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May 1, 2015 4:25 pm

Slain Jerusalemite’s Father: Israel is at War, But We’re in Denial About it

avatar by David Daoud

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Rabbi Uri Sherki, whose son was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, says that Israel is in denial over the fact that it is in a war with the Palestinians. PHOTO: NRG/Arik Sultan.

Rabbi Uri Sherki, whose son was run over and killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem last month, said that Israel is in denial about the constant state of war it finds itself in.

“Because we are in the midst of a struggle, we should assume that the [incident] was a terrorist attack until proven otherwise,” he told Israel’s NRG news.

In the interview with NRG, Sherki said that his comments were justified because “today we find ourselves in the framework of a struggle, a constant war with [extremist] Islam and the Arab-Nationalist feeling in Israel, some of whom call it Palestinian.”

And in light of this struggle, said Sherki, to deny that Israel is at war “makes us weak. When we refuse to define the problem as it is, we also don’t know how to respond properly, like a person who has a heart disease but is given medication for a gastrointestinal problem.”

It took five days for the attack that killed Shalom Yochai Sherki to be recognized as a terrorist attack because police had to prove it was not simply a traffic accident.

Sherki sees this hesitation as part of a larger issue that has overtaken Israeli society. He said that he understands that from the perspective of “professional ethnics,” the police have to remain cautious about giving definite answers, “and I also do not want to condemn an innocent man. But the question is, what is the underlying assumption?”

Sherki explained that, for police, an incident is not a terrorist attack unless it is proven to be so afterwards.

“But, it is also possible to operate in the opposite manner: for the starting point to be that this is a terrorist attack, until it is proven otherwise,” said Sherki.

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  • Ismael Ami Gomberoff

    Israel has been in a war since its inception is just that our leaders because of “international pressure” refuse to aknowledge but we ALL JEWS know the real truth when will this stop and our leaders take the drivers seat ? who knows and ….I wonder. instead of helping solve these problems…they have turn the army ,police,etc against the jewish people, are these the real problem? even in Israel jews are persecuted..for just been jewish…and brainwashed to believe about a “palestinian problem” when there is none BUT HATRED against the jews.

  • Avi

    I read Rabbi Sharkii’s original comments in Hebrew. This is a totally honorable man, prominent leader of a well respected family. His son Yair is a reporter for Reshet bait. What he said is totally accurate.

  • Yes, “Avoiding” the Real of which the “anxious Idea” prevails is the answer of the Phobic…
    That was and is still the most Jewish (un)appropriate answer to most political questions; except when Jews engage into a totally foolish Ideological messianic international folly…
    Reunifying Judea Samaria to israel in 1967 was the normal logical way all the Parties governing Israel have failed to engage and want NOW to Adopt !
    Phobic, Anxious,Passive-Aggressive, depressed in a word, lack of basic Courage after running into a desperate tough war? Amazing ambivalence…
    It is too late now to Not Make the Unavoidable War…No choice…Except doing like Warshawski and Sand: emigrating to becoming muslim and anti Semitic France????

  • Jack Holan

    I am sorry for your loss of your son, Shalom Yochai Sharki Z.L., RabbI Uri. The entire West today is in denial that have been at War for some time. This war transcends borders economic class, education, however the common thread and the very essence of willing blindness by the West is Islam. They do not understand it. They ascribe to meanings that are beyond ludicrious and they make excuse for events that are representative of the mainstream interpretation of Islams to conform to their Leftist Agenda. President Obama called an attack a Fort Hood by Major Nidal work place violence two hours after the incident. Even though throughout the attack on his fellow soldiers he cried out Allahu Akbar, had communication on his PC with Maliki the American AlQueda Cleric in Yemen, and speeches that Nidal gave to fellow officers but went unreported since they did not want to be labeled an Islamophobe and ruin their career. Obama’s agenda by now speaks for itself. The wounded and dead soldiers were not award the Purple Heart Medal for being wounded by an enemy combatant since it was labeled work place violence and they were denied benefits for 6years. Just now they were honored and even then they were given the medal but not the benefits until the Congress pressured the President and now they’ve been made whole. Almost each incident that takes place in the US is hushed up after after trial. The person is made out to be a psycho so as to diminish the relevance of Islam. Life goes on. There was an ISIS military camp 8 miles away from the American border and the authority from the US said it could not be confirmed even though the Mexican Government fully described it and said some of its’ officers and a high ISIS commander was there. the News went blank. Now we have a nuke deal that no one knows what it is except I beleive the Iranians more than the Americans The had better wake up it is a culture, ideological and religious war.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    A terrible tragedy for Rabbi Uri Sharki, and for all us as well.

    The Rabbi is absolutely correct in his comments.

    Is anyone listening?

  • Betty Anthony

    I am sorry or your loss and believe that you are correct. Of course, I am in the USA and not facing what you do daily but I do understand that Israel has to walk a thin line. No matter what you do is considered wrong. But for my part, I think that someone that plows into someone else should be detained until it is proved to be an accident. And I just say that because these terrorists are not going to stick around to be arrested later.