrity of a weasel.

    The end of sanctions on Iran is an insider financial arrangement that works to line the pockets of the big players at the top of the pyramid…and they don’t care that you know it.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Kerry is only following what his master is telling to do, nothing more, nothing less. This is a horrible deal and if it happens the Middle East will be set on fire.

  • steven L

    This administration is telling IL to live in fear of Iran because this is an Hobson’s choice.

  • Richard Barnes

    This deal does not guarantee that inspectors can inspect suspected Iranian nuclear facilities. Many of us knew that when this whole deal started with Obama, that we smelled a rat in the Senate. Now as expected it won’t be called a treaty. My question is simple. How can we legally make a deal with a nation that we are technically at war with? They declared war on us in 1979. It’s still on last I checked. Iran just high jacked a Marshall Islands cargo ship and that was my most recent check-yesterday. So were trying to cut a deal with them on nuclear weapons? A deal that we can’t verifiably, verify? Were supposed to be fine with trusting the untrustworthy?
    Isn’t this the chickens guarding the fox’s coup? Do we really expect the chickens to go into the fox’s coup to check for problems if they are in fear of getting eaten? If we had inspectors perhaps they would be told to keep it under wraps if they find anything incriminating. As a citizen, THAT IS THE PICTURE were getting! There are SO many questions with this deal that one has to question if it’s really a deal at all. This however is just one of many parts of the signs of the end times in which we live today. These are the end times the Bible speaks of. Do you want to know what you can do to help yourself deal with these problems? Do you want to know what’s coming in the near future? The Bible has already laid it out. I wrote a small book about the end times and prophecy and the tribulation period. It’s just for your information and consideration and it’s free. I don’t even accept donations on my or anyone else’s behalf. It’s a short read of about 7 pages. I encourage you to take a look.

    • Marilyn

      Thank you for providing the booklet. I am a born again Christian, and I have some friends who are not. Your summary of what’s going to happen after the Rapture is very good for the unbeliever to understand and not threatening in any way, in my opinion, so I’m forwarding it to them. I wish I could copy it and save it that way for people I know without email!

  • nelson marans

    When Kerry was nominated by President Obama to be secretary of state, I was appalled by his rapid confirmation considering his previous involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. His embrace of Assad of Syria and his efforts to have Israel give up the Golan Heights to that Syrian dictator without any concessions on the part of Syria demonstrated a disregard for Israel’s security. His so-called diplomacy has demeaned the image of the U. S. among our Middle East allies. He makes Hillary Clinton look good in comparison.

  • If European lifting of sanctions is the price of preventing Iran from developing the capability of acquiring the bomb, so be it. That is a cheap price to pay for nuclear security. If the history of WWII is instructive, it was inevitable that Europe would cave to Iranians anyhow. Only the U.S. stood firm against fascist aggression then, and only the U.S. can be persuaded to stand firm against Islamo-fascist aggression now.

  • Peter D.

    If Mr. Netanyahu wishes to continue Israeli sanctions against Iran, he’s free to do so. If he wants to convince Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Russia, and the current US administration to continue *their* sanctions against Iran, he should among other things try to stop insulting their leaders and citizens every other time he opens his mouth.

  • BuckDePublick

    F Kerry and all he stands for!

  • DO NOT TRUST Hanoi John Kerry, he is a TRAITOR from the PAST and PRESENT!! John Kerry is Anti-United States of America Everything / Anti-Israel-Yisrael / Anti-Zionism / Very Antiseitism / Anti-Christian ( Antichrist )( 1 John 4:3 KJV )!!

    Only JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY is RIGHT as we have the same GOD who art in HEAVEN!!

    Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday Everyone!!

    Love and Shalom Everyone,

    Kristi Anne

  • manley kiefer

    I guess our administration wants a deal at any cost, any deal they may be able to claim credit for. I believe any deal with Iran would be a disaster.

  • noah

    Kerry is hooked on Crack Cocaine.

    Obama is a hybrid between Jimmy the IDIOT Carter and England’s Chamberlain, his
    administration if filled with naive idiots.

    Obama, waht a huge mistake he was.

  • yussie

    dOESNT THIS GET OLD BY NOW? Enough is enough with the bs rhetoric. The arabs want no Israel and no Jews. Israel just wants to live in peace. Only solution: give them NOTHING.No land ,no $$ ,no electricity and no mercy. If they send rockets bomb them into oblivion. If they commit homicide bombings..bomb them..That is the only thing they understand.

  • Esther Kaplan

    John Kerry is something of a poseur. He would like to know the ins and outs of certain political machinations but his anti-Israeli gut tells him nothing that comes from the little democracy is worth a load of crap.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    A nursery rhyme that John Kerry is certainly aware of since his very young years in this world applies to the fractious role his United States, the P5+1, and the US Congress will play if this Iran deal is passed through their irrational, irresponsible, unconscionable hands:
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall\Humpty Dumpty had a great fall\All the king’s horses and all the king’s men\Cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again
    To be so naive
    To be so intractable
    To not take heed of George Santayana’s incisive dictum that “to not learn from previous mistakes, one is doomed to repeat them once again–
    Global catastrophe will be visited upon this world like never before.

  • Leo Toystory

    Oh yeah, Reporting for Duty John Kerry is a creepy money hungry lothario and a tenth-rate guitar player, too.

  • Julian Clovelley

    it is sheer foolishness to try to undermine one solution achieved through negotiation when you have nothing to offer as an alternative

    Could it be that Netanyahu has become so lost in internal American Right Wing politics that he has lost sight of the real interests of Israel?

