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April 30, 2015 11:06 am

UN Probes Bookstore Over Claims of Books Targeting Jews and Israel

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Books on sale at a bookstore on U.N. premises in Geneva. Photo: Courtesy U.N Watch.

The U.N. announced on Thursday that it would examine the selection at a bookstore operating within its jurisdiction in Geneva after a watchdog group claimed the shop was displaying books targeting Jews and Israel.

The U.N. Office at Geneva wrote in a letter to the group that it would conduct an “administrative review” of its concession agreement with the bookstore and its products, following a request by U.N. Watch.

The office said it “has reaffirmed to the vendor the requirement that varied viewpoints be presented on the shop’s bookshelves.” It said it required the selections of books to be “diverse and balanced, as befits an outlet affiliated with the United Nations Organization.”

Among the books on sale at the shop, which had a concession agreement with the neighboring Human Rights Council, was “How I stopped Being a Jew” by Shlomo Sand, in which the author describes the “genocidal Yahwestic tradition” within the Jewish religion, and “The Punishment of Gaza,” by Israeli left-wing journalist Gideon Levy, among books by revisionist Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappe and American linguist and outspoken critic of Israel Noam Chomsky.

In a letter to the acting director-general of the U.N. Office at Geneva, Michael Mollerto, U.N. Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer wrote: “We unflinchingly support the freedom of expression and full exchange of ideas, good and bad. Yet the unmistakable pattern of anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish books is a matter that requires your attention.”

“At a time when Jews across Europe are being targeted by violent attacks and incitement, it is deeply distressing that the United Nations Headquarters in Europe would promote books on ‘how to stop being a Jew,'” said the letter.

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  • Carl

    Wonder how many books they have on Muslims oppression by his fellow Muslims, or Muslims seeing the light and converting from their misogynistic, hate-mongering religion? Surely there are many volumes on the attempted new Muslim caliphate creeping into the West. Think the bookseller’s head would remain attached very long? I do find their comment about being “diverse and balanced, as befits an outlet affiliated with the UN” extremely amusing. They don’t even see the irony of such a ludicrous statement!

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  • Eve Laing

    I hope this is just the beginning of stopping the rise of Anti-Semitism promoted by the UN as they continually turn a blind eye to the problem. There should be a multi-national conference on ways of combatting Anti-Semitism which is spinning out of control around the world.

  • Morton E Friedman

    Why would anyone be surprised that the international house of ill repute harbors anti Jewish and anti Israel material?

  • steve

    Self hating Jews need to spend a few days in a crowded cattle car with a excrement pail in the center. Maybe then they will get it.

    • Davies Samuel

      Well said. If Hitler would come back they will be the first ones to be sent to crematoriums.

    • Far too many of the 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust did that already! No need to use this Catastrophe to explain a view which is reprehensible. A view from Heinrich Heine might inspire better?

      “..Dort ..wo man Buecher verbrennt ..verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.” Heinrich Heine.

      “..Where they burn books ..they will also ultimately burn people.” Heinrich Heine.

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