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May 8, 2015 5:59 pm

Denmark Jewish Leader: Way We Want to Live Our Lives Not Possible

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Wikipedia.

“The way we want to live our lives is no longer possible,” said the vice president of Denmark’s Jewish community at an annual conference of the American Jewish Committee on Tuesday, reflecting on the state of security for Europe’s Jews.

Jonathan Fischer was one of many speakers to address the discomfort of European Jewry as antisemitism is on the rise across the continent.

Such fears are exacerbated by the fact that European governments will ultimately move to scale back around-the-clock protection that has been provided since deadly attacks at a kosher supermarket in Paris and the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen in January.

“We can’t count only on security services, on intelligence services. Today makeshift jihadists are asked not to communicate, so intelligence services can’t spot them,” said Fischer, adding that the European Jewish “mindset” must adapt.

“Europeans have to adopt the ‘see something, say something’ policy, like in the US,” suggested Rutgers University law professor John Farmer, according to the British Jewish Chronicle, referring to a common security policy present not only at Jewish communities, but in public zones, such as New York’s subway system as well.

The JC reported that since the attacks at the Kosher supermarket in Paris in January, the French government has provided around-the-clock security to Jewish sites. France has provided 17 million euros ($19 million) over the last decade to secure at least 600 synagogues across the country, according to the JC.

British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged $14 million to assist in securing British Jewish communities, and all over Europe government officials and religious leaders outside the Jewish faith have pledged to combat the insidious trend of antisemitism.

After the Paris attacks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Jews in Europe to emigrate, saying Israel was the only guaranteed safe harbor for European Jewry.

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  • josi boukris

    Only one way ,all jews must carry guns and organise in defense brigades all over Europe specially in islamic neighbourhods

  • BH in Iowa

    As Europe mourns the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the nazis, Europe is now returning to its natural state.

  • ed

    European Jews take your money and go home to Israel that is where you belong ..

  • HaroldT

    Jews, heed the warning signs. Do not be like the German Jews in 1930’s.

    • Lauren Goldman

      When I read Jewish rationalizations for staying in France, in particular, and Europe generally, it reminds me of Shoah survivors in my old neighborhood, with and without numbers on their arms. These are the same thoughts which they had in the early to mid thirties. Living a fortress reality is not living, and at some point these governments are going to pull back the security measures because they cannot dedicate security personnel indefinitely. The attacks on Jews will reach a point where they will be happening everywhere, not only at shuls and other Jewish-specific sites. With the wonder of the Internet, the world of Jew-hatred is only a click away, and the number of sites are growing daily. I have been verbally (so far) accosted on the street for being Jewish and I live in San Francisco.

  • Adam

    “Jewish Faith”. Being Jewish is an ethnicity that has its own faith. It is patronizing when people refer to being Jewish as simply a faith and a collaboration in cultural genocide.

  • Atilla

    No better reason exists for the wholesale removal of ALL muslims from the European continent.

    By ANY and ALL means available, no compromises are acceptable.

  • Retired

    Everything stated here is besides the point!
    After WW2 & the Holocaust,why would any Jew want to live in Europe!
    These modern European Jews are the last of the Ghetto Jews,the last of the Court Jews!They assume that European culture & European identity are so desirable that it is worth the price of being spit upon & treated in contempt!Needing to live in shadows & feeling insecure in their own homes.Like the socially prominent Jews 80 years ago who were protesting that they weren’t Jews,..that they were loyal Germans or Frenchmen.Protesting while the Nazi’s & the Vichy Fascists dragged them out to be shot!
    Do these people truly believe that the Holocaust was a 1 time occurrence & after the war would never again happen?
    If they are so willing to take this abuse,…why complain about hard times!

  • Paul

    There are some things the Western Democracies don’t want to face up to:
    1) It is impossible to cover all the possible places that can be randomly attacked by Jihadists. ATTACK is the best defense. The Jihadists should be occupied with defending themselves, not attacking.
    2) The jews are a red herring, a target of convenience. A target the other civilians would prefer to see as a Jewish problem. The Jihadists are against ALL non-moslems. If all the jews leave europe, will the jihadists become nice, decent, law-abiding citizens, despite seeing themselves as underdogs in a society where they are underprovileged, fighting for their (warped) dignity ? Trying to view this as a Jihadist-Jewish problem is simpy giving the Jihadists more time to increase their strength before the true fight breaks out. Can the soft-bellied Europeans defend themselves against the vicious, highly motivated, cruel and primitive Jihadists ? Or will THEY leave Europe too ?
    There will come a time when the Europeans understand that the fight against the Jihadists is a fight for their own lives, not for the lives of Jews. The longer this takes, the more difficult it will be to stop.
    If the Western world had reacted strongly to Hitler from the beginning, they would have prevented most of the horrors of World War 2. Here we are looking at history repeating itself.

