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May 3, 2015 3:50 pm

Jewish Group ‘Outraged’ After Plaque Honoring Paris Murder Victim Desecrated

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French Jew Ilan Halimi was kidnapped, tortured and killed in 2006 by an antisemitic gang. Photo: Twitter, AJC.

A major Jewish group expressed shock on Sunday after vandals in Paris desecrated a plague in memory of Ilan Halimi, a French Jew who was kidnapped in 2006, tortured and ultimately killed.

“Outrage!” the American Jewish Committee (AJC) wrote on Twitter, adding, “1st they tortured & killed Ilan Halimi, a French Jew, in ’06. Now the plaque in his memory has been destroyed in a Paris suburb.”

The memorial plague was found smashed on Saturday night in Bagneux, a southern suburb of Paris, and has since been removed for repairs, according to French daily Le Figaro. The vandals have yet to be identified.

Bagneux mayor Marie-Hélène Amiable on Sunday said she was “extremely shocked” by the incident and described the vandalism as “outrageous” and “unacceptable.”

Halimi was kidnapped in Paris on January 21, 2006 by an antisemitic Muslim gang that called itself “The Barbarians.” He was lured into a trap from his cellphone store on Boulevard Voltaire by a 17-year-old female gang member. Halimi was held captive for 24 days in an apartment building where he was tortured while bound with his head entirely masked in duct tape except for a small opening for his mouth, Le Figaro reported. The gang demanded 50,000 Euros as ransom from his family.

Three weeks after his capture, Halimi was found naked, handcuffed and tied to a tree. More than 80 percent of his body was burned with acid and gasoline. He died on the way to the hospital from the wounds he sustained.

Boulvard Voltaire in Paris’ 11 arrondissement was the site of another antisemitic attack on Friday, The Algemeiner reported. Two Jewish residents in their 20s were assaulted on the street by a gang of about 40 people. The attackers were associated with the anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

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  • basha

    France will reap the benefits when the numbers of muslims will far exceed the French and then their ideals will be substantiated in destruction of museums, sculptures, art and everything the French takes pride in, goodbye Louvre, goodbye everything representational, hello schmutz!

  • The French can go to hell

    The French can go to hell their imaginary Republique spanning the world is nothing more than second-fiddle eurotrash.

    We should be actively encouraging secession movements across france and building up the Jewish, Israeli, African and Asian sections.

  • duPont

    This is yet another example of the rampant antisemitism that has plagued France and all of Europe since the Crusades. The Muslims who have bastardized the true religion of Islam are now not only attacking Jews, but Christians as well. Religion will destroy the world. When will intelligence prevail and those blessed with it realize that we are all the children of whatever God we worship? Toleration is not enough-respect is what we need. Muslims-teach your children the true Islam-love and respect. Do not allow your fanatic elements to make your religion a pariah.

  • And these Barbarians, Obama want to have a “Nuclear Deal” with ! I can not differentiate between all their guises and so to me Barbarians is the best name for all radical muslims !
    A plaque is a plaque, to keep his memory in the hearts of all Jews is never forgotten.
    Let us honor him by saying Kaddish for his memory today, these Islamic fundamentalist are “Barbarians”, to do such a thing to a human being is beyond Horrific, to destroy a plaque,wood,stone or metal is a shanda, what the barbarians do not understand, the Jewish collective memory, we will never forget.
    I am donating money to my cousin who is sabra to find out a suitable place where we may place a new Memorial Plaque in Israel, honoring his memory.

  • The only genuine memorial was the conviction of his attackers and the message it sends to other potential attackers. ‘Justice, justice shalt thou pursue’. May Ilan be bound up in the bond of eternal Life.

  • Reform School

    One reason the world abuses Jews it used to fear is Jewish reporters with mouths bigger than their minds and muscles.

    • duPont

      You are obviously projecting. Ignorant comments so obviously tainted with your hatred and biases are a waste of your time because no one regards you as intelligent enough to participate in any intelligent discussion.

      • Bravo, Well said to an obvious “Goy” ! Or should I say ” Stupid is a disease without cure”.

      • Janice Kenner

        I agree with you du Pont. Reform School is not intelligent enough to participate in any reasonable discussion. So let’s ignore him or her.

  • steven L

    What does outrage do? And then WHAT!

  • Pearl

    And people want to visit Paris…. Why? All of Paris and the rest of Europe can pat themselves on the back. They’ve finally sunk down to the level of savages. I won’t call them animals. Animals don’t torture each other and plan annihilation. Those like Hitler, may his name be erased from memory, perpetrate evil. May they all stew in their own horror and continue destroying each other, and just leave us alone!

  • jude


  • Marco Redwolf

    The time has come for Rabbi Judah Lowe’s creation to come out of retirement
    The same as he did after the Munich Massacre. Anti Semites are cowards with a herd mentality. Time to thin the herd with a triple dose of their own poison.

  • Phil

    All the French do is talk. They do nothing concrete to stop the plague of anti-Semitism that has gripped France. same with groups like the AJC. They express outrage. Period.

  • Robert Weintraub

    Expressing shock and outrage will get us nowhere. The reality is there are ten times as many Moslems as there are Jews in France. Moslems, especially Mideast ones, regard Israel as an insult.If Jews insist on identifying themselves as Jewish they increase the odds of being assaulted verbally or physically. Ditto attending synagogue. For those French Jews who regard the current situation as intolerable there is always Israel. As for the rest they she should understand that it is likely to get worse as the Moslem population continues to increase.

    • I am sorry for all the times Jews are abused, attacked or routinely threatened. The answer is not Israel. Jews, like Christian’s, Muslims and any Religionists must have the protection of the Country where they choose to live and where they have the right to live. Israel will become a giant Ghetto otherwise with the Nation an even bigger target?