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May 6, 2015 6:11 pm

Natalie Portman Says She Feels ‘Nervous’ as a Jew in Paris

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Natalie Portman. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

With the rise of antisemitism in Europe, even Natalie Portman does not feel altogether comfortable living there.

In an interview published by the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, Portman, 33, responded to the question of whether she felt “nervous” as a Jew in France, a country where “antisemitism is terrifyingly on the rise,” with a blanket, “Yes.”

“But I’d feel nervous being a black man in [the U.S.],” she quickly added. “I’d feel nervous being a Muslim in many places.”

Portman is putting the finishing touches on her adaptation of Israeli author Amos Oz’s memoir, A Tale of Love and Darkness. She moved to Paris after her husband, the 37-year-old ballet dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, whom she met on the set of dance thriller Black Swan in 2010, accepted a job with the Paris Opera Ballet.

Portman weighed in on other Jewish topics with the Reporter as well, including fashion designer John Galliano’s recent attempts to curry favor with the Jewish community after he was outcast from the fashion world over an antisemitic rant.

“I don’t see why not to be forgiving to someone who is, I mean, someone who’s trying to change,” she said, adding a strong denunciation of the fashion designer’s controversial “I love Hitler” outburst.

She also spoke out against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying she was “very, very upset he was re-elected” and condemning what she said were his “racist comments.”

But, the actress also said she was not interested in using her “platform” to “s*** on Israel.”

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  • Dafna Yee

    There are many things that Netanyahu has done which showed him to be a traitor to Israel. Just to name some: he apologized to Erdogan, he released nearly 1000 convicted terrorists from Israeli jails, he gave the Temple Mount to Jordan, he “negotiated” truces with Hamas (that Hamas kept breaking) that he allowed Obama to dictate the terms, he constantly referred to Judea and Samaria as “occupied territory” and never corrected Obama or anyone else when they referred to Israeli landowners as “illegal settlers,” he never used Israeli police to protect Jewish worshipers at Jewish holy places by arresting Arab rioters; Jews in Judea and Samaria do not have the police protection they should, he constantly insisted that Abbas is a “peace partner,” he always pushed for a “palestinian state” and a “two-state solution” which are the polar opposites of Zionism. BUT WITH ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE, HE HAS NEVER BEEN A “RACIST”!!! Obviously, Portman has gone a long way from her roots and is not careful who she gets her news from as demonstrated by her connection to J Streets!!

  • I just returned from Israel where I was privileged to meet 25 French Jewish youth who came out early to Israel to live and study because they feared for their lives and safety. One of the most poignant moments was when one boy said being able to wear his Jewish star again outside the house was a profound moment in his life. There are dozens more waiting to come..but the Nahalalal dormitories need to be upgraded to accommodate them. Thanks to CHW Canadian Hadassah Wizo, we are raising money to make this a reality. You can also contribute and help.

  • wyatt earp (alias) poet singersongwriter toronto, canada

    please comment….i enjoy the conversation….there is no wishing for anti-semitism to all of a sudden disappear….this is not 1938….have you people not learned…NEVER NEVER AGAIN…poet/singer songwriter toronto canada

  • wyatt earp (alias) poet singersongwriter toronto, canada

    it sounds to me that ms portman has it all wrong…..a grown adult mature male…a business man…a man wise to the world and it`s conditions and educated and aware of the political climate comes out and says “i love hitler”….this guy should be eliminated by mossad…there is no room for forgiveness in any jewish or christian heart…then she makes a silly statement about bibi….this lady is void of any political insight and not in-tune re the realities of israel`s existence amongst so many enemies….nice lady but don`t invest your money when she talks about the stock market..israel needs a strong right wing gov`t and bibi is it….singer/songwriter toronto canada

  • brenrod

    she should feel nervous as she is one of those Jews who propagate libels against Israel.

  • Paul

    This nice lady would like to be accepted by everyone, understandingly.
    But there is a red line beyond which the positive traits may become excuses. When you don’t call a spade a spade because it is politically incorrect, this may indicate yu have crossed a red line. And this MAY be the case here.
    Regarding black men and muslims feeling nervous in many places – that is true, but is she really equating these with the antisemitism rising in Europe ? Do muslims and black men get murdered by Jews because they are black or muslim ? Are they afraid to show their background because they cannot walk down a street without being spat on ?
    Did Gulianni REALLY repent and change his views, or was it expedient for his career – how can one tell ? In hebrew we have this saying “respect him but suspect him”. If a man is apprehended for committing rape, saying “sorry” does not get him off the hook -he deserves retribution. Good behaviour and repentence get the punishment reduced, not cancelled.

    • Ellen Gershenbaum

      agreed. once you say it, you cannot take it back. you are either an antisemite or not. the pendulum doesn’t swing both ways. i. for one, would not want to be a jew in france right now.

  • DocReality

    You know what makes me nervous? Her calling Bibi a “racist,” along with her support of J-Street.

  • Dani

    But she is doing so anyway. She gives an opportunity to a Nazi lover for “mercy” but she gives no chance to the new government in Israel.

  • Marco Redwolf

    Just a guess m but taking a good look at the rest of the world I think America is just about the best place in the world to be a black man… Or Any person in fact.
    Typical mealy mouthed “artist” ignorance…. So Ms Portman Millipeid ( A thousand feet ) .. Where would the safest place for a black man be ?

    • Ellen Gershenbaum

      probably canada.

  • Vittore

    She should keep on supporting J Street in that case and wait until that group turns the situation in the US in a similar direction to that in Paris…

  • Genghis Cohen

    One admires the political correctness of Ms. Portman. She wishes to forgive John Galliano’s,”I love Hitler” outburst, but not Netanyahu’s “racist comments.” I wish that all people could go through their lives being as innocent of reality as is this beautiful lady. My modest musical instrument business was held up three times in 1960’s NYC. The police asked me to search through 80% of their filing cabinets for pictures of the black men I saw. The police told me that 80& of NYC crime then was, sadly, caused by the 10% black population. Ms.Portman, no one in white Europe said angry words about Muslims until well after 9/11 and the many acts of terror that followed in the name of Allah. What have you, or any other Jewish people done to warrant your feeling frightened by hateful antisemitism? I fear that dupes of the liberal media will surrender their heritage of freedom in exchange for a badge proclaiming “I’m Politically Correct!”

  • DACON9

    she will be more nervous hen she goes to the heavenly courts on charges SHE MARRIED A GOY.

    DETACHED jews worry about man AND NOT THE ONE G-D.


  • Jacqueline Franch

    Natalie Portman says she doesn’t want to s—-on Israel. What did she think she was doing when she invited members of JStreet to meet with her?

  • Levi Garbose

    Another useful idiot….