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May 1, 2015 4:17 pm

Antisemitic Graffiti Found in Istanbul: ‘No Parking for Pigs and Jews’ (PHOTOS)

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Graffiti in the Gaziosmanpa neighborhood of Istanbul, reading: 'No parking for Jews'. Photo: Courtesy

Antisemitic graffiti is becoming commonplace in Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa neighborhood, the Algemeiner learned on Friday.

Slogans such as “no pigs and Jews allowed,” “no parking for pigs and Jews,” and “free Jerusalem, death to Jewish murderers,” were discovered spray-painted on various edifices throughout the area.

The appearance of hateful graffiti is new to the area, said local resident Suleyman Sahin, despite the fact that there are likely no Jews living in the neighborhood. Residents said that there could be political motives behind the graffiti, especially given the proximity of upcoming elections and an unpopular redevelopment plan.

About 95 percent of Turkey’s thousands of years old Jewish community lives in Istanbul today. According to some sources, the number of Jews in Turkey is about 17,000 people, a tiny fraction of the country’s 73.7 million person population.

The ascension of the Islamist AKP party to power in 2002, including firebrand President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, brought with it anti-Israel rhetoric that reached its zenith following Israel’s seizure of a Turkish boat off the coast of Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish nationals.

Antisemitism has a long history in largely Islamic Turkey, and stems both from the growing Islamist ideology as well as left-wing anti-Zionism, and anti-Jewish sentiment is common in popular Turkish literature and media.

'No Parking for Jews and Pigs'

'Free Jerusalem, Death to Jewish Murderers'

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  • Herman

    No one parked at all …

  • Louis Fried

    Thanks to Erdogan and the policies of his ruling Justice Party this racist graffiti is not surprising. Erdogan’s extremist rhetoric produces such odious graffiti and it is evident that the days of the Jewish community in Turkey are numbered.

  • Max

    When I was a child growing up in Istanbul the epithet was “cowardly Jew”. We have now progressed to the point where some Turks now see us as murderers rather than cowards. For Turkey, that is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • HaroldT

    Can the Jews not see the writing on the wall, and get out while they can.

  • Sticks and Stones! Just sticks and stones! I recall the signs in England not 50 years ago!

    No Dogs! No Blacks! No Irish!

    What that says for Black Irish Setters I am not sure?

  • Michael Fox

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why international Jew’s and Israeli’s vacation in Turkey or why Jews would choose to live where they are not wanted. I also don’t understand why Israel doesn’t break off diplomatic relations with the Turkish government that supports the terrorists sworn to wipe Israel off the map and kill the Jews living there.

    • HaroldT

      Spot on.

  • Jack Holan

    Very surprising coming from an advanced people who discovered the Americas and found an existing Mosque there as Erodgon has claimed.

  • Fred

    Schizophrenic Turkey gateway to ISIS. Dreamer Sultan Erdogan & Vizir Davutoglu dream of the old empire in new reality TV. The NAZI Islamic dogma spouted at every opportune moment. Oh, you basted Turkey.

  • historian

    Guaranty this was written by Islamic pigs who have overrun Istanbul like cockroaches need to be exterminated.

  • erdogan is the antithesis of the Egyptian president who unfortunately I feel will be eventually assasinated by the filthy killing islamic scum and the love of money western powers will do their usual silent hypocritical acquiescence(long live oil supply and petrodollar investments intheir spineless countries!


  • brenrod

    Erdogan, the turkish hitler, is responsible for all this!

  • Isaac

    Who would want to park in their cesspool anyway!