    If not WHERE is Netanyahu’s “brilliant” solution? Sabre rattling gets us nowhere in international politics

  • Remember, all the nations that Baal Kerry mentions, except for China, have Jewish blood on their hands. Israel has been fighting Iran’s proxies for decades. So Bibi knows something about Iran. His is no mythology!!!

  • yale

    We’re at a point in these negotiations where the stark alternatives facing us are to give Irani everything it wants and to admit that those doing the negotiating are a bunch of idiots who have been strung along and fooled by the Iranians from the gitgo. Any question which way those idiots will go?

  • bill

    John Kerry belongs to skull and bones their symbol is the same as the Nazis wore on their caps.

  • Fred

    “A Kerry Mythology” how right he is. No nukes on my watch. ” A Neville Chamberlain Mythology 1930 piece of paper ” Peace in our time “, no war ???.
    The same snake oil salesman with the same consequences.
    The same record different label.

  • J.M.L.

    Not quite sure of the meaning this guy gives to the word “mythology”
    He probably doesn’t know well what it means, nor what he means. Maybe he picked the word from a book which was so hard to understand he couldn’t finish. Still, he might learn quickly for he has a lot of examples right at hand to illustrate the word.
    Like: Does the Obama administration keep the red lines it has itself established? Is there anything in common in the post Lausanne Iranian and American fact sheets ? If the delay from Iran’s decision to actual production of an atomic bomb is stretched to one year by the agreement to come, will the US actually launch military operations to block the process should such an Iranian decision occur ? Needless (?) to say ‘sanctions’ in such a case would just be an empty gesticulation.

  • Elisheva

    Talk won’t get us rid of the threat. We want action.

  • BH in Iowa

    Hands up. Who would entrust their country’s continued survival to Hanoi John??

  • shloime

    the mythology is mostly emanating from the white house, starting with “we will prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons”, “no option is off the table”, “sanctions are just as effective”, “we have israel’s back”, and loads of other, similar fairie tales.

    the simple fact is, the united nations security council voted for sanctions in order to stop iran’s illicit uranium enrichment, its construction of secret hardened nuclear installations, its work on a plutonium reactor, and its development of ballistic missiles.

    every single one of those is enshrined in this “brilliant agreement”. in poker terms, this called “folding on a winning hand”, i.e. “LOSER”.

  • Ezra

    The Secretary and his boss, the President, have clearly resigned themselves to a nuclear Iran no matter what, and sell the world on the concept that Iran’s walking away will somehow bring the world to a stop.

    This administration has made no attempt at explaining what would happen if Iran walks away from this deal other than to threaten us with a war. Does this administration actually believe that Iran will go to war with the U.S.? I sincerely doubt it and so do they.

    So what next? Sanctions Mr. Secretary is the one thing that brought Iran to the negotiating table to begin with, and sanctions will ensure that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon for the foreseeable future. PM Netanyahu was right and continues to be correct in his solution.

    • for sure it is!!

    • norman buchalter

      What can I say? Kerry is as misguided an anti-semite as his commander in chief is a narcissist. I guess when you you sign onto the Obama team- all common sense goes out the door- or you do.The world will have to live with Iran . Kerry and Obama will be long gone, but their evil legacy will have to be sorted out by other more level-headed , wise men and women.

    • Charlotte

      This administration has to come to an end President Oblahbla should be evicted from the White house.

    • David DeMello

      there will be a nuclearized Middle East. “And Obama, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize based on promises to free the world of the threat of nuclear proliferation will leave office godfather to its spread!” David Turner.

    • brian b

      good point

  • elle

    Kerry is an idiot a tarter let him move to live inIran

    • Julian Clovelley

      stunning analysis – how long did it take to come up with it?

    • Charlotte

      Right on!

    • Reform School

      He already does. His son-in-law, daughter and grandkids are all dual citizens. Their parents and grandpatents are Iranians. Between Kerry’s military experience and radical Vietnam-era shenanigans some call treasonous, he is certainly unqualified to represent the United States. His family relationships within the Islamic Republic of Iran present so many conflicts-of-interest he should be disqualified from any dealings whatsoever with that rogue nation. Radical anarchists and Islamists control the White House and have much influence over Congress.

  • “I no longer believe that the Israelis should give back Jerusalem…
    Experience has taught us that the Islamic mentality views ANY concession as weakness to be exploited further. And besides, too many so-called Palestinians seem less concerned with peace and freedom, than with driving Jews into the sea, so the bombings would not stop.”

    “The truth is that Jews have contributed more to humanity than any other group of people; way more than Muslims, vastly more than Muslims…”

    SOURCE: Why do Muslims always blame the Jews? by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

    • Charlotte

      I am in total agreement with you.
      I am in total agreement with you.
      Israel should give back nothing at all.
      But they should stop building; we need a buffer zone,
      Can’t trust the Arabs, but we do not have to be right on top of them with our homes.
      Israel should go into Gaza and dismantle every single tunnel. This they should do.
      And maybe they should check from the Israel side and bomb the tunnels to shreds. they should go in every 6 months to see if they built new one.

    • steven L

      The “left”, the “secular” and the Muslims ALL give a damn about what Jews bring to the table.
      Fanaticism is a DOGMA whether religious or non-religious. Stupidity is en EQUAL DOGMA.


    “If we are serious about peace in the Middle East, then we need to stop pretending that the Israelis are dealing with a rational enemy they can negotiate with; because in doing that, we are helping to feed a massive political lie whose gravitational force has become so great, it has warped reality. It is Hamas who has turned Gaza into a ware-zone recently, not Israel…”

    SOURCE: Peace in the Middle East by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.