  • Paul Caplan

    Why can’t young Jewish men look after their own communities?

  • citizenstat

    It’s sad, but Netanyahu is right. Eventually, France, GB, and other European countries will tire of spending a great deal of money protecting their Jewish communities or eliminating Islanists. For the Jews the choice will be emigrate or live in terror. Their leaving will be the death knell of European western society.

  • Safe? Until they drop bombs on Israel. Israel has never been and will never be a safe place for Jews. Is he deaf, numb and blind? On what planet is he living?

  • Nat

    It might be more useful for the leaders of Britain, France, etc. to declare that real Englishmen, Frenchmen, etc. don’t accept acts of anti-Semitism and try to model this behavior in EVERYTHING they do, including relations with Israel.

  • art frank

    What are they waiting for? Time to go to Israel. The savages are taking over Europe. And their actioned are condoned by a lot of overt and covert Jew-hating Europeans. Leave now!

  • Julian Clovelley

    “The way we want to live our lives is no longer possible,” said the vice president of Denmark’s Jewish community

    That is very true – but I think he needs to look a little closer at the problem. It is one suffered by the vast majority of people, not only in Europe but worldwide – and in the resultant despair and discontent lies the problem. We can never have stable and peaceful, tolerant, societies until everyone within reason can live the life they choose

    One of the great features of Jewish society is the way in which it internally supports its own community. It is nothing less than loving care. There are numerous welfare structures, and structures of nurturing and advancement – and so there should be. But these cannot safely be within any atmosphere of preferential treatment. The pseudo socialism(sic) of Jewish society must extend into the general host community too. The dangerous perception is that it doesn’t

    When you look at the conditions Arab migrants to France live in, and that working class people throughout Europe live in, is it any wonder there is trouble, and that that trouble takes the form of prejudice against better functioning communities? Europeans cannot handle a single day longer of Austerity – of political and economic programs clearly aimed at maintaining entrenched wealth and existing class structures. How much worse is it for people in Third World Countries?

    Europe needs political, social, and economic, reform. It needs wealth redistribution, equal opportunity, adequate dignified affordable housing, and welfare systems that protect the Education, Health, Nourishment, Clothing, and general dignity of the individual.

    Again I quote the vice president of Denmark’s Jewish community. “”The way we want to live our lives is no longer possible,” – for many of us – it never was possible to live our lives as we wished

    What is it like to do so? – How do we work together to make it possible for everyone, not just for a single protesting group? – That is the real question. I suggest the answer comes when we all stop treating each other on the basis of religion and do so more on the basis of need – a concept that one might claim comes out of the Jewish community.

  • Ari

    Firstly, I find it quite extraordinary that the whole world isnt supporting Israel after the attacks and planned attacks by muslim extreme terrorists. After 911 and attacks in Britain, Australia, France, Denmark etc…list is endless, the rest of the world should take great heed of this growing concern.
    Sure there was a calm after the 911 incident and time relaxed the tensions. But…look at the world today …these terrorists / extremists are posting messages around the world for all their kind to attack and behead in western countries anyone not of their extreme belief.
    The massacre in Pakistan school (omg innocent children) and in other african countries that are defenseless…
    what a cruel civilisation these muslim extemists want to create.
    Israel has suffered at their hands and stood tall against them all these years…..the west and europe need to start listening to Israel before more deaths and wars are started. Each of these European and Western countries ~ the whole world should not permit antisemitism at all. Anti terrorism is what is the concern of all….not anti semitism sheesh

  • Lyone

    Maybe the rest of Europe needs to follow Norway’s lead and start deporting Muslim criminals back to their (or their parents’ and grandparents’) countries of origin.

  • Fred

    It is a sad indictment of the Europeans that after the most gruesome slaughter of European Jews, there is no feeling of safety and with the arrival of the Muslim Colonist with their Hitlerian ideals it has become a return to the Hitler past. So far Europe has not provided that a Jew is safe in the street feeling, but the Muslim colonist is emboldened by Europes non action..